The Ashikabi of Lost Souls

Chapter 2) Expanding the Flock

Chapter Summary: Harry finds himself a participant in the game of the Gods, too bad if he doesn't even know the rules, how can he follow them?

Awareness came slowly to Harry Potter, he was warm, safe and comfortable, He didn't want to wake up but as the sun rose in the east the early morning rays reflecting onto him were to unforgiving to ignore. He turned over and buried his head into the soft, firm warm pillows his head had been resting upon in an attempt to hide from the sun lights unwelcome embrace. A mild moan sounded out from just above causing Harry to blink and glance upwards through blurry eyes.

He saw pink, a valley of pleasure most Ashikabi would kill to wake up nestled between, or in some cases get killed for waking up nestled between. It was too bad he was still a few years away from been able to appreciate such a sight. She had brown hair, and eyes to match although they were presently closed, kissable lips that had on occasion been pressed against his own.

It wasn't the first time he'd woken up like this and probably wouldn't be the last. Sometimes he still expected to wake up in that Damn Cupboard rather than a room a dozen times larger decked out in oriental style. He had a futon (a Japanese camp bed thing) with actual fresh and clean blankets; there were even furniture, a wardrobe for his and his Sekirei's clothes. Three other futons one on either side of his own with the last laid out sideways at the foot of his own filled the room

They were for his Sekirei but more often than not during the night they climb into his own in varying states of dress, he'd grown accustomed to them using him as a living teddy bear and barely even noticed the transition anymore. Although it could become a problem when he got older, like it was for his neighbour who'd been suffering nosebleeds and body blushes since they met each other only compounded by the fact that if his Sekirei knew the meaning of the word Modesty he'd eat an English-to-Japanese dictionary.

Over a month ago Harry would never have imagined he'd be living in such a nice Home, have such a large room, even if he was sharing it with three others, and most of all he'd never have imagined he'd have three beautiful girls effectively mated to him. And that was an exceedingly awkward conversation to have once he'd finally found someone who could both speak English and explain the Sekirei plan to him (even if it was in a funny accent.)

Suddenly the door opens with an ominous creak reviling the landlady in all her terrifying glory, ladel firmly clutched in hand, a pleasant and yet somehow all the more disturbing smile present on her pretty face.

All of the Sekirei woke immediately in cold sweats, still clutching their Ashikabi, the first who had her arms wrapped around Harry's left arm pressing it against her ample chest rolled over which was a mistake as her shirt rolled up reviling once again she'd 'forgotten' her panties, another black mark against her, the second couldn't do much with Harry's weight ontop of her but the fact she was sleeping in just her black lacy panties, along with 'molesting' her Ashikabi's head would make her punishment the harshest of all. While the third been the only one to wear pyjamas, covered in stars and crescent moons, and only grasping her Ashikabi's leg like a lifeline would get off with a light warning.

As his Sekirei were been chastitized...again Harry quietly extracted himself from the mess of limbs and ignoring the freaky demon mask head thing walked calmly past Mrs. Asama and headed towards the bathroom. If he was lucky he'd avoid the early morning rush and besides you got used to freaky stuff like that around here. After all violence, public nudity and lewd behaviour were prohibited at Izumo Inn.

Second Feather

Since Harry had never intended to wing a Sekirei and become an Ashikabi it was only fitting that his second Sekirei would also be obtained in frankly bizarre circumstances.

For two days Harry and Akitsu successfully evaded MBI's attempts to capture them in order to study the anomaly that resulted in a scrapped number been winged. Through sheer dumb luck more than anything else, Harry didn't posses a phone or anything else technical that could be tracked, had no fixed address as such MBI didn't actually know who'd winged Akitsu. And as the scrapped number couldn't be winged and was never going to be allowed to enter the game. She'd never been fitted with a tracking device like the other Sekirei had.

