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It was not a dream.

It also was not a lie when I was told that I would be starting from the beginning.

And from all of this... weirdness, I only had my knowledge to confide in. At least that was there...

"Come on, Katsuo, say ahh!"

Okay, maybe it wasn't such a helpful friend after all, my knowledge. Knowing that my, new, parents are from a fictional world was a huge blow to my mindset.

"Would you say ahh for the airplane?"

Make that a tremendous blow...

My first few months were a, terrible, terrible pain, since I was akin to a blind person. Luckily, I did not scream or yell because of my loss of sight, since I knew that a child's sight would get better eventually. So I made the best of my blurred sight.

"Katsuo~ if you don't eat, Kyoya's going to ballistic on me again~"

I cringed at the whine, but I ended up opening my mouth anyway. I needed food to survive in this world, so being in denial was clearly impossible in my current state. Another terrible reason of reincarnation.

"There you go!" Dino cooed as he dumped the gross baby food into my mouth. I question how babies didn't spaz at this stuff... Maybe their stomachs were too busy being monsters that they didn't even care about it. Actually that makes a whole lot of sense...

I gave a shudder as the slime went down my throat. Ugh, I seriously hope that I don't stay like this forever...

"Was it good, Katsuo? It was definitely yummy for your tummy!" Dino cooed, obviously oblivious to my whole predicament of me being reincarnated and subjected to torture, known as baby food. At least he wasn't saying anything stupid... "Oh it was definitely yummy for Katsuo's wittle tummy!"

I take that back. This is the most horrible torture I am being subjected to. I bet Hell would feel like Heaven right now. I jerked out of my state of woe when I felt the spoon prod at my mouth, and I gave a wary look at it before giving in to my gnawing stomach. I wish I hadn't, since it only subjected me to even more torture. "That's a good boy, who's a good boy? Katsuo's a good boy~"

Someone, make this insanity stop! This is worse than when I noticed, or in this case let the fact sink in, that I had become a male. A male! Just think of the whole puberty cycle! I hiccupped, feeling my eyes sting, but nothing came out of them. Of course, since tear holes were not supposed to be developed until later. Dino at least knew when I had an emotional turn, he placed down the baby food and rocked my baby chair, but that didn't stop me from wailing.

It isn't fair that I get turned into the opposite gender without my consent!

Why do I have to face such a predicament?

I ceased my wailings, now noticing that I was being carried by Dino, who in turn was rubbing my back soothingly, as I thought more clearly on this. I sniffed.

That's right, it wasn't my fault, its all that stupid Inkar's fault for not informing me.

Ju- The sound of ringing broke my thoughts, making me jolt in surprise. I was slightly jostled as Dino fumbled for his phone, luckily it wasn't long until he was able to answer the annoying shrill. "Dino speaking,"

It was quiet for a moment, before Dino answered cheerily. "Oh, hey, Tsuna! How are you? The paperwork getting to you again?"

Dino let out a laugh, making pout at the loud noise. "I'm kidding, lil' bro! It gets to everyone who has to deal with it!"

Another pause. "Oh, Kyoya's extending his stay at the Vongola?"

It was quiet as Tsuna spoke on the other end. "Ah, okay, Katsuo can come visit as well, I'm sure that the kids would love to play with him."

I glanced at Dino and saw his stretching smile. "Good! I get to see Kyoya and we also get to be together as a family!"

He gave another laugh. "Alright, I'll be over there in two days!"

Dino shut his phone, and placed it away before lifting me in front of him. His grinning face, bright. "We're going to your Mummy's home, Katsuo! Aren't you excited?"

God... someone, kill me now...







Two days had gone by really quickly, much quicker than I expected. But when you got to go to sleep then you got to go to sleep, and I was really glad for that mechanism. Otherwise I would be stuck with Dino's over enthusiasm, and that wasn't anything fun.

Dino wasn't such a bad character, in fact he was super cool with all his entrances and even funny with how he had such a huge clumsy side that drastically dropped down to 50 percent when his men were gone, but being with him for life and forever did not suit me well…

Kyoya on the other hand, is a male… The first time I allowed that fact to sink in, I crumbled. How, how, did he give birth to a child? How did he even make a child?

I left that question alone to save my sanity, and instead I focused on other topics.

Like how my life was going to be ruined starting from today, or how my future would end up to be… I didn't even want to think about what other weird things would grace my presence. Or even my future romance…

I shivered at the goosebumps crawling on my skin, and proceeded to banish everything from my head.

"Are you cold, Young Master Katsuo?" I turned my head to face Dino's right hand man, Romario. The man was pretty awesome, despite being given a small amount of screen time. In fact, he was the only one who did not talk to me like I was a child, putting aside the fact that I was truly a child physically, and made progress with me with my education.

… Sometimes I seriously wonder if he is hiding the fact that he knows of my reincarnation, but I toss the thought away with the reason that it can't be possible. No matter how bizarre it sounds.

I shake my head to answer his question, still having problems pronouncing the Italian words. I don't know how I can understand so perfectly, yet have problems with speaking.

Romario laughed lightly, extending his arm to show me various clothes that Dino ended up buying for me… not sure if Kyoya suggesting anything… "What do you want to dress yourself in, Young Master?"

I just wish he would stop calling me that, alas it will have to wait until I can get a hold of my tongue. I turn my attention to the clothes, looking through them, and pointed flimsily to the overalls with a purple T-shirt. That one seemed suitable enough.

Romario changed me, also changing my diaper as well. My insufferable, embarrassing, shameless, diaper. And placed me on a high seat in front of the huge mirror, the size was ridiculous! I then had to endure a brush going through my hair, tousling it even more than my bed head. I glanced at myself in the mirror, busying myself with getting myself further acquainted with how my appearance looked like.

I could already see the genetics that I had gotten from Dino and Kyoya, which further proves that I am an official child of theirs. Kyoya's pale complexion and dark raven hair already dominates everything else, while Dino's brown eyes were passed onto me. The only thing that they both don't have is the baby fat that love's to jiggle every time I tend to move.

Hopefully, that won't stay… or get worse…

Note to self, don't ever get fat.

"Young Master Katsuo, it's time to go." I turned towards Romario as he lifted me up. We both then left the room and headed outside. Dino was there before us, dressed in his usual casual clothes, speaking into the phone. I stared at the happy expression and quickly deducted that he was talking with Kyoya.

Speaking of their relationship, all I had ever known from them was that Dino would be so suggestive on Kyoya, yet the latter would be all threats. How on Earth did they get together? I shook my head to clear the thought.

"Oh, Romario! Katsuo!" Dino grinned, his phone now gone, walking over towards us. "You're here!"

"What kind of right hand man would I be if I wasn't here on time, Boss." Romario teased, Dino in turn laughed.

"So true, what would I do without you!" I was then passed to Dino, wondering if there was an actual time when Dino did drop me without me knowing. He was clumsy. Period. "Katsuo, kiddo, we're headed to see your Mum! Aren't you excited?"

… What was his obsession with calling Kyoya, Mum.

Soon we were loaded into the sleek black cars and headed off towards the Vongola Manor, with Dino chatting away happily, and cooing at the same time.

When was this going to end?