So here's the published form of idea number two… I think, anyways, I had a helping hand from chrihstie, and so this chapter is now out, lol. Not much revelation in the first chapter, but hopefully I'll be able to get things out in the second chapter (whenever that will be…). Other than my (slow) progress on the other stories of mine, there isn't much to say, so enjoy. :P

I was pretty sure that life after death was not supposed to be something like... this.

This, being swirly, gooey-like substances coating the walls, floor and ceiling of the cave I was currently in. How I had gotten here was beyond me... I glanced down, noting that my clothes of everyday casual-ness had been replaced with a rather thin bright white dress that was very uncomfortable. It wasn't my fault that I had a problem with the length of it, if it had to be a dress it should be longer, like hiding-my-legs longer. At least I wasn't traveling in the goo- ew... did it just bubble...?

I shuddered, and chose to move forward, since I wasn't getting anything accomplished by just standing here. Trudging slowly I focused my concentration on the topic of what had gotten me here in the first place.

The memories that I was able to bring about were hazy, a downer really, making me think harder only to have me flinch in pain."Ow!"

I placed my head down in my hand to steady my surroundings, groaning. "That wasn't such a good idea..."

The only positive outcome of this whole pained ordeal was that I was finally able to remember what I wanted to remember, a very cliché trick in novels pertaining an amnesiac of some kind, but I wasn't complaining. And it did not make me happy at all. I mean, from the various ways to have died off, I had to choke on a flower? Did that even make any sense? I frowned at the thought, and it deepened. "How is that even possible?!"

I let out another groan, smacking my head onto my open palm. This whole thing was a conspiracy. "That's right, I'll go to sleep and wake up in the real world, doing normal things and indulging myself in my precious manga..."

I paused here to think further on this. "Mm, maybe even do some fanart, haven't done those in a while..."

I then looked around for a place to sleep, but alas, every single place was covered in goo.

A bubble popped.

"Make that, in disgusting goo." I cringed slightly. Maybe if I walked further enough, I would be able to find some mysteriously clean spot by some unknown phenomenon. I let out a sigh, half frustrated. "Who am I kidding? This place is, miles upon miles, filled with weird substances... Is this place even sanitary?"

"Aw, you're talking bad about my home?" I looked around suspiciously, but stopped when I noticed a shadowed figure in the far corner.

"Show yourself!" I called out, loud enough for the echoes to bounce off slightly before being absorbed in the weird substance. "There's no point in hiding, since I already know where you are!"

"Mm, that is some very good observing skills ya got there," The figure hummed. "alright then, I'll show myself."

I watched in anticipation, only for it to give way to horror. Standing there, not more than four or five feet away, was an exact replica of me. "Please tell me this is some horrible dream, and that I will be awake in five seconds,"

I- It, grinned, laughing at my predicament. I was sure of that. Ceasing it's laughter, It just stared at me, not losing that grin of... it's? "As much as I'd love to mess around with you foolish humans, I am serious when I say that you are officially dead and that you will not wake up in five seconds like you're expecting yourself to do."

I gave a good deadpan stare in return. This is not happening. "How can I die from a flower?"

I swear it's grin widened... "That is the power of stupidity, my dear."

"But I was not stu- wait, are you indirectly calling me stupid?" I bristled at the underlying inquiry.

It shrugged, the grin dimming into a smile-like façade that did not look kind in the least bit. It was more sarcastic, if I had to describe it. "I didn't say it, you did."

I was pretty sure I hadn't felt this frustrated since the time my friends decided to glue my hair to my pillow. "Okay, fine! Whatever! All I want to know is why I had my 'String of Life' cut when I choked on a flower! That's just... sad y'know? Couldn't I have died more, I don't know, dramatically?"

"Oh?" The grin returned to its original size. "But that was dramatic!"

It twirled around, allowing the white dress to lift with the momentum. I twitched at the action. "Right,"

I massaged my temples, forcing my temper to go down. "That aside, why are you me? Don't you have your own... self? It's rather annoying seeing myself doing the actions that you, make."

It waved it's hand dismissively, gaining a more neutral look. "My actual self isn't meant to be seen by your eyes, so I show myself in a form that you are most familiar with."

I actually stopped to think on what it said. "So... Just what exactly are you?"

The grin came back, and it took me everything to just hold back from committing murder, as it made a curtesy. In my form. My thoughts burst when It spoke. "It's a pleasure to introduce myself to a human, the name is Inkar, the God of Reincarnation."

