Farewell, Dude-Kaldur'ahm

Jan. 1st, 2009

Wally and Barry, well…. Kid Flash and the Flash have just finished up stopping a robbery when there is a explosions in the direction of Central City's docks. And then they're there in a flash….

An oil rig that was passing through had leaked and exploded causing a large oil spill. It was a disaster zone. Immediately the Flash and Kid were rushing to use their speed to suck away the oxygen from the fires that resulted in the explosion.

Soon, cleanup workers arrived using floating booms to keep the spill from spreading further, Wally and Barry quickly found who's in charge of the clean up and deferred to them. They're working hard, aiding in the clean up to prevent more damage to ocean. When suddenly from the waters pop up a strange orb shaped submarine and out comes Aquaman. Wally's brain kind of stutters Charles Darwin! That's Aquaman he literally just did a speech two weeks ago on BBC about pollution and the ocean and he said something about oil rigs….. Yeah Wally's brain stutters which is why it takes him a second longer to see that there's a teenager not much older than Wally maybe the same age as him even. He contrast greatly to Aquaman, while Aquaman is white, blue eyed and blond hair, clad in orange and green. Seriously, though those colors look terrible together but Aquaman's still kind of cool but orange doesn't look good on anybody. Also Wally may not like orange because carrots are orange and old people thought it was adorable to call him carrot-top because he's a redhead. He doesn't know how orange carrots and red hair goes together. Wally feels the professor prodding him to get back to the point. Right and Kaldur or Aqualad is in a red muscle shirt, black pants, white hair, and dark complected couldn't look more different than Aquaman. As the Flash and Kid Flash go to the greet 10 more orb-like subs pop out of the water with Atlantean soldiers.

'Flash, it is good to see you once again, although I wish it was under better circumstances' greets Aquaman reaching to grip Barry's forearm uncaring of the oil on Flash's suit.

Barry readily grips Aquaman in turn and replies 'Yeah, we heard the explosions from the city, rushed here straight away. We were able to stop the fires and as soon as the clean-up workers arrived we started helping them right away. That's the primary focus right now and then later investigations to see why the oil rig exploded will start being conducted.''

'I understand my friend, we are here to aid in the clean-up efforts. Mera and other Atlanteans are tending to those unfortunately caught up in the explosions.'

Barry's face falls at that and Wally considers how many casualties of sea creatures and Atlanteans might've been caught in that. Sometimes he hates how quickly his mind works.

'Yes, unfortunate… Denise Reed she's the one coordinating on the ground here, she'll know what's already being done and what resources are available on the surface's side of things.'

'Right then, Aqualad' then the boy who came alongside Aquaman steps forward. 'If you would go speak with this Denise Reed and help mediate between us.'

'Of course, my king' replies Aqualad

'It will be good opportunity to interact with the people of the surface for you and practice inter-relations.' tacks on Aquaman

'As you say' readily agrees

'Well, Kid why don't you lead Aqualad to Denise.'

'Uh… sure, c'mon dude.' And Kid Flash leads the way which is hard he was having enough trouble vibrating his feet fast enough to stand on the water, which is just him running so fast on the water in place to appear standing. Now all he can really figure is to run back and forth till Aqualad gets to the spot. Which he's struggling to cause of the oil, once Kid realizes this he borrows one of the clean up workers small boats.

When they get in it's kind of awkward silence, and Wally doesn't realize for a good while he's bouncing his leg speedster fast till he realizes he's kind of making the boat bounce. Oops.

Aqualad breaks the silence, 'What does dude mean?'

Wally is kind of caught off guard and it shows 'Uh…. like I don't know it means dude'

Aqualad face says he's still confused and is not impressed by Wally answer.

One of these days Wally will learn to make a good impression.

'Well… it's like slang, like dude is saying like man,... I mean you could use it for a girl but some girls get all offended and are like 'I'm not a dude.' Wally tries again the last part being a high pitched voice.

Aqualad simply snorts and raises his eyebrow, but Wally sees a hint of a smile coming through

.'Ok…. So I don't know even when people started saying dude it's a weird englishy thing, but i guess it's like calling someone your buddy y'know but like a cooler version of buddy. Cause saying buddy either means you're like 4 or a really old man. 'Dude' is almost like bro, but bro is for like your bff but saying bff is for girls.'

It's quiet for a bit….then Aqualad thoughtfully says ''So Dude is like Buddy which is like Friend?'

To which Wally nods as Aqualad continues 'But Buddy is a childish or old-fashioned term, how odd for it to be both childish and old-fashioned. However Bro is a term to indicate a closer friendship than Dude but both are… 'cooler' terms than Buddy.'


'... What is 'bff'?'

'Best Friends Forever.'

'And it is only a term used by girls.'



'Uh…. Just cause I don't know…. I guess guys could use it but it just….sounds weird.'

;So, you would not call a friend your… 'bff' because you are a guy and it sounds weird'

Well when you put it like that 'Yeah, pretty much'

'Hmm…. how odd.'

Soon they arrive to Denise Reed and Aqualad does a good job of mediating and even though it's boring Wally plays messenger for the Atlanteans and the clean up crew. But it's work that needs to be done. Plus, Wally heard Aqualad answering Denise's concerned questions of both sea creatures and Atlanteans, so he knows while the work is tedious if he can help in any way he has to no matter how boring and tiring.

And he'll never forget Barry's and Aquaman's smiles when Aqualad told him 'Farewell, Dude' before departing into their sub.

His uncle and his uncle's friend totally set them on some sort of weird junior superhero playdate.


''What is next Wally?'' asks the professor

''Oh, next. Next is the Day.''

Author's note: Um… sorry I took an age to update. I feel bad, I don't got an exact excuse or anything but life gets in the way and I don't deal with stress well. Anyway I hope I can make regularish updates this year. I really do love this story and want to finish someway, somehow.

Also I feel like Aqualad is underappreciated in the fandom. Does anyone have any Aqualad-centric fanfic recs? (please)