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Chapter 3: The Clash of the Titans

Wednesday, August 18th 2010, Unknown Time, Dimensional Gap.

Widening his eyes slightly, Red was able to defend himself from the massive attack with his massive wings as if it were just small flames. However, much to his surprise he saw that the wings were heavily damaged and scorched, even if just slightly.

Red ignored his scorched wings as Natsu called his next attack. "Karyu no Koen! [Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame]!" Natsu gathered a gigantic fireball of golden flames before threw it towards Great Red who dashed towards the attack since he was confident that his size Red could tanked the attack head on.

The attack hit Great Red, causing a giant explosion of magic. The scorching flames ceased and revealing that several sections of Red's torso had been burned black due to the high intensity of the flame's heat. Great Red grimaced and wondered why the fire was hurt so much, his scale should be able to tank it. This also happened when he fought Igneel.

Ophis who watched the intense battle from the sideline along with Mavis, was impressed at the power this 'human' and her future mate displayed. To think a mere human could wound the strongest being in existence, thought the latter wasn't even serious, it's still an impressive feat in her book.

Great Red wasn't known as the Dragon of Dragon for nothing though and despite his wounds he unleashed a large stream of his own flames. Thought Red raised his eyebrow curiously since the son of Igneel didn't even move a muscle before the flame slammed him with full force.

Great Red was worried since he used too much power in that attack but soon disappeared as he heard munching voice from within the flames before it disappeared completely. Ophis and Great Red were speechless after they saw Natsu just devoured the flames, thought it still noted that his body has been burned slightly.

Natsu wiped his mouthed and burped before he grinned at Great Red. "Thanks old man….that was the most delicious flame I've ever tasted in my life." Natsu told the massive red Dragon.

Mavis who noticed his burned body, narrowed her eyes in suspicious. His body should be able to tolerate any kind of fires. But then again…his opponent was the strongest being in this universe. "You're so lucky Natsu….that attack would kill you if you hadn't in your Doragon Fosu [Dragon Force] Mode. You should be more careful." Mavis informed the pink-haired Dragon Slayer who seems took her advice by nodding without looking at her.

Natsu ran towards Great Red who brought his massive claw down, intended to slam the pink haired boy. Natsu took the advantage of his speed by jumping on Great Red's arm and ran towards his face as he ignited his right fist in golden flame. "Karyu no Tekken! [Fire Dragon's Iron Fist]!" Natsu called and Great Red was stumbled back by the force of Natsu's fist. Even still Red was struggling to move due his giant size while Natsu jumped on the top of Red's forehead before rought his left leg down. "Karyu no Kagizume! [Fire Dragon's Claw]!" Natsu slammed the top of Great Red's scaled skull with his flame-covered leg, sending him sprawling onto the floor, kicking up a storm of dust.

When the dust cleared a grinning Natsu and panting Great red were revealed. With a massive roar and flap of its wings the rest of the remaining dust was cleared out.

"I can see that my size will do nothing but hinder me in this battle." Great Red grunted. Natsu raised in eyebrow when his vision began to distort and the oddly colored orbs that flittered around became much brighter.

Natsu merely blinked once and the world around him faded back to normal. He was shocked though when the form of Great Red was revealed again but this time in a much smaller size. Where Natsu was barely the size of one of Great Red's claws he was now only a few inches shy of Great Red's size, putting the true Dragon around Mavis's height.

"An Illusion… I have no idea you could do that. But such trick wouldn't able to fool me." Natsu spoke as he closed his eyes for a second before opened it again. His originally onyx eyes, changed into blood-red with many rings and nine comas. "Eteriasu no Me: Kaigan! [Etherious's Eyes: Awakened]!" Natsu murmured enormously before he took his fighting stance once again.

Ophis noticed his eyes couldn't help but raised an eyebrow curiously. She wondered what is that eyes capable off but she could felt his power just skyrocketing. Meanwhile Mavis widened her eyes a bit and worried, she knew what that eyes capable off, but it has a side effect. Natsu could be blind if he used the eyes excessively.

"That is very interesting eyes….I've never seen such eyes before. Though that illusion was only meant to distract you so I could shrink myself to a more suitable size." Great Red told the Dragon Slayer.

