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Title: Café Encounter

Pairings: Gray x Lucy, slight Lucy x Loke and maybe Lyon x Juvia and others

Genre: Romance, Humor, a little Mystery and Drama

Rating: T

Summary: Dates are stupid. Why did he even agree with Lyon to do this? He doesn't want to go to another one… Too late; Lyon already got him another girl. An annoying one, too. He just wants to lay on his bed in his house. Fortunately, he didn't expect something good to come out of this date. And it started in a simple café. "She sure is an interesting lady, a hooot lady,"

Disclaimer: My name's not Hiro Mashima

Chapter 3: Their Not-so-Friendly Encounter

Jellal Fernandes was a good man. He earned very high grades and had an honorable reputation. He was also the Grade Level Representative of the 3rd year batch. He was never one to judge people. He was the most behave one among his brothers. He rarely disobeyed his parents. And yet, here he was hiding behind a bush near the café Lucy and Gray had just entered. He didn't deserve the situation he was in right now.

On his left were Mirajane Strauss, Levy McGarden, and his girlfriend, Erza Scarlet. Among the four of them, he was the only one with a displeased look. The three ladies were focused on the giant glass screen of the café trying to get a nice view of what was going on in Gray's direction. Yes, they were currently watching (spying) on what was bound to happen between the blonde female and the raven-haired stripper secretly.

It was, of course, Mira's idea to spy on the duo. She was already under the impression that Lucy won't spill all the beans the next day if inquired. She wouldn't want to miss any detail especially on their first day. She requested Erza and Levy to tag along. Being the concerned best friends they are, they happily complied just to make sure the public stripper won't pull on crazy tricks upon their beloved Lucy. Erza dragged Jellal into this saying that they needed a guy to protect them if kidnappers popped out of nowhere. This made him confused because she can easily defeat a hundred men with the pipe she usually keeps in her chest (How does the pipe even fit there?). Jellal sighed tiredly before looking at Erza. Why am I in love with this crazy woman?

Mira's eyes were shining as she remembered the scene that happened a while ago in the park between Gray and Lucy. There were following the duo since then and Mira was extremely excited to witness another moment like that. Gray was seated at a table not too far from the window giving more access of viewing. She saw Lucy giving Gray a dirty look before leaving toward the employees' double doors with a scowl still plastered on her face.

"Mira, are you sure we wouldn't get caught here? I mean Gray's table is a little close to us," She heard Levy say.

Mira smiled devilishly at her, "Don't worry, we'll be fine," Her eyes became sparkly again and she had the determined look on her face, "And besides, we wouldn't want to miss the blooming romance between them, right?"

"Uh-yeah, sure," Levy sweatdropped before sighing. She turned to the window again hoping nothing bad will happen tonight.

Lucy stared at the maid outfit she hung with a horrified expression. She didn't expect Mira's maid outfit to be a little too… suggestive. She has never worn something as revealing as this. She hasn't tried it on but she was sure the dress was too short for her own good. She noticed that the dress also came with a pair of armsleeves, a pair of thigh-high socks, and a headdress. Am I supposed to wear these, too?!

She kept on pondering with her own thoughts that she didn't hear her manager calling her name. She was snapped out of her daze, "Just a second!"

She sighed knowing that she needs to get ready. In just a spurt, she was immediately dressed in her 'uniform'. She looked down on herself. Indeed, the dress looked short on her. Surprisingly though, it fit her perfectly. She put on the extra accessories Mira prepared though it was against her will. At least it covered some skin and she wouldn't want to waste it especially when Mira was being so sweet. She also tied her hair into low pigtails.

"Lucy! What's taking you so long?! We have so many cus—" Upon walking in the changing room, her manager stared at Lucy with wide eyes. She stood frozen to the floor.

"Bisca-chan!" Lucy became more alert and shy as she waved her hands at her, "It's not what you think! I'm just wearing this as a punishment for yesterday's doing!"

Bisca ran to her and held her hands, "Oh, Lucy, my dear. You're. A. Genius! I didn't know you were the type to seduce men by playing a maid who wants a punishment from her master. Putting that aside, we'll definitely attract more customers! Good job, Lucy!" With that, she suddenly dashed out.

It was now Lucy who looked dumbfounded. Bisca's words slowly sunk in on her, "No! You got it all wrong! Our boss tol—… Nevermind." Lucy knowing Bisca wouldn't listen to her. She heard a knock from the door. "Come in." She said with a distressed voice.

"Whoa. What happened to you?"

