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Thousands of millennia before our story starts, rumoured to happen before time began, three Golden Goddesses descended upon the chaotic plot of land that the Alpha Pokémon Arceus didn't mind to fill with life that would become known as Hyrule. Din, the Goddess of Power; Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom; & Farore, Goddess of Courage, were their names. Din made the land capable to sustain life with her powerful arms. Nayru used her immense wisdom to create order. Farore used her very soul to create the life forms that sustain the order that Nayru created. When their tasks completed, the three goddesses departed for the heavens. They left behind part of their power in the form of three triangles, now known as the Triforce, in the care and protection of a fourth goddess, Hylia.

One dark, fateful day, the earth cracked wide and an army of demons that were lead by Demise the Demon King rose forth from the fissure. He mounted a brutal assault upon the surface people, driving the land into deep despair... His army burnt forests to ash, choked the land's sweet springs, and murdered without remorse. Demise and his army did all this in his lust to take the Triforce for himself. The Triforce was power with no equal.

So that it won't fall into the hands of Demise, she gathered the surviving humans, mabu, unicorns, elves, and many other mortal beings on outcroppings of land and sent them skyward along with the Triforce, beyond the reach of Demise's army. Beyond even the clouds. With the mortals safe, the goddess joined forces with the land dwellers, dragons, and Pokémon. Together, they fought Demise's forces, sealing them away.

Hylia knew that the seal on Demise would not last forever. And if he were to free himself, it would mean the end of the world for all beings of this land. In order to put an end to the Demon King, Hylia devised two separate plans and set them both into motion. She first created a sword, the Goddess Sword, and a spirit named Fi to reside inside the blade for the purpose of assisting her chosen hero. The second plan was to discard her divine powers and be reincarnated as a human.

Five thousand years later, Hylia's plans started to surface. Fi assisted Hylia's chosen hero, the Hero of Skies, on his mission to finally bring an end to Demise and save the life of Hylia incarnate. The Goddess Sword was infused with the sacred flames of the golden goddesses, becoming the Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane. Demise eventually met his inevitable demise at the hands of Hylia's chosen hero. But immediately before his death, with his last breaths, Demise swore that his hatred toward the gods and goddesses of Hyrule can't be vanquished for good and vows that an incarnation of Demise's hatred will be reborn in a cycle that had no end.

Over a century later, a race of people called the Picori gave a man a sword known as the Picori Blade and something known as the Light Force. The man entombed the monsters that the Hero of Skies fought against; except Demise's right hand man, the Demon Lord Ghirahim; in a chest with the sword, becoming the Hero of Man. Then a century later, a wind sorcerer named Vaati turned the current princess of Hyrule of that era to stone & freed the monsters from the chest, shattering the Picori Blade in the process, in order to find the Light Force. A very close friend of the princess was sent to where the Picori lived to have them repair the blade. He then received the White Sword and infused it with the mystic elements of earth, fire, water, & wind to create the legendary Four Sword, & sealed Vaati within it. Vaati eventually broke through the seal and was sealed in the Four Sword a second time.

Centuries past, and Hyrule was once again attacked by Vaati. A third hero arose and defeated Vaati, sealing him within the Four Sword for a third time. Hyrule hoped that Vaati would never terrorize Hyrule again.

A few years after Vaati's defeat, the Dark Interlopers, a group consisting of descendants of Demise's followers and Sheikah defectors, and the mighty Dark Master, Malefor, appeared and declared war on Hyrule in effort to obtain the Triforce. Malefor wanted to use the Triforce's power to activate the Destroyer to end the world and erase Demise's Curse from existence.

From his own hide, Malefor created Majora's Mask, a mask that was infused with dark powers. With it and it's less sinister twin, the Fused Shadows, Malefor and the Interlopers thrust Hyrule into misery.

With the intervention of the Light Spirits Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru; the Interlopers were banished to a realm of distortion and shadow. The realm also turned out to be the home of the Renegade Pokémon Giratina.

Malefor, however, had his spirit separated from his body. His body was entombed in the Mountain of Malefor and his spirit was sealed in Convexity. Before his defeat, Malefor prophesied that in one thousand years and on the Night of Eternal Darkness, he will break free and activate the Destroyer.

Nearly one thousand years later & one hundred years before our story starts, there was a village. A village that resided in a forest. A village of which the inhabitants were beings known as the Kokiri. All of the inhabitants had a companion fairy but one blond haired boy. The boy didn't have a companion fairy because he was a Hylian, not a Kokiri. He didn't know that he had a destiny to fulfill, until the Great Deku Tree, the protector of the Kokiri, told him to take the Kokiri Emerald and go to Hyrule Castle to talk to the princess of Hyrule. He didn't know that this simple trip would turn into a Quest to save Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf & become the Hero of Time.

When he got to the castle, he had to sneak past the castle guards to get to the castle courtyard. The boy located the princess. When the Princess saw the Kokiri Emerald, she asked him if he could get the other two spiritual stones so that Ganondorf would be stopped. One was protected by the Gorons. The other was used by the Zora royal family as an engagement ring.

The boy eventually obtained the Goron Ruby & the Zora Sapphire, being considered a brother by Darunia and getting engaged to the Princess Ruto of the Zoras by coincidence. On his way back into Castle Town, he saw the princess and her Sheikah protector, Impa, flee from Ganondorf on a horse. As they fled, Zelda threw something into the stretch of Zora's River that the Castle Town drawbridge crossed, the Ocarina of Time. The boy retrieved the ocarina from the bottom of the river & went to the Temple of Time, the resting place of the Master Sword. He pulled the mighty blade out of its pedestal & became the Hero of Time. The boy was too young to wield the Master Sword and be the Hero of Time, so the Ancient Sages sealed his soul in the Temple of Light for seven years. Ganondorf was imprisoned at Arbiter's Grounds for two years. At the end of those two years, the Ancient Sages of Hyrule tried to execute him. When the Sword of Sages was thrust into his chest, he did not die. He obtained the Triforce of Power, killed all the sages except the Sage of Light, escaped, and took over Hyrule.

Five Years after the failed execution, the boy awoke as the Hero of Time. The Hero awakened new Sages of the Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit. He then fought Ganondorf. The Seven Sages then used their power to activate the Mirror of Twilight & sealed Ganondorf in the Twilight Realm.

As thanks for saving Hyrule, the Princess awarded the Hero by letting him relive his lost childhood. Seven years after saving the land of Termina, the Hero returned to Hyrule and married Ruto, the Zora Princess and Sage of Water. Three years after those events happened, Ruto's father, King Zora, died; causing the Hero and Ruto to become the rulers of the Zora people. They had children, a son and a daughter. During his rule, the Hero of Time used his power to create the Goron Armor and the Zora Armor from the Goron Tunic and Zora Tunic, giving the wearer of each the heat resistance and strength of a Goron and the swimming maneuverability of a Zora respectively. After twenty years of ruling, the Hero died; regretting not teaching his children his sword skills and the lessons he learned in his life; & leaving Ruto to rule the Zora people alone.

Years past, and the grandson of the Princess of Destiny married the princess of the kingdom of Lorule, Hilda. Hilda was the heir of Lorule's throne and bearer of Lorule's Triforce. She wished upon it to let her have the ability to rule both kingdoms at the same time without the need to move between worlds. This caused Hyrule Castle to fuse with Lorule Castle and the Temples of Time of each world to become one as well, unintentionally fusing the Master Sword with its Lorule counterpart.

And done...

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