With a nod to other the two were off in burst of speed only seen when fist met claw. The Dragon Slayer was shocked to find that Great Red was actually very fast and skilled in terms of unarmed combat, luckily Natsu can saw the attack clearly because he had activated his Eteriasu no Me. However, what annoys him the most was how Red incorporated the use of his tail and wings as distractions or shields and his tail as an extra limb to hit with.

The two separated from each other, Red's mouth bulged before spewing beam of red laser since his flame would be ended up in Natsu's stomach. Natsu took a deep breath efore called out. "Karyu no Hoko! [Fire Dragon's Roar]!" When the two attacks met a huge amount of smoke clouded the area reducing the visibility of most greatly.

But Great Red was a Dragon and Natsu was a Dragon Slayer, so neither needed their vision to do battle.

Great Red used the reduced visibility to his advantage and cast an illusion over the pink-haired oy. Natsu knew almost instantly that he was in an illusion, his eyes twirled and dispelled the illusion but the short time it took him to dispel the illusion was all Red needed to punched his scaled claw into the side of Natsu's face.

Natsu was sent flying out of the misty area and skidding across the floor. As Natsu bounced off the ground, Great Red used his tail and wrapped it around Natsu's leg and sent him into air at breakneck speeds with a stream of dark red flames following. The flames burned so hot that the air began to steam up around the stream. Seconds later, Natsu's smoking form was plummeting to the ground where it crashed, cratering it due to the velocity it had gained from its fall. Since his opponent wasn't someone you could take easily, Great Red wasn't keen on letting Natsu have any sort of breathing room.

Great Red dashed towards Natsu at the speed only could follow by someone at his level and brought his claw back. Natsu sensitive ears heard this and pointed his index finger up and almost immediately ,numerous thorny chains erupted from the ground, wrapping Red's claws, legs wings and tail while Natsu took a grip of the chains and hovering Great Red before slammed the True Dragon with great force, creating a giant crater on the ground.

Great Red grunted in pain and he could felt his rib were broken as he struggled to break the chains. Natsu was about to take another swing but Great Red broke free from the chains with his some efforts. Natsu widened his eyes a bit before went back to normal. 'Only Mavis, Zeref and Acnologia who can break my Rensa no Juho [Chains Curse] but he seems took longer than them.' Natsu's train of thought were cut by Great Red fired another stream of flames at him. 'Shit' He cursed before prepared himself. "Danku! [Spliting Void]!" Natsu muttered before created a translucent barrier in the form of a large rectangular wall. As the flame hit the the shield, the shield slowly formed cracks around it. Natsu narrowed his eyes at this, Great Red wasn't playing around.

Just before the shield manage to break from the stain, the flames disputed but Natsu didn't seen Great Red anywhere. He realized this is another form of Red's illusion before he dispelled it again but he wasn't prepared for the True Dragon was about only inchs from him. 'This is gonna be hurt.' He thought before Great Red rammed his claw on Natsu's belly. Natsu howled in pain as the claw buried deep into his belly. He manage to lift up his index finger and just like before, numerous chains erupted from the ground and wrapped tightly around Great Red's entire body, stalling him for a second. With the claw still buried in Natsu's belly, Great Red quickly broke the chains but it was too late for him to dodge or defend himself from Natsu next attack. "Metsuryu Ougi: Guren Bakuenjin! [Secret Dragon Slayer Art: Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade]!" Natsu swiped his arms in a circular fashion, creating a powerful, and highly destructive, torrent of flames that barrages Great Red at point blank.

This time Great Red was the one who howled in pain as the attack hit him with full force. The attack created a gigantic sphere of fireball, even ophis and Mavis show watched the fight from distance, had to created a baried to protect themselves from the heat. As the flames disputed, both Natsu and Great Red were on their knees. Natsu was holding his bleeding belly while Great Red was still grunted in pain. That attack was burned his body as if the dragon scale around him were never exist. This also happened when he fought with igneel.

"Boy…what was that flame, and why did it hurt so much? This also happened when I fought Igneel." Great Red asked the panting Dragon Slayer who merely grinned at him like a madman.

"Oh…that was flame of my Hono no Metsuryu Maho [Fire Dragon Slayer Magic], a type of magic that can kill. Of course my magic hurts you so much since I'm a Dragon Slayer." Natsu answered causing not only shocking Great Red, but Ophis as well. She only heard about one of Seiken [Holy Sword] that were created by the God of the Bible, and is known as the Dragon Slayer Sword, they never heard magic that devised to slay a dragon before.

