Dragon Ball - The Heart of Adventurers

LastationLover5000 and Demod20

Chapter 36 - Tullece


A unique species, in which the majority of its members were battle ready from a young age. There were variables as with any species; not one race is entirely uniform in its members. However, the Saiyans were uniquely known and feared throughout the Milky Way as fierce competitors. Their reputation had begun long before the planet Vegeta - itself a trophy of Saiyan conquest - had been annexed by the self-styled Emperor of the Milky Way, Cold.

Tullece had grown up believing in Saiyan superiority. Nothing, however, attracted his attention more than their legends: that of the Legendary Super Saiyan. There was tale an even older one, a Saiyan God as well. But it was the Super Saiyan which had enthralled young Tullece.

"The Super Saiyan? You believe that old tale? Tullece, the old kings made that legend up to inspire the soldiers! They even claim ancestry to that supposed warrior!"

His brother, Bardock, who laughed off this stories - his aspirations and dreams, thrown aside by his own twin.

"Say what you want!" Tullece had said. "You're just a weak warrior with no ambition! I'll become the Super Saiyan, brother! And when you see I was right, you can kneel before me!"

Tullece had clung to those aspirations, even when he and Bardock had gone along different paths. Bardock had become an elite among the lower class, leading a battalion of warriors through the sort of missions that would have killed other Saiyans. He would even go on to find a mate from among his group; a woman named Gine, so sickeningly sweet she made Tullece wretch.

Tullece had instead taken the long path to Freeza's good graces; refining a silver tongue to convince the Emperor of his own reliability and loyalty. He'd taken a mate from among the higher caste of Saiyans, a woman who had become enamored with his cruel actions that belied his cultured façade. Balisa was a Saiyaness to be feared, and soon, she bore him a child.

Tullece had given up on becoming a Super Saiyan years after being admitted into Freeza's service. He'd run into a wall many Saiyans eventually had to come to terms with.

Their own limits.

His daughter, however, showed exceptional talent. It was then Tullece hoisted his dream onto the young girl. If he couldn't become a Super Saiyan, then Aspara could. His bloodline would be the one to awaken that strength.

Then he'd found it.

On a planet, in the ruins of an abandoned Saiyan city - ruled prior to the Vegeta Dynasty, long before even Vegeta I - a seed. Despite the city long being run into the ground, the seed itself was remarkably fresh, and even...alive? Tullece suspected he felt an aura of sorts from it. So he pocketed it, the plunder of a man who deigned to know more than any Saiyan about their past. Dedicating himself to research, checking the information of various planets, even the archives on Vegeta, he'd discovered precisely the treasure he found that day.

The seed of the Shinseijū.

Pouring over documents, scattered legends, rumours, and even encountering aliens on other planets who were old enough to remember the time a Shinseijū last plagued the Universe, Tullece gleaned all he could. It was difficult work, convincing Freeza to allow him to take those missions. He'd become a trusted aide, a valuable asset — or, as Freeza put it, a "tame" barbarian. The two shared similar refined tastes, as well as a predilection for cruelty. The Emperor trusted him

But his efforts paid off. And Tullece had come to formulate a belief. The Shinseijū was related to the Saiyans in some way. Legend stated it was bore a fruit used to feed gods...but Tullece now wondered if that god was once a Saiyan. Why else would that fruit seed be in Saiyan ruins? Armed with this knowledge, and the seed, Tullece formulated a new plan.

The legendary Super Saiyan may be beyond him. But his daughter would rise to claim that title. And he, Tullece, empowered by the Shinseijū's fruit, would supplant Freeza: he would become the Emperor, with the Saiyan warrior of legend firmly under his control. For this reason, he'd waited for the ideal moment, the ideal location.

Namek was bountiful, its people brimming with life, and in tune with the natural environment of their world. The Shinseijū would grow large on such a planet, and it would become the stage for Tullece's rebellion. He'd be lying if he'd said everything had gone according to his plan, but beggars can't be choosers.

"That is why...you won't get in my way," Tullece brought the freshly picked fruit to his lips, staring daggers at Chi-Chi. "I've waited for this moment longer than you've been alive." Before Chi-Chi could stop him, Tulleve bit into the fruit, devouring it as if he'd never tasted food before. That was it. She felt this power shoot skywards immediately; ki rushed him his body in all directions, his hair rushing up in the burst. Muscles expanded before contracting, and Chi-Chi felt her hair stand on end.

Tullece rushed her, moving like the wind. His hand was around her neck before she could react, the man forcing her down, skidding along the branch until they came to rest at the edge. Chi-Chi felt the Bashosen fly from her grasp as his hand tightened its grip.

