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Title: Café Encounter

Pairings: Gray x Lucy, slight Lucy x Loke and maybe Lyon x Juvia and others

Genre: Romance, Humor, a little Mystery and Drama

Rating: T

Summary: Dates are stupid. Why did he even agree with Lyon to do this? He doesn't want to go to another one… Too late; Lyon already got him another girl. An annoying one, too. He just wants to lay on his bed in his house. Fortunately, he didn't expect something good to come out of this date. And it started in a simple café. "She sure is an interesting lady, a hooot lady,"

Disclaimer: My name's not Hiro Mashima

Chapter 2: It's a Small World After All

Jett Lates fiddled with the hem of his tuxedo and sunk down on his chair. Although he was the father, he still felt a tad intimidated by his own son. He turned his office chair from left to right repeatedly and looked around avoiding his son's death glare as if stabbing him with his eyes. The younger man kept quiet and stayed still sitting across his father with a desk separating them in a good distance. Jett had wondered if he was trying to kill him with silence. Finally, he spoke and Jett almost sighed in relief. Well, almost.

"Why do you always have to ruin everything for me? Why, oh why do you have to be my father?! How can you let your stupidity get in the way of my plan?!"

Jett didn't like his son's choice of words or his tone of voice. He furrowed his eyebrows and tried to reciprocate his death glare… tried. He had forgotten that he did something wrong to the sixteen-year-old guy across him, or more like something he hated.

"Okay, listen here, young man. I am your father and you don—"

"I don't care! What am I suppose to do now that you let her serve a crazy pervert that wants her to wear fucking inappropriate clothes?! And to make matters worse, you deprived her of her payment! Are you trying to make her hate me, old man?!"

Jett sighed frustratingly. Oh, what did I do wrong to deserve a son like this, he thought. "Loke, look. Calm down. He looks to be in the same age as yours and he's pretty decent,"

"I'm not gonna calm down! Do you realize what you have done?!" Loke was shaking in anger.

Suddenly, it all became clear to Jett. He wore a creepy smile that made Loke sweat a little. He didn't say anything. He just kept smiling creepily at him.

"W-Why are you staring at me like that?"

His creepy smile widened, "Oh, you know why," He paused, "My son, Loke Lates, is scared of losing her to another man. You're scared that he might get all of her attention. You're scared that she might fall in love with him,"

Loke blushed copiously and refused to make eye contact with his father, "W-What? That's crazy,"

"Oh, Loke. Still the same old Loke, a bad liar. My little Loke is growing up, scared of losing the girl of his dreams," Jett teased making kissy faces that he found disgusting. Actually, it is disgustingly weird to all human beings.

"Shut up!" He yelled, still blushing from embarrassment.

"Aww, come on, son. No need to be shy of your daddy about this. It's completely normal. Now tell your father your little secret," Jett leaned on his table to nudge Loke lightly.

Loke opened his mouth as he hesitated, "Okay, fine. You win. I am scared of losing her to another freakshow. You know I really like her right? That's why I begged you to let her work in the café since she badly needs it,"

Jett smiled proudly. He sure is learning to be a real man, he thought. "Of course. Just remember to treat her well. We, Lates, never lose to our opponent especially if it comes to a girl. Don't give up. Impress her and show her your manliness!"

Loke returned his father's smile, "Thanks, dad. I definitely won't lose to that imbecile."

"That's my boy."

Loke stood up from his chair. He was about to walk away to the door when his father rose his eyebrow in confusion, "Where are you going, son?"

He stopped on his tracks and looked over his shoulder, "I think I might be staying in the café for a while. And tell Hibiki that his brother needs him immediately."

With that, Loke left leaving his father smiling on his own. He has never been this serious before. Both of his sons had inherited his playboy and womanizing attitude, but he was glad that Loke met Lucy. He just doesn't know about Hibiki. Maybe that guy will die alone, he shrugged.

Gray was eager to take their lunch break. He was rather annoyed to be studying Chemistry especially since they are tackling the different characteristics that each of the 118 elements of the Periodic Table have. 'Geez, I'm not even gonna be a chemist when I grow up so why listen to this crap?' He was about to look over the window when he heard his name.

"Oi, Gray," Gray turned to his right to see Lyon looking as bored as him.

"What do you want?" He grumpily replied.

"Aww, don't be like that, Gray! I know you also find this lesson boring, which by the way, it is. Talk to me for a bit, man."

Gray sighed. Well, maybe this'll cure his boredom, "Fine. What do you want to talk about?"

