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Sam: 13

Dean: 17

Emmy: 11 months

Sam's hazel eyes were wide and flickered with the lights reflected from the television screen. The boy's gaze was full of wonder and strong interest as he watched a documentary about the galaxy, a look at the work and worlds of leading scientists and astronomers who were helping to unlock the mysteries of the universe. It was beyond fascinating to Sam but extremely boring to a certain little girl.

Sam winced when a dimpled fist had grabbed a mass of his hair. He gently released his hair, never taking his eyes off the screen which didn't bode well with Emmy, so she pulled again. "Ouch, Emmy!"

The chubby girl grinned, showing off her six small teeth, two on the bottom and four on top. With those big baby blues, cute little button nose, dimpled rosy cheeks and blonde wispy hair – his baby sister was probably the most adorable little thing anyone has ever laid eyes upon. One look at her face and you would cave … except for Sam. He grew accustomed to her little tricks. She was too damn smart for her age. Emmy had the male Winchesters wrapped tightly around her small fingers and she knew it all too well.

"Emmy, not now," Sam told her as she fisted his t-shirt to crawl all over him. "Here have this."

Emmy made a questioning sound as she stared at the piece of apple between her pudgy fingers. She lifted the fruit to her mouth, took a messy bite of it before deciding she didn't want it. She carelessly threw the apple aside and used her brother's hair to pull herself up again.

Sam hissed in pain. "I need a haircut," he mumbled under his breath.

His sister squealed when he briefly lifted her up in the air before putting her on the carpet. Sam proceeded to hand her some toys she could play with so he could continue watching his documentary. The diversion didn't last long when he felt someone pulling at his pants. Sam sighed and looked down to meet his sister's curious eyes. She lifted her hands up, demanding him to pick her up.

Sam sighed and reached for her to pull her on his lap. "Promise you'll be good and let me watch the show?" he asked as he secured her firmly in his arms. Emmy clapped her hands together, blowing a raspberry. "I'll take that as a yes."

Not more than two minutes later, Emmy started wriggling in his hold. Sam tried to adjust her but soon realized that it was a lost cause. She turned around and crawled up on his chest until they were face to face. She giggled when Sam rolled his eyes. When her brother craned his neck to watch the television, she poked his eye with her little finger.

"Fine, I'll roll my eyes one more time and then you'll let me watch, okay?" Sam dramatically rolled his eyes, eliciting a bubbly laugh from his sister. He couldn't help but crack a smile, too, the sound was too contagious. Emmy poked his eye again and burst into a fit of giggles when he rolled his eyes again. "Alright, remember our deal, Emmy? Now let me get back to the show."

Sam knew she probably didn't understand a word he just said, but he had hoped she would stop poking his eyes and she did. Only now she found somewhere else to put her finger in – his mouth. For some reason she loved when her brothers pretended to nibble on her fingers. So Sam thought he'd amuse her and pretended to bite her fingers. Emmy shrieked, laughing her little heart out.

Sam grabbed her chubby face between his hand, squishing her cheeks together as he asked, "Think that's enough for now? Can Sammy go back to his show without you interrupting again?" Emmy shrugged out of his hold and Sam swore for a second that she would actually leave him alone until those big eyes trailed upwards to his bangs. Before she could even think of grabbing his hair, Sam had trapped her hands in his own. "No, Emmy. Noooo," he stretched the word while shaking his head to make sure the message was clear but he only ended up making her laugh again.

"Noow," she imitated as she wildly shook her head.

"Exactly, good girl," Sam praised, leaning over to plant a big kiss on her soft cheek. "Does that mean you'll be good for Sammy?"

"Nooow," she repeated with a giggle. Apparently shaking your own head was hilarious.

"Figures," Sam chuckled.

The siblings both looked up when they heard the familiar sound of the Impala pulling up at the motel. Emmy suddenly didn't feel like disturbing her brother anymore and demanded to be put down. Sam lowered her on the floor, pushing some toys aside so she could crawl towards the front door.

Just as she arrived, the door clicked open, revealing the second oldest Winchester. At the age of seventeen, Dean was all toned muscles, badass attitude and a trademark smile that made girls swoon. In some ways, Sam looked up to his brother, he was the example of the perfect son, a soldier trained by his father. Not that John didn't love his youngest son, Sam just thought that if he was more like Dean, his dad would be more proud of him.

