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A shadow

Courfeyrac and Gavroche were very close to each other. The older one loved and cared for the boy greatly and the little gamin admired the young man no end.

Someone said Gavroche followed him like a shadow.

What nonsense. A shadow follows you only on sunny days. But when the clouds come, when it begins to rain, the traitorous shadow leaves your side. And you stay all alone without even that illusional presence which you thought would always accompany you. The shadow chickens out when the night falls. You are left alone in the darkness. The shadow is a wayward friend, you should never trust it. It leaves when you need someone the most, it disappears when the sun does.

Gavroche didn't follow him like a shadow. He followed him like... Well. Like a little brother. Yes, that was the right comparison. No shadow is so staunch, so loyal, so trusty.

Little brothers always follow you. Always. Even when it rains. On such occasions they sit with you, waiting for the weather in your heart to get better. They wipe the rain drops from your cheeks and make the sun shine again in your eyes.

Little brothers always follow you. Always. Even at night. Especially then. When you can't see anything in the darkness, when you have no idea where you go. They go with you, not caring that you both can get lost, because all they care for is to be with you.

Little brothers always follow you. Always. They are at your side when you need them and when you don't. Because you are their big brother and no matter what, they will always love you.


They want to be just like you. A shadow is like you, but they will never be. They will try, but they will be different. And you will love them even more because of these differences.

Whoever said Gavroche followed him like a shadow had no idea what he was talking about. Gavroche followed him like a little brother. Gavroche was his little brother. And he was only too happy to be followed all the time by this little urchin.

Gavroche was a skilful thief. Courfeyrac didn't even realise when he stole his heart.