"Of course…A Dragon Slayer. Just great. As much as I am despise to admit it I'm on my last legs here. One last round…son of Igneel?" Great Red questioned with demented grin.

He wouldn't openly admit it but he enjoyed battling just as much as any dragon. It was in their very DNA to want to fight and show who was dominant, to show who stood at the top of the food chain. His battles with Ophis were more like spats and neither really wanted to fight, even if neither would admit to it. But this boy had pushed him to fight to his limits, as expected from the son of Igneel at least.

On the sidelines a gaping Ophis attempted to regain her composure. She had been witness to many a great battle in her long life time where blood was spilled by the gallons and even magic flew like the very wind but these two, their battle was nothing like that. Neither really used flashy magic or spilled too much blood. It looked more like one male dragon fighting another to show who was the alpha and such fights only involved pure force of will, the very strength in their body, and the cunning they had in their minds. She and Great Red had grown complacent knowing that they were at the top of the food chains, until recently.

Mavis on other hand was readied herself to jump in if thing getting worse. True Great Red was on his last legs but Natsu the other hand was on worse condition than Great Red. The wound on his belly were fatal, it could kill a normal person if not been taken care quickly

Natsu grinned as Great Red engulfed his entire body in crimson flame that cause the Dimensional Gap shook. "I'm all fired up!" He spoke his trademark speech before readied himself, crouching down while he concentrated his magic at his fullest. "Full Magic Release!" Natsu ignited his entire body with golden flame, causing the Dimensional Gap shook even more. "Metsuryu Ougi: Shiranui Gata: Guren Hoo Ken! [Secret Dragon Slayer Art: Hidden Fire Form: Crimson Lotus Phoenix Blade]!" Natsu launched himself in speed that only few people on his level could follow as he was delivered a very devastating head-butt towards Great Red.

Across the way Great Red mentally grinned as he knew he was going to lose this last little skirmish as he could feel the amount of energy that attack alone had and they were more than what he could perform right now. He could pull off just as much destruction if he were fresh could but he wasn't even near from it now. Nonetheless his pride wouldn't allow him to just give up without going down swinging. With a mighty roar, Great Red charged himself towards oncoming Natsu, flattening the ground underneath him due to the pressure the attack emitted.

As the two heads met each other…it caused another titanic that even bigger than before.

Meanwhile at the ORC clubhouse, Rias and her peerage prepared themselves for another mission exterminating stray devil on mountain where she used to train until the entire building shook uncontrollably. She and her entire peerage stumbled and fall before the building stop shaking.

"Buchou…what is that?" Her new Pawn, Hyoudou Issei asked her while he couldn't stop droling at the sight of her twin mountains he called Breast.

"I-I don't know…an earthquake?"

Back to the Dimensional Gap, we could find our favorite Dragon Slayer was standing over an exhausted Great Red who tried to regain his breath while still holding his bleeding belly. His clothes were gone, leaving him only with his scarf and pants. Natsu legs couldn't hold it anymore before he fell but was caught by Mavis who smiled lovingly at him. Natsu smiled at her back before he turned to Great Red and gave him his toothy grin.

"That was fun, old man. Perhaps we could fight again another time." Natsu told the dragon who was now sitting while grinned at the Dragon Slayer.

"Yeah….and next time, I'll win!" Great Red only chuckled before falling to the ground in exhaustion, still grinning. He watched the two were gone the same way as they come before he let himself into slumber once again.

Wednesday, August 18th 2010, 10:52 P.M, Japan, Tokyo.

After the two appeared back in Tokyo, Mavis immediately treated the wound on his belly while scolding him for being reckless. She gave him spare clothes on her magical space before they headed back to their home. On their way to home, much too Natsu's amusement and Mavis's annoyance, someone was openly following them and right now, walking beside them.

"Any particular reason why you're following us." Mavis asked calmly with narrowed eyes as she walked to her home, an equally calm Ophis walking beside her and Natsu.

"It's simple. That boy over here has the capacity to topple Great Red and I want that annoying dragon out of the Dimensional Gap so that I may have my peace and quiet once more with my future mate." Ophis calmly spoke not even turning to look at her possibly, love rival.

