Living Room, Jazz's POV

"I wanna play Hide and seek Jass!" Ash clamoured, grabbing onto his holoform's sleeve and tugging it.

"Alrigh' sweetspark. Do ya wanna play Prowler?" Jazz asked Prowl who was sitting on the sofa opposite discussing something with Ironhide, Ratchet and Wheeljack. Prowl sighed, looking from his brother to the excited sparkling before standing.

"Fine, but just this once. Clear?"

"Clear as crystar sir!" Jazz mocked, and Prowl shot him an annoyed look. Annie and Ironhide stood up as did Ratchet.

"I believe we will also take part in this game, although we will need a seeker. Ratchet?"

"What?" Ratchet looked around the room and sighed, seeing that he didn't really have much choice in the matter.


"Alrigh' then! We'll hide in groups, Annie wit' Hide an' Jackie and Prowl wit' me an' Ash! We can hide anywhere on the ranch, outbuildin's included an' Ratchet has to count to 100 before lookin'. Ready?" There were nods and murmurs of agreement from around the room. "Then go!" Jazz scooped up Ash and grabbed the hand of Prowl's holoform to lead them to his perfect hiding place where Ratchet would never find them.

Ratchet turned and faced the corner, beginning his counting whilst Ironhide, Wheeljack and Annie went out the back door and Jazz's team went out the front.

"So where is this hiding place then?" Prowl asked as Jazz led them towards the barn at a gentle jog.

"Wait an' see Prowler."

"My designation is Prowl you know."

"Ah know, but wha' would be the fun in usin' it?" He replied cheekily and Ash giggled at Prowl.

"Silly Prowlie!" She chorused and Prowl resisted the urge to glare at her, knowing it would only upset the tiny sparkling. Once they were in the barn, Jazz led them over to the straw piles in an empty horse stall.

"This will make sure he can't chea' by usin' his sensors to find us." Prowl looked over the straw piles. It was clean and unused, but there was no way in pit he was getting in there!

"No. That's ridiculously illogical and unhygienic." He told Jazz who raised an optic ridge at him.

"C'mon Prowler, it's ah game an' ya said ya would."

"I did not realise we would climbing through dirty straw."

"Well tough, we are gettin' in whether ya like it, or whether ya don'." Jazz declared before climbing into the straw with Ash. Prowl groaned and considered his options before reluctantly climbing into the straw after his brother. He made the place where he had entered less visible before sitting beside Jazz in the center of the mound.

"Now what?"

"An' now we wait."

Wheeljack's POV

"Hurry up and Wheeljack and get up here!" Ironhide growled from the rafters of the barn where he was clutching tightly to Annie who was having the time of her life practically hanging from the ceiling. Wheeljack groaned and followed up, repearting to himself that he really didn't like heights.

"This is a really bad idea, and it's just a game!"

"A game we are going to win, right Annie!"

"Absolutely 'Hide, cause we are the best at hiding!" The girl chirped and Wheeljack, as much as he cared about the sparklings, felt like gagging her. Sometimes, the way she hero worshipped Ironhide's every word really annoyed the scientist and this was one of those times.

"This is still a bad idea….."

"Get up!" Ironhide hissed, grabbing Wheeljack's holoform and pulling him up. "We are going to beat them and that's final." He told Wheeljack, who attempted not to fall off the beam from where he was hiding. He clung on for dear life, hoping that Ratchet was a good seeker.

Ratchet's POV

First he had searched the entire Lennox house from top to bottom, including the garage and the shed out the back. When his efforts had proved fruitless, he had moved on to the horse stables and then the pig sty and chicken coop. Then, he had checked the front barn and when he had found nothing in there he had finally moved on to the back barn, pretty much ready to give up and use his scanners.

Then he heard a scuffling noise from… above him? It could be a pigeon, but the mech was at his wit's end by this point and so he headed up the long ladders to the barn rafters. Groaning he hauled himself over a beam and looked around. He turned up his Audio receptors.

"Ssh Wheeljack! You can hold on until he leaves again!" Ironhide hissed and Ratchet grinned. His prey was within his grasp. Grinning quite evilly he swung balanced on it and walked across to the opposite side where he spotted Ironhide clutching Annie and a rather frightened and precariously balanced Wheeljack who was clinging on for dear life.

"Gotcha!" He crowed triumphantly.

"Did we win?!" Annie asked excitedly and Ratchet shook his head.

"I'm afraid not sparkling. I cannot find Jazz, Prowl and Ashley anywhere and I have searched the entirety of this ranch." Ironhide smirked.

"What's to say we can't use proximity scanners?"

"That's cheating!" Wheeljack said.

"Can it Jackie!" Ironhide growled as Ratchet pulled up the mech's holoform. Wheeljack glared and bolted for the ladder, ready to get back on solid ground. Ratchet had also pulled up his scanners, but although he could tell the rough location of the signal, he could not get an exact fix on it.


He, Ironhide, Wheeljack and Annie went to the rough location, which was the front barn that Ratchet had searched earlier. Sighing, he began to search the entire barn again, Ironhide and Jackie helping him to do so.

"I've searched this entire fragging barn already! There's no way in pit they can be in here!" He said in frustration, throwing up his arms after 15 minutes of good searching. Ironhide sighed and looked around.

"Perhaps they scrambled their signals so we could not find them." He suggested and Ratchet shook his head.

"Prowl and Jazz could, but I can't even get a fix on the human sparkling!" He moaned, thoroughly fed up with the whole game by now. Then Annie pulled went to look in the straw.

Jazz's POV

Jazz chuckled with Prowl as Ratchet cursed and moaned. He had guessed the medic would get annoyed and use his scanners, so he had planned in advance and hidden in the straw. It was an excellent hiding place and to his satisfaction Ironhide's team had been found first so they were the better hiders.

Beside him, Prowl was pleased but somewhat bored of sitting in a haystack for almost an hour now. He had expected this to be a short game for Primus' sake and Jazz had turned it into a special ops mission! Just as he was about to walk out, Annie popped her head in.

"Found you!" She cried joyously and Ratchet made a noise of relief.

"About time too!"

"Tha's wha' ya get for cheatin' an' usin' ya scanners Hatchet." Jazz told the disgruntled medic, who picked up a nearby horseshoe and launched it at his holoform. Jazz dodged the missile, but it hit Prowl on his holoform's shoulder, causing an odd ripple effect and a look from Prowl.

"That felt…. Weird." Prowl muttered and Jazz nudged him.

"We won Prowler!"

"I am aware."

"Yay! We are the best and Jass is awesome!" Ash sang happily, hugging his holoform's legs and smiling. Jazz chuckled and patted her hair affectionately before turning to the others.

"Anyone wanna play again?"

"No Jazz!" Prowl groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration. Sometimes, his brother really was an idiot.