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I remember looking down on kids younger than me, back in my previous life and maybe in this one as well... But I had only one thought in mind.

And that was that they were all brats.

I mean, sure they were lovable when they weren't trying to shatter your eardrums with their insanely high pitch tones, and all. Maybe even angelic when they weren't driving you insane, running around like wild mongooses' in search of havoc and destruction.

I even may have, or may not have, since I can barely remember them now, had one dearly attached to me.

Damn, I'm starting to miss home now...

"Hey, you aren't gonna actually cry just cause I called you a wuss?" Okay, that hurt too. "So pathetic,"

And that hurt even more. I glared at the other child, who seemed to have a liking in speaking Italian on Japanese land. What was her problem?

"Ooh~ so scawee~" I'm starting to think that the more she opens her mouth, the more I'm going to hate her. I gave a scowl, and she gave a look of mock fear in return. "I think I'm going to call for mommy to scare this puny monster away~"

I felt a tic forming on my head, clearly irritated with this child's acting mockery. But that wasn't the only thing that set my nerves on fire. I actually had some good resistance to mockery, thanks to Uncle Reborn. The thing that actually rubbed me the wrong way was that I was being looked down upon.

Sure I did that to a lot of kids back in my heyday, but now that I'm getting the same treatment... I really don't feel so well.

Maybe I should set up some kind of memorial for them, to get rid of this terrible aftertaste?

... Too much work.

"Hey~ are you still there?" I flinched back at the nearness of the other child.

"Don't scare me like that!" I snapped, regaining our distance.

"You finally spoke!" She brightened up, a grin on her face. "I was starting to think that you were mute, to be honest."

Where the hell did the mockery child go?

"Don't go silent on me, Kana-chan~"

The nerve! "It's Katsuo!"

She gave a shrug. "Same thing,"

"They're completely different!" I accused. She sure is an eccentric child. "How can you mix that up?"

"Don't get your panties in a twist, Kana-chan, your true love will always be reciprocated!" Her mocking smile came back.

This brat was certainly getting on my nerves!

"What gives you the right to change my name as you please, huh?" I retorted, pointing my index at her.

Her smile turned into a smirk, giving me a queasy feeling. "That's cause I'm older than you, Kana-chan~"

That's right, another stab wound to nurse was the age gap I had with her. She was eight, while I was four. That one point connected to my previous reason of being looked down on.

"That's not a reason!" I buffered, clearly stung by the unfair situation... I wonder how many times have I used that in my past life? The thought is daunting...

"Yes, it is!" She countered, sticking out her tongue.

I smothered my urge to pull out my hair, and instead forced my brain to wonder, of all the seven hells, why was I in a situation like this?

The answer was obvious.

After Uncle Mukuro had brought us, Uncle Ryohei and I, to his home in Namimori, the residing female, Auntie Chrome, or as Mukuro liked to call her, Nagi, had immediately put us together, her daughter, Kojika, and me. Uncle Ryohei, on the other hand, had gone to his house to look after Auntie Hana, where his sister, Auntie Kyoko, was also taking residence in, leaving me in the care of Uncle Mukuro and his family.

Goddammit! All these Aunts and Uncles! Maybe this is why people who have a whole bunch of them don't ever count them separately.

"Your face is turning sour again," Kojika interrupted my thoughts with her languid tone. "honestly, you're no fun~"

"I never did ask to be fun," I snapped back, nearing my patience's end. Where was the extremeness in this?

"Oh, I know! Maybe I should refer to you as Pickle-Kana!" That. Was the last. Straw!

"Why you!" I tried making a grab at her, but she had good reflexes, I admit that much, to avoid being grabbed. We then started a game of cat and mouse, where I was being the pissed off cat.

We had run out of Kojika's room and it may have been the light or my extreme fury, but she looked like she was enjoying it... Really, who would expect any less from Uncle Mukuro?

Kojika managed to make me run around the house, for what I think was the third time before Auntie Chrome decided to stop us, to see what all the fuss was about. She hadn't changed much, with the eyepatch, but she did allow her hair to fall from the Pineapple hairstyle that she had started within the manga.