"How's my favorite girl!"

Emmy screamed in laughter when she got thrown in the air, receiving a kiss every time she landed back in her big brother's arms. Dean nuzzled her soft neck and hair, basking in the sweet, baby scent. God, he had to miss her for six whole days which seemed like eternity to him. He playfully nibbled on those round cheeks, loving the way that always seemed to elicit a fit of giggles out of her.

"You happy to see me?" he grinned. Emmy grabbed his face, moving in closer to give him a slobbery kiss. "Aw, of course you did," he crooned as he kissed her back, pecking her all over that chubby face.

"Don't eat her face," Sam commented with a smirk.

"Sammy!" Dean was so caught up in the moment, he didn't even notice his little brother standing by the couch. "C'mere little man!"

Sam groaned when he got grabbed in a headlock. "Oh, come on! Dean stop!"

"Try me," he snickered. "Go grab his hair, cutie pie."

"No! No, no – ow, ow, ow!" Sam winced when his baby sister pulled at his hair. "Dean, let me go or I swear I will hit you in the nuts."

Dean barely sidestepped his brother's kick to his groin. "Hey careful of the package, I'm carrying something fragile."

"Whuss," Sam snorted.

"Bitch," Dean shot back with a matching smirk. "So, what's up?" he asked as he hiked Emmy higher up on his hip.

"Dada," Emmy babbled.

"Talking about Dad, where is he?" Dean asked.

"You just missed him, he left," Sam told him as he plopped back onto the couch.

"Left? Since when?" Dean wanted to know, his voice hinted with concern.

"This morning," Sam replied as he got back to watching his show. "Something about a wraith. He told me to send him a message when you're here."

"Wait, he left you guys alone for more than ten hours?" he voiced his disagreement while Emmy pulled at his necklace, putting the amulet in her mouth.

"Dude, I'm thirteen. I can perfectly take care of myself and Emmy." Sam rolled his eyes, causing Emmy to giggle again.

"Did he say when he'll be back?" Dean asked next as he shouldered his duffel bag.

Sam snorted. "With Dad you never know. Could be tomorrow or next month."

Dean sighed. In other words, he'll be the one taking responsibility for his siblings for the next several weeks. It wasn't like Dean wasn't used to this kind of accountability, it had almost been a year since his mother died, and in those months John was more absent than present. Dean grew accustomed to taking care of his little sister and brother. He won't lie, the first couple months were the worst. He had to grow up in such a short amount of time while trying to meet his father's expectations. He had to flip a switch and leave the old Dean behind so he could live up to the new life style and the hardships that came with it. He went through a hard time but like the tough teen he was, he always held his head high even if his shoulders threatened to buckle under the heavy weight of the burdens he suddenly had to carry. But the Winchester blood rushing through his veins made him willing to sacrifice his old worriless life and go through hell if it meant it would keep his family safe and sound.

"Alright, well I'm gonna take a quick shower and then we can go grab something to eat cause I am starving," Dean announced before addressing his little sister who was still perched on the crook of his arm. "Meanwhile, you keep yourself busy with Sam's hair while I get ready."

Putting Emmy back on her feet, Dean held both her hands as he led her to Sam. Their baby sister took unsteady steps as she put one little foot in front of the other. Emmy grinned as her chubby legs moved to walk with her brother's assistance.

"C'mere, Emmy," Sam beckoned her over, his arms outstretched and hands wiggling.

The little girl blubbered an answer as she excitedly hurried up to reach Sam. She nearly tumbled over her own feet but Dean suddenly lifted her up. He made flying sounds as he moved her through the air causing her to shriek with laughter. Dean made a whole show of pretending to let her fall before holding her high up in the air.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have commenced our final descent into Winchester," Dean announced with an overly formal voice. "After landing please remain seated with seat-belts fastened until the aircraft has come to a halt at the gate and the captain has switched off the seat-belt signs."

Emmy squealed when she ended up on Sam's shoulders. Her first reaction was of course to bury her dimpled hands into Sam's hair.

The middle child groaned. "Oh god, not again."

"Have fun, Sammy," Dean winked as he disappeared in the bathroom.


