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Chapter 1:

When Alpha opened his eyes the room was still dark. He could barely see Omega in the darkness but he knew exactly where he was. He always could. Omega was a constant for him as he was for Omega. They could sense each other, read the others actions. Alpha could tell right now that Omega was polishing his favorite CAD, even without their extra sense that much would be obvious. It use to be a way for him to relax and calm down but was now more of a habitual action than anything else. Alpha understood the connection Omega had to his CAD, he shared a similar one to his. After all his own CAD mirrored Omega's just like how he and Omega were mirror images of each other. Alpha smiled. Identical but opposite, even in their choice of favored hand. two sides of the same coin. But now was not the time to reflect on trivial things.

'Are you ready?' These words reverberated in Alpha's mind, not in the room. Omega had "called" to him but not in the traditional sense. Instantaneous telepathic communication. One of the many abilities that connected the two of them. A feat that was believed to be impossible came as easy as breathing to them.

"Omega, you know how I dislike you being in my head." Alpha's words rang out in the room. He did not use telepathy. While they he and Omega could freely converse using telepathy, it came at a high price. Temporary mental degeneration. Repeated use worked almost like a drug, neither would be able to think clearly. Coupled with his anger over his Master's attack, Alpha knew would experience extreme blood lust and likely loose control. Which was why he told Omega to not causally use it.

"Sorry brother, I-" Switching to speaking, Omega seemed apologetic, having forgotten Alpha's wishes. However, Omega just made matters worse.

"It's Alpha right now, Omega. Remember Master's teaching. We must forget ourselves to our parts. Sacrifice who we are so we may become who we must be." Omega slip was seemingly minor but the use of telepathy had left him irritable.

"Don't throw Master's words back at me Alpha. Because remember, Master said, 'Never shy away from your gifts. Rather, embrace them.' He said that we must use our gifts Alpha. For without them, we are nothing!" Faced with a violent response, Omega had replied in kind.

"Now is not the time for those talents. We must refrain for as long as possible. We must not give in to what is easy. If we do we will give into our demons and we will stray from Master's will. Remember Master's other teaching, 'When the tree is sick, do not immediately cut it down. Rather cut off the branches that are infected so that the rest of the tree may live.' We must wait until the time is right. For now we must remain men so that we may destroy only that which must be destroyed. No more, no less."

"I understand. Please forgive my outburst." Their conflict was short lived, resulting only from the small use of telepathy.

"There is nothing to be forgiven. So now the question is, are you ready?"

Omega smiled, "Of course. I would never have asked you if I wasn't."

"Shall we go over what we know one last time?"

"If you wish."

"Then let's." Alpha reached inside his jacket and removed a small black cube and placed it on the floor. As soon as he did the cube opened began projecting holographic images into the room (although in truth the imaging system was slightly different from that of a hologram). Various faces began appearing with information regarding them along side it. This was simply a virtual display compiling of all the information regarding the attack on their Master they had. They could navigate via the now commonplace though input system. However, this input was far more advanced than any on the market and customized for Alpha and Omega's use.

"We might as well skip over Master's attack. We already dealt with those directly responsible." As Omega spoke several images dissipated from the projection and were replaced by others.

"Let's begin with what we got off that one man then." At this several images drew to the foreground of the projection. "We know right now that there are several other syndicates involved in this attack. We also know that our organization itself is likely compromised and at this point we don't know who we can trust. That man seemed to be part of a cleaner unit from one of the syndicates. By the time we got that out of him he was delirious so we must take everything he said with a grain of salt. We did get the location of its operational base, but when we got there they had already cleaned it out. Lucky for us they didn't take their trash with them."

"Your regrowth saved us there. We would never have known about all the groups involved if not it." Omega looked over the data with curious eyes. "I suspect a major power paid off this organisation to assist and cover for their operation. It seems a bit to well organised to have been anything else."

"I agree it seems like we are at the start of a big conspiracy. I for one don't like that."