It would have added salt into the wound if MBI knew that they weren't even trying to avoid MBI's forces, especially given how much manpower and resources had been devoted to track them down. The unlikely Ashikabi and even more unlikely Sekirei were more concerned with dodging the police. Harry because after making his first ever friend who as far as he could make out happens to be an angel he didn't want to be caught and sent back to the Dursleys. Akitsu because they kept trying to arrest her, shouting something about public indecency, and she wasn't going to let anything separate her from her Ashikabi.

To say Akitsu was devoted to her Ashikabi having gone for so very long thinking she would be denied such a bond was to say Minaka was a little deranged, or that Takami had a slight smoking problem, or that Matsu was a bit of a pervert, or that Karasuba the Black Sekirei was only mildly obsessed with violence and killing. She would do anything to please and protect her Ashikabi, and would only ever go against his orders if they would put his life at risk.

Stealing clothes for Akitsu, a white kimino top and a light blue skirt (they'd also taken two or three undergarments but somehow they always seemed to disappear) at least solved part of the problem, stealing some food solved the part where they were hungry. Harry had felt guilty about it but their needs were greater at the time. He didn't have two pennies to rub together let alone any of the foreign money he'd seen people use and Akitsu had never been issued with an MBI card in the first place so it all came down to survival.

Since Harry didn't possess a cell phone or mobile as the English would say, he'd never received the Game Master's opening speech, nor could he receive the message sent to all Ashikabi about the race to wing the Green Girl. It should come as no surprise that Harry and Akitsu should appear at the botanical garden during the middle of the fierce battle and bag Harry's second Sekirei.


In truth they hadn't intended to get involved in a fight, or at least Harry hadn't intending instead to merely go over and complain about the noise.

When an overgrown jungle took over the botanical gardens, many people were amazed, some were afraid, and a few saw it as an opportunity to increase the number of sekirei bonded to them. Only Harry and Akitsu saw it as a good place to sleep. With giant trees to keep the rain of and equally gigantic fruit and vegetables to eat without resorting to petty theft it wasn't much but it was a safe haven to our beloved duo.

It wasn't either of their fault even though they'd begun to communicate through hand signs and gestures and had been able to develop a system for simple things like 'I'm hungry' 'I'm cold' 'I need the loo' they hadn't yet got past the language barrier and if Harry had understood Akitsu was trying to tell him a Sekirei Battle was going on nearby, he'd probably have insisted they cut their losses and run.

As it was Akitsu assumed from his grumbling about the noise, and that he'd thought they'd be able to get a bit of peace and quiet in the heart of a flipping jungle, that he wanted her to take part in the battle, after all although she never imagined she'd end up in the plan, she knew she'd have to defeat other Sekirei in order to remain with her Ashikabi and that she may as well start reducing the competition now.

There were several people in the clearing; a black haired scared looking guy holding a little girl with long yellow hair, a scruffy looking guy who kept shouting orders at two long black haired girls wearing purple and pink matching reviling outfits who were tossing electricity rapidly against a grey haired man who was dodging or blocking the blasts with a sword, meanwhile a brown haired girl clad in the shredded remains of a white and pink outfit fought of two others with dogged determination throwing super strong punches from her fingerless red boxing glove covered hands, her two opponents a pigtailed blond waving a whip about and a brunette wielding a scythe and sending razor sharp wind blasts with every swing were confident that victory was there's.

It was about at that point that two things would happen to change the outcome of the fight; one Harry and Akitsu noticed that the grey haired swordsman was the same that accompanied that annoying brat from before, and sure enough the rich boy a year or two older than Harry was standing with a smug smirk on his face to one side behind the Sword user. Akitsu reacted at once and leapt into the fray sending the whip user flying and evening the odds against the bubbly fist fighter who chirps her appreciation and thanks before tackling her remaining opponent who had been stunned by the unexpected blindside. Two the Green Girl woke up and scared by all the noise reached out to her 'oneechan' the result green coloured wings spread out causing the swordsman to jump pack to avoid having his feet tangled up by taproots, and then again to avoid been skewered by a spear of ice, before slashing out and deflecting another lighting sized blast of electricity thrown his way.

