This story takes place shortly after Bonnie returns. Klaus does not have baby Hope in this story, and there is no Kai.

Warning: This is a dark fic. There are possible triggers (physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse.) I have warned you. Klaus is not a good guy at all in this story.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I just wrote the story.

Chapter 1

Klaus was bored and his best form of entertainment was wrecking havoc on others, so he decided to pay his least favorite supernaturals in Mystic Falls a visit. As he strolled thru the center of town, he noticed an unfamiliar store front from across the street whose marquee read DANCE in bright red block letters. But what caught his attention was one Bonnie Bennett clad in nothing but a black sports bra and matching black boy-shorts that were sinfully small. She was whirling around the open space in a manner that woke the beast within him.

'And here I thought Ms. Bennett was dead' Klaus thought to himself as he continued to watch her seductive hips sway. 'This all just got far more interesting.'

After her final class of young dancer left for the evening, Bonnie shoved her arms into the sleeves of her oversized zip-up hoodie allowing it to hang lazily over her shoulders. She turned off all the lights in her new dance studio, (a welcome back to life gift from her new best friend Damon Salvatore) and proceeded to lock the front door. As she made her way to her car her cell phone buzzed with an incoming text message.

'We need you at the boarding house… Klaus is back'


Bonnie hopped in her car, and sped all the way there. She walked into the living room were Damon, Stefan, Elena, Alaric, Caroline, and Matt stood guarded while Klaus sat comfortably on the sofa with his legs crossed at the ankles.

"Well now that the gangs all here, shall we get started?" Klaus said rising to his feet.

"Cut the crap Klaus. What do you want?" Caroline asked.

"Now- Now love, is that any way to speak to a former lover?" He smirked toward Stefan but continued speaking to Caroline. "Just because you've moved on, doesn't mean you have to go burning bridges."

She hung her head in defeat. "Just tell us why you're here."

Klaus smiled. "You all didn't think I would allow you to make numerous attempts on my life without demanding some sort of retribution? It's time to pay up, a life for a life. Or did you all forget you were responsible for my brother's untimely demise?"

Damon and Stefan instinctively stepped protectively in front of Elena. Klaus laughed shaking his head.

"I never will understand why you Salvatore's covet mere mediocrities when something far more interesting is flourishing right under your nose." He said staring at Bonnie while walking towards her. He stopped behind her, and bent down to smell her neck. "Mmmmm, something so deliciously tempting." She smelled like femininity, and power, and something he has not smelled on an adult woman in a long time… Purity!"

He looked at Damon, and frowned. "You're even dumber than I thought."

Damon furrowed his brow. "What do you want Klaus?"

Klaus walked back to the center of the room, and tilted his head in Bonnie's direction. "I want the witch!"

The room grew eerily silent until Damon spoke up, "absolutely not!"

Klaus walked back behind Bonnie. "Why not, from what hear you spent months alone with her." Klaus chuckled darkly and grabbed Bonnie by her hips pulling her closer to him. He sniffed her neck again. "And yet she remains untouched." He ran his open palm across her exposed tummy. "I assure you I won't be making that same mistake."

Damon yanked Bonnie out of Klaus's grip. "Absolutely not!" He reiterated.

Klaus stalked toward them, and Bonnie flicked her wrist trying to keep him away with her magic to no avail.

"Do you really think after our last few encounters, I wouldn't take the proper precautions to prevent you from using magic on me?" Klaus said loudly.

"Fuck you Klaus, I'm not going anywhere with you?" Bonnie yelled.

Klaus grabbed her face. "Such a wicked tongue, I look forward to taming you love!"

She slapped his hand away, so he turned to face everyone else in the room. "I'll let you all decided then. What will it be, the witch or the doppelganger? Let me rephrase that, a dead doppelganger, or the witch alive by my side?"

Bonnie shivered. She knew where this was going. Damon sensed her anxiety, and grabbed her hand.

"Shall we take a vote then? Stefan who should I take?" Klaus asked.

Stefan dropped his head and whispered, "Bonnie."

Bonnie cringed even though she knew he would vote that way.

Klaus smiled wider. "Elena, what's your vote love?"


Bonnie's heart broke. She knew Elena was selfish, but she didn't even pretend to think about it.

"Matt?" Klaus continued.