She recognized her co-worker's voice so she did not even bother to look up to see who it was. "Our boss happened, Jackal. He ordered me to wear this and serve a public stripper." Lucy casually said.

The blonde guy, Jackal, a year older than Lucy, bursted out laughing, "Hahahaha! I knew this would happen! You were so wild yesterday!" Jackal wiped a tear in his eye caused by his hysterical laughing.

Lucy glared at Jackal, "Shut up! I was tired yesterday!"

"Sorry, I can't help it! Plus, you look ridiculous in that outfit!" Jackal peeked at Lucy waiting for her reaction.


"Kidding!" Jackal chuckled, "You look cute." He ruffled Lucy's hair which made her pout.

"By the way, Lucy, I went to this table and was about to take his order but he said not to worry about it because it's his maid's job to do it. I was confused at first but now I see his point," Jackal smirked at her.

A vein popped on Lucy's forehead, "The nerve of that guy calling me his maid! I swear that guy is really testing me!"

Jackal chuckled again at her reaction, "C'mon. You wouldn't want to keep your master waiting, do you? Get your butt off this room and go seduce that man with your sexy body!"

Of course, his statement earned him a hard smack from the blonde beauty before walking out.


Gray was starting to get bored as usual. He stared at the glass window, a habit he had developed when he's bored, trying to patiently wait for Lucy. Seriously, what's taking her so long, he thought. He sighed but continued to look at the window. He could've sworn he saw one of the bushes rustle. He shrugged it off thinking it was probably just a squirrel or something.

With Mira and the others

"Phew! That was close! You, guys. You have to stay hidden or they might see us!" Mira lectured seriously as Erza and Levy continued to listen to her intently, constantly nodding their heads vigorously.

While the girls continued to babble, Jellal was dying.

I just wanna go home

Back to Gray

The café suddenly went wild. People were murmuring to each other, others gasped, a lot of them were talking loudly amongst themselves.

"She looks like a doll, mommy!"

"It's about time they turn this into a maid café."

"She is so cute and so sexy at the same time,"

"Is that Lucy-chan? I want her to serve me!"

Upon hearing these things and somewhere along these lines, he turned his head from the window. What he saw made his breath get caught in a hitch as all of his blood rushed to his face.

There he saw Lucy Heartfilia wearing a bodacious maid outfit. She had a shy expression with her head down and blushing face from all the attention she's getting.

This is so embarrassing, she thought.

She slowly walked over to Gray's table trying to pull her dress down; she was starting to get conscious with all the people staring at her. As she reached his table, she refused to look at him.

"M-M-May I t-take your order?" Lucy stuttered, her face still red as ever.

Gray just continued to gape at her with his face matching the color of Lucy's. He looked at her up and down. The dress hugged her curves at the right places, and her thigh-high socks and pigtails added to the innocent but hot look. And the way she looked so embarrassed with her red face… Damn it! Is she trying to kill me?!

He snapped out of his reverie after some time. He smirked at Lucy, "No, you should call me 'master' first,"

And of course, this angered Lucy, all the embarrassment now gone, "What the hell?!"

"Now, now, don't give me that attitude. I'm your master so you are obliged to call me 'master'," Gray leaned back on his chair as his smirk widened.

"Like hell I would!" He was really getting on her nerves.

"Okay, then. I'll just report you to your bo—" Gray was beginning to stand up when he was cut off.

"Okay, fine!"

The smirk was back again, "Good girl. Let's start again, shall we?"

Lucy glared at him then sighed, "M-May I take y-your order, m-m-m-m-master?" She took her pen and paper then she looked away.

Gray turned to look at the menu but his stupid smirk hadn't left; Lucy would do anything just to wipe it off his face but she didn't want to get in trouble again, "I'll take the spinach lasagna and the mint chocolate chip ice cream, maid."

While she was scribbling his orders down, a tick mark appeared on her forehead, "Don't call me that!'

Gray laughed at her reaction clutching his stomach, "Oh my gosh! You're just so fun to tease!"

Lucy, who still has the tick mark visible on her forehead, smacked him on the head before turning to leave, just like was she did to Jackal.

Loke was walking through the streets on his way to his father's café. He checked the time on his watch seeing as it was dark already. Tch, it's only 6:15 pm. I bet Lucy's serving the bastard already. He clenched his fist as he thought of other guys checking his crush out in a maid outfit. Seriously though, why did she have to wear a maid outfit? He sighed thinking he couldn't really blame the man. Even he himself wouldn't mind watching Lucy in a maid outfit all day. But still! Can't that bastard have a little respect on her? Making her wear that for his entertainment is so disrespectful!