"Great, we have to sort through who was involved and who wasn't. And I was hopping this would be a quick purge."

"Let's start small with this one. At the base level everyone is guilty to some extent. It seems we have several branches of a large international syndicate made moves against us along with some more local ones under their influence. The higher ups are hiding in small countries with corrupt governments that are actively assisting in hiding them. So let's deal with the local ones first and see how everything reacts. And let's just hit them in order of whose closest. We need to do as much as possible in one night."

"Since these were the front line grunts I assume we get rid of them all?"

"We need to save most of the bodies for the the police."

"Let's use conventional methods as much as possible too. Let's have the police think there's a massive gang war. Plus this will keep heat off of magicians."

"Smart thinking. But let's not just have them think there's one, let's start one. Are you thinking the usual? Torch a few buildings, car bombs, and have a shoot out or two?" Alpha asked.

"Let's keep it quiet tonight and save the fun for later " At this both chuckled. They were done discussing. Now was time for action.

The night was cold. The warm of the day had long since faded and men were huddling by a heater for warmth in a small building. The building was little more than a run down auto shop which had not been open for over three years. In that short amount of time the building had gone to waste. The windows had been broken long ago and the walls were covered with graffiti. For some time it was the home for many drug addicts and the homeless. However recently it became the property of one of the larger gangs in the city. This gang was nothing special, it dealt the usual drugs, stole cars, usual black mail, occasional kidnappings and hit jobs. Unfortunately for this gang it took one job it should never have. With that one mistake their lives were forfeit, and now they were living on borrowed time. Unfortunately for them, tonight was the night their reapers were making their rounds.

From a van several blocks down, Omega "looked" over the building analyzing all of it. Looked here was not meant in the conventional sense but rather he analyzed the building from the information dimension. With this "sight" he was able to "see" the poor defenses of the building. 'Two guards out front both armed with automatics, two more around back with shotguns. Looks like another is sleeping by the front door. He only has a handgun. There are five in the back room with a lot of money and drugs. Three of them are sleeping and the other two are huddled up by the heater they put in the center of the room. There's some women tied up the closet. That seems like an odd place for the hostages.'

'That's because they probably are not hostages. Recent kidnapping victims. Probably going to be sold into prostitution or ransomed for money. Or both. Remember for them to be hostages they would have to know we were coming. And have I told you recently how much I dislike you in my head?' Alpha voice resounded in Omega's head.

'Yes. You told me this before every raid tonight. Quit complaining. Its time for demons to play again.'

'Fine then. Let's give the police a little present after this time. It will be their lucky break, less criminals, "save" a few women, and a treasure trove of evidence to find all over the city. We'll alert the police when we're done. Remember no magic.'

'You're such a killjoy. Can I get rid of the two out front first? We can't take them out without alerting the rest.'

There was a pause before Alpha responded. 'Alright, just leave no trace of them. And do it silently.'

At this Omega smiled. 'When have I ever not?' He reached to the seat beside him to grab his favorite CAD. He pointed it in the general direction of the building and pulled the trigger. The magic activated, and the men were no more.

Let's go. I'll pick the lock then I need you to quickly and silently subdue the man by the door. We'll deal with the two in the back and then move to the back room. You know, hearing you in my head for so long has made me want to kill something.'

'There's the blood lust I was waiting for. Your more fun this way.'

'Let's still keep it quiet so we don't have to deal with a firefight.'

'Sounds good to me.'

'Alright then, let's begin.' With Alpha giving the green light, Omega stepped out of the van and headed to the rear. He opened up the back of the car and began grabbing the weapons he desired from his modest arsenal. His newest silenced handgun, two flash bangs, one grenade, and an excessive amount of ammunition, and his favorite knife were all he grabbed. By then Omega could tell Alpha had arrived. With no more need to communicate Omega closed the back door and began following Alpha. Alpha reached the door first and made short work of the simple lock with a set of lock picks.