Mutsu was getting mildly annoyed, while the lightning twins norito fuelled attacks were highly dangerous to most Sekirei so long as they hit they were quite easy for him to either evade with his superior speed or earth and negate using his elemental mastery over the Earth. Then Mitsuha was sent flying over his shoulder with a surprised squawk and the scapped...No, former scrapped number entered the fray making him take things a little more seriously. Then the target winged herself to some timid looking boy who probably wouldn't last 'till the second stage, and nearly got him killed with a spontaneous blast of her powers. It was days like these that made him appreciate human expressions, in particular 'should have stayed in bed' The fist type hadn't been standing still either having just successfully chanted her Norito and deactivated No. 43, she was one of the cuter ones, his Ashikabi was going to moan for days about missing the chance to wing No. 108 and losing Yomi in the process.

As Mitsuha got back onto her feet Mikogami turned away in disgust "Come Mutsu" his faithful servant backed away but didn't lower his weapon just yet "there's no point in staying here anymore" he ignored Yomi and shot a jealous look at Minato who appeared confused about the whole situation. Before he can ask why there leaving the scythe girl Seo steps up and explains that if a Sekirei chants their norito while in contact with another Sekirei's crest the bond between Sekirei and Ashikabi are dissolved and the crest is removed going on to explain that Sekirei could only be winged once, and once they lose their crest they are deactivated and can never be winged again.

It was too bad his explanation was in Japanese and that Harry couldn't understand a word, he understood that all the girls he'd seen fighting had powers like his Akitsu, making them all angels. But he didn't understand why people were forcing angels to fight each other or why that nasally git would abandon one of his angels after it lost a fight. At least he knew why he was so interested in Akitsu before, he must have known she was an angel and since he had other angels he must have captured lots of them and was clearly forcing them to fight in some kind of angel underground fighting ring. Like that film uncle Vernon liked to watch – fight club. And no one had noticed Harry after Akitsu had joined the battle and helped that pretty nearly naked lady who was been picked on unfairly two against one. He'd watched from the sidelines hidden in the bushes and seen the scythe girl fall calling for her master only to be ignored in favour of the little angel spreading her wings and then abandoned just like he had been. Making his decision he moved forwards.

Seo wasn't sure what surprised him more that the Ice user he vaguely recognised from his time working under Takehito had jumped in and saved them just as it seemed the Ashikabi of the South was about to finish them off. Or that after the smoke settled her Ashikabi revealed himself to be barely older than the Sekirei Minato carried sleeping in his arms. Or that he marched straight up to Mikogami's downed Sekirei and kissed her boldly on the lips. His first thoughts were along the lines of kids are become perverts much younger these days, his second thoughts were that's actually impossible, he knew more about Sekirei, the bond and there connection to their Ashikabis than the average Ashikabi and was an ironclad rule that a Sekirei could only be winged once. His third thoughts were of sullen acceptance as he merely wished the kid could have picked a better time than when he was explaining how Sekirei couldn't be re-winged to re-wing a Sekirei.

As Yomi awakened tired, in pain, confused but very much alive her wings having spread across the forest floor fading and dissipating. She felt her bond to her master vanish so how...she looked up and saw Harry hovering over her a concerned but hopeful expression on his face. She glanced down at herself her naked form exposed by No. 88's attack, her womanly curves on clear display for all to see. She looked back at the little boy who was clearly unaffected by the sight of the naked and attractive girl in front of him. Yomi glanced back at herself and then again at who she could instinctively tell was her new Ashikabi, he was even younger than her old one.

Yomi burst into tears crying about the unfairness of it all "Why can I never end up with an Ashikabi that can molest me? Why am I always fated to end up with preteen childs? Tell me why?" she howled. "I have needs Kami damnit."