I took this chance to tattle on the mouse, which, to be honest, I was secretly enjoying the feeling of. "She's been calling me a girl!"

"What a tattletale," Kojika drawled, her arms crossed.

I, in turn, glared at her. Though underhanded methods were a blessing that I would certainly take advantage of if my other points had been demolished. Auntie Chrome sighed, a hand under her cheek. I bit back a retort. "How would you feel if you were said to be a guy!"

"Hey, hey, unlike you I can look way more handsome!" Her sneer pissed me off, that and her overall look.

"What am I going to do with you two?" Auntie Chrome sighed, as she nursed her stomach with her free hand... I may have an inkling as to why she did so, but my judgments were currently baseless.

"How about sending Kana-chan to the corner?" I felt a tic go off in my head.

"Why don't you just sit in the corner of the dump, Ba-Ko!" I growled, my fists trembling.

"Ooh! Scary~" I swear I will one day rub some mud on that impish face!

"Shut it!" I bit out, growling. In return, I ended up getting a tongue sticking out at me. Appearance-wise, Kojika was a mesh between her parents. Though her feminine appearance had gone towards Auntie Chrome's, her eyes had remained Uncle Mukuro's natural colour of oceanic blue. And to be honest, some small part of me, probably influenced by my past self, really adored her appearance. Her tongue on the other hand... she could do without.

Somehow, we ended up being in another fight, and Auntie Chrome had sent both of us to the corner.

Separate corners.

Dammit! I really don't like this childish treatment!







For the record, I am not the type of person that does something on impulse. I don't think I've done anything like it in my previous life… nope. Nothing comes up. Just what have I got myself into? Well the day started out as a pretty normal day, I had to remind myself that I was bunking in Uncle Mukuro's house in Namimori, the said Uncle of mine was nowhere to be seen after breakfast, but Auntie Chrome managed it pretty well. Considering that both Ba-Ko, the nickname will forever stick on that brat Kojika, and I had another spat as soon as we were fully awake, which was obviously after breakfast.

Aside from that, bless Auntie Chrome for being patient with us, all three of us had decided to go out and shop, something that had to do with tonight's dinner. So, a temporary truce was created between Ba-Ko and me, just until we finished the shopping.

But that wasn't what had me thinking about what I had done currently. No, it was sometime during the shopping spree that the unthinkable happened.

I was lost.

It sounded absurd.

But I was indeed lost.

I had tried to figure out where Auntie Chrome had gone and even tried my hardest to scan the crowd for the familiar purple hair of that insufferable Ba-Ko, but nothing came up. I had a somewhat similar experience in the past, and to be fairly honest that experience didn't end well. Of course, my hyperventilation decided to take over as I scanned, and rescanned, the crowd, and I moved from my spot. My four-year-old chest was already excruciatingly painful with panic as I did my best to not cry.

It didn't help, as I ended up having tears run down my face.

Still, that wasn't all to this bizarre day.

Sure, I was lost, sure I was hyperventilating, and sure I was crying my eyes out much to my disdain, but never had I ever thought that I was going to be kidnapped in Namimori…

Tokyo, I can understand.

But Namimori?

I am questioning why there is such a huge crowd in such a small city… Too late.

At some point I must have been knocked out since I was sure that I had struggled like hell in order to get out of the damn kidnapper's grasp, I was not going to be dragged away without a fight, and at some point, I felt like I was being… bagged?

Either way, I later woke up in some abandoned area. Building most likely. I also so did not scream and jump at spider a few feet away from my line of sight, it was most likely dead seeing as it wasn't moving, at all.

Of course, my kidnappers had decided to check up on me, again it was not because of my loud girlish-like scream. One look at them, and I knew that they didn't bother bathing for the past week.


They seemed to speak in French since the syllabus sounded familiar, however, I, for the life of me, couldn't seem to understand a single word. I question why I didn't bother taking it in my past life… Nothing I can do about it now, oh well.

One of the guys said something, and another yelled at him. The third man in the group basically just sat in the corner, eating, while the former two began some sort of yelling contest. A fourth guy appeared, yelling at the two loudmouths, and stalked over to me. I literally had no sense of self-defense now that I thought about it…

Well, crap…

I was brought out of my musings when I felt like I had started floating, impossible, and it really is, as the cause of it had been the fourth man who picked me up, shaking me as if I were a rag doll.