Alpha "called" to Omega 'After you'

Omega did not bother responding. He reached out toward the door and slowly opened it. The man on the inside was still asleep. Omega crept towards the man silently. He drew his knife from its leather sheath. The blade glinted slightly in the moon light. When the man was within reach, Omega calmly covered his mouth and in one fluid motion slid his blade across the man's throat. Dark red blood immediately began flowing out from the cut in a rhythmic bursts. The man's eyes snapped open, terror present in his eyes. Pathetic gurgles replaced his screams. Omega removed his hand to avoid the blood. The man fell from his chair, the blood now flowing from his mouth as well. He reached towards Omega and then with a final gurgle, was still. His blood still pooled out under him, staining the floors. Omega stepped over the man's body and slowly walked to the back. Alpha followed after without sparing a glance at the dead man.

The two approached the rear door. By the usual habit for them, Omega would take the one on the right and Alpha would take the one on the left. This was an unspoken rule for them. Alpha was left, Omega was right. This principle was a part of their very core. It was even expressed in their favored hands, even though they were ambidextrous. With a glance at Alpha and seeing his nod of approval, Omega yanked open the door and charged to the right. The man he charged towards was too shocked to move and before he could even make a sound Omega had already plunged his knife into the man's neck. With a flick of his wrist he sent the knife tearing through the man's flesh. With his left arm he shoved the man off the steps. He glanced down on the man struggling to reach the gun he dropped. He's still trying. Omega dropped down beside the man and delivered a strong kick to the man's side. The man was tossed away as if he weighed nothing. With a wet gurgling sound the man was still. Omega walked over and cleaned his knife on the man's body. Omega turned around to find Alpha cleaning his knife on his target's body, whose head seemed to be cut off.

'Didn't get it in one cut this time?'

'Forgot to sharpen my knife since the last one.' Alpha replied with with a disappointed look on his face. Omega shook his head but "said" nothing in response. He knew Alpha had a fixation with decapitations with his knife kills. It was his trademark kill, even though it was a bit inefficient.

'How do you plan on killing the one's inside?'

'Break down the door and shoot fast.'

'Have I ever told you that I like you better when you're like this?'

Alpha gave no response instead he hurried to the door to the back room. Omega smiled and rushed after him. He arrived just in time to Alpha step back in preparation to break down the door, his gun ready for use. Alpha paused and looked over to Omega. He quickly drew his own gun. With a nod to Alpha the breach began. As Alpha kicked down the door Omega quickly shot one round at his target on the right. Both men crumpled, blood leaking from their heads. The man on the left soon followed as Alpha strode into the room. Three more muffled shots were heard signaling that Alpha had finished his portion of the room.

Omega quickly walked over to the closet where the women were. He yanked open the door and called to the women, "We're going to set you free now. No screaming. Got it?" The women frantically nodded tears streaming from their eyes. Omega reached for his knife and began cutting the women free.

Alpha walked over after checking the bodies for anything of note and started helping. He said to the women, "Leave now or wait for the police. It's your choice. Also take as much of the money as you want when you leave." The two worked quickly and soon had freed all of the women. The two stood up and began walking out.

"Who are you two." One of the women called after them.

"I'm a demon of beginnings." Replied Alpha.

"And I'm a demon of endings." Omega replied in turn. The response was automatic from them, as they had used it countless times before.

With this the two ran out of the building and towards Omega's van. Alpha called back to Omega who trailing behind slightly. "We leave your car. It has all the evidence we want the police to find. Put gloves on and put a few shots into the car with the gun in the bag I put in there last time. Then dump the gun in the nearest dumpster. I'll meet you with our car a block down."

"The gun has the prints we need?"

"Yes and van itself will hopefully lead them to the other planted vans in the city. They'll have enough evidence to take down several of the remaining gangs and whatever is left of the one's we hit. And a few dirty cops too."

"We're calling it a night after this right?"

Alpha smiled tiredly, "Of course. We've done enough for the night."

The by time the police arrived on seen the two were long gone.

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