"A shame, truly," sneered Tullece. "I wanted to treat you as an equal. A woman of Fairy passion, impressive strength, and more backbone than many men in Freeza's army, but not short on intelligence," He sighed. "What a shame you were born an Earthling. But you will serve me regardless."

"As...if I'd ever...come with you now!" Chi-Chi snarled through inhalations.

"To be frank, your compliance isn't a factor."

Words were, however, just words. Chi-Chi was never one for relying on them alone. Her ki began to froth and bubble, a red aura encasing her entire body, Tullece's hand along with it. "Gyūken!" Focusing on the energy around her body, Chi-Chi used it to force Tullece off her, concentrating the bulk into an arm that trust him back. She scampered to her feet, surrounded by the aura which ended in bull horns at her head; much like Gokū's technique, but different.

Tullece frowned, flipping upright to avoid landing on his back. The man preferred dignity, after all. "You can choose to resist, but it means nothing now. You long lost your chance to stand by my side as an equal; but worry not. You'll hardly know or understand anything once I've made you my servant."

The statement chilled Chi-Chi, sending a quiver down her spine. Be it instinct, or intuition, she didn't like the way he phrased that.

The rains she summoned continued to swirl around them, wind lashing the water against their bodies. Chi-Chi's aura repelled the bulk of, causing her to emit a faint steam. If anything, it gave off a sense of power unlike anything Tullece had ever seen. And this enticed him only further.

Chi-Chi clenched her fist, the ki around her arm enlarging into into a phantom set of bull horns. Tullece, too enamored with trying to analyse the technique to prepare himself, was caught off guard when Chi-Chi rushed him. A thin, coated fist slammed into his gut, forcing him backwards.

A haggard chuckle, full of mirth and elation, escaped Tullece's gullet at the very impact of her blow. He grinned, staring directly into her eyes to show her attack had done little more than excite him. "Such sublime power and intense ferocity!" He laughed again, the sound bellowing from his chest. "Oh if only I'd met you before my late Balisa! You put Saiyan women to shame!"

"I don't need your praise!" Chi-Chi hissed. Her brain worked quickly; their clash, combined with her previous experience with the tree, led her to one conclusion.

It was only the trunk and roots that absorb ki on this thing, she thought. I can fight him on these branches and use ki just fine, so long as I don't touch that trunk!

Her aura expanded from her arm, gripping Tullece by the torso and chucking him upwards, so he entered a free fall through the branches. The long-haired woman cupped her hands. "Ka...Me...Ha...Me...!" The normally blue hue of ki mixed in with the red of her aura, tinting her Kamehameha a unique purple.


Intoning the final syllable, Chi-Chi thrust her limbs forward; lavender-shaded ki burst upward, colliding with Tullece in a powerful explosion. She lacked the chance to celebrate; before her storm winds blew the smoke away, Chi-Chi felt his ki rise, rather than drop. A fierce guest revealed Tullece, his Combat Jacket slightly cracked, while he was whole and hale. Chi-Chi realised why instantly. Clutched in the man's fist was another fruit, nearly down to its core.

H-He ate it right before I hit him!

"That was a well placed attack!" Tullece praised her between bites. Tossing the core into the storm, he didn't bother to wipe the juice of the fruit from his mouth as he felt his ki rocket upwards. "The prince had a technique almost identical to that. You really are something else. But—"

He vanished from Chi-Chi's sight, reappearing directly within her field of vision. Tullece swung, his muscled arm flying directly over Chi-Chi's head, the young woman having bent as far back as her spine would allow...

...then she fell from the branch entirely. Tullece's eyes widened in shock, and the Saiyan crane over the branch to look. She was nowhere to be seen.

She must have slipped from the rain, Tullece theorized, the very same smattering away at his body still now. No matter. A fall from even this height won't kill her. I'll just go pick up what she's broken and—

The sound of eating caught Tullece's sensitive Saiyan ears. The man turned, seeing Chi-Chi standing a fair distance behind him on the branch, Shinseijū fruit in each hand, devouring them.

Her power shot up, the aura that was bubbling around her shining a brighter red. Chi-Chi let loose a snake-like tendril, shaped as an arm, from the aura. Tullece narrowly avoided it, yet it only chased after him. He took to the sky, weaving in and out of every serpentine strike the arm made. Diving headfirst toward it, he spun, avoiding its strike for the umpteenth time. Consuming the fruit had given Chi-Chi a boost, but he was higher still.

He need merely prove it.