Excuse you!

He dropped me like I was one too, and man did it flippin' hurt! I couldn't stop my tears on this one either, and outrightly cried out. I was pretty much at the end of my rope with all the stress I was currently receiving, not to mention that I was already missing Ba-Ko's constant jabs.

Speaking of jabs, the fourth man had decided that he would jab me with his foot, snarling something. I had no tolerance left in me as I literally bit onto the man's leg and persevered through all the shakes and yells I had received. Both my arms and legs were kind of useless at the moment, seeing as they were tied in something that I did not understand, nor did I have the patience to understand.

This was the reason, the very one, on why I was wondering if I had ever done something out of impulse. I was a good child, back then, and maybe now as well, but impulsively biting someone? I had no current answer to that.

Unfortunately, for me anyway, my bite had slackened a tad bit and I was thrown aside. I was then promptly kicked in the stomach before being ignored as all the men had left.

I'll have to make myself comfortable until help arrives… how would they know where I am anyway?







I've pretty much lost count of the hours since there was no goddamn window, and the only meal they gave me was some sort of gruel porridge once a day, accompanied with some water that suspiciously tasted like the sewers. I wasn't picky, as I had always accepted what I have been given, like the time I was given a pair of girlish panties as a Christmas present that one time, but point of it was I needed to live, and if I had to have some peasant's meal to survive, then I would accept it.

Thankfully, I didn't have any sort of beatings after that one time I had decided to bite one of my captor's leg. I actually counted my lucky stars for that.

Back to the point, I've tried to entertain myself with finding some sort of hidden passage, found nothing at all, or trying to get rid of my ropes. On that note, I was spoon fed my daily meal.

At some point, one of the men came into the dank room, at some point I had nicknamed the room Dead Insects courtesy of all the dead critters that I found during my point of boredom, with just a phone. He was speaking to it, as he came closer towards me. Again, he spoke in French, leaving me out of the loop, so when he crouched down near me with the receiver some distance away, I took the opportunity to bite him.

I was at the point where I had made this non-existent truce with them that if they didn't come here for a purpose, the toilet included, I would take it as a sign of war.

And war it was, as the man started yelling out, presumably curses, as he tried to shake me off his arm.

It was then that I heard something familiar.

To be exact, someone familiar.


I let the man go, surprised, as I uttered my familiar word. "Papa?"

So many emotions welled up, so many that I had pushed aside, they all began to surface. Before I could yell out another word, I was kicked, again, this time somewhere around my chest. I thought I heard something crack, but I quickly scrambled up to find that receiver. Though the man had left, shutting the damned metal door behind him with a rather loud slam. I didn't know what I should do after the adrenaline subsided, so I dropped down onto the hard floor and curled in on myself.







I must have passed out, but I couldn't care less. There must be some way for me to break free from this room. And the only known exit was the very door that would close every time one of those stinky old farts would come and go as they pleased.

Really the only time that I would be able to go through the door would be when they came to get me to go to the toilet.

I obviously would have to plan my way out…

My chance came when one of them came in, I noted that it wasn't one that I had bitten yet, I honestly didn't know what to make of them for sending someone like this. Then again, there are four guys in total… The way he approached me, made me realize that he was being cautious. If I wasn't planning on my escape I would have snorted in amusement. As I expected, he brought out the bag that had made a home on my head since the start of all this, indicating that I was to be taken to the loo. I, of course, went with it.

I felt the ropes on my legs removed and was then dragged by the arm towards where the toilet was.

The trip didn't take long, as usual.

I also had both the bag and ropes removed as the man left, slamming the door behind him.

Couldn't they just normally close the damn door? My ears were starting to get sore from the loud sounds.

I ended up grumbling as I did my business and looked around the smelly place. I perked up with the discovery of a small square window, just about the same height as the moldy cabinet.

