Emma shifted nervously from one foot to another, clutching the teddy bear the nice lady from the Amerikan Govermint had given her. Her mama and papa were busy negoatiating, so C-3PO20 had taken her in a speeder to Sky High Instantution. "Come along miss." The golden droid said, guiding her towards the front door. Emma followed him, still holding tightly onto Teddy. Five minutes later she'd been handed off to a nice looking older lady (older than her mama even), who'd taken her to a big classroom. That nice looking lady had left her with another nice looking, younger, lady and a bunch of kids her age. They seemed nice, but they were still strangers. Emma started to head for the back of the class, where she sat down on a mat, arranging Teddy so that he was sitting in her lap, facing the front of the class too. A second later, two other girls sat down on either side of her. Emma looked at them. Both of them looked like her age, but one had white hair and the other had brown. The girl with brown hair, who was shorter than her, smiled brightly. "Hello." She said in an accent Emma had never heard before. "I'm Jemma. Jemma Simmons." Emma raised an eyebrow.

"Jemma's a funny name." She said, cocking her head to the side. Jemma raised an eyebrow right back.

"And what's your name?"

"Emma Morrigan Skywalker." Jemma blinked.

"And you made fun of my name?"

"I didn't make fun." Emma protested indignantly. "I made an obsavation." Jemma and the white haired girl blinked.

"You made a what?" Jemma asked, sounding confused.

"An obsavation." Emma repeated slowly.

"A...observation?" The white haired girl asked hesitantly.

"Yes." Emma said, confused why that had been so difficult. She didn't stutter.

"I see." Jemma said slowly, before smiling. "Oh, this is Elsa Aren." She continued, leaning around to point at the white haired girl, who smiled shyly.

"Hi." Elsa said, waving her hand.

Two hours later

Emma walked with Jemma and Elsa, letting Jemma lead slightly since she knew where she was going while Elsa trailed slightly behind. "Where are we going?" Emma asked, looking around and clutching Teddy tighter.

"The playground." Jemma said simply, with a slight frown. "I'd rather stay in the classroom, but rules are rules." Emma blinked. Jemma was…diffarent. She talked like Emma's mom. It wasn't bad, but it was strange. As they stepped outside, a tall, pale, black haired girl walked up to them.

"Hey Elsa." She said cheerfully, looking the small blonde up and down protectively. Elsa smiled, more widely and genuinely than Emma had seen her do at any point before then.

"Hi Asami."

"Who's your new friend?" Asami asked, looking at Emma with a smile that reminded Emma of her mom.

"I'm Emma."

"And who's this?" Asami asked, crouching down and patting Teddy on the head. Emma beamed. Most tall people ignored Teddy.

"This is Teddy." She said happily.

"Hello Teddy." Asami said, grabbing Teddy's paw and shaking it, getting a giggle from Emma. "I'm Asami, Elsa's sister."

Author's Notes

So, most of the spelling errors are on purpose. Emma is a normal kid, so I took the spelling for certain words from things I heard my younger siblings and the younger siblings of friends say. If there are spelling errors in things Asami, Elsa, and Jemma say though, that's just me being stupid, so feel free to point them out. And yes, Jemma doesn't talk like a normal four year old, but remember, she is a super genius. She's going to mature and develop older speech patterns faster.

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