Pivoting in mid-air, the Saiyan which so resembled Son Gokū locked on to Chi-Chi like a missile. She braced herself for the coming impact, but it meant nothing at this point. Tullece crashed into her, his boots grinding along the tree as he abused his enhanced velocity to send her hurtling backwards. She collided, hard, with the trunk: Tullece pursued, grabbing both her wrists, pinning her firmly to a ravenous Shinseijū.

Her frothing aura disappeared almost instantly, receding from her body into the tree's depths. Tullece was sure that, somewhere on these branches, a fruit had sprouted. How he wished to find that specific fruit.

"Be still now," Tullece said, quietly. "Let your energy fertilise the tree. When you wake up, you'll already be in a world under my thumb."

"I..." Chi-Chi gasped. It absolutely pained her to see a face that so resembled Son Gokū, twisted in the way Tullece's was. The man she still loved, even after being soundly rejected...would she never be able to ask him what she wanted to? Tears began to pool at the edges of her eyes, running down her face. Frustration welled up within her.

She had to do something. Even if it was just stomping him flat.

This solid desire seemed to trigger something within Chi-Chi; Tullece noticed his grip slackening, however, it wasn't of his own will. Her wrists were simply becoming too large to hold. Beneath then, the branch began to splinter. A shuddering CRACK! told Tullece it completely shattered before he began to fall. The man straightened himself before he hit the ground, finding himself standing among timber and fruit. He was at the base of the tree...but this wasn't the most shocking sight. Directly in front of the tree, nearly the same thickness as its trunk, was a female leg.

"What...the...?!" The swear died in Tullece's mouth, his eyes traveling upward. Chi-Chi now towered over him, reaching a truly gargantuan height. She was at least half the height of the Shinseijū, rivalling his own Giant Monkey Transformation. "What is this?!"

Papa, where's Mama? The young girl always asked her father.

The large man laughed, the sound using his whole body. Your Mama is a very special woman, dear,Gyūmaō had told her. She has her reasons that she can't be here, but she's always watching.
And perhaps, one day, you'll be special in the same way.

Was this what you meant, Dad? Chi-Chi glowered downwards at Tullece, who now appeared to be merely an ant. Raising her hand, she recalled the Bashōsen, which adjusted to match her size.

What's Mama's name, Papa? If you're a king, she has to be a Queen, right?

Your Mama's name is Annin. She oversees the Kakkero.

Chi-Chi swung the Bashōsen downwards, a brilliant flash of lightning, larger and more powerful than ever, following its arc. The luminous, seemingly divine, strike, collided with Tullece, rendering the ground asunder in a massive explosion, eclipsing all Chi-Chi was capable of on her own. The power to command nature, bending the weather of the planet to their will: that was what made the Bashōsen mighty. Chi-Chi brought the Bashōsen upward; winds began to slow still more strongly around the tree, rustling its leaves and bending its branches. The rain increased on ferocity, blowing away whatever rubble Chi-Chi had created revealing a singed but alive Tullece.

"You're truly something special," the man said, his tone full of welcome enthusiasm as if he'd not been struck by the wrath of the gods. "Such abilities - so close to magic, they seem! Alright then!" Hastily devouring another fruit in record time, Tullece began to actively raise his ki higher. His aura burst outwards, the lavender energy becoming almost tendril-like. His ebony eyes glinted. "I'll take my time beating obedience into you. Loyalty will start afterwards."


It is what carried the pregnant pause in a harrowing battle to the death to a dreadful standstill. The Saiyans and the galactic emperor did nothing but saw an enormous tree stretch into the heavens, all while gigantic roots upheaved the land and drained lakes dry for an endless stretch of the visible horizon. The contrast between the horrifying macabre scenery and the vibrantly swelling greenery slowing its ascent as it became a towering monstrosity wasn't lost to the warriors.

However, even as the minutes passed, it didn't take long for them to begin speaking in hushed whispers; appearing to be aware of their current threat's tenuous disposition.

"Tullece...is responsible for this?" Raditz whirled around to Vegeta, now digesting what the prince had said before.

The Prince tore his gaze away to look at the elder brother of Kakarrot. Grimly, he closed his eyes and looked back at the tree again, speaking more coherently than he had been before.

"I don't know how or why but I found him and that woman strangely sitting around a place outside of Freeza's ship," He explained, clicking his tongue in afterthought. "When I heard that cheeky remark that he had taken up gardening from before, I didn't know he was right, ironically enough."

"But Bulma and Pan were on the ship!" Gokū exclaimed with alarm.

"Calm down, you dolt!" Vegeta barked, beating Raditz to the punch with a nod to the tree. "I can still feel that brat's energy. It is unlikely that unnatural growth damaged Freeza's mothership so easily."

"So nice of you all to speak of me as if I am not here."