The Fairy Tail mages narrowed their eyes in suspicious. What happen between Great Red and Ophis, seems they are some kind of rival or something. But from the way Ophis uttered his name, she seems despised him for some reason…and they didn't like it. Great Red was and still Igneel's friend, and anyone who befriend with Enryuo [The King of Flame Dragon] are their friend too. Until Natsu noticed her last word she just uttered.

"Wait…Mate?" He looked at Ophis and gave her curious look which she returned with her blank look.

"Every Dragons need their mates after all…and you're the only one that fit in my book." Ophis claimed emotionlessly, Mavis of course barely manage to hold back the urge to purge this girl now. Natsu looked for a second before shrugged, not really care. He already has a girl who captured his heart and her name is Mavis. Ophis must to compete with her if she wanted to win his heart.

But as soon as Natsu started thinking about love, an image of a black-haired girl with red eyes from dream flashed into his mind. Now, he can see the girl was sitting beside him, on the edge of a cliff while watching sunset, the image change into him giving the girl a heart-shape necklace before the girl gave Natsu a peck on his lips. He was brought back to real world when bumped into Mavis who suddenly stopped walking while looking at the near mountain while Ophis seems staring at the same mountain. 'What the hell was that? And who the hell was that girl?' He rubbed his head before asking the blond-haired girl who narrowed her eyes in suspicious at the mountain. "What is it?"

"It's Rias…she and her friends is in trouble!" Mavis answered without looking at him.

"Shouldn't we not to interfere…they can handle one or two lousy strays devil by themselves." Natsu questioned her again, remembering how weak this stray devil is.

He looked down and saw a giant golden magic circle with Fairy Tail symbol in the middle appeared beneath them and engulfed him, Mavis and Ophis as well in golden light before they vanished from thin air.

(Scene Change)

In the three years Rias had been in charge of the territory around Kuoh Academy she had fought a fare share of stray devils but these five things in front of her were like nothing she had ever seen. The monsters were massive, have dark blue skin and humanoid figure. They have large torso and two large arms than end in large, scaly hands. In addition, they have two large legs that end in feet that resemble the feet from a large bird. They also have large spike on the back and it flows down to the nape of their neck. They have a pair of horns that pointed upward, starting from a plate on his forehead, large pointed teeth as well as two hollow eyes.

To make it worse…Rias could felt all of them were at Ultimate-class Devil Level. A rank that outclassed even her.

"W-what are those m-monsters" Issei stuttered cowering behind Rias.

Rias had no clue. It was supposed to be a simple stray devil mission but when they got to the mountain where the stray devil was supposed to be the only thing they found was a pool of blood and these two monsters with blood covering their mouths.

"Whatever they are we have to get rid of them" Rias declared, before turned to her knight. "Yuuto!"

"Hai Buchou!" Kiba responded as he drew his Maken [Demonic Sword] and charged one of the large humanoid-creature with a burst of speed that made him seem to vanish from sight. But as he reappeared to strike the beast it lifted its massive arm to block the strike. Kiba's blade made contact with the arm only to scratch into the tree trunk like arm. "Damn" He cursed as he started his decent to the ground and landed safely.

"Yuuto look out." Rias called him. By the time Kiba saw what was happening it was too late. Kiba was swatted out of the air by the creature's other hand like a bug sending him crashing into a nearby boulder. Rias saw one monster making its way to the unconscious Kiba before she turned to Issei. "Issei…I need you to check on Yuuto." Rias ordered her new pawn, who nodded immediately at her order.

"Hai Buchou." He responded as he started making his way to the Knight of Rias Gremory.

As he ran to help his comrade the ground in front of exploded causing her to stumble and fall back. Issei shook his head and gained his bearings as the dust cloud in front of him cleared it revealed to be the tail of the other creature just like the other five. Issei knew it was too late to dodge as he watched the creature brought its massive claw down, speeding toward Issei who couldn't look away he could only wait for the pain. But the pain never came. It had been stopped just inches from her face. Issei looked to see his savior was the small white haired girl from his group.

"T-thank y-you Koneko-chan" Issei thanked the girl, felt ashamed of himself that he was saved by his junior.

"Go help Kiba-senpai" Koneko said emotionlessly as he struggled to keep a grasp on the claw.

Rias breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Issei make his way toward Kiba again. 'One Wrong Move…and we all will be killed.' Rias thought knowingly the situation. She then turned her attention to her queen who didn't do better against the similar monster that just ambushed her. "Akeno….go and help Koneko!" She ordered the black-haired girl who Akeno nodded and moved to back up Koneko.

