Story: [The Ashikabi of Lost Souls]

Summary: Harry gets dumped in Japan by the Dursleys a few months after his tenth birthday. All alone at night in a Japanese park he bumps into the one Sekirei whose loneliness rivals his own. A Scrapped Number and the Boy-Who-Lived Pairing.

Crossover: (Harry Potter) / (Sekirei)

AN: Inspired by the Sekirei crossover stories as part of The Incomplete Potter Collection byRacke


Harry shivered his breath misting on the breeze with every short gasp taken pulling his thin coat tighter around himself for once grateful that his cousins hand-me downs were large enough to reach below his knees and thus kept most of his body covered up from the cold.

A clock tower in the distance had just finished chiming midnight he was all alone if a foreign country abandoned by his so called family after ruining an important business deal with his 'freakishness'. No one he'd met seemed to be able to understand him, or care about the little lost foreign boy wondering the streets with a forlorn expression nowhere to go.

He'd found himself sitting on a bench in a park nearby a sparkling fountain from which he'd been able to sate his thirst, but the pangs of hunger coupled with the chill of the wind which had only increased once the sun had gone down, were becoming ever harder to bear. He couldn't even cry anymore, as all of his tears had all dried up.

And then like an angel she appeared a light brown haired girl with a strange red tattoo visible upon her forehead. However even more eye-catching was that she was clad in only a blood soaked doctors lab coat, the red stains clashing horribly on the pure white shirt. Strangely despite been far less wrapped up than him she didn't seem to even feel the cold. As she sat down beside Harry the air of misery, suffering and loneliness she carried like a shroud was almost palipatable.

For some time they just sat next to each other sharing in their rejection until eventually...their eyes meet.

Akitsu, Sekirei no. 7 (Scrapped), The Ice Sekirei, one of the female Sekirei which considering there are only several males isn't that surprising statistically. Her MBI bio would go on to add that her height is 169cm tall, her weight been 47kg, with her three sizes: B89/W57/H88. Not that Harry would care to know exactly how tall she was, how much she weighed or what her three sizes alluded to.

To say she was having a bit of a bad day would to be putting it mildly. The first batch of 'feathers' had been released from the 'nest' MBI Tower earlier today. But she wasn't one of them, since an accident a few years ago had caused her to 'wing herself' she was incapable of using Norito, or been winged at all. She would never know the joy of forming a bond with her destined Ashikabi. She had grown accustomed to the despair, and resigned to her fate no amount of begging, pleading or threats could change it.

After the lucky ones had set out to find their Ashikabi's Akitsu had been moved there was no longer any need for a disposable guinea pig anymore not now that all the others had completed their adjustments. Perhaps termination would be preferable to this incomplete half-existence she had mused. And then he came the cause of all of this the incompetent scientist who's screwed up her tuning, and her life. He'd been demoted since the incident not allowed to work with the Sekirei anymore but had never been fired for his mistakes.

Akitsu remembered been stripped naked and strapped to a table like some cadaver ready for dissection. She could block out his shouting and blaming her for screwing up his career. But as the abuse continued and he claimed how it was all her own fault her genes were obviously faulty and that she would never have found an Ashikabi willing to have her as his Sekirei anyway was much harder to ignore. When he began to take of his coat, remove his belt and unbutton his trousers. That was when she had enough.

Stumbling out of the room ignoring the blood that covered a good portion of the room now grabbing the coat, she ran. Away from MBI, away from the doctors that poked and prodded her. Away from Minaka and his false promises and proclamations. She didn't have a plan or a destination in mind so long as she could get away.

Then she'd met him the boy with eyes that mirrored her own. It was hard for her to believe that there maybe someone else who's suffering equalled her own. But she so wanted to believe that she was not alone, that if they had both been rejected by life then perhaps they could be rejected together. "Akitsu" she spoke softly pointing at herself. "Harry" the young boy replied meekly coping her gesture, neither looking away from the other a slight blush forming on their cheeks.

And that was how Hayoto Mikogami the spoilt rich Ashikabi found them having been informed by his contacts at MBI that the last Scrapped Number is loose and available for him to add to his collection. Having heard about how powerful the scrapped numbers are "Akitsu was so powerful she spontaneously winged herself" he was told and immediately decided to make her his no matter what. Not even stopping to consider whether what he was told was true or not.

He wasn't concerned about the boy sitting beside his prize quietly holding hands with the scrapped number, after all she couldn't be winged so it wasn't like any claim anyone made on her could be made official. The green eyed black haired Gajin looked to be even younger than even himself and Mikogami was the youngest Ashikabi in the game. There was little chance of him even knowing just how special Akitsu was.

Mutsu looked at the scene in front of him nervously while he hated been the 'bad guy' and forcing his fellow Sekirei to be winged to an Ashikabi they weren't reacting to. He was Hayoto's Sekirei and couldn't disobey his childish master's whims. Even so he had a bad feeling about this one, that kid had eyes filled with the kind of pain most soldiers don't experience and he wasn't entirely sure he could defeat the scrapped number without receiving a Norito. Having seen just how powerful Yume was without wings, if the Ice Sekirei was even half as good as her he'd be in for a real battle. He prayed Akitsu would just agree to his Ashikabi's terms he may even let her visit the boy from time to time if she was so interested in him.

