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a/n: Hello! This is my first SYOC story and I hope for a lot of people to participate in this. I will do my best to make this an entertaining read. So for the starting chapter I've written a little piece into the eyes of the mastermind and their scheme. Threw in a tiny reference to Dangan Ronpa 2 at the end there too! Rules are at the bottom :)

Also, the words in Bold, Italics and Underline encased in {= =} are the title of tracks from Danganronpa 1 & 2's ost. It is just a suggestion for the reading background music that I hope would set the mood. You can ignore it if you don't like it :)

Chapter Zer0

Anonymous Anticipation


{=Despair Syndrome=}

I stir my tea gently as I stare up at the wall of security monitors in front of me. Sitting in the glow of the monitors, I take a slow sip from my cup as I leaned in further in my chair. The soft velvet felt really comfortable as I relish my moment of triumph. Why, you ask? Well because right in front of my eyes I am watching a very devilishly delicious scene unfolding. On the screen, the silhouettes of various people chained down to hospital beds are seen struggling on separate monitors. Some of them are merely just lying there with their eyes open, as if they had given up. My lips can't help but curl into a smile as I observe their defeated spirits.

Yes, can you feel it? Don't you realize how lucky you all are? Oh what I would give to feel such a heavy dose of… Despair!

My body tingles with excitement as I reach that word. Soon they will be ready for the alliteratively wonderful 'Memory Manipulation Machine' which has been tested to perfection by our despairingly charming leader. I scoff as I set down the cup of tea down on the large control panel in front of me when the thought of our once proud leader surfaces. How disappointing that such a fate had befallen her, foiled by her own drive to plunge the world into further despair. But I suppose it is precisely because of that reason that I am now able to experience further despair.

Oh how I despise her so much! It drives me crazy how much I hate this. I hate her. So much…

Now of course one would say she isn't really dead. Her plans weren't completely foiled, merely delayed by a couple of unexpected hindrances. Some of the other SHSL Despairs are already executing her back-up plan as of this moment, getting picked up by the super lame Future Foundation for some top secret covert mission or something.

I frown slightly as I remember that the mighty Enoshima herself didn't reveal to me that part of her plan. However it is likely she did not reveal my plans to the other Remnants of Despairs either. We all have our own goals distributed among us and I do not plan to fail mine. Yes, I shall take extra measures to ensure my game of mutual killing is a success.

I push a button on the control panel the speakers next to it crackle with static.

"I am ready," I say with a delicate tone.

Just a little longer… before I can taste a despair of my own creation.

Soon my fellow peers in Despair shall arrive to take the poor helpless hostages away. They will be taken to the enhanced version of the device that the mighty Enoshima had used to wipe away the memories of her classmates' school years, and they will undergo a transformation that has already been utilized in the pages of our history. Well, it's not quite the exact same situation.

'Why' you ask? Well… Because it's not the same machine duh!

I let out a brief giggle at my cute little monologue which slowly evolved into a maniacal shriek of laughter. I laugh long and hard as I watch my little patients squirm in their beds, trying to escape as my fellow peers have already entered their rooms and started to wheel them out. I rise up from my chair and throw myself on the wall of monitors. In my arms, I feel the cold metal and glass against my skin shake as my laugh echoes throughout the empty dark room, my shoulders rising and falling in uneven momentum. I look to one of the screens which contain one of the more physically built prisoners and my laughter starts to die down. He's struggling so hard that the whole bed is teetering left and right.

Why… if he keeps this up then he'll-

As if on cue, he tips his bed over and he crashes to the floor with a deafening crash. Well at least I imagine it would be loud, my monitors only record video and not audio. Nonetheless, that was enough to set me off again and I let out even louder roar of laughter as I collapse back into my seat. The scene that I just witnessed was so hysterically predictable that it felt almost like a cliché. I had been kicking so hard that I didn't realize I had kicked my teacup off the table when I heard the glass shattering on the floor. Oh well that doesn't matter now; I can always just get a new one.

"Are you done?" said a voice from behind me.

Just as I've been practicing, I slowly swivel my chair around 180 degrees.

"How'd you like my big reveal? Was it ominous and menacing enough?" I ask jokingly.

"Save it for the other kids. I've got other business to attend to you know,"

"Ah, as diligent as ever I see. Alright, I wouldn't want to keep you from your tropical vacation anyways,"

I get up from my chair and straighten out my shirt before proceeding to walk towards the figure in front of me.

Soon, everything will fall into place…

"Hit me with your best shot," I wink and put my hands on my hips.

Soon, I will be able to get a taste of that despair she felt…

I close my eyes in anticipation for the blow to my head for a few seconds before it hits me. It hits me really fast but just as fast as the pain comes, it goes just like that. In fact everything starts to go. I lose every sensation in my body as it goes numb and my mind starts to go dark. The last thing I feel is gravity pulling me down as I collapse onto the cold metal floor.

Soon, upupupu...


Chapter End


a/n: Hope you enjoyed that small piece :D Now let's get onto business. I'm going to start out by laying out a few rules in my SYOC ok?

1. Please only send me OCs through PM. I will not accept those sent by reviews as they are strictly as their name suggest.

2. I want OCs with Japanese names as this takes place in Japan. I will allow foreign exchange students but not a lot, maybe 2 at most.

3. I will be referring to the student's titles as Super High School Level (SHSL) instead of Ultimates.

4. I will be following the structure of the games such as: Daily Life, Deadly Life, Class Trials and Free Time events; as closely as I can. (bless my soul for trying to describe words flying across the screen being shot down by verbal bullets)

5. A reminder that there is no guarantee that your OC will make it out alive as I will write based on how I feel the characters would interact with each other.

Just like monokuma I'll be adding new rules if I see fit.



1. Yuuta Hirota - SHSL Marksman

2. Kuno Okura - SHSL Espionage

3. Seijun Higashi - SHSL Prosecutor

4. Akio Komiya - SHSL Occult Club Member

5. Tetsu Mastada - SHSL Blacksmith

6. Tsubasa Yukata - SHSL Finger Painter

7. Fujiwara Taiki - SHSL Memorizer

8. Kenta Shintaka - SHSL Martial Artist


1. Makoto Shirogane - SHSL Sukeban

2. Akiko Takumi - SHSL Billiards Player

3. Megumi Tsuji - SHSL Artificer

4. Kimiko Sanazawa - SHSL Hollywood Star

5. Yên-Vân Lý - SHSL Escrimador

6. Hibiki Yukata - SHSL Hair Dresser

7. Ryoka Nakami - SHSL Chess Player

8. Kotone Oshiro - SHSL Make-up Artist