Wally wakes up in an infirmary in a mansion but its not Bruce Wayne's place its a school for the gifted? What the hell? Oh and he's not dead but where is he really? And what's going on? How did he get here? and what's a mutant? and how is he going to get home? Set after the final episode of Young Justice and Xmen Evolution. Wally wakes up in the Xmen Evolution verse and Kitty, Kurt and Aster (OC) wake up in a Cadmus lab. Now the Xmen and Brotherhood are trying to figure out what happened, who Wally is and where the others are?

Disclaimer:I do not own X-men Evolution or Young Justice

I do own my OC Aster.

Too good to be True

Mexico, X-Men Evolution Verse

Lance Alvers/Avalanche

Lance knew it they were just no way they'd win, not them.

They were the Brotherhood, that's just the way it was.

But, he knew they had to try, Kitty was right.

It was worth the risk, and for a second he thought they had a chance.

And then the light from the pyramid fades out and Magneto falls to the ground and there's a light popping sound.

And everyone's smiling, grinning like fools, and their laughing because; Hey they're not dead!

They did it!

And Lance is turning towards Kitty and Kitty's not there, but everyone else is too busy laughing in relief to notice.

So he's searching and, doesn't realize it's gone quiet and, no one is laughing anymore.

When Toad comes up to him and, is trying to tell him something.

And he snaps a ''What?''

And the ground makes a small tremor, because Kitty is missing right now.

''Lance, man you need to chill, easy breezy.'' Pietro says, as he zooms in his direction.

And more tremors.

''Woah, what's your problem?'' asks Toad

''Kitty's missing.'' Lance says deflating

Sunspot walks up ''So is Kurt and Aster.''

''And it seems someone has come in their place.'' says Magneto, as he leans on Wanda.

''What are you talking about?'' rushes out Lance

''That's there's some weirdo, who appeared on the pyramid where the light was. Dressed in some ridiculous yellow suit, I might add.'' says Alex Summers

''We gotta tell the professor.'' pipes up Sunspot

''You can tell the professor, I'm gonna see if this weirdo was working for Apocalypse.'' Lance called walking away.

''Wait, just a minute Lance.'' called out Magneto

''Why should I? As far as I'm concerned the brotherhood doesn't follow your orders. We'll work with Mystique occasionally, kind of have to, but we don't work for you.''

''Because I don't remember everything, but I would have remembered, if that man was working with Apocalypse. And he wasn't it.''

All he got in response was.


After a beat the others, rush to follow Lance.

They find him holding the weirdo, who is barely conscious, and disoriented.

''Who are you?''

The guy answers with a slurred

''I don't know. I'm KF I think or...''

And then proceeds to pass out, Lance moves to drop him, and Blob promptly catches him.

Sooner rather than later a SHIELD designated jet shows up to take them back to Bayville.

It's stifling silent, the whole ride.

Some worried about friends, the others worried about the potential enemy, or ally in their midst.

When they arrive at the mansion, everyone is in full celebration mode.

Everyone till' Lance tells Logan and Logan tells the Professor.

The Professor asks everyone to convene in the dining hall.

''My friends, we have just had an amazing victory. One that I'm sorry to say is to be short lived, as I have just received distressing news. Three friends of our have gone missing.''

Murmurs and whispers fill up the room.

Till Logan, thumps his fist hard against the table.

''It seems that Kitty, Kurt and Aster have gone missing.''

The murmurs turn frantic and louder.

''Enough!'' calls the professor

''There seems to be only one clue, a young man who was found barely conscious near the scene. He's currently passed out, and once he wakes we will be civil. And we will find out what has happened.''

Rogue, Scott, Lance, Wanda, Pietro and Jean all follow the Professor, Logan, Beast, Storm and Magneto as they make their way to the infirmary.

''Prof... Ah' know yah want us all in our rooms or whatever. But, Kurt's mah' brother and Kitty and Siren are mah' best friends.''

''And we're not leaving our old man alone again. Crazy things seem to happen when we do.'' says Pietro as Wanda and him stand together.

Lance doesn't say anything, just glares.

''Come in.'' is all the Professor says.

Wally West

Wally is tired and knows he's going to die, or rather fade into non-existence.

Take your pick.

It kind of sucks, because he's going out with so many regrets.

He never got to marry Artemis.

He didn't even get to propose.

Or properly hand the mantle of Kid Flash over to Bart.

He's an only child, so his parents will be devastated.

He knows the pain this is going to cause his family and his friends.

They all went through it with Tula and Jason.

Dick can't afford to lose anyone else.

And Kaldur, he takes the blame for loss so easily.

But compared to the world, and all the lives he's saving.

Well, this is an easier burden to bear than the world being destroyed.

Because if the world's destroyed, there's nothing left.

No Artemis.

No Mom and Dad.

No Dick.

No Kaldur.

No Megalicious.

No Connor.

No Bart.

No Uncle Barry.

No Aunt Iris.

No Gar.

And well... They're worth it.

So he tells his Uncle Barry to tell Artemis he loves her, knowing full and well he's a deadman walking.

Deadman running.

There's the smell of antibacteria and bleach, along with a few other smells Wally associates with hospitals.

Why does it smell like hospital?

He's dead isn't he?

None the less he tries opening his eyes and his first thought is?

He's not dead.

He's not dead!

But where is he?

This doesn't look like the league's infirmary and anyone important in his life knows what his mom once called his extra-curricular activities.

So why is he not in the league infirmary.

There's some whispered talking and then one exclaimed.

'' I think he's awake.''

And an authoritative.

''Someone go get the Professor.''

Then a guy with red sunglasses, a girl with a white strip in her hair and a guy with really long brown hair, come into view.

Then all at once

''I'm Scott you're at-.''

''Who are yah?''

''What do you know about-''

''Enough.'' a voice coming from the door says.

Then a bald man in a wheelchair comes into view, followed by a red head.

''Hello, my name is Charles Xavier, you are currently in the infirmary of my home.''

And Wally is really confused on what's going on, his body exhausted causes him to promptly pass out.


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