A/N: This story is about Jazz and how he learns to raise the Lennox children. If you want to know how Jazz is alive and why he and Wheeljack live on the Lennox's ranch, please read 'New beginnings' which is the prequel to this story. I'll update the next chapter as soon as I can! Thank you for reading and please review! –AnAshBlackSword 3

Jazz onlined to the bright sunlight streaming through the cracks in the barn walls of the Lennox's Ranch. The small silver mech promptly checked his chronometer. It was 7:00pm, roughly around half an hour before Ashley and Annabelle, or Ash and Annie as he called them, woke up. He had been living at the Lennox ranch for around four years now, Annie was 8 and Ash was 4. He glanced over to where Wheeljack was still recharging and, attempting to make as little noise as possible, transformed into bipedal mode.

Opening the barn doors as quietly as possible so as not to awaken Wheeljack, he made his way over to the farmhouse. From his scans, he could see that Sarah Lennox was already awake and cooking and Ash and Annie were still deep in recharge. Sarah saw him approaching and she left the kitchen. He transformed back into bipedal mode, and switched his holoform on. Seconds later Sarah opened the door and he was greeted by a beaming smile.

"Good morning Jazz."

"Mornin' Sarah, did ya recharge well?" Sarah had long gotten used to Jazz using cybertronian terms around him, just as Jazz had gotten used to her using human terms.

"Yes I did, do you want to come in for breakfast?" Although Jazz couldn't actually eat breakfast or any other human food, he was more than happy to sit at the table with the family for mealtimes.

"Of course ah would," he said, smiling at Sarah. He followed her through to the kitchen, where he sat down at the table. Jazz and Wheeljack were now part of the Lennox family in Sarah's eyes. She had told friends and other extended relatives that she had adopted Jazz from a children's home and Wheeljack was her 'lodger'. The girls looked up to both bots as older brothers and as both children were home-schooled, there was little danger of them blurting out the fact that they lived with giant robots. Jazz turned his head up towards the ceiling as he heard the first step of footsteps jump out of bed.

"And so the earthquake begins." Sarah chuckled.

"Ah still don't understand how ah sparklin' manages to be louder than Megatron when he walks."

"One of the many fascinating mysteries of children Jazz."

"Ashley! Ashley! It's time for breakfast now!" Annie's voice came from upstairs. "C'mon Ashley!" The eight year old really did not like being late for breakfast. Sarah and Jazz heard Ashley's rather sleepy, annoyed sounding, "Don't wanna!"

"She sounds Sunstreaker afta being woken up for an early morning mission." Sarah, having been told all about how whiny Sunstreaker and Sideswipe could be by Jazz and Wheeljack, laughed with Jazz.

"Would you mind getting them downstairs? I've got to finish this." She gestured to the fried eggs, sausage and bacon that she was cooking.

"Nah, I'll get 'em down before ya know it." He ran up the stairs into Ashley's room where a rather annoyed Annie was shaking her sister.

"It's time to get up Ashley! I want breakfast!" Annie moaned at her sister. Then she saw Jazz. "Jazz, help me get her up! I wanna eat already!"

"Alrigh', you go get dressed and ah'll get sleepy here out of bed."

"Okay." And with that, the girl ran off to find her favourite clothes. Jazz went over to the sleeping sparkling.

"C'mon Ash-bash, it's time to get up now."

"Go 'way Jass." The four year old told him and turned away from him. "I wanna sleep." Unable to say her 'Z's yet, Ashley had taken to calling him 'Jass.' Jazz didn't might at all, it was fragging adorable.

"Do I have to tickle you?" He asked in a mock threatening tone. When he didn't receive an answer, he promptly started to tickle her.

"Bad Jass! That's… no…..fair!" she gasped out while laughing. Squirming, she tried to get away from him, and failed. "Jass!"

"If I stop, will ya get up?"


"Alrigh' then." And with that, he let go of her. She sat up and sent him a glare, which was very cute and not at all threatening.

"Bad Jass!" She told him. "Go 'way!" Jazz almost laughed at her, but stopped himself just in time. Making her more annoyed might result in a temper tantrum, and sparkling temper tantrums were never a good thing, whether said sparkling was human or cybertronian. Instead he pulled a sad 'puppy dog' face.

"Awwwww, but what if ah wanna talk to mah favourite sparklin'."

"That's naughty Jass. Momma says you can't have favourites between me and Annie."

"Well don't tell ya Momma then." He replied. She beamed at him then launched herself at his arms. He caught the excited girl just in time.

"Piggy back!" she demanded.

"Afta' ya get dressed." She looked sad for a moment, then:

"Pinky promise?" Jazz extended his little finger to her.

"Pinky promise."

"Yay!" Jazz left the room, knowing she liked to get dressed on her own at this age. (No help Jass! I'm big like Annie.) He knocked on Annie's door.

"Are ya done yet Bell?" Unlike the rest of the family, Jazz's nickname for Annabelle was bell. It was well known that Jazz had a nickname for almost everyone, and that if he heard of any hated nickname (Sunny, Prowler, etc) he would use it until he joined Primus in the well of sparks. Annie opened her door.

"Yep, I wanna have breakfast already! Is Ashley done yet?!"

"Not yet sweetspark."

"Awww. Do I get cuddles?" Despite insisting to everyone that she was a 'big girl', Annie still liked to be picked up and carried by everyone and anyone. This was slightly problematic for Sarah, Will and the other humans, seeing as she was quite tall for an eight year old, but as Jazz and Wheeljack were giant robots, it was no trouble at all.

"Of course ya can sweetspark!" She jumped up on him immediately. A distressed wail then came from Ashley's bedroom.

"Jass!" Jazz went into the room, where Ashley was dressed, except for she had her arm through the head hole of her jumper, and was obviously a bit stuck. "Jass, help!" Annie giggled at her younger sister's plight.

"You're stuck! You're a little baby, unlike me. I'm a big girl!"

"Not stuck and not baby!" Ashley insisted.

"Yes you are!"




"Alrigh', Primus, you're both big girls." Jazz interrupted before it became a full scale argument. Ashley sent another 'evil' look at her older sister and Jazz put Annie down.

"C'mere sparklin'." He said, and put the jumper on the right way.

"Yay! Thanks Jass! I wanna piggy back now!"

"But I want a carry!" Annie insisted.

"Ah can carry ya both!" He replied, and with that, Jazz picked up Ashley and put her on his back, then proceeded to pick up Annie in his arms. He then took them both downstairs to where breakfast, Sarah and Wheeljack were waiting. Wheeljack must have arrived while he was sorting out Ash and Annie. Wheeljack chuckled to himself when he saw Jazz.

"Wha'?" Jazz asked.

"Everytime I see you, you appear to have sparklings clinging to you."

"Haha, that's hilarious Jack." Annie jumped out of his arms when she saw the food on the table.

"Breakfast!" Everyone laughed at her enthusiasm, and sat down at the table. While they were eating, Sarah turned to Jazz and Wheeljack.

"Would either of you mind taking me and the girls shopping later? I need to get some food and Annie needs some new pens."

"Ah wouldn't mind at all." Jazz replied.

"In that case Jazz, I'll stay here, I'm working on a little something anyway." Jazz shook his head at the other mech. Whenever Wheeljack said 'a little something,' it meant 'a little something that is highly likely to make a big explosion.'

"Big bangs from Jackie?!" Ash exclaimed excitedly which caused everyone to laugh at the look on Wheeljack's face.

"Not everything I make explodes." Jackie said, looking very put out.

"Nah, just 99% of it." Jazz replied, which caused everyone to laugh even more.