I figured that I would be able to climb the cabinet, no matter how disgusting it was, enough to be able to smash through the small window of hope. I, of course, wasted no time in setting my plan into motion, and quickly before the guy at the other end decided that I was taking too long. So off I went, on my small cabinet climbing, with my slightly long nails, I was lucky that they grew faster than the average. I wouldn't know much about it, so I wasn't complaining.

In no time at all, I managed to come up to eye-level with the window and realized that it didn't have any sort of window frame, so opening it up the normal way was a total no go. The savage way would have to do. It only consisted of me hurling myself at the square glass, and I prayed that I had enough body mass and speed to be able to break through.

I mentioned that it was the savage way, right?

I managed to throw myself at it, and I've counted my lucky stars endlessly, how many lucky stars I've had was beyond me when I managed to break through the window, must have been the mold around it but I could care less. Top priority was that I was now free! God yes! A shout from behind me indicated that my guard had figured out that I was no longer in the loo, so I picked myself up and started running, flinching now and again at the exertion, but running nonetheless.

I was thanking Uncle Reborn's Spartan Sprint training, as well as being able to breathe fresh air.

Who knew that it would come in handy someday.

I needed to go somewhere. Somewhere where there would be a lot of people, so I can get rid of them before they decide to catch up to me. My adrenaline rush kicked up again, and I was, in turn, blind to my aches.

It wasn't long until I did stumble across a busy street, and I didn't hesitate to go into the first store that popped up. I ignored the gasps of shock, not worth paying attention to, and hid behind the counter, again ignoring the shocked yell of the clerk, and pressed myself as close to the desk as much as possible. I needed to breathe, as the aches decided to surface when my adrenaline rush died down. It hurt so much, but I bit my lip to smother the pain as much as I could.

At some point, as exhausted as I was, I passed out.







The next time I had awoken, I felt lethargic. It took me some time to process at what happened, and when it did I sat up immediately. The cliché thing happened, where I winced feeling light headed. Yes, it was a bad move, but I was somewhere where I didn't know where I was, not much of difference as to my previous situation, but I was well tended to, if the bandages indicated anything, the futon too.

… I should be glad that I was still in Japan…

The door, a traditional sliding door, slid open, revealing a young-looking man with a tub of water. He noticed that I was awake and smiled as he slowly made his way towards me. I blinked at how he handled the situation, it wasn't half bad.

"You were pretty beat up back there," I blinked at the familiar Japanese words, it was a source of comfort knowing that I wasn't shipped off to some unknown area halfway across the globe. God forbid that would ever happen in this crazy life of mine. The man smiled as he knelt down beside me, he didn't dare move a finger in my direction. I wouldn't blame him, seeing as I must be looking half terrified, no thanks to my previous situation at all. He continued to speak to me though, I mentally thanked him for that. "though I didn't realize that you were running away from the Yakuza, that must be some terrifying experience for you."

I applaud him for his perceptiveness.

"I guess you should rest, I'll leave you be, and come in later to check on you, alright?" He gave another smile, an attempt at reassuring me for sure, one that I appreciated, and got up to leave.

I decided I should speak up now. "U-Um,"

The man perked up, waiting patiently.

I looked down at my hands, now noticing that they were trembling, gathered up my courage and looked back up to him. "D-Do you have a-a phone?"

He noticed what I was getting at and nodded. "I'll be right back, wait here,"

I was then left alone, leaving me with nothing but to entertain myself with what kinds of patch job I had gotten while I was out. I didn't know much about first-aid, but I was clearly impressed with the job done. I was also dressed in a yukata, that revealed the bandages around my chest.

As if on cue, my chest throbbed. It was also hard to breathe.

The man had returned, a house phone in hand. "Here it is, call whoever you need to."

"Thank you," I coughed slightly, taking the handheld device. I pressed familiar numbers in succession, they were beat into my head at a young age by nearly everyone and waited for the achingly familiar voice to answer. The first try didn't produce any results, nor did the second or third, and I had to will myself to not cry. I jolted as a warm hand rubbed soothing circles, and I looked up to see the man smiling kindly.

"It's alright, you can count on whoever it is to pick it up," He gave another smile, and I smiled back slightly. "let's try again,"

I gave a small nod and glared at the numbers as if it would help in some sort of way. I then pressed the numbers again and placed the handheld receiver to my ear. I was praying to whatever was out there, that he would pick on this try. It took five rings when I heard the ever-familiar voice. "Hello?"