"Elena" Matt announced proudly. I refuse to hand Bonnie over to you."

Bonnie smiled at Matt. Klaus giggled in surprise, and Elena narrowed her eyes at him. Matt just shrugged his shoulders.

"Caroline?" Klaus continued.

"I'm not choosing between my two best friends." Caroline replied crying.

Klaus sped over to Elena and picked her up by her throat. "Let me make this easy on you Caroline, Dead doppelganger or a living witch?"

"Bonnie" Caroline whispered.

Bonnie's tears immediately started falling. She couldn't believe this was happening. She escaped the prison world just to be handed over to Klaus by her so called friends.

"Damon?" Klaus asked.

Damon squeezed Bonnie's hand tighter, so she looked up at him. When her eyes met his, she could tell he was torn. She looked down, and he knew. He knew what she was about to do. "Don't you dare!" He gritted out.

"It's fine. I'll go with you." Bonnie said shaking her head.

"Like hell you will." Damon yelled out.

"Decision made." Klaus said as he quickly snatched Bonnie and sped out the door. And just like that she was gone. Damon fell to his knees at the realization. Caroline and Elena cried, Matt shook his head and stormed out.

"I'll never stop looking for you." Damon whispered.

Stefan placed his hand on his brother's shoulder. "She'll be okay."

"No she won't." Damon replied before he stood to his feet and headed to his room.

Bonnie spent the next four hours quietly staring out of the car window fearing what life will throw at her next. Before she knew it Klaus was pulling the car into the garage of a secluded three story cabin.

"Where are we?" She asked quietly.

To which he responded, "Home. Get out."

They walked into the rustic cabin and Bonnie stayed planted by the door.

"Come see your room." Klaus ordered.

Bonnie hesitantly followed him up the stairs taking in the modern/rustic décor. He led her to the third floor, down a long hallway, and thru the last door at the end of the hall. The room was ginormous with a large wooden canopy bed with all white bedding situated opposite a beautiful fireplace as the focal point. The room was also furnished with a matching desk, vanity, dresser, and bookshelf. An ensuite bathroom with a jetted tub, separate shower, separate toilet stall, and two empty walk in closets made up the rest of the room.

Klaus leaned against the dresser as Bonnie cautiously stood across the room from him with her arms wrapped around her tiny body.

"Take off your clothes!" Klaus demanded.

Bonnie's eyes got real wide. "No" she cried shaking her head backing away.

Klaus was holding her by her hair before she even had time to think. He yanked her head back so hard she was sure he partially scalped her.

"I will not tolerate insubordination. You belong to me now, and you will do as I say. I will break you into submission. Now take-off—your-clothes."

Hot tears were streaming down her face. "No." She said again.

Klaus back-handed her, and she hit the floor with a loud thud. He picked her up by one ankle and dragged her across the room.

"Don't do this Klaus please. I'll do anything. Just please don't do this." She began begging.

He threw her on the bed and started undressing himself.

"Oh God please." She said while trying to scramble off the other side of the bed.

He hit her in the face again, and she saw stars. Her head fell onto the bed as she hazily watched him finish undressing. He pulled her closer to him and easily ripped the clothes from her body. As he climbed on top of her she mustered up all her energy, and punched him in the face. He laughed wickedly and held her hands above her head with one of his own.

"You'll pay for that." He said while using his other hand to spread her legs.

"Klaus please" she begged again.

"Please what?" He yelled thunderously while he rammed himself into her.

She screamed so loud the entire house shook. He thrust in and out of her barbarically until she couldn't scream or cry anymore. The tears dried up at the same time her voice died. When he finally erupted inside of her, he tore into her neck to feed from her. He also fed from both her thighs then flung her battered body to the opposite side of the bed.

"Get some sleep." He said coldly.

Bonnie shivered all night though she was unsure if it were because she was cold from not being able to move to cover herself, or if it were because she was in so much pain.

When morning finally came, Klaus got out of the bed. He covered her with a warm blanket.

"God I love virgins." He said happily kissing her on the forehead. "And witches" he added while leaving the room. "I'm never letting you go."

When he closed the door behind him, the tears came again. Bonnie cried herself to sleep.

A/N: My intentions are not to offend anyone. I'm just telling a story. If this story is to heavy for you, don't read it. It will eventually get better for poor Bonnie though.