A sudden drastic exhale of force jettisoned the trio of Saiyans away from each other. Blown back by the tidal wave kiai, each of them narrowly righted themselves after tumbling away from the nearby bulging root that Freeza lowered to perch upon.

Bloodied, the wounded Freeza glared with his working and partially blinded eyes at them while burnt arms limply hung at his sides. No longer posturing, the damaged ruler of the known universe was simply asserting his power in the simplest way possible.

"So, correct me if I misheard," Freeza grated out, looking at Vegeta in particular. "But that tree is Tullece's doing? Apart from sucking the life out of this planet, and forestalling its demise, I don't see a purpose in it."

"Why ask me what his motives are? That snake was your lackey!" Vegeta snapped spitefully with a jab of his chin, still too worn from his earlier battle. "You should know what he was up to more than I!"

"As if I cared what a nicely collared monkey thinks or wants," Freeza dismisses with a roll of his partially impaired eyes, raising a finger to prime energy at its tip, rays of scarlet painting his own person in a menacing outline of reddish white. "It makes no difference. If I can't destroy it I might as well find out myself. It's high time I dispose of you and see what value that thing can yield me!"

In a moment, another strange phenomena took place. A sudden distant thuum as a storm erupted from skies surrounding the large tree. Lightning snapped and pulsed around it, bringing about large gusts of wind that even whipped over to their significant distance. It was enough Vegeta and Freeza turned to look at the instantaneous storm brought to life over the massive tree.

Giving one of the other Saiyans ample time to fire a kikoha at his face; one he saw with his good eye.

"I lose focus for one second-!" Freeza shouted, palming the beam with a wince. A second later, Raditz leaped up with a forward ball motion that unfurled his legs at the last second to fly drop kick the tyrant off his perch. Soaring after him, he would be joined by Gokū as the two began to persist throwing attacks at the injured and half blinded enemy. Punches and kicks deflected or narrowly hit the mark, releasing thunderous bursts in the air and flashes of purples, pinks and blues in the sky of their volatile ki being used.

Vegeta, however, was fixated on the storm. This was the second time he saw this happening, with the prior being when that woman fought Nappa. This planet didn't have a natural ecosystem and thus was cloudless at all times to sustain the people their need of endless Sunshine for nourishment.

A familiar trace of ki was felt beyond the storm itself. Sparking into being, a second came afterwards. The two were combating and he could faintly make out amethyst and crimson flashes in the horizon within the shadow of the stormfall.

Those two are alive?! How in the...their strength has also increased! What the Hell are you doing there, Tullece?! Vegeta thought with a grimace.

A sudden crash hitting the ground beside him broke him out of his thoughts, bringing his gaze to Raditz and Gokū wincing in pain, sprawled out on their backs.

"Asshole!" Raditz snarled, pushing himself up in an upright position while glaring at Vegeta. "Why are you just standing there?! We have bigger problems right now."

"If you haven't noticed, I am not in a great state to continue-"

"Neither am I, Prince, but you don't see me complaining!" Raditz bit back.

"Why would I care about you?!" Vegeta angrily shouted.

"Guys, can we just focus-"

"STAY OUT OF THIS, KAKARROT!" The two snapped at Gokū as he raised then quickly lowered his hand.

A blistering wave of heat alerted them to the danger. The triage reacted with instant movement, reflexively lurching in impromptu leaps and jumps away from a storm of lancing kikoha that exploded the earth meters upon meters of detonation. Dodging out of the way, the three Saiyans mustered up what strength they had to the fore.

Vegeta's dark mustard hue, Raditz's coral orange outline and Gokū's Kaioken red all flashed before they surged in unison at their nemesis. The shots were erratic, thanks to Freeza's impaired vision, and even while they were weakened the three had rested just enough to mount another offensive.

Raditz fired a twin burst of kikoha, forcing Freeza to cease firing and backhand the blasts with exertion he'd normally not put into such a fray. Feeling daggers of pain hitting the existing injuries, the emperor launched a singular eye beam at Raditz, only managing to cut his cheek when he lurched away from the counterattack. Vegeta launched a ramming knee to his chest and a follow up elbow to his bent forward head at its backside, thundering with each blow. Swiping a hand instinctively towards his midsection, he sent him soaring back with a kiai, only feeling another explosion of pain from his blindspot around his ribs.

Raditz watched Gokū throw a volley of pummeling hits while hiding within Freeza's blindness, forcing himself to stop as to not get in his younger brother's way. Of the three, he had the most vitality to utilize. His hits mattered more than Vegeta and the elder brother's. If only he knew where the little Nameccian who healed him earlier had ran off to hide, he could possibly-


Freeza screamed, just as Vegeta was about to reenter the fray. He caught Gokū's attack within the scope of a howling kiai, releasing a surge of purplish-pink energy outwards. Even now, when they could hurt him, his power climbed higher and a chill of dread returned to Raditz at the sight of his sneering visage relatively untouched apart from a smattering of scuffed bruises and gashes.