I could tell that I was grinning widely and forcefully squashed my tears, yelling out joyfully. "Papa! Papa! You picked up!"

"K-Katsuo?!" I was never happier than that one moment, that I couldn't hold back the tears this time. The frantic yells on the other end didn't cease my cries. So much so that the young man beside me decided to take the receiver from me, in order to help me out. I didn't pay attention to what was being said, but at some point, I ended up passing out.

I did wake up when the young man decided it was time for me to eat something. I must have looked forlorn since he said that both Papa and Mama are currently on their way here. "Right now, you need to eat something, before they arrive, so they wouldn't worry."

He had a point, and I was given some nice steaming porridge.

And because of my bandaged hands, I was spoon fed until I couldn't eat anymore. Half was enough, and he didn't push me to finish. It was around this time when I realized that I didn't even know his name. "E-Erm…"


"I didn't get your name…?"

I've seen a lot of people, considering that I am in the Mafia and all, but that didn't mean that I've seen them all. From experience, I could tell, with great confidence, that there wouldn't be another person who would look after a stranger's child. Especially when they were being hunted down by unpleasant smelly people… Well, maybe except for Uncle Tsuna, but that is beside the point.

And now that I take a closer look at him, he most definitely did not look like your average everyday civilian, not with the bleached blond hair, tousled to the point of no particular style, and piercings on various parts, one on his bottom lip and two on each earlobe. His eyes were an extremely dark brown, that one would mistake them to be black if they didn't look properly, and his clothes, a simple and plain burgundy yukata did not match his stereotypical appearance… it did, however, compliment his jawline…

He smiled, giving a light laugh. "My name is Hatake, Shuuji, and you?"

"Chiavarone, Katsuo," I replied. Pointing towards his hair I asked. "is your that your hair colour?"

Shuuji grinned this time, shaking his head. "Nah, I decided to colour it this colour when I went independent, I really like it too,"

I scrunched up my nose in thought. "The piercings too?"

He nodded.

Silence decided to envelop us, making it rather awkward for me. Luckily though, Shuuji knew how to break it. He got up and held out a hand for me to take. "Do you like reading books, Katsuo-kun?"

"Depends," I gave him a thoughtful pout as I took his hand with little to no hesitation. He had helped me, so I didn't see why he couldn't be trusted. We then began walking through the halls, as we made small talk.

"Then what kinds of books do you like?"

"Mostly about dragons and beasts that aren't in this world," I shrugged. "but I also like ghosts and zombies!"

"For a four-year-old kid, you certainly like the gruesome genres," He shivered.

I grinned. "Yeah, but it's only interesting when they come at you and BAM they take your soul out of you!"

"You don't like any sort of happy books? Like rabbits and turtles, and fish?" He inquired, peering down at me.

I shook my head, making a face, huffing. "There's nothing interesting in any of those, who would read books on things that are real? It takes out the fun of imagining things!"

"You have a point there," Shuuji shrugged. We soon stopped in front of huge double doors, he looked down at me and smiled. "but you have a very limited route in your choice of readings, Katsuo-kun."

"What do you mean by that?" I frowned at him. This was the first time someone had ever decided to challenge my choice of reads. I didn't know how to react to it.

Shuuji didn't bother answering me as he pushed open the double doors. The smell of worn paper immediately smashed onto my face, surprising me at most. But what shocked me were the books. Specifically, the books that were stacked, row upon row, in large shelves that reached the roof of the room, and I'll be honest, the ceiling was pretty high. This could honestly put to shame any library imagined! I must have been gaping like a fish for Shuuji to laugh, he nudged me in. "Go on, try to find something to pass your time, I'll be at the desk in the corner if you need anything,"

Being a book lover since young, I did not need to be told twice. I immediately ran through the shelves around my height, investigating the titles that were kept in this fairy tale library. It really seemed to be a dream come true, so much so that I had lost track of time. Not until Shuuji had called out. "Katsuo-kun, your parents are here, why don't you come and meet them?"

