Just a random little fun thing I wrote, born from a prompt on the NaNoWriMo forums. It probably occurs between Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 of The Voice Within.

The halls of Autobot Outpost Omega One were awfully quiet. Much too quiet for Violetwind's liking. The place gave off a eerie feeling without the usually hubbub of activity.

Walking into the main room she glanced around, her gaze coming to rest on the only bot present. "Um, Ratchet? Where is everyone?"

The mech gave her a sidelong glanced before turning back to the monitor. "They're checking a possible energon sighting."

"Oh, ok..." Noticing that the children's area was empty she added, "Um, what about the kids?"

Without turning to her he grunted, "No idea."

She tilted her helm, "Well, are they here or not?"

"Last I saw they were headed down one of the halls. Now if you'll please excuse me, I've got work to do."

"Um, ok then..." The femme walked off, not feeling any better after Ratchet's gruff attitude.

That wasn't too friendly, the voice in her head commented.

"Because you're so friendly too..." she muttered.

Hey, I'm better than that grump.

"Right sure..."

All of a sudden, her inner voice was forgotten as she felt a cold wet sensation on the back of her legs. Pausing she turned around to see what might have caused it.

What she saw was Miko pointing a large multicoloured weapon, resembling a gun with a round container on the top.

Seeing that she was spotted the girl lifted her weapon above her head with a yell, "Charge!"

Violetwind was confused about who the girl was talking to when the boys jumped out from behind a door. They both held similar weapons to Miko except in different colours. Lifting the guns, Jack and Raf squirted water at the femme.

"Hey," she held out her hands as shields against the water coming her way.

"Keep firing," yelled Miko. "We're beating her down!"

"What's with the attack?" Violetwind took a step back, ducking her head as she received an unexpected squirt to the face.

Jack smirked but didn't offer a response, while Raf giggled.

She grinned, dodging some more water. "Guys."

"For general gloominess and having no fun at all," replied Miko with smug grin, aiming for the femme's face again.

"And to try out our new water guns," added Jack.

The femme let out a small shriek as the icy water found a sensitive spot between the armour plating at her waist. "Hey, stop it! Where did you guys get that water? The freezer?"

"No," replied Raf squirting at her thigh.

The girl grinned mischievously. "But close."

"We put a few ice cubes in. Miko thought it might have more of an effect than just water," admitted Jack.

Stepping back again, Violetwind tried to ignore the cold water seeping between the joints in her legs. As uncomfortable as it was, she knew it wasn't harmful. "Well, she was right."

"Come on guys, we've almost got her!" yelled Miko, moving forward, her gaze scrutinizing the bot's leg.

Seeing the girl approach with the possible intent to climb her frame, the femme backed away down the hall. "Miko don't," she warned, "I don't want you getting caught up in my joints. Bulkhead would kill me if anything happened to you."

"Then don't move," the girl smirked, moving closer.

"I... I think I'd rather you just didn't climb me." Violetwind turned tail and ran off down the hallway.

"After her!"

Being much larger than the kids, she quickly lost them in the hallways of the base. Running into the main hub she raced past Ratchet, calling out as she did so, "You never saw me."

The medic raised an optic ridge at her but did not reply. He simply watched as she jumped down the edge of the ground bridge to the lower area that enabled him to do maintenance on it. The femme ducked down, hiding from sight and he went back to his work, not even bothering to question what was going on.

It wasn't a minute later when the kids raced into the room.

"Where'd she go?" Miko turned her head about wildly, searching for any sigh of their target.

Rafael walked up to the mech, "Ratchet, have you seen Violetwind?"


"Which way did she go, Doc Bot?"

He glanced over to where the femme was hiding, earning wide grins from the three children.

Sneaking forward, Jack raised a finger to his lips.

The trio snuck over to the edge, chuckling quietly as they spotted her purple armour. Raising their guns they took aim.

"Eeeeep!" a loud shriek echoed through the base. The cold water seeped through her joints and into her more sensitive parts.

Raising her arms she tried to use them as shields. However, it was ineffective. They simply weren't able to protect her from all the water being shot at her.

"Please stop," she cried out but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Having no other alternative she tried to make a break for it. Climbing out of the maintenance level of the ground bridge she had almost made it when she tripped, smacking her chin on the ground.

"Now!" shouted Miko, leading the charge.

Before she could get up Violetwind found herself overwhelmed by the kids. They climbed onto her back, squirting the icy water into her joints. She shuddered from the cold but otherwise made an effort to remain still, not wanting to risk accidentally hurting them.

"Ratchet, help me!"

The mech glanced over at her. Hiding a smile, he turned his attention back to his work. "I'm afraid you are on your own."

"Ratchet..." she whined, but he didn't respond.

"Victory!" cheered the teen girl.

"I am so going to get you for this," grumbled the femme playfully.

A small groan came from Raf. "I'm out of water..."

Not long after, a similar noise came from Miko. "Scrap. The tank's empty. I'm gonna go get some more."

"Oh, no you don't." as the girl ran by Violetwind snatched the water gun from her hands.

"Hey! Give that back!"

"And have you shoot more cold water at me. I don't think so."

"Humph." The girl folded her arms glaring at the femme.

All she received in return was a cheeky grin.

Having finished off his tanks as well, Jack had decided to take a seat, leaning against the bot's door wing. Raf did the same to her other one. Neither seemed the mind the dampness.

Seeing the boys settle down, Miko decided she wanted to join them. Scrambling onto the femme's back she lay down, resting her hands behind her back.

The feeling of the three smaller beings sitting against her armour plating, was odd. Though, not uncomfortable. Their tiny bodies were warm, a welcome change from the cold water.

The four of them stayed like that for a while, before Violetwind broke the silence, "So... do you guys plan on getting off me any-time soon, so I can get up?"

"Not on your life."

"Scrap..." she groaned, earning chuckles from the humans. With a sigh the femme resigned herself to her fate. It would be a long afternoon.