Rias then ran towards Issei who still struggled to stay alive. One massive monster arm slammed onto Issei's side, sending him flew towards the nearby boulder but Rias activated her devil wing and flew towards Issei before catched him on time. Issei muttered thanks to his master as Rias landed on the ground. But as soon as she landed, the humanoid monster that just hit Issei cornered them. "Ok Issei it's up to us to take this two. " Rias said turning her attention back to the humanoid monster in front of her and her pawn.

"Hai!" Issei nodded as his right arm was glowed in light. "Busuteddo Gia! [Booster Gear]!" Issei yelled and almost immediately, a red gauntlet covered his right arm as he summoning his sacred gear.


As they readied for battle the humanoid creature charged them lifting its massive arms up and throwing them down with the intention of crushing them. They both rolled out of the way dodging the brutish attack.


Rias fired a blast of her Horobo no Chikara [Power of Destruction] hitting the beats back. It lurch forward hurt by the attack but it only seemed to cause a few scratches on its back. It let a horrible howl as it turned its attention to the red haired devil that sent a chill down her spine. That chill had caused her to hesitate for a second and by the time she got a hold of her senses the creature was already over her.

"Buchou watch out" Issei yelled as he ran toward the red-haired beauty. "Promotion: Knight"


In a second Issei was next to Rias pushing her out of the way and taking the hit intended for her. Rias watched at Issei was sent rocketing threw the air into the darkness of the other side of the warehouse. She looked over to the rest of her peerage to see Kiba still unconscious while Koneko and Akeno looked to be having just as much trouble as her.

'Is this really the end' Rias thought as a shadow loomed over her. She shakily looked over shoulder to see the monster looming over her drool falling from its mouth ready to finish her off. As it brought is hands down to kill her she closed her eyes accepting her fate. 'At least I won't have to marry him' As she felt the fists about to crush her, the beast let out a pained howl. She looked to see the beast's head was pierced by a golden light ray and began to disintegrate into black particles.

"So…this is all these noisy voices come from…" Rias eyes widened recognizing the voice. Next to her was a tall blond-haired girl, wearing Kuoh Academy standard female uniform while pointing her index finger at where the monster just disintegrated. "Y-You…" She knew this girl was Mavis Vermillion, her classmate who was utterly pissed after Rias offered her to become a devil this morning. She respected her order to stay away from her or Natsu but to think Mavis would came here and saved her. But one thing for sure…she was glad that she come, if not, Rias and her peerage would have died in the hand of monsters.

"Ask later…" Mavis said in a voice that said 'no room for argument' while put a hand on Rias's shoulder. 'Damn you Zeref…why would you send Deliora, a lot of them to these devils. What are you trying to do…' Mavis thought to herself as she and Rias vanished somewhere else, just in time before numerous black portals appeared with at least a hundred of smaller demons were came out from the portals.

Rias opened her eyes and found herself gathered with her peerage who were tended by Natsu, she also noticed a black-haired girl as tall as Mavis with grey eyes, just watching the scene with a face that said 'I'm not interested' and for somehow, Rias felt scared at the sight of the girl. The group then heard the monsters howled in the night as they making their ways toward them. Rias and her peerage were scared at the sight of numerous demons, they could handle even five of them, how could they defeat an entire army of monster now. They his behind Natsu who narrowed his eyes at the sight of Deliora and other small demons before growled, knowing who was the responsible of sending them here.

Natsu rose to his feet and was about to charge at the army of demons before Mavis turned to him and gave him a sharp look. "Let me handle this Natsu….you need to recover your wound after your fight with Great Red…" Mavis told the pinknette who growled even more but nodded as he doesn't want to reopen the wound on his stomach before sat down again.

Rias who heard the conversation, widened her eyes in shook as she heard the subject of their conversation. Did she just heard right, did she just heard about Natsu fighting Great Red. The strongest being in existence that only being matched by someone like Ophis and True God. But again, how could a human even stand up in Dimensional Gap.

Rias then turned his head towards Natsu before asked. "I-Is that true? Is that true you were fighting Great Red?"