Minato blushing heavily from both her and his Musabi's nudity would have faceplanted at that if he wasn't carrying Ku-chan in his arms. Seo was busy smoking and twitching in a dazed heap on the ground having been shocked by both his sekirei for ogling No. 43. And Akitsu merely tilted her head curiously to observe her new sister sekirei. "Ah" she said in an emotionless tone of voice as she came up beside their Ashikabi "pervert" she declared expressionlessly pointing at Yomi while Harry remained confused about the whole ordeal.


At MBI tower a great many people were affected running diagnostics and system checks after No. 43's status became terminated and then changed almost immediately to winged with an Ashikabi listed as unknown but also having Akitsu as a part of their flock.

And so Harry gained his second Sekirei, a new Home once the scruffy looking man and red faced guy were able to convince him to follow them and their Sekirei thankfully the landlord of the Inn they'd took him to spoke better English than 'Trash-san' as she named the scruffy looking man who kept getting shocked almost silly by his own Sekirei whenever he put his hands behind their backs. Harry didn't understand why or really care. He had a roof over his head, a warm meal in his belly and someone who apparently knew about the underground angel fighting gang had promised to explain everything to him once he'd had as bath.

As he got into the tub alongside Akitsu the door opened and Mrs. Asama stood there a tight smile on her face, a ladel clutched in her hands. "Mixed bathing is against the rules at Izumo Inn" she informed them pleasantly before a dark miasma started to appear over her shoulder. Akitsu froze in fear unable to look away no matter how much she wanted too and Harry, he wondered where the landlady had gotten such a cool mask from and if she'd let him play with it later.


The winging of Yomi was not without repercussions she was still a little forlorn about the whole experience which was not unexpected having had her connection to her Ashikabi, the most important person in her life removed and then replaced. What caused sweatdrops all round was the fact Yomi was upset that she'd have to wait a few years longer for her Ashikabi's balls to drop before he could ravish her than anything else. Which just went to prove Akitsu was rather perceptive when she wanted to be having labelled her new sister Sekirei as a pervert early on in their relationship.

Now knowing Akitsu and Yomi are Sekirei part of a group of 108 aliens discovered and enslaved by a mutli-billion dollar corporation who effectively ruled Tokyo and in part Japan from the shadows while playing a twisted game with the lives of the aliens and their human life-partners known as Ashikabi of which Harry was one. The fact that his angel underground fighting club idea hadn't been that far from the mark was more curious to harry than the fact he'd apparently achieved the impossible by re-winging a fallen Sekirei. He hadn't wanted her to be alone so he 'winged' her just like he winged Akitsu. Of course if it hadn't been for Harry's magic detecting the chance to acquire a second bond and fuelled by his intent to save Yomi it would never have worked and couldn't be replicated by any other Ashikabi as Harry was the only with magic.

During this time Harry got to know the residents of the Inn as well as his own sekirei very well.

There was Mrs Asama who kept insisting he call her Miya as calling her Mrs. Asama made her fell old, Harry wasn't comftable enough with calling his Landlady by her first name barely able to wrap his mind around the fact he had a Landlady in the first place. She was strict but fair and enjoyed preparing home cooked meals fr her tenents.

Uzume a fun loving young woman who kept trying to dress him up in cosplay clothes, a tuxedo complete with hat and mask been one of her favourites. This both annoyed his own Sekirei who viewed it as Uzume muscling in on their Ashikabi and made them blush at the thought of him dressed in various costumes. Yomi sometimes got a nosebleed followed by a lump on the back of her head from Mrs. Asama's ladel as well.

Kagari who worked strange hours, smelt of smoke and was one of the few others than Mrs. Asama who could speak English although not as fluently. Until Harry learned Japanese he was willing when not at work or resting to translate between the Ashikabi and Sekirei who themselves were trying to learn English on the landladies suggestion so they can better connect with each other.

