Chapter 67: The Shadow Descends

High over the mountains, the Assassin watched as the mountain collapsed, replaced by a massive pile of rubble.

"What just happened?" one of his subordinates asked.

"Big trouble," the Assassin replied. "We better head to the Dragon Temple immediately!"

As the Assassin and his compatriots mounted their dreadwings, none of them noticed the shadowy figure emerging from the dust...

Sometime later, the Guardians were informed of the news of the fall of the Well of Souls.

Ignitus shook his head sadly. "It has begun..." he murmured. Then he turned to the crowd comprised of twenty clones, the Assassin, his subordinates, Flame, Ember, Volteer, Terrador, and Cyril. "Listen to me! We must leave this place at once and head for the Dragon City of Warfang! The Demon King will surely make for this place. We're no longer safe here."

Terrador took charge at once. "You heard him; let's move out NOW!"

Volteer and Cyril led the group out of the temple, but the Assassin stayed behind.

"What about my daughter?" he asked. "I need to know that she's alright."

"No," Ignitus cried out. "We need to think about the safety of the others first." As he led him out after the crowd, he bowed his head and sighed. "Let's hope they managed to get somewhere safe..."

At the white Isle, the Chronicler watched as a blank page in one of the books filled with the image of the Guardians leading the others out of the temple.

"At least they'll be safe for now," he smiled grimly. He then saw the second page filled with a picture. It was of a sinister figure emerging from the remains of the Well of Souls. He turned the page and saw a picture of Link, Cynder, and Sparx trapped in a crystal embedded with rocks from the cave in.

"Young warriors, all our hope lies with you. When you wake up, it will be a different world..."

Just then, a picture of Cynder in her spectral form appeared. She was standing in front of a world gate.

"But know this..." the Chronicler continued, "you are not alone... you have allies."

And as he closed the book, the pictures finished their self painting with a cheetah watching the crystal from a distance...