"Your date last night," Lyon didn't miss the way Gray's eyes glinted. Something interesting must've happened.

Gray didn't respond for a minute so Lyon decided to speak again, "Did something int—"

"Last night was definitely interesting," Gray snickered making Lyon look at him curiously. Seeing this, Gray began telling him the details until the part when they went to the café. Of course, he left out the fact that he was utterly bored the entire time he was with Juvia.

"Wait, so you're saying that a psychotic waitress attacked Juvia-chan?"

"Don't call her psychotic, you idiot! Well, maybe she is kinda crazy, but 'psychotic' isn't the exact word. Hmm, maybe 'exotic' would be better since she's different from other girls." Gray said while thinking of the blonde waitress last night. He continued telling Lyon what happened and when he finished, Lyon bursted out laughing. It's a surprise that their teacher hadn't caught him.

Gray was irritated by this, "Oi! What are you laughing at?!"

Lyon wiped a tear from his eye as he tried to calm himself down, "Nothing! I just find it amusing that you had a disastrous date."

"Hey, watch your mouth, poop dog! This was the best date among the dates you've set me up with,"

Lyon stopped laughing , "Wait, so you're saying that you like Juvia-chan?" His voice was laced with slight disappointment which didn't go unnoticed by Gray.

"Are you kidding me? She creeps the hell out of me. She isn't exactly my type. In fact, she's not my type at all. I mean, yeah, she's talented and all but I don't find anything unique and interesting about her. I find her boring and unnatural, to be honest. Don't worry. She's all yours, Lyon. No need to be disappointed." Gray grinned teasingly.

Lyon blushed madly and chuckled nervously, "W-What are you talking about?"

"You're not fooling anyone, Lyon. It's totally written on your face that you've got hots on Juvia." Gray smirked and nudged him a bit.

"Alright, fine, you got me. I like her, okay?" He blushed again and frustratingly blew his hair from his face.

Gray laughed aloud finding his reaction funny, "No need to be embarrassed. It's just me."

"Oh, shut up!" Lyon snorted. Gray stopped laughing and squinted his eyes.

"Hey, Lyon?"

Lyon looked at his direction briefly, "What is it now, asshole?" Seeing as Gray's eyes became serious, he turned his whole body to him. He looked at him heedfully.

"If you like Juvia in the first place, why did you even set me up on a date with her?"

Lyon totally didn't see that coming. He sighed and explained to him, "Well, you see. Whenever I'm with her, she usually fangirls about you. She even keeps on bothering me to get you to date her. Don't get me wrong. It hurts to know she likes one of my best buddies. But if it'll make her happy, then it's okay. Honestly, it's such a relief that you caused a scene during your date, and that you don't like her."

Gray just stared at him before laughing. Hard. Lyon was offended by this and hit him. Hard.


"If you're just going to laugh at me then don't even bother asking me questions, you shit dick!"

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry. I was just teasing you, lover boy. I was just not expecting that."

Lyon hit him again. Harder.

"Don't call me lover boy!" Lyon turned his head away for a moment before facing him again. He wanted to ask him something that has been in his mind since Gray told him what happened last night.

"By the way, Gray,"


"It looks like the waitress from last night caught your interest. That's rare. What qualities does she have, huh?"

Gray was taken aback. He hesitated first before speaking, "I honestly don't know. I'm just suddenly intrigued by her. Maybe because she's very outspoken. I mean, yeah, she can be harsh with words and went a little too overboard but her tough attitude is very entertaining. It might just be a façade but I doubt anyone could have the willpower to fight back with his/her customer. So it might not be her true nature, but it is still a part of her."

Lyon stared at Gray with a raised eyebrow. He asked again, "What is her physical appearance? Is she pretty?

Gray thought for a moment, "Hmm. From what I remember, she has blonde hair. I wouldn't say pretty. That would be an understatement, to be honest. She's very gorgeous and has a voluptuous body. That's all I remember."

"Do you happen to know her name?"

"Oh, yeah. Her name is Lucy from what I heard. Look, it's not like I've fallen in love with her nor I will ever be in love with her. She's just mysterious and I ought to know more about that girl."

By this time, the bell rang which was music to most of the students' ears including Gray and Lyon's. Gray stood up and told Lyon to get up and take their lunch because he was very hungry. Lyon looked at Gray as if he has something in his mind and ignored him before chuckling in amusement to himself.

"We'll see about that," He mumbled.