"Apparently half power won't do it after all," He bemused, smiling cruelly at the trio as he spread his hands out and stared at Raditz now. "You were correct earlier. I do have a hard time controlling the absolute depths of my power. But, I don't quite care anymore; I just want you dead!"

His body bulged, slowly but surely increasing in mass in accordance to the power bursting from its seams. Grinning madly, his strength continued to climb and Raditz knew that there was no more time to stall. This monster was going to kill them and there wasn't anything they could do about it.

A sudden spike of power, however. Brought the three's attention away from Freeza. It seemed to be all over. Moving quickly it had been from the tree's direction and then flew past them.

"Guys, did you feel that?" Gokū asked, nervously sweating past his own fatigue.

"Yeah, now I know I'm not crazy," Raditz grimly stated. "That's gotta be Tullece."

The bastard is already done fighting the woman, then Vegeta surmised inwardly with a partial smirk.

"I don't care what you all are talking about now," Freeza sneered, his body bristling with crackling energy that arced and spiked along his swelling muscles. "In another minute, I'll be fully charged and none of you can lay a finger on me!"

A hand suddenly tapped his back, causing Freeza to freeze up. Ceasing his charge, he turned slowly around to see who had touched him only to see a familiar gauntlet-covered hand crack against his face; in a crackle of light, jettisoning him across the air and slamming into a distant dried up lake, shattering enormous roots in the process.

"The fact he fell for that means he really doesn't have battle sense," Tullece spoke, very much alive in front of those who thought him dead. Apart from some scorch marks and pieces of his elastic combat jacket, he was unharmed and seemed to be a touch more muscular in physique. A familiar long haired Saiyan was over his shoulder, and he looked at Gokū for a moment as if in thought.

That ended when he tossed his daughter at him, causing the youngest of his nephews to catch her with a surprised look on his face.

"Picked her up on the way back," Tullece spoke, chillingly neutral compared to his normal charisma sounding lilt in his voice. Turning to look at Raditz and then Vegeta, he looked back at where Freeza was sent; staring down as if he could see from afar. "I'm going to take care of Freeza. Once I'm back," He ended, igniting in a purplish-white halo and streaked off with them behind him. "Let's talk business."

In what could have been moments since he was knocked nearly senseless, he found himself crashing into a bed of roots taken residence in a dried sea. Smashing through them with body alone, he felt pain renewed, fibrous strained and swollen vessels bursting to form bruises.

Gritting, he found blood and a few teeth leaving from the back of his mouth. Seeing this angered him even further - if possible - and his blind eye saw only red. Pushing himself upwards, swinging his slightly more muscular arms around, scattering the debris with telekinesis. Turning, he looked up at the top of the dry seabed and saw him.

Tullece, alive and well.

Despite his shoddy attire he looked no worse for wear. He swore he didn't see them move. Was the force of his attack that great to send them rocketing afar?

However, he found himself amused. Of all the people to challenge him openly, Tullece was the last person he accounted for. True, he had seen the betrayal and caught him in the act coming but he hadn't expected him to live through the violent reprisal.

Raising himself up in the air, he found his blind eye's sight returning albeit slowly. A murky red film coated his view, making him close it for the meantime. Floating above Tullece, he began to laugh, spreading his arms as if the pain was completely gone.

"Oh, Tullece! I am so surprised to see you...alive," He ended, a cadence of deep barely contained fury. Staring at him, he was almost expecting some form or colored light wisping about him. Instead he just looked a tad taller and a bit larger in physique.

As he observed him, he couldn't help but sigh, his shoulders sagging as he gestured down at him, "Don't tell me this is yet another transformation you monkeys keep hidden behind your tails? Super whatever?"

"Oh, nothing that dramatic, Lord Freeza," He sarcastically spoke, grinning as he too rose in the air and met him at the same latitude. "It's actually quite scientific. All those years researching and exploring, I found the true reason why we Saiyans haven't kept settled in worlds for too long; we harvested them for our strength."

"So, that tree gave you some trifle power-up?" Freeza impatiently summarized with an arched brow.

"It's not simply temporary. You see that tree is called the Shinseijū - it was said to have given power and sustenance to the gods. When it fell into our hands it had changed us on a biological front. Our ability to get stronger near death and thrive in battle originated from the Shinseijū's life filled fruit; it's quite ingenious wouldn't you say?"