Natsu noticed her shaky voice and was about to answer but Ophis beat him to it. "He's not only fought with Great Red…he also defeated him in battle. I witnessed it myself in the Dimensional Gap!" Rias almost fainted as she heard that until she realized something, who is this girl and how did she watch Natsu's fight against Great Red that took place inside of Dimensional Gap.

"W-Who are you?" Rias asked the black-haired girl. Natsu turned a curious glance to the girl themed being as he too wanted to know the answer to that particular question. While following him and Mavis, Ophis had only told them her name and that was about as much info as they could gleam from her, except her hatred towards Great Red. He didn't really care too much about what she was as such things never bothered him in the first place.

Ophis continued gave the Gremory blank look. Her face still neutral as always. "I at least expected an heir to one of the 72 pillars to know of me, though I have grown quite adept at hiding my presence these last few centuries," Ophis said, the ever neutral expression and monotone voice not once changing.

Rias could only look at her wearily. If this person was strong enough to warrant her infamy amongst the 72 Pillar families then she was clearly powerful, how powerful that was though remained to be seen. Before she realized something 'Wait she claimed that she witnessed Natsu's fight with Great Red, then that's mean she's….' Rias thought, gulping a bit as Ophis continued.

"To make it short, my name is Ophis, Mugen no Ryushin [The Infinite Dragon God]" Ophis finished, causing Rias gasped in shock as the Dragon confirmed her fear. Natsu just 'hmmd' at the information as he himself wasn't much for titles despite his own numerous ones. Back in Earthland, many had taken to calling him the Salamander no Natsu [Salamander Natsu] and various other monikers like, Kurogane no Gajeel [Black Steel Gajeel], Titania no Erza [Titania Erza], Yosei Gunshi no Mavis [Fairy Tactician Mavis] and two monikers he hated the most, Kuro Madoshi Zeref [The Black Wizard Zeref] and Ryu no O Acnologia [The Dragon King Acnologia].

Natsu train of thought was cut by Mavis yelled at the approaching army of demons. "I don't have time for this…I need to finish my homework, a lot of them." Mavis brought her hands, almost together as she gathered a sphere of golden light on her hands. After three second, Mavis clasped her hands together and giant golden magic circle appeared above the entire mountain. "Feari Ro! [Fairy Law]!" Mavis declared enormously and the magic circle began to shrink before the golden light quickly spread widely, covered the entire section of mountain.

"W-What is that light?" Akeno asked as she and her friend tried to cover themselves from the light with blankets that Natsu gave to them. They're afraid the light would hurt or worse, killed them.

"That's not necessary….The light won't hurt you." They heard Natsu spoke and turned towards the pink-haired Dragon Slayer who grinned at the scene before him. "This spell would only be affected on whoever the caster perceives from their heart as an enemy, it will leaving friends and bystanders completely unharmed. Just take a look." What Natsu just said were true, the devils saw in awe as the army of demons one by one were disintegrated by the golden light while they were still unharmed.

Ophis who was just watching the scene in silence, was impressed at what the spell capable off. To think there's a magic that could distinguished between friend and enemy, then that's mean the choice between friend or foe is decided by the user's heart. That's also mean they caster cannot lie to this magic, that just made Ophis grew more interested to these two. Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer who capable to topple the strongest being in existence and Mavis Vermillion, a mysterious woman with very powerful magic.

Rias and her peerage watched in astonishment as Mavis's attack dissipated, there are no demons anymore. They were amazed, she had taken out an army of monsters in a matter of minutes when they were having trouble even hurting them.

"Let's back home…Natsu!" Mavis appeared behind the pinknette as she engulfed their bodies in golden light before vanished from the battlefield. Leaving a dumbfounded Rias and her peerage and an annoyed Ophis who tried to track them down but fail since she couldn't detected their presence even if it just slightly.

Ophis tch'ed. "Well played Mavis, well played" Ophis spoke to herself, realizing what just Mavis do. "I thought I found it strange you brought me here along when you were annoyed of me following you and Natsu around." Ophis then shrugged before walked away as he body began to glow in white light. "Well no matter…I'll found you and claimed what is mine…" And with that Ophis too vanished from the mountain to Dimensional Gap, leaving the group of devils who were trying to comprehend what just happened to them.

A/N: Natsu only won because his has a HUGE advantage with Dragon Slayer Magic. If you're still wondered how the current power level of FT and DxD in this fic. Current Natsu and Mavis were stronger than Ophis but they are just below Great Red by small margin.