Lucy slid the last book on the last shelf before sighing exhaustingly. She glanced at her best friend, Levy McGarden, stamping the last book on the table. She smiled softly then turned her gaze to her other best friend and childhood friend, Erza Scarlet, who is also known as their Grade Level Representative.

Lucy and Levy, being the most important members of the not-so-popular Book Club, were assigned to arrange and organize the books in the library after it was used by troublesome students to do a required research. Yes, the Book Club is the least popular among all the clubs because many students find books dull and stupid. The two girls think the opposite and they like how their club is the least popular because it means less people and less noise.

Erza was here, too because she wants to help her best friends with their tasks that's why Lucy and Levy were grateful for the red-headed beauty. To the three women's eyes, the students who used the library only loitered around and messed up the books pretending to scan them since there was a teacher watching over them.

The blonde approached Erza who was done putting the books back in place in the general reference section. She smiled at her, "Listen, Erza. Thank you for helping Levy and I here. We really appreciate it."

Erza turned to her and smiled slightly. She was about to open her mouth when Levy spoke up, "Yeah, Erza! We owe you a lot!"

She chuckled a little, "No big deal but you're welcome. Although do remind me later to teach those nasty students a lesson." Dark aura emanated from the representative.

The two bookworms could only laugh nervously and sweatdrop. Erza turned to her normal self and smiled again, "Anyway, let's go to the cafeteria now and take our lunch. We've cleaned up the mess around here and we deserve a break."

Levy cheerfully agreed, but Lucy smiled a little only, "Sorry, guys. You go on without me. I still need to study for the biology test on Wednesday,"

"Oh, c'mon, Lu-chan! You've always been studying here in the library every lunch! You need to loosen up! Do you even eat anything?!" Levy said.

"She's right, you know. You're pushing yourself too much. You need a little break,"

Lucy sighed. She saw this one coming, "But, guys! You know I still have a job later after school. I ca—"

"No! Whether you like it or not, you are coming with us!" Levy pulled Lucy by her arm causing her to stumble.

"Alright, alright, I'll go! Geez, why can't I resist you two?" Lucy pouted.

"Because you love us!" Levy beamed. Lucy laughed at her and Erza joined, too. It's nice to see my friends happy, Lucy thought.

"Okay, let's go, guys," Erza paused, "By the way, Lucy. I don't think you've met our friends since you're always here. Levy and I will introduce you to them."

With one last nod from Lucy, they walked together toward their school's cafeteria. Along the way, they saw a certain pink-haired (salmon, according to him) boy with a muffler around his neck. He was standing in front of class 2-C's room, which was empty, with a tick mark from his forehead. The trio looked at each other with puzzled expressions on their faces.

"Hey, Natsu," Lucy called, "What are you doing glaring at this innocent classroom?"

Natsu's ears perked up knowing who it was. The tick mark on his forehead immediately disappeared. He rushed toward the three girls and hugged Lucy.

"Luce!" He started to cry animatedly. Lucy looked at him with genuine concern, "What's wrong, Natsu?"

"Huhuhuhu, Lucy. Two jackass left to have lunch without me!"

Lucy sweatdropped at this. She felt Natsu turn his head towards Erza, "Erza! Have you seen the two snow cones somewhere?"

Erza hit him in the head, "Quit whining! Maybe they went ahead of us. C'mon, let's just go to the cafeteria already and eat lunch. They might be eating without us already."


The four of them went straight to the said place. Natsu looked at Lucy with a questioning look, "Hey, Luce?"


"Aren't you suppose to be in the library right now?"

"Why, don't you want me to join you?" Lucy frowned.

"No, it's not that! I'd be more than happy for you to join us! I was just wondering what made you change your mind."

"Nothing. I was just forced to by these two over here," Lucy pouted again.

Natsu chuckled at his best friend and put his arm around her, "Hey, don't worry! Our friends are really fun to hang out with."

They reached the cafeteria in no time. Natsu, Levy, and Erza searched for their usual round table. It was located near the stairs going to the special rooms. Once they spotted their table, Natsu ran right away leaving the three girls behind.

"Oi! Lyon! Why did you and ice-freak leave me behind?!" Natsu shouted as soon as he saw a familiar raven-head with his back facing him and a silver-haired boy sitting next to him.

"Hehe, sorry, Natsu. This dipshit here wanted to eat early. I think he's collecting fats. Well, he's doing a pretty good job if he is," Lyon and Natsu bursted out laughing like maniacs as they high-fived each other.

A vein popped in Gray's forehead when he was about to morsel the piece of fries in his mouth. He gave them both a menacing glare and punched them in the face. Thus, a fight unfolded between the men in which Gray and Lyon ended up stripping their shirts off due to their crazy habits.