Freeza doubted that a mere tree could bear such a convenient substance. Why only now was he hearing about it? However, this could be said of the Dragon Balls. The galaxy is large enough that folklore and myths of powerful elixirs could exist without him ever discovering its existence. If the tree was the real deal, then he may have another use for Tullece after all.

"Tullece, perhaps I believe you," Freeza spoke diplomatically, crossing his arms over his chest. "If this were the case, how much would you be willing to part with this miracle fruit? I may overlook your earlier transgression if you agree to give me a regular flow of these fruits and their secrets to me."

That's when Tullece laughed. Freeza had never heard the Saiyan chuckle or even giggle in his presence before. It was both obnoxious and unnerving how freely his gab roared with amusement at what he thought was a good deal.

Glaring, Tullece smiled thinly in a way that didn't reach his eyes.

"Freeza, you must be dumber than I pegged you for," He spoke in a cool, even voice. "I have everything I could want: power superior to yours. Everything else I can take by force after I kill you."

"Arrogant simian bastard!" Freeza howled, his ki exploding around him as he did so. "One cheap shot and you're already this cocky?! I will make you wish you'd never been born!"

The frozen hearted emperor angrily lashed out with a single hand, releasing a tantamount of energy in a fiery wave of orange towards Tullece. It encompassed the horizon, flaring out and burning the sky of Namek, visibly overlapping the highest part of the hemisphere. The flames that struck the tree burned the branches, but the trunk itself soaked the residual energies, swelling upward in size by mere contact.

A pair of hands clapped in front of him, dismissing the orange light across the globe with an elliptical surge of force. The saurianoid gaped, seeing a faint violet-white light flicking off Tullece's hair, skin and armor, showing that he was completely unharmed by the attack. His dark smirk transformed his shock into frothing rage and he threw another ball of destructive energy with his other hand.

This one was deflected with a blur, ending with the orb of scarlet light soaring into space out of sight. Before he could conjure another strike, a fist rammed into his face, the sound of his ear drums nearly blown along with his nasal cavity forced his bleeding eyes to bulge outward.

He didn't even realize he was thrown across the air. His body had felt pain, but this was agony. His whole head felt as if it exploded from the inside. The galactic tyrant barely steadied himself through sheer will, stopping his orbital lap on the far side of the alien world.

Another blow sledgehammered into the center of his back the moment he stopped.

"AAAGH!" He screamed out as he was blown back the way he came. Streaking across the air as he lurched his head against the whipping winds, faintly seeing a comet of purple-white light pass him by-


-only to split the air with tendrils of purple outlined light, branching out like a tree of lighting from the edge of a boot into his cracked sternum; splitting it open with a gory spray of blood following a shockwave that propelled him into the outer reaches of space.

I-Inconceivable! I'm not just pressured but outclassed?! By a monkey?! Freeza thought as he left the upper atmosphere, barely aware of the purple-white comet that raced around him. Another punch, another kick, another backhanded contact brought splits of flesh, breaks in his bones and more pain than he ever fathomed feeling. Puking up red bile, the speeding blur continued to assault him, unspeaking and unabated.

Then, Freeza expelled a massive wave of energy.

From the planet below it looked as if a dark star blotted out the three Suns of Namek, twinkling blackish red and flickering back to deep violet. The blast sent shockwaves to the world below, crushing the drying ground and breaking roots by sheer kinetic impact. The spectating survivors steeled themselves from the deadly blast the emperor had used to stave off the relentless assault on his person.

Spreadeagled out, Freeza finally retracted his body, blood oozing around the low gravity in strange rivulets like tiny ichor streams. Opening his no longer blind eye, he glared angrily at Tullece, who floated a dozen meters away, the same thin field of ki surrounding him with an outstretched hand lowering, ebbing steam from the substantial burst he used.

"Tullece," Freeza hissed while staring icily, feeling a throbbing all over from the blows he had in succession from before. "Don't get ahead of yourself just because you have wounded me. I still have more than enough power to destroy you, this planet and even this paltry solar system. Push me further and I won't hesitate to annihilate everything around me!"

"Don't make brazen threats, Freeza," Tullece replied without skipping a beat, smirking at him with a raised crackling hand upwards next to his own face. "It makes you sound weak."

Eyes, bloodshot, shrunk till they were pins and his wounds gushed with bulging veins pulsing over his swelling body. A howling wind birthed in the high atmosphere of the perpetually Sun lit world, Freeza's body bulging further and further, taking all of the strength he had in his core and bringing it out. Seeing Tullece lower his crackling hand to his side, not moving made him cackle wildly.