Harry wasn't sad anymore, on the plus side if the Walrus, Giraffe, and baby Whale had truly abandoned him for good he'd never have to put up with them again. While he was still cold and hungry he wasn't alone anymore he had Akitsu now, his first friend ever. It was a shame he couldn't understand a word she said beyond recognising her name and his name, and she couldn't understand a word he said beyond recognising his name and her name.

Unfortunately their brief moment of happiness was ruined by some older kid and his brother who ignored his and Akitsu's obvious do not disturb vibe and insisted on yapping away at them while leering at Akitsu's semi-naked appearance. Harry been ten and still been a few years away from puberty didn't understand why older boys and men acted so strangely around the naked female form, but he couldn't help but feel like he should kick the git in the privates for some reason. Whatever he was saying Akitsu didn't seem to like it as she clenched his hand strongly as though afraid he was going to be taken from her.

Akitsu barely reigned in her desire to just skewer the rat faced weasel on an ice spike and continue her admittedly pointless attempts to explain the Sekirei plan and how she wanted Harry to be her Ashikabi to her first friend. Pointless since he couldn't speak a word of Japanese except how to say hello while on the telephone and as no one at MBI thought it would be necessary to teach any of the Sekirei another language, Akitsu couldn't understand a word of his English. Since the Sekirei Plan was always intended to take place in Tokyo therefore apart from a few tourists everyone should speak fluent Japanese. Obviously no one had thought an Ashikabi could be chosen from that minority.

She knew she could never bear his crest, no matter how much she desired nothing else than to prove her worth and her love to her Ashikabi, that couldn't stop her from dreaming of one day spreading her wings. Therefore when their lips met while Mikogami was in mid rant about how as she couldn't be winged such gestures were pointless it was hard to tell who was more surprised. Akitsu the Snow Angel, Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Lived, Mutsu the single number and former Disciplinary Squad member, or the Ashikabi of the South when a pair of massive wings of ice erupted from her back and spread out around the kissing pair.

Mutsu was so surprised by the scrapped number actually reacting and been winged by an Ashikabi that he was barely in time to grab his master and jump back before the ground froze before them and a jagged array of spikes formed from ice speared where they had been standing moments before. Even as the brat wailed about it been "Not fair, she's supposed to be broken! I want her, I want her!" He decided to make a strategic withdrawal anyone capable of making an ice wall five meters high and fifty meters in diameter wasn't someone he wanted to tangle with even with a Norito.

Akitsu had tears in her eyes only now they were tears of joy she kept hugging Harry so hard she really would have killed any other Ashikabi thankfully for both of their sakes Harry's magic sensing the danger and the pressure on his ribcage had reacted at once making his body temporarily unbreakable just like when he teleported out of the way of that truck his cousin shoved him in front of when he was six and how any injury he received no matter how serious always seems to be fully healed by morning after a good night's sleep.

For the most part Harry was confused by what had happened his young mind reasoning that Akitsu really was an angel and at least he didn't feel cold anymore. He didn't find the winging and spontaneous ice fortress creation particularly surprising, amazing certainly, odd possible, unusual not that much. At least this time he hadn't set anyone's pants on fire with his mind or turned someone's hair any shade of the rainbow.

Unknown to Akitsu her winging had set of a number of alarms and alerts in MBI tower, contrary to popular opinion Akitu's scrapped number status wasn't an accident caused by incompetence, nor the result of a Sekirei self-winging themselves. After studying the 108 feathers under his control Minaka had come to the conclusion that some of them were to powerful and dangerous to ever allow to reach their full potential. Both Yume the Sekirei of Love and Akitsu the Sekirei of Ice were among that minority. Both suffered 'accidents' to explain away why their ability to be winged was sealed. Akitsu's seal resembling the crest of a winged Sekirei appeared on her forehead while Yume's appeared on her stomach and was therefore easier to conceal. Takami could delude herself into thinking it was for the best since unlike the other Sekirei who could be adjusted to the level where they could safely interact with their Ashikabi without their superhuman strength injuring them by accident every time they went for a hug.

Harry hadn't known that Akitsu couldn't be winged having not understood her when she tried to explain her circumstances. He didn't understand what was going on but then neither did his magic. It did detect Akitsu's attempt to form an empathic bond with Harry, and felt the intense intent behind the Sekirei's actions. Subconsciously recognizing that the bond wasn't a threat and would in fact bring several minor advantages to the Ashikabi receiving the bond, on top of having a devoted servant/mate for life Harry's accidental magic shattered the seal and made it possible for Akitsu to bear his crest, and spread her wings.

A new player has just entered a deadly game where he could win it all or lose everything he ever could have possessed. Will he stand tall and ascend beyond the Gods themselves or will fall even further to the very pits of hell itself? What will MBI's reaction be? Will this new player leave the game so soon after joining it? Will he make more friends and allies? Or will he only make further rivals and enemies? Will someone who can speak freakin' English finally explain what the heck's going on?