Minato one of the Ashikabi from that night and his neighbour living next door to Harry's room with his Sekirei which currently consisted of Musabi and Ku-chan. He was a little timid and always getting into trouble with the landlady for breaking the Inn's rules but otherwise was alright baring an unfortunate resemblance to a character in an anime Harry had briefly seen if not understood. Although Minato as far as he was aware didn't have an obsession with sweets.

Musabi was the nearly naked girl Akitsu had helped before and although she often seemed to be getting Minato into trouble reminding Harry of the way Akitsu's forgetfulness tended to get her into the same sort of trouble with the landlady. Both of them suffered from chronic wardrobe malfunctions. She seemed nice, friendly and from what he could gather seemed to think love was the most powerful force in the universe. Maybe she was right he remembered hearing somewhere that the worst possible things had only ever been done with the best intentions. She enjoyed sparring with the landlady and competing against Yomi as to who could show their Ashikabi the most affection without breaking the rules although more often than not been stopped just before hand by an expertly wielded ladel.

Ku-chan was younger than Harry and loved her Oniichan which he now knew meant big brother and was her Ashikabi Minato. She was easier to talk to perhaps due to their closer ages and Harry enjoyed watching cartoons (anime) in the mornings with her, even though he couldn't really understand it until he improved his Japanese he found the art amazing and couldn't wait for the day he finally mastered the language and could watch them in their entirety.


MBI was in an uproar first the scrapped number gets winged and then a terminated Sekirei gets re-winged. And they couldn't do a thing about it satellite tracking of No. 43 showed a group of mixed Sekirei and Ashikabi leave the botanical gardens and arrive at Maizon Izumo which was out of bounds. No MBI personnel could go there without the risk of causing conflict against No. 1. So for now the anomalous Ashikabi as he was dubbed by Takami was untouchable.

Third Feather

It was inevitable that despite the others attempts to keep Harry out of the Sekirei Plan Battles that he would find himself caught up in the fights regardless.

So a fortnight after winging Yomi Akitsu and himself found themselves facing off against the Devil Ashikabi and No. 107 Shiin in a streetfight. And Yukari found herself on the losing side of a Sekirei battle for once, although at least Shiin wasn't terminated in it. Not only did loosing suck and she had to waste ten minutes trying to explain that she was looking for a little girl with blond hair named Kusano due to Harry's still poor grasp of the language. But she couldn't even deal with the situation in the normal way she'd have handled things namely kick the opposing guy in the nuts with her steel toe-capped boot covered tootsies.

It was a pity Harry would take many more months before his Japanese becomes good enough to hold a proper conversation with a non-English speaker. After all while he did know a little girl who matched the description she was called Kuchan not Kusano and couldn't be the girl she and her Sekirei were looking for.

This also sparked the unlikely friendship of the Devil Ashikabi and Harry (whom she nicknamed the Shotacon Ashikabi despite the fact that it didn't quite make sense.) Who found her easy to get on in part because she never used his nuts to wipe her feet on unlike many of the other minor Ashikabi's who encountered her.

Harry had decided to keep the encounter a secret from his fellow inhabitants of Izumo Inn which meant that poor Minato was still unaware that his bratty little sister was widely considered one of the more dangerous Ashikabi if only to male ashikabi's pride in the game. Not wanting to get scolded by Miya for getting into fights like Musabi always was.


Not all Sekirei Battles were as fun, nor were the other Ashikabi as friendly as Minato, Seo, and Yukari. And so it would come to pass that nearly a month after stumbling head first into the Sekirei Plan that Harry Potter would come face to face with Junichi Tanigawa the HAMMERed Ashikabi. And a familiar face Sekirei No. 84 Yashima while shopping with his newest Sekirei Yomi.

Recently he'd discovered Ashikabi could if they were powerful enough receive psychic messages through dreams of Sekirei that are reacting to them. This had happened with Minato who had seen Ku-chan before he rescued her that night and at the moment was having dreams about a tall blond woman who spoke weirdly, called him a monkey and tried to drown him with water she conjured up out of thin air.