Loud squeals snapped him out of his thoughts. He turned his attention to the girls at the right.

"Kyaaa! He's looking at us!"

"I know right? He's so handsome!"

Loke gave them his usual flirty smile and winked at them. The girls squealed even louder which boosted Loke's ego. But he thought of Lucy. Lucy doesn't deserve a man who flirts with other girls so he left immediately without giving them a second glance.

When he reached his destination, he saw three different colors sticking out of the bush in the side of the café. Two were blue, one was red and one was white, which seemed awfully familiar to him. He went closer to it and found out those were hairs of four people. They didn't seem to notice him as they were too engrossed with what was happening inside his father's café (The guy looked like he just wanted to hang himself from the ceiling though). The white-haired one looked like the most intrigued one with her huge smile and hopeful eyes, and he recognized who it was right away.


The four of them bolted right up, clearly shocked with the sudden shout.

"Loke! What are you doing here?" Mira flashed him a nervous smile. Erza raised a brow at her, "You know him?"

"Yeah, he's my classmate," Mira whispered to her still keeping her nervous smile.

Loke squinted his eyes at them but he answered, "Well, my father owns this place. I should be asking you that. What are you doing hiding in the bush near our café?"

Mira looked at her friends as if she doesn't know what to say, "Uh-um, we were just, um, looking for a, uhh, grasshopper! You know, for our biology project!"

"What biology project?" Loke doesn't remember anything about their teacher giving them such a project, "And why are our representative and these girls with you?" He added.

Mira sighed frustratingly, "Uggh! Okay! We are trying to watch Gray and Lucy write their love story!" Her three companions gave her a questioning look. She's really passionate with her matchmaking game. She ignored their looks and turned her attention again to Gray's table. The three of them sighed thinking the same thing. She's hopeless.

Loke, however, didn't take it all too well. Did she just say Lucy? "Love story?! The fuck?!"

He heard Mira shriek loudly. He saw the others suddenly looking interested with what was happening inside again. He followed their gazes and saw something he strongly despised. Lucy was wearing a revealing maid dress while putting down the food of the guy who was currently shirtless right now, mind you. After putting down the food, she looked at the guy and blushed a hundredfold red. She shouted something at the guy then the guy freaked out and started to scramble across the floor trying to look for something.

What the fuck?! Who is that low-life pervert?! He hurriedly went inside their café and although, he was itching to beat the guy into a pulp, he calmed himself down for Lucy.

"Good evening, sir." Bisca greeted him, "The café is doing well tonight. And Lucy's over there if you're looking for her." She gave him a teasing smile and pointed at Lucy knowing Loke's feelings towards the blonde.

"Ah, yes. Thank you for your hard work." He said before walking over to Lucy though he did blush a little when Bisca mentioned Lucy's name.

Gray had his shirt on already when Loke arrived. Lucy was scolding him about how he seriously scares the customers so he should behave himself and so on and so forth. Loke flashed Lucy his best smile before swinging an arm around her, "Hey, there! How's my favorite girl doing?"

"Loke! Stop flirting! People can hear you, you know." Lucy said, removing his arm around her shoulders.

"Well, it's true though. You are my favorite girl," Loke tried bringing his arm back around her but Lucy stopped him, then she rolled her eyes, "Yeah, right, you flirt." Loke pouted at this.

Gray felt left out. He coughed to himself and said, "So Lucy, who's he? Is he your boyfriend?"

"No, he's my chi—"

"Yes, I am!"

Lucy elbowed him on the ribs, "No, he's not. He's my childhood friend. We grew up together."

For some reasons, Gray felt relieved to hear that.

"I'm her future boyfriend though."


"What?!" Loke feigned innocence. Lucy gave him a be-serious look which made Loke sigh, "Fine, I'll introduce myself properly." He turned to look at Gray, "Yo, I'm Loke Lates." He said looking bored.

Lucy heard her name being called by Bisca. She rushed to her while saying, "I'll leave you two for a while to introduce yourselves to each other. I'll be back!"

Gray shifted his gaze from Lucy to Loke before breaking into a grin, "What's up, man! I'm Gray Fullbuster. I just met Lucy yeste—"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Loke said still looking bored.

Gray laughed nervously as he sweatdropped, "You don't like me very much, huh, don't you?"

"Not at all," Loke said showing no care.

Gray awkwardly smiled at him. The tension sure is thick around them.

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