Hey this is is my first time attempting to write a fan fiction since I ran out of inspiration for my last (and only other) one. Tell me about any spelling or grammar mistakes you see. And any other comments you have.

A man opened his eyes to darkness. An incessant noise roused him from his slumber. The scent of antiseptic served as an unpleasant indicator as to the nature of the room. Hospital? As his vision began to adjust to the darkness he began to look about the room confirming his suspicions. Why would I be in a hospital? While the man was pondering this question, the soft sound of an automatic door sliding open reached his ears. A doctor walked in turning on the lights. He took a seat in the chair by the man's bedside.

"Good evening sir, I take it you are awake now?" The doctor's tone reflected that this was more of a statement of fact than an actual question. "Sir, I'll need to ask you a few questions to help better assess your condition. Are you ready to begin?" The man nodded. "Alright then, first question, do you remember your name."

"My name? … I … I don't know. Why don't I know?!"

"Stay calm sir, this is only temporary. You were brought back from the jaws of death. Some degree of amnesia was almost guaranteed."

"Where am I?"

"You're in a privately funded hospital. One of the finest in the word. It seem you are a close friend of our secretive sponsor. You will receive the finest treatment around, however there seem to be a few unusual conditions."

"Unusual how?"

"The biggest one is that we are not allowed to inform you of anything we know about you beyond your condition and what you remember, not that we knew anything about you to begin with. Another would be that aside from a select number in our staff, no one is permitted to know you are here. There were a handful of other small things but I believe those were the only major two."


"Why are there these rules? I have no idea. It wasn't my place to ask. Don't worry, we'll make sure you have a pleasent stay here." The doctor stood up and began to leave. The door glided gently open once again. The doctor paused. He turned around and called to the man, "I almost forgot, I was told to tell you this phrase, 'Alpha and Omega are dealing with the problem and afterwards will proceed to contingency Sierra-37.' Good night sir." With this the doctor left the room and door slid shut behind him.

Sierra-37. Why does that feel so familiar?

Far from the hospital where amnesiac man lay, two males sat on the floor in a dark room. Their clothing was dark and nondescript. The only thing of note seemed to be that they were dressed identically. One appeared to be resting along the wall. The other seemed to be polishing a silver colored handgun. The one with the polishing the gun broke the silence by calling to the other.

"Are you sure it was alright to leave Master in the care of that man?"

"'That man' is an old friend of Master's. We can trust him." The other man had responded immediately. He was never asleep.

"Like those 'absolutely loyal' subordinates that betrayed Master?" Anger and frustration were clear in his voice.

The other man's voice remained even. "They were sleeper agents. We had no way of knowing. We were lucky one of them turned. If he hadn't, we would never have arrived in time to save master. So may his soul rest in peace."

"Pieces is more accurate Alpha." A chuckle followed this statement.

"You know what I meant Omega." Alpha was unamused by this dark humor.

"I know. Anyways it appears our company is about to make its move."

"Will you do the honors then?"

"Of course."

At this Omega slowly rose to his feet. He pointed the gun in his hands at the door and pulled the trigger. No shot was fired. Nor was there supposed to be.

This "gun" was not actually a gun but a gun shaped specialized CAD. The gun was a modified version of the soon to hit the market Silver Horn model from Magitek. The Silver Horn model was massively upgraded version of the company's old Cornus model which was one of the first handgun CADs ever mass produced. This CAD followed in its distant predecessor's footsteps of being revolutionary. This was the first CAD to be fully optimized to use the only recently introduced Loop Cast System. The modifications were only slight and were probably better described as customizations. A longer barrel for improved targeting and an alternate inscription. Instead of the standard, "Silver Horn" on the barrel, "Silver Trident Ω" was inscribed.

When the trigger was pulled it initiated the Activation Sequence of the magic known as Mist Dispersal. The target set was the heavily armed soldier who was about to break down the door. The soldier disappeared into a small flame and some dust. The reason for this was that the soldier's weapons, clothes, and the soldier himself were immediately broken down into the atoms that made them up. Several atoms spontaneously reacted with oxygen to combust but the majority just drifted away. This spontaneous display of destruction stopped the soldiers in their tracks. Omega pulled his trigger again but this time for a different magic. On the outside, all of the soldiers weapons suddenly disassembled in their hands. Omega pulled the trigger again, this time the door disappeared. Omega slowly walked outside to the completely shocked soldiers.

"You are all sentenced to death. I will be your personal executor. If you have any complaints, bring it up with the Devil in hell." Omega called to the men dryly as he pulled the trigger one final time. This time all but one of remaining soldiers disappeared. The remaining soldier screamed and turned to flee. He suddenly started spasming uncontrollably and fell to the ground twitching.

"You remembered to leave one alive this time." Alpha called strolling out from the small building.

"Alpha, nice shot with the taser. Although couldn't you have used magic?"

"He suffered the most this way without losing his ability to answer our questions this way. Hurry up and get the zip ties on him before he gets up. He's not knocked out."

"Aright. You drive the van, I get him to talk?"

"No, you're driving. You messed up last time and ended up killing them. Also there is no try for me. He'll talk. They always have."

"No, I clearly remember one guy you couldn't get to talk."

"That one doesn't count he had his vocal cords removed. How was I supposed to tell he literally couldn't talk!"

"That one got really messy too. I don't think I would even call what was left a corpse."

"Hey, I cleaned up. Anyways, looks like he's starting to stop twitching. Lets get him in the van before he can start struggling. Sooner we get what we need to know the sooner we can take vengeance for what happened to Master."

"You're right. That takes precedence over all else."

The two dragged the man to a nearby van and tossed him into the back. Alpha climbed in with him and closed the rear door behind him. Omega started the vehicle and drove off. The sound of muffled screams never left the van.

So just to let you know I need names of my split Tatsuyas. This exposition part will keep dragging on if I don't get any name suggestions. And a name for the man in the room. Or I might just use one from cannon. Also let me know if I mess up any magic descriptions. The information change for the CAD was on purpose though. You'll see why eventually. You can also suggest fun abilities for me to give the split Tatsuyas. I'll try to respond to any reviews I get and I'll do my best to update soon(ish).