My head snapped up, the ache of not being near Family surfaced again. I didn't bother putting the book away, as I made a run to where I saw both Dino and Kyoya standing behind Shuuji. My tears decided to spill again, as I ran into Kyoya, who embraced me tightly. Dino's hand ruffled my hair soothingly, before retracting it. I stopped wailing when I started wasn't clear, somewhat calmed down, and began sniffling quietly as Kyoya made soothing circles on my back.

Man, seeing how far I've come really puts a damper on how things are…

Yet I wouldn't trade the warmth I was feeling for anything.

At some point, I was starting to drift to sleep, and the last things that I heard were both Dino and Shuuji speaking with each other.

Omake A:

Katsuo was now half a year old, and once again placed under Dino's care when Kyoya left to finish up the missions that had started piling up. Dino did his best in taking care of their, very, adorable child. He took pictures, fed him, played with him, took some more pictures, made him go to sleep, some more pictures, all the while juggling his paperwork.

He never knew a day would come when he would become a proud father of the most adorable thing on Earth, but the day has come! And he couldn't have been any more satisfied.

Still, Dino was, and still is, a clutz. Even Kyoya would have a hard time leaving their child in his hands while he headed for his missions. At some point, he had some areas padded discreetly, so that IF, and that was a big IF, Dino's clumsiness took over at some point when he was not there, at least the paddings would save their child from the inevitable brain damage.

And true to the raven-haired aristocratic male's phenomenal intuition, and downright horror, Dino had dropped Katsuo.

He had dropped Katsuo.

Poor Dino, he had nearly gone rigid in shock when he began processing it. The panic set in a little later. He had immediately picked up Katsuo, who was still asleep and began frantically searching for his right-hand man, Romario. The said man was greatly amused at how frantic his Boss seemed, and calmly yet sternly he helped him calm down, reassuring him that Katsuo was fine, and he was only sleeping soundly. He then proceeded to tell his Boss about the padding that Kyoya had placed around the Manor, much to the shock of the blonde man.

It was safe to say that after that whole life-threatening experience, did Dino become slightly depressed, approaching his only son with a lot more caution than before.

News eventually got out, and he was both humiliated and made fun of by his one and only ex-tutor, Reborn, and a few others.

Omake B:

If you asked the residents of the Vongola Manor, if given the chance, on how THE Kyoya Hibari, now most certainly known as Kyoya Chiavarone in official records, took a pill that allowed him to get pregnant, you would receive the weirdest of answers. Of course, that is if they didn't leave you behind to face the wrath of the former Perfect of Nami-chuu.

They would tell you that the consumption of the pill was something created from a bet, between the newlyweds. As the event is highly classified, we can majorly allow our guesswork to take the form of what had happened behind closed doors.


Kyoya shut the door quietly behind him as he entered Dino's office. The said man was frowning at the piece of paper he was holding up, the expression did not seem to suit him at all. Chuckling softly, he made his way around and behind the seated man, silently treading across the carpeted floor and wrapped his arms loosely around Dino's neck. Dino jolted slightly, startled, but relaxed when he realized who it was. He gave a smile, which was reciprocated by Kyoya. "The frown doesn't suit you, you know?"

Dino laughed softly, grinning. "I can't help it, can I?"

"Hn," They shared a quick kiss, lingering slightly.

It was then that the topic of what the paperwork was detailing came about. Dino gave a shrug, his frown returning to his tired visage once more at the thought of the lone document. "It was something along the lines of a baby shower, from an allied Famiglia, apparently they are expecting triplets, two boys, and one girl."

"And they invited us?" Kyoya hummed, combing the golden blonde tresses with his long slender fingers.

"That's what it says," Dino agreed, closing his tired eyes as he relaxed into his leather seat, focusing on his beloved's feathery touches. It was silent, not one of them said anything as they basked in each other's company. It was Dino who broke the silence, eyes still shut. "Hey, Kyoya,"

A soft hum indicated for him to go on. "If there was a way for us to have a child, aside from adoption, will you agree?"