Harry wasn't having any dreams currently but before he winged Akitsu after arriving in Japan he'd been haunted by dreams of this beautiful but sad young girl with light brown hair with blue ribbons inter-woven in. The last dream he'd had of her featured fear, pain and great fear, both emotions he was highly used to and then nothing.

Few Ashikabi had the misfortune to meet a Sekirei that had been reacting to them before they were forcibly winged by another. Harry however was that misfortunate.

Harry had known fear, he'd known pain and anguish, he was intimately acquainted with suffering. Since gaining his first Sekirei and moving into Izumo Inn he knew love, affection, friendship and acceptance. Now he discovered Anger, Hatred and loathing.

A ten year old should never have felt such strong emotions but most ten year olds hadn't grown up been despised for circumstances outside their control. Most ten year olds didn't have empathetic bonds with alien soul mates empowering them.

As Yashima fell back her adult sailor suit costume torn to shreds by Yomi's wind blades still feebly clutching her Giant Hammer, tears still streaming down her face that had nothing to do with her failure and everything to do with been forced to fight her true Ashikabi. She didn't want to fight him or his Sekirei, but the forced winging and resultant bond made it impossible for her to disobey her Master. If only she had found him in time before He had captured her. She wept for what could have been as her worthless Master screamed obscenities and insults at her demanding she get up and fight or else.

Harry might not have understood Tanigawas words but the meaning and intent behind them were clear enough having been shouted at in a similar fashion by his uncle. He was also sure he'd heard Seo use one or two of those words before having a rock punted into his face by the landlady who had quite the strong arm for a simple Japanese widow woman. When he took out a knife and charged past Yashima towards him Harry could only step back in shock.

Tanigawa had a short fuse, liked to drink too much and had the unfortunate habit of not thinking things through which together cost him every job he'd managed to talk his way into or rather convince a friend or relative to talk his way into for him. Attacking an opposing Ashikabi was actually only against the rules for Sekirei even so to do so while their own Sekirei was still standing beside them was suicidal at best.

It came as a complete if short surprise to find that before Yomi could slice him in half for daring to threaten her Ashikabi a sudden and immense pain hit him causing him to puke up blood and a bit of his own guts before collapsing barely able to turn his head around to see with disbelief Yashima his own Sekirie stagger and fall on her butt dropping the Giant Hammer now stained with blood, his blood. He barely had time to realise that his own Sekirei had killed him before with one last gasp he breathed his last.

Seeing her Master attack her true Ashikabi had caused something deep inside of her to snap. While they may be bonded some bonds were stronger than the others. Having been treated like little more than a slave at best and a living love doll at worse, constantly abused and degraded for the slightest mistake. Her bond was weak and miniscule compared to those of her fellow Sekirei who develop true bonds based on love, and care. Her last sight was of her true Ashikabi's concerned face looming over her before everything faded to black as her crest vanished as she suffered self-termination through the death of her Ashikabi.

Harry saw death for the first time, he saw a man who didn't want to die even though he probably deserved to breath his last a look of shock on his features and fear in his eyes before they just go blank and unseeing. But more than that he saw a Sekirei who should have been his betray their Ashikabi to protect him, a Sekirei kill for him. Yomi and akitsu would have done the same he knew that. He wasn't dense and while Miya had tried to shield him from the darker elements of the game, he had noticed that if he asked Akitsu to kill someone he'd better damn well want them dead because nothing would stop her from carrying out her orders. Yomi would have been less fanatical about it but the result would have been the same.

For the second time Harry kissed a deactivated Sekirei and like the prince in the fairy tale the one with the sleeping maiden he reactivated Yoshima causing her wings to explode into been in a magnificent light show that would cause MBI additional headaches. Yomi stood guard a part of her upset that she now had to share her Ashikabi with another Sekirei the other part vindicated that another lost soul had been rescued from been bonded to a complete and total scumbag. Let it not be said her experience been abandoned by her former Ashikabi hadn't left her jaded.