They were stopped by Erza when she got there. She smacked their heads causing their other friends sitting on the table to laugh. Well, this was normal, anyway.

Lucy squinted her eyes when she took a look at the man with dark hair who was shirtless. He was lying on the floor unconscious together with her pink-haired best friend and another shirtless man who seemed familiar to her by his silver hair. Her eyes went back to the dark-haired boy. 'Do I know him from somewhere?' She closed her eyes as she thought deeper. Her eyes went wide as saucers at her realization. 'That's the same bastard last night!'

She turned to Erza and laughed anxiously, "Hehe, umm, Erza. On second thought, I forgot that I, uhh, need to look out for the library," She smiled sheepishly.

Erza only stared at her. Of course she knew Lucy was lying. Only an idiot wouldn't notice that. She thought that maybe she was freaked out by the three morons who were knocked out so she opened her mouth to explain but Levy interrupted her again.

"No, you don't. Mard-san said that he'll take your place for this week, remember?"

Crap. She has forgotten that Levy was her club co-member. Their president, Mard Geer, did tell her that he wants Lucy to rest because she's been insisting on staying in the library, which also results her to act as the student librarian. She mentally scolded herself for not choosing the right words. She started to walk backwards as she tried to come up with ridiculous excuses but she was pulled back by Erza.

"Lucy, I don't know why you're trying to escape but if it's about the three blockheads here, I apologize for their behavior. C'mon, I'll introduce you to Mira and the others,"

Lucy sighed in defeat. Knowing Erza and Levy, she wouldn't be able to convince them. She'll just have to undergo hell after this. She didn't notice that Natsu and the other two got up from the floor and rubbed the back of their heads. A girl, whom Lucy recognized as Mirajane Strauss, looked at them pitifully before glancing at the blonde between Levy and Erza. She smiled.

"Erza, who's that beautiful lady there?" She smiled pointing to Lucy as the said girl blushed. She had always admired Mirajane as her senpai for being a good role model with her stunning looks, so it was only normal to blush when complimented by an idol.

"Oh, this is Lucy Heartfilia. She's my childhood friend and best friend of Levy and I. We're all classmates, but we haven't introduced you to her earlier because she's always drowning herself in books in the library," Erza said.

"Hello," Lucy smiled shyly looking down.

By this time, Lyon was the first one to recover. He diverted his attention to the new blonde when he heard a familiar name. His eyes turned big in delight before he grinned at her widely, "Hey, Lucy! How have you been? We haven't talked to each other since last year."

Lucy returned his grin, "Hi, Lyon! I'm doing just fine. Yeah, it seems like forever. Sorry, I've been busy with things that I rarely socialize anymore." She scratched the back of her head.

"Eh? I see you're still busybody as ever,"

"And I see that you're still the same stripper,"

Lyon freaked out and picked up his shirt. They both laughed out loud that they didn't notice that the others were looking at them as if asking them what's going on.

Levy spoke up first, "Is there something that we should know about you two?"

Their laughter died down though they still have silly grins on their faces. Lyon said, "Oh, we were in the same class during freshman year and you know, we were kinda like partners-in-crime since we're always paired up with projects and stuffs."

"Yeah, I got tired of seeing his ugly face all the time," Lucy teased.

"Hey! My face is awesome, you little blondie! I bet you're always looking forward to be my partner," Lyon poked Lucy annoyingly then they just both laughed again.

By this time, Gray was snapped out the haziness he was feeling when he heard noisy people laughing and talking out loud, "What's with all the ruc—" Gray looked up to see the same face, same hair color, and same body shape of the waitress he encountered last night. His eyes went wide as he pointed at her accusingly, "Y-You!"

Great, Lucy thought irritatingly as she rolled her eyes.

"I know you!" Gray exclaimed again still pointing at her. Everyone turned their heads from Gray to Lucy.

"Lu-chan, you also know each other?" Levy asked.

"Pfft! No!" Lucy snorted feigning innocence.

Gray rolled his eyes at her, "Puh-leeease, don't play games with me. You're the same blonde yesterday. The hell?! Are you stalking me, woman?! Oh wait, why am I even surprised? Of course, you'll stalk me! I am amazing after all."

Lucy scoffed, "It's okay to dream big but that's something that'll never happen, you jerk. Why don't you just go back to the Jerk Store? They're running out of jerks though I doubt anyone will buy you."

