Another short update, but things are finally rolling in getting to know Katsuo's surroundings. And of course he won't be the only one being an offspring of the tenth generation, along with the future surprises.

Enjoy the chapter!

The seventh day, of my stay in the Vongola manor, took a turn for the extremes.

Yes, that definitely meant that Uncle Ryohei was extremely babysitting me, and that we were to have an extreme vacation in Namimori, Japan, meeting with the extreme female crew.

All of that were his words, not mine.

"Katsuo, do you extremely have everything with you?" I glanced up at Uncle Ryohei, before looking down and checking everything off of my small list for travel.

Making sure that I didn't miss anything, I looked back up at him and grinned. "I extremely do, Uncle Ryohei!"

Hey, it was contagious.

Uncle Ryohei laughed, ruffling my hair, much to my distaste of such an action but I let it go. "Alright then, let's extremely head for Namimori, Japan!"

"Yah!" I reciprocated the cheer, zipping up my small canary-decorated luggage, and followed him out. The luggage was specially made, with the persistence of Papa, while Mama had chosen the design, allowing me to keep some things hidden from the airport X-ray radar things. Though I didn't have much use for that asset as of yet.

"Tsuna!" I was brought back to the present when Uncle Ryohei had called out to Uncle Tsuna. For a second I thought I was going to be exposed for what happened four days ago, but was saved... partially?

"Onii-san," Uncle Tsuna called back in greeting. "You're going to see the girls right?"

"That's right!" Uncle Ryohei nodded, hands on his hips. "Hana is going to be giving birth soon, and Kyoko has made sure that I'll be there for her, not like I wasn't going to,"

I blinked at the newly given information. Somehow there was a door of non-solitude opening before me. I grew giddy with the new fact, since it meant that I was certainly not going to be the only one anymore.

"Oh, you're right! Hana is certainly expecting soon!" Uncle Tsuna dawned on the idea. "Give her the best regards from everyone that can't make it, and I hope you have a healthy child, Onii-san."

"Thanks, Tsuna," Uncle Ryohei grinned. "Ah, before I forget!"

He pushed me forward, startling me slightly. "I'm taking Katsuo with me,"

I looked up at Uncle Tsuna to see what his reaction turns out to be. He gave a small stare, and I was pretty sure that he was thinking back to four days ago... I could be wrong though, before giving a smile and laughing lightly. "Then I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Namimori, Japan, Katsuo!"

He then turned back to Ryohei. "If it's not much, I want you to drop by at my house, and see how my parents are doing. I'm sure my mom will accept you with open arms, Onii-san,"

"Sure thing, I'll jot that down during my flight over there," Uncle Ryohei nodded in agreement. "the others' as well, maybe pop by Kyoya's so that Katsuo is introduced to his grandparents,"

I started to tune the rest of the conversation out, growing tired of just simply standing there with nothing to do.

... And this was supposed to be an extreme vacation...

The tug on my hand brought me out of my thoughts as I looked up again. Uncle Ryohei was giving one of his big grins. "Now let's be off, Katsuo!"

I reciprocated the grin agreeing with him. We gave a final farewell to Uncle Tsuna before heading off.

Finally the extreme vacation is about to start!







The ride on the plane was not extreme.

The term being refuted in every sense of the word. I began to lose myself in the in-between of reality and dreamland, which wasn't so bad if it weren't for the fact that I had got up from my seat many times, bumping into flight attendants half the time, finding myself in someone's luggage a third of the the time, sitting on someone's lap for another third, and finding myself in the Captain's cockpit in the remaining third.

... Actually, that may all have been something extreme to the normal bystander...

Well, after all that hassle, including the airport check-out, Uncle Ryohei and I were finally on our way to see the extreme girl gang. And yes, girls can have gangs, they just have to have the right atmosphere to them... Back to the main point, we were greeted by none other than Uncle Mukuro himself, which was surprising.

Turns out, I wasn't the only one in for a surprise, seeing as Uncle Mukuro had not expected me to accompany Uncle Ryohei. "Kufufufu, you brought the Skylark's Chick along with you, Sasagawa?"

"I couldn't just let him live out the rest of his stay in the manor, it gets boring after some time," Uncle Ryohei greeted Uncle Mukuro with a nod. "you just extremely don't feel it since your always up and about,"

"Kufufu, was that a threat?"

"Why would I extremely threaten you?"

"Nevermind, Nagi is waiting for me, and the others for you," Uncle Mukuro spun on his heel, leading the way to the supposed ride that we were to take.

On the way to the final destination, both Uncle Ryohei and Uncle Mukuro began speaking on the topics of politics concerning the Vongola. Since I could care less, I tuned them out, and allowed myself to soak up the zipping scenery of Namimori, Japan.

I can just feel it! This vacation will certainly change something!