"Behold! My full power!" Freeza boasted, wounds sealing within the recesses of his enlarged flesh and healing part way. Grinning madly, he cocked his head side to side, popping his neck down his shoulders and spine. Even his broken bones were mended by the influx of energy.

"Brazen or not, in this form not even my father could handle me," He chuckled, narrowing his red eyes at Tullece's person. "I might reduce you to a pulpy mass when I'm done with you-"

A streak of purple was all Freeza saw.

He reacted by throwing a punch, scraping the side of his enemy's cheek; feeling a sudden white hot pain thrust through his stomach out of his back. Bloody bile regurgitated out of his mouth, the sight of Tullece's glaring, cheek cut face was what his dizzied sight beheld.

"T-Tullece-!" He croaked out, grinding his teeth together and grasping his arm where it was connected to him. Howling, he threw a hand straight towards his face…


….why was his vision splitting?

His thoughts were trying to catch up to the motion of the arm wedged in his guts ripping up with his grasping palm, splitting his skull in half in a gory spray of innards. Eyes moved erratically, the skull down the torso split in a clean half. The blood soaked hand pointed at his drifting two halves and the Saiyan smirked at him.

"Sayonara, Boss."

In a flash of violet, Freeza vanished from the Universe. Reduced to nothing, the Saiyan ensured no possibility of a miraculous recovery, knowing what he did of the army's medical and cybernetics at the tyrant's disposal.

No, his disposal.

Disregarding the emperor's father, Cold, he now stood at the pinnacle of all living things. After dealing with Chi Chi that left a sour taste in his mouth, this act of murder put a smile on his face.

Lowering himself back into the breathable space of Namek, he sighed with relief. Fighting in space always had its disadvantages but at least this kept him from damaging the tree or the ship he would confiscate later. Now that he dealt with the easy part, now came the hard part.

"Got to do business with my surviving kin," He grated out with a snort, taking a leisurely flight back to the triage he felt not far away. Strange, was he always able to sense things this way?

Nearly a couple minutes later he burst back on the scene with a shimmering tap along the ruined ground they all stood around in. They looked at him expectantly, no longer off guard as they were before.

Strangely enough he saw Raditz's wounds, Vegeta's and a now waking Aspara were healed. The mystery ended with the sight of a little Nameccian emitting a low glow of gold from his four fingered hands over his nephew's body whom was sitting cross legged; whereas Vegeta cross-armed sat on a piece of giant root flotsam, glaring sideways and Raditz glared head-on with fists balled at his sides.

"So, you did it then, huh?" Raditz asked pointedly with a nod, bringing a look of bewilderment from his daughter.

He smiled mirthfully, closing his eyes as he gave an overly dramatic bow to them, "No need to thank me all at once, of course. I'd do it again even if I had no audience at all. Spoiled brat got what was coming to him."

"Freeza is dead?!" Aspara croaked out, standing up with a start, drawing everyone's gaze. Swallowing hard, she shuddered at the look her father gave, looking away as she shakily added. "O-Of course you did. This was y-your plan all along, right?"

"Of course, dear Aspara," Tullece replied with a smile, waving his hands to the others while keeping his gaze on her. "Now that Freeza is dead, the rebirth of the Saiyan Empire can begin anew. Course even though we are few, we surpassed our kin in ways none could fathom. Our children will spread across the stars and no weakness will be left; especially thanks to this."

For emphasis, he withdrew one of the few fruits he had on his person. Strapped to his lower back by the base of his tail, he held one in his hand and everyone stared at it with awe.

"That fruit is what helped you kill Freeza?" Vegeta asked, a hint of intrigue behind his tone as he looked at the organic bauble in the older Saiyan's grip.

"Of course!" He spoke emphatically, pointing it at him. "This is a Shinseijū fruit. I found a seed amidst the ruins of an old Saiyan world we once colonized. This is the reason why our race was strong; it guided us to power, and increased the mighty to even greater heights!"

"Destroying a whole world in the process," Gokū countered, staring angrily at his uncle while Dende finished healing his wounds.

"Equivalent exchange, nephew," Tullece dismissed with a shrug. "Wouldn't you kill any enemy in your way to get as mighty as Freeza?"

"I'm not a monster, Tullece!" Gokū angrily spat, standing up and stomping over to him. "This world is in pain. That tree is like cancer, eating away at anything alive. It's evil!"

It was unnerving how similar Kakarrot looked to Tullece's brother. He had a similar physique, hair arched in the same way and wore the armor he loved to use as his regular duds. Now, glaring at him eye to eye brought out ill feelings he didn't want to feel.