Yashima opened her grey eyes to see her new Ashikabi's green ones staring back at her she wrapped her arms around him and sobbed tears of joy, relief and pain. It would take time for her to fully recover from her ordeal at the hands of her abusive former Ashikabi. But Harry would be there for her every step of the way.

AN: after I wrote the first chapter but before I posted it Racke posted two new Sekirei crossover story chapters, one features the cutest Harry/Musabi pairing I've ever seen, the other features three short stories that feature a common theme Harry doesn't actually become an Ashikabi and features Harry/Akitsu where he and the scrapped number become street vagrants, then Harry/Miya which features a motherly relationship (sought off) and one of the best point of views I've seen based on No.1 Miya, and finally Harry/Tsukiumi where although haunted by dreams of a woman threatening to kill him they never actually meet which is a twist with the Sekirei/Ashikabi dream link I've never seen used before.

My take although inspired by Racke's stories has gone in a completely different direction, for one thing through a bout of accidental magic Harry has winged the unwingable Akitsu. And goes on to obtain more Sekirei and form a harem of his own. While in Racke's stories he never winged any more Sekirei than the one he was paired with.

I didn't realise it until I started writing the scene but even though I always planned for Harry to re-wing Yomi for his second Sekirei it comes across at first glance like he's going to wing Ku, which I haven't done because I don't want to deprive Minato of any of his harem members if I can help it. Harry will become friend with Minato and his flock and watch cartoons with Ku but that's as far as that relationship goes, he has his own sekirei to make a fuss of him.

Yomi wasn't sad because her bond to her old Ashikabi was replaced but because Harry is too young to ravish her body. This comes from every story that has the main character wing Yomi and they always characterize her as a pervert and now poor Yomi has even longer to wait for Harry to reach puberty than she would have had to wait with Mikogami.

Yeah when I introduced Harry's accidental magic coupled with intent could do things to the Sekirei bond allowing him to wing a Sekirei that had been sealed to prevent winging for instance I knew I could play with that to make re-winging a Sekirei possible, so while you shouldn't expect him to re-wing every Sekirei that was terminated in the game you can expect a few more to come.

The big twist for his third feather is that she was reacting to Harry before but got forcibly winged. It's really rare to see an Ashikabi come into contact with another Ashikabi's Sekirei that had reacted to them but were force winged against their will. We know in canon force winging does happen frequently and if the main characters so powerful managing to attract several Sekirei most of whom are single numbers, surely it should happen at one point? I have read one or two stories which feature such an occurance Warriors Way and Its How To Play The Game but it's really underused and the emotional drama available as the bond the Sekirei in question has clashes with their feelings for the bond they could have had is too rich to ignore.

Yes and I had Harry meet Yukari although because of the language barrier and his own ignorance about Japanese Suffix's he couldn't tell them anything about a kusano because he only knows a kuchan. Chuckle, I'm not sure for how much longer I'll be able to get away with things like that now Harry is learning Japanese and slowly becoming more fluent, mistakes like that will become harder to push through. I really got a kick out of vexing the Devil Ashikabi usually if an 'enemy' Ashikabi upset her she'd deal with it by using her infamous crotch shots but that would feel too much like been a bully to use against a kid younger than even she is.

P.S. for those reviewers who've wondered why Dumbledore hasn't realised that Harry's halfway across the world yet. That only applies to stories where master manipulator Dumbledore has been controlling Harrys entire life to mold him into the perfect tool for the light army. In my story there are no elaborate tracking and scrying spells tied into Harry and/or privet drive. As such Dumbledore won't realise Harry's fate until its time to send his first Hogwarts letter about two or three weeks before his eleventh birthday which is still months away.