The fingers stopped moving, and Dino cracked his eyes open to see the emotions going through the other's cobalt eyes. It was a while until Kyoya answered, with a smirk, looking into Dino's brown eyes. "Then you'll have to prepare to take care of my every need if the day ever comes,"

Dino returned the smirk, his brown orbs dancing. "Of course, Kyoya, anything for you,"




"I love you,"

"I love you too,"


According to the records, it happened to be a month later when Giannini had stumbled upon a grand idea of a pill that allowed male homosexual couples to carry children biologically. How he came up with such an idea was beyond anyone's guess. The idea needed to polishing and the testing was done on a few different breeds of animals before he finally boasted his finest creation ever made.

Of course, being that one mechanic that had nearly ruined everything in the past, nobody took an immediate liking towards the weird creation. And being a blunt Family, they downright rejected it. However, Giannini had possessed both vitality and spirit when it came to his own projects, as he continued in perfecting the small orb-like teal pill. A few months after the initial showcase, Giannini knew he had perfected the pill, he was most certainly giddy with his job well done that he decided to celebrate with the other mechanics, Shouichi and Spanner. The two latter men didn't really get what was going on but had gone along with the small celebration that their fellow mechanic had thrown.


"It's finally done! The pill that I've worked on for months is finally finished!" Giannini cheered, as he twirled around the messy area his fellow mechanics were occupying.

Spanner quickly removed an important piece of his Mosca, before it was accidentally broken by the happy man's dancing, while Shouichi entertained his thoughts. "That's nice, Giannini, what exactly is the pill supposed to be for?"

They both knew that the Dying Will Pill was larger in size due to the infusion of the said flames' catalyst, the Dying Will Bullet, being packed to a high concentration. And because of the fact that they were mechanics, they were not allowed to tamper with the creation of the said pill. That, and the fact that there were backfires to almost anything that they decided to tinker on.

Giannini didn't bother with the facts as he continued to boast about his new creation. "It's a pill that allows males, specifically, to carry a child until delivery!"

Both Shouichi and Spanner looked at each other, the former man already feeling the effects of his legendary stomach ache rising, as Giannini began to spill all his secrets and effects of the pill.

Only one thought ran through their heads.

That small pill is deadly.


Though it was around a week later, after Giannini's personal celebration of his newest invention, that Kyoya had decidedly gone to take a trip down to the mechanics' lair. It was honestly a terrible time to visit, as the mechanics were trying to stop a berserk machine from running rampant through the Manor, but Kyoya being… Kyoya took it upon himself to defeat the giant hunk of metal.

That's when things started to go… downhill.


The revised version of the Gola Mosca look-alike tilted as its circuits had jammed after the beating it had received from Kyoya's tonfas. Its trajectory tilted over to where the innocent teal pill was kept in a glass casing, however, no one seemed to notice. Kyoya was busy talking to the three mechanics, half berating them and half stating his objective as to why he visited them in the first place.

It wasn't until a loud crash sounded, alerting them all as to what happened. They all turned towards the scene of a disaster, seeing a metal table flying through the air before crashing down. It was by pure chance that no one saw the glass casing fly off as a small teal ball flew up with the momentum. It was also pure chance that Kyoya had taken a step forward, about to prepare for the inevitable and give out instructions to the stricken mechanics, when he choked slightly before swallowing hard. He frowned, wondering what happened.

Kyoya didn't get to ponder for long as he ended up beating the crap out of the junk metal again, it had somehow rebooted its systems after the crash. This time making sure to destroy it completely beyond repair.

He then promptly left the mechanic's ward, after conveying what he needed to.

It wasn't until halfway through their clean up, did Giannini realize something. "The pill is gone!"

Shouichi and Spanner looked at each other in horror.


Of course, from here on out, it is pretty much classified as to what went on afterward. The guesswork is just a patch up to fill in the blanks. But rumor has it that, Kyoya ended up getting really horny that night. He didn't seem to grasp what the cause was, which was very unlike the usually stoic man. But he was lucky that Dino had enough stored for them to go at it like bunnies.

There is also another rumour, from a reliable source, that Kyoya's horniness lasted throughout the whole night.

But, it is a known fact that Kyoya wasn't able to walk properly the following day, the cause being unknown to the majorly naïve ones.