Lucy was extremely annoyed. Yeah, you read right, people! EXTREMELY. Just last night she met a douchebag who is a big problem to her considering that he was the reason why her boss won't pay her for her work in two months. And right now, she's facing the same egoistical douchebag who was bare-chested. Yeah, sure he's hot and all, no point of denying it. But for goodness' sake, doesn't he know manners?! Lucy almost scoffed at that thought. Lyon is an exception for her since he has a stripping habit but Lucy doesn't know about Gray's.

Meanwhile, Gray was highly offended especially when his friends bursted out laughing and making fun of him while pointing out that he got owned by a girl. He gave them all a glare but they ignored him.

"So you guys do know each other," He heard Erza say.

"Yeah, kinda," Gray started looking around, "We, uhh, just met last night, though I wasn't expecting that she also goes to this school."

Levy turned her head to Lucy giving her the you-have-a-lot-of-explaining-to-do look. Lucy gulped. She looked at the rest of the gang and their expressions were the same as Levy's as they looked at her and Gray. Except for Mirajane. She had dangerous sparkles in her eyes. Of course, since she enjoys playing matchmaking so much, she found her new culprits.

This will definitely be a very long lunch.

Lucy packed her things in her bag. Today was very tiring. The gang had found out what happened last night, even the part where she has to serve Gray, wearing a maid outfit. They were very inquisitive especially the girls. She wonders why her ears weren't bleeding due to Mira's constant squealing while saying that it's fate that they met again and stuffs. She even offered her a maid outfit! Like what the hell, where did she get that?! Mira said that she's always prepared for this kind of things. She just thanked Mira because hey, the girl was giving her the puppy dog eyes. At least she won't spend money buying a useless dress later. She wondered if she was normal or not. But then again, none of her friends were normal. They were all weird including her own self. But they're really fun to be with and she learned to love them already. Lucy chuckled to herself remembering their silly antics. She even almost jumped in her seat when she met a girl who drinks too much booze.

Lucy swung her bag to her shoulder with her books in her hands. She was the only one left in the classroom. When she came out, she saw the person she despised seeing the most leaning on their classroom's door. A tick mark appeared in her forehead, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, great, you finally came out. I was wondering if you planned on staying here forever. You took so long just to pack your things, you know," Gray casually said.

Lucy became more aggravated, "You didn't answer my question."

"Oh, yeah. I was waiting for you. I figured we could go to the café together since you know…" Gray smirked as he got close to her, "You're going to be a pretty little maid and I'll be your master, so why not go together?" He wiggled his eyebrows at her which Lucy found creepy.

Lucy smacked him in the head with her books, "Hell no! Go there by yourself, you creep! And how did you know this is my class?!"

"Aww, come on, Lucy! You made me wait here. Don't push me away. Oh, and duh! Class 2-D is just next to 2-C which is my class so I saw you walking in here, stupid."

And he got smacked again. He saw Lucy starting to walk away fast. He followed her trying to catch up, "Hey! Don't just leave me like that! I was just joking you."

She just kept on walking trying to speed up but Gray still ran to her side, "Don't ignore me, Lucy! C'mon I was just kidding!"

Lucy turned to him. She couldn't hold herself much longer, "Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?!"

"Well, technically, you said that I should go by myse—"

"It's still the same!"

"No, it's not. What if I'm not go—"

"Yes, it is. Now go away."

"I'm still going with you whether you like it or not."

Lucy ignored him not bothering to take a last look on him and sped up her walking as she got near to the school gates. She still kept on walking not really knowing where her feet dragged her until reached the park and stopped. She put her hands on her knees and started panting heavily.

'Phew! At least I lost him.' She looked back to reassure herself. To her dismay, she saw him standing there in his glory with a silly smile on his face. Lucy stared at him dumbfounded with her mouth wide open.

"Hey, you tired? Want me to carry you?" Gray grinned cheekily at her.

Lucy stayed still in her position which Gray found amusing. He was about to speak again when Lucy was snapped out of her trance and processed what just happened.

"You idiot! You were following me the whole time! Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?! Weren't you listening to me?! Or are you just plain deaf?!"

Gray grinned wider, "I told you I'm still going with you whether you like it or not."

Lucy's eye twitched. She closed her eyes as she started shaking in anger. Instead of exploding, she opened her eyes again and sighed, "Fine! You can come with me but you got to keep quiet. And wipe that stupid grin off your face," Then she walked ahead again.

Gray caught up to her though his grin still remained in his face. He inwardly chuckled at the scowling girl beside him. 'What a small world.'

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