As the weeks passed Ethan and Aiden got better at being able to control their merged form. Well they were learning to control it Logan spent most of his time talking with one of the other Alphas one called Enis that he found out had a link to Beacon Hills. He also found out that Deucalion hadn't always been blind. Unlike Kali Enis seemed more willing to talk to him and the Twins. Kali seemed to be cold and seemed to hold the same position in the Alpha pack that Logan held in his and the twins current pack.

Eventually Deucalion moved on with his plan and told Logan and the twins to be ready for when he contacted them. Logan continued the secret training sessions with the twins and they also made their plan for how to destroy the pack. Logan also was able to take advantage of his position and found out about the packs emissary as well.

When the time came it actually ended up being easier then they though the Alphas in the pack had both gone off to meet with there emissary about something. Logan and the merged twins were able to make short work of the pack mainly because Logan used his positions to get a few of them to kill each other. After the pack had been dealt with Logan made a panicked phone call to the Alphas and got them to show up.

When they arrived with their Emissary in tow one of them said to the other "my my my someone has been busy her tonight."

Three figures then emerged from the shadows one of them let a pair of nu chucks fall from his hand as the other two stood side by side. The taller of the three which was Logan then said "it's funny I used to enjoy the position you gave me in this pack but now I relies how stupid most of the members of it were."

The older of the two Alphas then said "funny I never expected this of you and I never expected these two to be capable of this."

Logan then said "they've had some help and so have I we've all been made a better offer. However it requires we all be Alphas so you need to go."

Logan then leapt at one of the Alphas and fought him well Ethan and Aiden merged together to take on the other. Once the fighting begin the Alphas' Emissary had run off.

Once the job was done they needed to perform one final task and that was to get rid of the emissary. Logan found his contact information on his Phone and Ethan looked it up to find the ext spot where he lived and worked. When they got there they saw him and a women a packing up their things. Logan then said "someone seems to be bailing quickly It's time for you to face your fate. Logan took him on well Aiden forced Ethan to merge with him to take on his companion at that point he didn't care what it would do to his eyes they wanted no survivors.

Logan and the twins then gathered there positions together and packed them into the moving truck that Enis had come in. Th three of them followed him on their Motorcycles Logan on a Harley and the twins on a pair of matching sport bikes.

Once they arrived in Beacon Hills they headed off to an abandoned bank building where Deucalion instructed them to follow a teenage boy and a hired mercenary who was taking him to safety.

The three of them gave chase to them and managed to corner them in a warehouse the twins merged together to try and take them on well Logan looked for another opportunity to ambush them. The Mercenary proved to be smarter than thy looked and was able to give the twin an electric shock that caused them to unmerge. Logan instead of attacking went to check on the twins and the two they were chasing managed to escape.

When they returned to tell Deucalion what had happened he seemed pleased and said "good that annoying teenage boy will tell his pack were her and we mean business. Now we need to prepare for the next stage of our little game."