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Chapter 21

Klaus stood motionless with his pants around his ankles. It took him several seconds to realize what was going on. His little hellcat of a wife managed to get away from him. He quickly pulled his pants up, and headed for the door. He was boiling, and quickly lost control. He tore through the house destroying everything, and everyone in his path. When there was nothing left to wreck, he sat down on the floor clutching his head. He tried to make sense of what he'd just done… the carnage he left behind, how Bonnie always managed to bring out the monster in him. From the very first night he spent with her, he knew something wasn't right. Before that night, Klaus had never taken a woman against her will. He never even wanted to. Woman threw themselves at his feet. Bonnie was different though. He reacted different to her. From the moment he saw her at her studio dancing, something inside of him demanded he take her. 'Claim Her!' The voice in his head yelled. 'She's Ours!' It compelled him to act. And when he finally had her to himself, he couldn't control the beast inside of him. He tried so hard to stay in control because he knew she was terrified. There was a part of him that wanted her to want him, but he couldn't silence the voice booming in his head. 'Take her… Claim her before someone else does…' And when she refused to undress, the voice grew louder. 'Show her who she belongs to.' 'Take what's yours.' So he did, and he never felt any remorse. But now, as he sat on the floor of his destroyed mansion, he wanted to know why.

"You don't deserve her!"

Klaus' head jerked up in surprise, and his eyes landed on his annoyingly stoic brother. "There are better ways to keep the fairer sex by your side."

Klaus rolled his eyes. "Please enlighten me brother… before I find the energy to rip your throat out."

"Woman like Bonnie come once in a lifetime. It never crossed your mind to seduce her? Love her? Respect her? Cherish her?

By the end of his rant, the bass in Elijah's voice had tripled, and he somehow stood two inches taller. Klaus almost backed up, but he refused to cower.

"She's my wife!" Klaus shrieked.

"And that gives you the right to rape her, beat her, and force a child on her."

"She adores that boy." Klaus defended.

"Because she is a good woman! Because she has a good heart. You don't deserve her." Elijah reiterated.

"And you do?" Klaus was now on his feet, nose to nose with his brother. "Is that it brother… you want my wife for yourself?"

Elijah said nothing, but continued to stare his brother down.

"Break it up boys." Rebekha cut in.

"Elijah, please?"

Both finally relented, and looked toward their little sister.

"Where is she?"

Klaus asked, a hint of desperation in his voice.

Rebekha grimaced.

"We were going to ask you the same thing. What did you do to her?"

"My wife. My business!" Klaus growled as he stormed from the room, Elijah and Rebecca on his heels.

Bonnie ran through the woods, not entirely sure where she was going. She knew she had to get to Damon, but she wasn't sure what effect a magical world would have on her son. Split second decision made, she decided to run toward the boarding house. Not bothering to knock; she burst through the door, ran up the stairs, and buckled at the foot of Stefan's bed. She couldn't believe how soundly Stefan and Caroline were sleeping. Her gut twisted at the thought of what she had gone through as they slept peacefully. Words refused to escape her lips as she kneeled over breathing heavily. Exhausted from her vigorous run, she held her toddler tighter to her small frame. Her son's reactive cry is what finally woke the sleeping vampires. Caroline sprung to her feet gently taking the small child from Bonnie's painful grip while Stefan pulled the tiny witch to his chest where she could sob, and clinch him as tightly as she needed.

Caroline noticed the torn button and zipper on her friends jeans that were struggling to stay up on her hips. She also noticed those hips were free of any sign of underwear. Needing no further clues to guess why Bonnie was so distraught, Caroline took it upon herself to take the small child out of the room.

"Momma!" Nikolas cried.

"Shhh it's okay, momma's okay."

Caroline soothed the crying child while closing the door behind her.

"I need your help Stefan! I need to get to Damon, and I can't take my baby with me."


Stefan was confused. He witnessed Klaus rip his brother's heart out. The other side no longer existed. How was she going to get to Damon? And if she could bring Damon back, maybe she could bring Elena back too?

"Elena?" He questioned hopefully.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. Of course Stefan would be thinking of his precious doppelganger at a time like this! But Bonnie didn't have time to explain things to him. Damon was lucky enough to be tied to the prison world… there was no coming back for Elena. Ignoring his hopeful gaze, Bonnie got busy working on a spell that would charm the entire boarding house. Caroline, Stefan, and her son would be able to hide in plain sight so long as they stayed inside the Salvatore home. It took Bonnie less than thirty minutes to spell the entire mansion and kiss her son goodbye. She was standing in the foyer of the 1994 boarding house moments later drained of energy.

Not sensing Damon, she managed to drag her tiny frame up the stairs and into his lavish bathroom where she soaked in a hot bath before passing out on his bed. Bonnie was exhausted. Between casting several powerful spells and being subjected to Klaus' acrimony, she had nothing left.

Damon didn't make it home until close to 4:00 a.m. He stayed out for a long time trying to get another glimpse at Bonnie. He had no idea how he was able to see her, but he had a strong feeling that it had something to do with them being in the same place at the same time… he didn't want to leave her.

Hours later, standing at the foot of his bed, he was elated. Bonnie was curled up under his hefty quilt. At first glance he couldn't tell if she was real, or a dream. But after sniffing the air, he smelled the amazing mixture of vanilla and extreme power. Scents that were unique to Bonnie Bennett. She was there in the flesh. He didn't question how, or why she was there. He just fell into bed next to her. She naturally curled into him, and he went to sleep holding her tightly. They could talk about the how's, why's, and when's after they both got some much needed rest!

Bonnie flittered thru the following week dispassionately. With Damon's help she managed to come up with a plan to force the cure down Klaus' throat. She knew they were running short on time. Klaus would eventually figure out how to find them. Frustrations caused tempers at the boarding house to flare. Everyone was on edge about Klaus, and Bonnie hadn't yet come up with the spell to keep him trapped in wolf form.

"Nothing yet?" Damon asked.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. Damon was being a pain in the ass, especially with her. He knew exactly how to work her last nerve, and she had no clue why he was giving his all to do so. She was physically, emotionally, and soulfully drained. She needed Damon to be more understanding, more loving, and more nurturing. She wanted him to wrap his arms around her tightly, hold her close, and tell her everything was going to be okay. But for whatever reason, he was refusing to do so.

" I'm trying!" She snapped at him. "This isn't easy you know? I am tied to him by blood now. If he dies, I die."

Now it was Damon's turn to roll his eyes.

" Stop throwing that it my face!" He snapped back at her.

Bonnie stormed off trying her best not to cry, but failing miserably.

200 miles away Rebekah was seeking the help of an ex witch. She had a plan of her own to help her sister-in-law. She hated the idea of betraying her brother, but Bonnie had been through enough. She deserved her 'happily ever after.' And Rebekah was going to see to it that she got it!

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