It was a nice sunny day in Victoria, Texas – the weather was calm and dry which was pleasant. The Winchesters had just grabbed some grub and decided to make use of their free day. Those days were becoming more rare since John had them on a tight schedule. There was barely time to relax in between all those trainings, research and school. So the boys would eagerly take every chance they got to put those tasks and duties aside.

Dean was lying on his back under a tree, his arms crossed under his head and his face covered by the shadow as he closed his eyes. He tried to focus on the wind brushing his hair, the grass tickling his exposed skin and Emmy's bubbly laughter. Memories of all those times they would picnic together as a family came to his mind. It seemed like only yesterday when his mother would bake an apple pie and some fresh-squeezed lemonade. He remembered how she always had to swat his impatient hands away, saying that he had to wait until they were settled. Dean's lips twitched at the memory.

Meanwhile Emmy was enthralled by a ladybug crawling on Sam's hand. She kept a safe distance between herself and the insect but Sam still spotted the confidence in her eyes. He carefully pushed his hand closer, letting her take a closer look.

"You wanna hold it, Emmy?"

The little girl scrunched up her little freckled button nose, her blue eyes wide and uncertain. Despite the hesitation, she still lifted up her small hand. Sam smiled and let the ladybug crawl over to her hand. Emmy kept her own appendage far away from her small body but she didn't give any sign of wanting to get rid of the bug. Her curious eyes followed the black dotted insect as it walked from her palm to the tip of her fingers and back. It was kinda itchy and a little giggle escaped between her lips.

Sam chuckled. "It tickles, huh."

After gathering some courage, Emmy brought her hand closer to her face. With her other hand she poked the lady bug, laughing when it crawled to her other hand. The lady bug continued its way up to her bare arm until it reached her shoulder.

"You wanna give it a little kiss?" Sam said. He made a kissing sound, showing her what he meant. "Like that?"

Emmy smiled, her eyes twinkling. She pursed her lips, barely touching the ladybug before it spread it wings, flying away. Her eyes widened as she followed the insect disappearing into the blue sky.

"Bah-bah," she waved her hand.

"Bye-bye, ladybug," Sam joined her and waved his own hand.

Emmy's attention never stayed on one thing for too long, before she knew it, something else caught her eye. She spotted a daisy and plucked it.

"Don't put it in your mouth," Sam pointed out, sensing what her first thought was.

Emmy listened for once and crawled through the grass, collecting as many flowers as she could.

"So what was the case about?" Sam asked, turning towards his brother.

"A vengeful spirit, it was just a simple salt and burn," Dean said, opening his eyes and looking up at his brother.

Sam cocked a questioning eyebrow. "It took you nearly a week to burn someone's bones?"

"For your information, research was a bitch. I forgot my fake ID's and being a seventeen year old you barely have any rights to look into confidential files." Dean smirked when a nameless face popped up in his mind. "Also some girl didn't believe I was a hunter, said she wanted to see my gun."

Sam shook his head, trying to get rid of the image of his brother hooking up with some girl. "TMI, dude."

Dean reached out to ruffle his brother's hair. "Oh, is wittle Sammy blushing?"

"Ugh, get off of me," Sam slapped his hands away. The thirteen year old wasn't a prude per se, he had caught some girls giving him that look he couldn't decipher, a look he was used from other girls but mostly it was directed to Dean, so he didn't understand why he would suddenly receive those looks. Unbeknownst to Sam, he was growing into a handsome looking young man. His face wasn't as round and chubby as it used to be, his facial features were getting sharper and more defined. The training also granted him with an athletic body which masked his lanky posture. It seemed like he wasn't the only one with the good Winchester genes, only he had yet to notice. Luckily for him, the girls already have.

"So what have you been up to, huh? Dad didn't train you too hard, did he?"

"Define hard." Sam ran a messy hand through his bangs, trying to straighten them out. "We worked on my knife skills."

"Yeah? How did it go?"

Sam shrugged. "Fine I guess. Dad didn't really say much, but then again he didn't make me run extra laps, so I guess it went okay."

Dean playfully bumped his fist against his jaw. "I'm sure you did great, you're Sam frikkin' Winchester."

Sam scoffed. "Yeah right, well Sam frikkin' Winchester cut himself instead of his opponent."

"It's nothing bad is it?" Dean asked, his big brother instinct surfacing. The thought of his little brother getting hurt always got him on high alert.