It took a while for that to sink in, and when it did... "What?"

"I'm sure you haven't reached the age for me to repeat everything for you," It- Inkar, I mentally corrected myself, shrugged, going to it's neutral face. He then frowned. "it is not a pleasant experience, either."

"I heard what you said," I mended, waving a hand in front me as if to disperse the topic. "but- Let me get this straight, you said that you were a reincarnation god?"

"Oh sweetie pie," I admit I cringed at the title. "I am a Reincarnation God!"

Inkar gave a twirl, it's arms in the air while grinning like an idiot... I just insulted myself, didn't I? I shook my head at the irony of the situation, waving it off, trying to refocus on the subject. "So, say if I accepted your theory, hypothetically, just what is in it for me?"

"If I told you that, then it would be no fun," Inkar tapped it's chin, giving a thoughtful pout. "and when there's no fun, there's no point in asking for subjects' either."

"Oh, so now I'm an object?" I seethed, glaring at It.

Inkar decidedly ignored me, which didn't help my temper from rising, continuing on about his train of thought. "But then if that happened, I'd probably be extinct for quite a few years..."

"Then again, a single belief could go a long way..." I was starting to get irritated for being ignored when I was clearly, right here. "Mm, but other than that... I guess you have the right to know what you are getting into..."

"Honestly, if you don't want me to come over there and strangle you to death then just spit it out already!" I snapped, enough was enough, really, and I did not feel like fooling around. Not after... all this.

Inkar raised it's hands in a placating manner, grumbling. "Alright, seesh, something is seriously wrong with you lowly humans,"

Before I could retort, Inkar continued. "Now, reincarnation comes in two ways, remembering their past life immediately, and remembering their past life as they grow older, either way you always start from the beginning,"

"As in birth?" I interrupted, ignoring the look of annoyance that was sent my way.

"Yes, unless you defy all Laws of Humanity and appear in a pre-aged form from nowhere." Inkar rolled it's eyes, crossing it's arms. "As I was saying, before being rudely interrupted, you have no say in this matter,"

"What?" I blurted out before I could stop myself. "Why is that?"

This was getting ridiculous, but it was squashed when I was ignored, again. "You will also not have a say in whatever other world you choose to be in, since that's not any of your business, really."

... Ok that answered my question, somewhat.

"However, genetics plays a huge role in your reincarnation," Inkar continued with his explanation. I think he might have forgotten I was even here... "other than a few base traits, everything of yourself will be erased to make room for your new genetics. You with me so far?"

I jolted slightly, but nodded. Nothing seemed to be amiss with all the terms for this reincarnation process- I blinked, frowning as a thought crossed my mind. "So, why exactly am I being reincarnated? Don't people just go to Heaven after dying?"

Inkar grinned, revealing it's canines that was not humanely possible in a human's mouth. Heck, in my mouth! "You lowly humans think reincarnation is a way to go back to living with your loved ones, but to be truly honest, it's my way of, fun."

Inkar lifted a hand, and I had a near panic attack when I found myself rising off the ground, and flicked it's wrist to towards the wall on my left, thus making me crash into the icky goo-like substances.

For a while I was left there, dazed, until I felt a vacuum-like suction; thus making me panic. I wasn't able to voice my panic, however, since I was sucked in, making everything go dark.







It was cold.

It just had to be cold.

Why did it have to be cold?


Where was the heater when you needed one?

My complaints were at least met with something to keep in the warmth, even though it was itchy as hell... But it was better than nothing.

I couldn't feel anything properly, other than the itchy thing, so it was no wonder my mood was plummeting down really quickly.

I didn't want to open my eyes, because sleep just felt too good. Not to mention my body was seriously tired, an extreme workout on any set of weights could not compare to how strained I felt.

God, was this some sort of backfire to reincarnation? If it is, then I don't ever want to be reincarnated a second time... That stupid In-

A laugh broke my train of thoughts, and I mentally cursed them. "He has your pout, Kyoya,"

That name sounded familiar... "Shut up, herbivore."

... I don't want to even know... "Aw, that's no good, Kyoya, our son is going to catch that speak of yours."

Please, anyone out there, let me be dreaming... "Hn."

"Kyoya, don't be like that~" I felt like I short circuited, blacking out as a result.

There was no way that my new reality would be in Hitman Reborn... No...

I'll place all my hope on this whole reincarnation thing to be a big dream. Yeah, that's what it is.

Just one big dream...