"Call it what you will, but I saved your lives. You all owe me that-"

"Oh we're so thankful," Raditz drawled out, bringing a harsh glare his way from his uncle. Unfazed, he placed his hands on his hips and scowled back. "As far as I am concerned, we don't owe you jack shit. We fought this whole time while you squatted on a tree and played dead. This was only for you, don't kid yourself, old man."

Patience began to run thin within the elder Saiyan. He had all the cards yet these dimwits didn't even realize it. Why couldn't they just see the opportunity he was proposing?

"Prince, surely you can see the benefit of this," Tullece turned to Vegeta, holding the fruit out to him. Seeing his gaze look to the fruit and back to him, he continued to persist. "Don't squander this chance. You'll be so much stronger and you can rule this galaxy, no, the Universe by my side!"

Vegeta looked at his gaze, as if studying him real hard. Then, he reached out and grasped the fruit-


-and crushed it in his hand.

Tullece was speechless. Raditz and Gokū even looked shocked while Aspara gaped with disbelief. Power, right in his grasp and he discarded it.


"I don't want to be bound to another, even with power as a reward," Vegeta sneered, standing up and glaring at him fully with a turn, pointing his finger at him. "I've realized something as I fought Freeza. What is the point of immortality or absolute strength without pride in yourself. You've discarded everything for the sake of an easy victory; I will never take the path of a loser who knows nothing of struggle!"

Tullece found himself wide eyed. Chi Chi denying him left bitterness in his heart. Freeza never brought anger, just a goal to remove and once he did he was nothing but elated. But this...this level of defiance was causing an emotion he hadn't felt in years.


Glaring with narrowed eyes, his energy rose up, visibly warping space as his aura ignited in a fearsome purple-white flame around him, buckling the ground and crackling the air around him.

"Okay, then let me put it in terms you can understand."

A flash of light and a scream followed a purplish explosion. All three Saiyans turned to see Dende, charred and sprawled out as a skeleton, lying in a crater near the center of their half circle.

"N-No-!" Raditz choked out at the sight.

He's so fast! Vegeta thought with a startled look back at Tullece's steaming hand lowering back to his side. So this is the power that surpassed Freeza?

"You monster!" Gokū yelled out, his ki rising off him in waves as he turned to grab Tullece by the jacket only to feel his own wrist grabbed. A violent twist and squeeze brought so much pain at once that it buckled him to his knees, hunching over as he was tossed back towards his trembling daughter on his back.

"You either die like the child, or you can bend your knee to me. I would rather not tell you what happened to the woman who spat at my face when I gave her a much better offer," Tullece dryly proclaimed in an even tone at the Saiyans warily looking at him.

Then, it hit Gokū. If Tullece was alive, then Chi Chi must be. And given the only other woman who interacted with this bizarre reflection of his was her; which means…

"Chi Chi," Gokū almost whispered, standing up straight as he looked almost hollow at the idea of what could have happened to the woman who chased him since childhood. The girl who wanted to marry him; one of his first companions who Tullece called that woman. "What did you do to Chi Chi?"

Tullece arched a brow, smirking at that being enough to get a rise out of his nephew. Smiling deeper, he rolled his eyes and spoke coyly, "Oh her? She's...not doing well."

A flash of red and a clap of thunder followed as Gokū slammed a fist into Tullece's face, his armored body cloaked in deep crimson and eyes bulging wide with anger. His uncle, however, wasn't fazed by his attack. Turning his cheek against his fist to stare neutrally at him, he grabbed his arm-


-throttling him backwards with a loud shockwave into the horizon, a red streak of his body nearly impacting his frightened daughter over her head.

"Guess that means you'd rather all die, hm?" Tullece asked, watching Raditz and Vegeta ignite with their own powerful transformations. Wiping a trickle of blood from the corner of his bruised mouth, he smiled as he raised his hands in a beckoning stance. "Come, I'll show you the power of a Saiyan with the Shinseijū flowing through him!"


LastationLover5000: Now that was a pretty much chapter to write! We were waiting on this chapter, and I'm glad we finally got a chance to write it. So, to anyone wondering why Chi-Chi was displaying some magical abilities...yeah, in this story, her mother is Annin! Anyone who know me knows I dislike filler, but I'm willing to entertain it if it works well - Tullece is a good example, and Annin works out here to. The Hakkero (八卦炉, Eightfold Furnace) is the furnace that she guards which separates the mortal and divine realms, primarily the afterlife. But the main meat of this chapter was definitely the three Saiyan, Freeza, and then Tullece's arrival. We retconned - or perhaps explained better? - the Shinseijū and gave it a relation to the Saiyans. None of it is concrete, merely the conclusion Tullece has drawn from his own research. We can't wait to bring you all the next chapter soon!

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