Sam lifted up his shirt to show the cut going from his navel to his side. "It didn't need any stitches but I'm sure it's gonna scar."

"Oh, Sammy, chicks dig scars, believe me," Dean sniggered, receiving a bitch face.

"Really, Dean. That all you think about?"

"Oh you don't wanna know." Dean successfully blocked a punch he got from his brother, laughing when he used this to his advantage by throwing his own punch to Sam's stomach. The two brothers continued to wrestle, each one of them proving their strength by trying to get the upper hand.

Dean suddenly released his brother when he noticed something. "Wait, where the hell is Emmy?"

Sam dropped his fighting stance, his breathing labored as he looked around. "Oh crap. She was just here like five seconds ago!"

"No, no, no, no," Dean muttered under his breath, his heart threatened to burst out of his chest. "Emmy? Emmy! Come on, sweetheart, where are you?"

"Dean," Sam said.

"Emmy! EMMY!" Dean continued yelling, his hands cupped around his mouth as he frantically looked around.

"Dean," Sam repeated.

"We can't stay here, we need to move and look for her. See if someone might have seen – "

"DEAN!" Sam raised his voice, finally catching his brother's attention. "Look."

Dean followed his brother's pointing finger, his eyes landing on a little girl dressed in a yellow short dress. She was crouched as she plucked another flower to join the collection in her pudgy hands. But that's not what blew the brothers' minds. She suddenly stood up on her wobbly legs and took several steps to pick another flower.

"Dude," Dean breathed, still shocked. "Did she just walk?"

Sam laughed, a sound from relief and surprise. "I guess she did."

Dean opened his mouth before closing it again. He had a hard time believing his eyes. Emmy stood back up, she staggered unsteadily before falling onto her bottom. But that didn't stop her from getting back up and taking several steps again.

"I wish Dad was here to see this," Sam said quietly.

Dean swallowed hard. "Yeah, me too."

Emmy had made her way back to her brothers as she tightly held onto the daisies. She fell several times on her hands and knees, losing some flowers in the process, but she always got back up like a real Winchester. By the time she reached Sam and Dean, the boys were both on their knees waiting for her with outstretched arms.

"Come on, cutie pie, one more little step," Dean coaxed with a proud grin.

Emmy showed off her pearly whites and dimples as she smiled back. When she got close enough, Dean grabbed her, twirling her around. The little one laughed, squealing when he blew raspberries on those chubby cheeks.

Sam reached out to smooth down her hair with pride flashing in his eyes. "Who's a big girl now?"

"Whatcha talking about Sammy? She'll always be my baby girl, am I right, sweetheart?" Dean leaned over to nuzzle her freckled nose.

The sudden realization that his little sister was growing up hit him harder than he let on. Don't get him wrong, there were days where he couldn't even believe his own brother almost reached his shoulders and it seemed like all Sam did lately was keep on growing. But Emmy was different. Dean was there from the very beginning and it was still all so fresh in his mind. The first time he gave her a bottle, the first time he had to put her to sleep, the first time she smiled back at him, the first time she crawled, and today she took her first steps. It was all going way too fast for his liking.

Emmy babbled some incoherent words as she pushed her hands forward, showing the flowers. Some of them were crushed, most of them were missing several petals, and only a few were still intact. But the brothers didn't give a rat's ass about the state the daisies were in, the gesture alone was heartwarming.

"Aw, are these for us?" Sam accepted the flowers, putting one in her hair to match the flowery hairclip. Emmy clapped her hands together, satisfied with the addition in her hair.

"Mom always used to tuck a flower in her hair," Dean mentioned softly, never taking his eyes off his baby sister who resembled Mary in so many ways it was hard to keep the emotions in check sometimes.

Sam's eyes glistened in the sun from the tears welling up. He didn't trust his voice for a minute before he cleared his throat. "She would've probably done the same."

"Mhmm," Dean merely nodded.

Emmy oblivious to the memory her brothers were sharing, wriggled her legs, wanting to get back on her feet.

"Oh, okay. Our little big girl wants to walk now." Dean put her down, letting her grab two of his fingers while Sam held her other hand.

Emmy obviously overestimated her walking ability, her steps were too quick and big. She lost her balance several times and would've tripped over her little, impatient feet if it weren't for her brothers catching her every time.

"Whoa," Sam chuckled. "Let's start with baby steps, Emmy."

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