All these questions may or may not be answered next time.

Additional Note: I was lazing in bed trying to come up with the idea for a Harry Potter/Rosario+Vampire crossover that involved Harry been paired with the succubus Kurumu, but couldn't quite get it to work, I'd come up with a plotline set during OOTP where Harry would stumble across an idol (a figurine of Kurumu) in Grimmauld Place and unknowingly form a pact with a succubus accidently summoned from it.

I couldn't get the story to go from there though and then I came up with an idea where during the summer holidays before year 4 the Dursleys are forced to drag Harry along with them to Japan in order to attend n important business meeting, allowing Harry to visit the sites of Tokyo if he doesn't damage the deal. Harry stumbles across a sad Kurumu (in human form) he again unknowingly becomes her mate of fate, is told by her mother about their been Youkai, and Harry comes clean about been a Wizard, leading Kurumu to join Harry at Hogwarts for fourth year as his fiancée. (Also Harry misses Quiditch World Cup, and is entered into the Triwizard tournament as the Champion of Youkai Academy, Que a number of hilarious misadventures such as the newspaper club coming to interview Harry and the other champions. Harry gets help and support from the Japanese ministry as all students of Youkai academy are temporarily Japanese citizens until they either graduate and obtain full citizenship or fail and have their citizenship revoked.)

This lead me to think about The Sekirei crossovers I'd enjoyed reading fromRacke's The Incomplete Potter Collection mainly because they all started with Harry been stranded in Japan. I found the Harry Ashikabi of Life to be so cute pairing Harry/Ku together. The Devil Ashikabi was hilarious if morbid as Harry/Karasuba takes the wizarding world by storm. The Ashikabi of Fire was also hilarious with a different take on Homura who rather than be changed into or girl or made into a yaoi archtype instead forms a brotherly relationship, and one of the few that doesn't feature Harry and his Sekirei going to Hogwarts. Matsu's Ashikabi featuring Harry/Matsu is worth reading just for how utterly screwed the wizarding world is by the end of it. And last but not least The Ashikabi of Death is frankly the funniest one I've read so far despite not usually reading Yaoi pairings, the pairing of Harry/Shiina is surprisingly fitting, (Master of Death: DH), their relationship with Minato's sister is odd but part of the charm. And the way they get Shiina to be allowed to accompany Harry to Hogwarts, I nearly bust a gut laughing!

I'd recommend reading all of the above which can be found by searching for The Incomplete Harry Potter Collection But it also got me thinking about future pairings he could use. A Harry/Uzume would be fun to see how the fun loving veil Sekirei can fix Harry's neglect. A Harry/Kazehana would be difficult to do especially with the extreme difference in physical age, but like Homura's pairing I envisioned it as more of mothering relationship at least until Harry comes of age. Mutsu's often ignored since he doesn't get as much screen time but a Harry/Mutsu wouldn't be that weird since in canon his Ashikabi was a young boy from a predominant and rich background (cough*heir of the ancient and noble house of Potter*cough). Tsukiumi/Harry would be hilarious, I can see Homura teasing her about been a dirty old woman forcing herself on a young boy, when she always claimed it was the Ashikabi's that forced themselves on helpless Sekirei maidens, I can also see her trying to teach Harry how to be a good husband for when he's old enough and constantly protesting her innocence whenever she's accused of trying to 'groom' him, jealously chasing away every female Sekirei whether winged or not who finds him cute. I like Yashima and think it's a shame she ended up with such a duech as an Ashikabi but couldn't figure a way to make a stand alone pairing really work, she was pretty much designed to be a throw away character. And to give Yukari a solid reason to nail her Ashikabi with a kick to the balls with her steel toecaps. Harry/Musabi has just been done I just haven't read it yet.

However when I thought about Harry/Akitsu It just clicked I came up with above scenario as well as some more ideas that will take us through the next few months of his life right up until the end of the Sekirei plan and it's time for him to attend Hogwarts.

As for Akitsu's power level, she's fought pretty much every single number to a standstill, except to my knowledge which admittedly is only up until the end of the second anime season, Miya who doesn't fight anyone after her 'retirement' and is widely believed to be the strongest Sekirei. And Karasuba who is pretty much believed to be the second strongest and clearly has designs on that top spot. My theory about the scrapped numbers was inspired by a Fate/stay knight crossover, but I think has also been used in at least one other Naruto crossover, and I don't think either of them fully went in for the conspiracy angle, I also gave two other theories commonly used to explain what a scrapped number is. And as for Yume been a scrapped number while to my knowledge its never been confirmed in canon, it has been expressly stated by Yume herself that she can't be winged, and unless there's another reason a Sekirei can't be winged I choose to list her as a scrapped number. Considering as in canon she sacrificed her life for Musabi it's not that big a deal, kind of suspicious though that someone who was powerful enough to fight Karasuba on equal terms without wings should end up comiting effective suicide...ooh the foreshadowing...giggle, giggle.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to review, or not it's your choice.