"Keep it tight here," she patted her stomach watching Bruce shake as he tired and balance himself on the stairway railing that was two floors, maybe three floors high.

"If you can hit me…. I'll let you kiss me." She flung bread at him, hitting him repeatedly. She saw him smiling, and what seemed to actually be trying to get this kiss from her. He did succeed but she didn't tell him, she just wanted their game to continue.

She entered through the window letting the wind blow the curtains, "Your security still sucks."

"No one's hunting me. What are you doing here?"

"Came to give this back." she handed him the bag.

He looked inside. All the stuff she stole."Thanks but you didn't have to."

"Yeah. Let's keep things honest between us. Besides I keeping this anyway," she showed him a sliver box with a design of a circle with wings. He came closer looking at it and she took the chance to kiss him. She duck down at the smaller yet older boy and kissed his lips lightly.

"Listen I came here to tell you to stop hassling me, okay?" she continued with "I lied okay!" she left. She didn't lie but she was afraid of bringing her dangers to Bruce.

She walked through the stone walled halls of the Arabian Castle. Candles lit every hall; Head of the Demon wasn't much of a fan for electricity and only some technology, the only kind that would benefit him. Her fingers brushed through the rough ridges, it reminded her of the bricked buildings in Gotham she used to go to or walk pass.

Her heels clicked against the stone floor and the clicks echoed. Click. Echo. Click. Echo. Click. Echo. She remembered hearing the bottom of her boots in Gotham hitting the flooring being more silent whenever she walked, although even with heels she could be silent. But this damned Arabian Castle was silent, everyone was quite, the only time you heard something was when someone was beating up another or killing another or her heels clicking through the halls. It wasn't much of a difference compared to Gotham. In Gotham, you would hear cars and music but then you always heard someone being up another or killing another.

She entered a chamber through a heavy door, not really sure what material not really going to care. He was in armor and a heavy designed silk robe over it, looking out of an arched window that showed white mountain tops onto of green grass mountains that were connected to green valleys. She walked in and didn't bow or go on one knee. She stood there knowing he knew she was there. Her arms were tense and ready if he had a surprise attack coming from above or through the door. She always had blades, and at times a wipe, on her knowing there are some surprises in store at time to see if she was still his perfect protégé he had trained. She eyed him down waiting for anything. Waiting for seconds which turned to minutes, which turned into what felt like forever.

He turned around, outlast, his hair was white and black, his usually strange mustache that was mostly on the sides of his mouth. And his dead eyes that only carried the emotions of vengeance, hatred and no that was pretty much it. Her eyes didn't show any emotion, she looked at him dead on. His Daughters would usually respond or show some kind of emotion (mostly anger), no they would usually show him more respect with bowing, staying down on one knee, and calling him some absurd name like the 'great one'. "You are to go to Rome," simply said, but she knew it was to kill some person, but most of them pretty much always had a reason to die, Ra's did have some reasonable kills. She was prepared to walk away, and turned around when he spoke again, "Selina," she hated when he spoke her name, just the way she heard it out of his mouth made her want to kill him even more. "I presume you'll be taking Ra'd?" she could have sworn he was going to say more but he didn't he just said that.

"Only if I may Demon." She responded with a monotone voice.

"You may. Leave tonight, you have several targets that aren't just in Rome." Again she nodded, then walked away.

She walked to her chamber. Roomy, with a comfortable bed, windows as large as a door, drawers. There really wasn't much in her room. She had certain items that she always took with her, like a specific little sliver box she took from Bruce not sure why but it was important to her. She kept her clothes that arrived within the bottom dresser, but always left them there, besides for her goggles. And a necklace with a Cat that she wore only when she left the castle. She packed her things, not much really, mostly weapons, her favorite the whip, and some clothing. She put the necklace on and left her room with her backpack.

Ra'd is muscular and tall, he was bigger than most assassins and taller than her by about seven inches. But oddly enough being the stronger taller looking one, he was the kindest, cliché? Yes. Weird to find that in an Arabian Castle filled with assassins. He still killed with no mercy but he was a great friend and better than all of these other fools. But besides his bodily build he also had eyes that struck her and a nice shaven patch of hair that wasn't too short. Also not to mention he was given (yes given as in like given a present for a birthday.) to her by the Demon himself, her own personal body guard and personal match and trained with her if she wasn't with Ra's.

"Ra'd." She called out from a balcony, as he wrestled with his friend, shirtless. Every tattoo shown, the dragon, the tiger, and the phoenix, she also saw his glimmering sliver chain necklace around his neck, the only thing that mattered to him like her sliver box and cat necklace. He looked up and saw Selina's beautiful young face. He let go, understanding they had a mission to complete. He quickly went inside, up the stairs and to the balcony where Selina was standing.

"Kitte," he kneed down. She was respected by most assassins, due to her being a protégé of the Demon's Head, but even though he knew her real name he persisted on calling her by the Arabic name unless they were alone.

"No need for the kneeling bullshit, I have a mission and I need you." She didn't need him for protection. She just used him so she could talk to someone.

"How long is this mission?"

"Not sure. A while is all he said. We'll get more information on the plane."

He grunted, "Have you met the Demons new man in training?"

"No, don't really care. But does he seem like he'll last?" She remembered Ra's last man in training. Died in less than three months, couldn't live up to the Demon's expectations.

"Well he's been here for over a week, surprised you haven't seen or met him. And he's with the Demon quite a lot."

They walked to his room. It was a little less roomy, smaller windows, little smaller bed but still big enough for his body, and drawers and closets. He barely had anything at all. Not much clothes either. She looked out his medium sized window, saw lights of houses on. "What's his name?" she spoke breathing on the window.

"Call him the Bat," he laughed.

"What no Arabic for that?" He shrugged, she rolled her eyes. "He just better not mess up our plans," she gave him a look with a grimace on her face.

Echoes went through the halls, with the clicking of her heels and Ra'd's laughter. They carried both of their black backpacks, Selina was in a black crop top turtle neck, her necklace clear to see, and black pants, Ra'd was in a black t-shirt and black pants as well. Her hair was up with side bangs covering one of her green eyes.

They passed dozens of chambers and headed down stairs that passed one of the training arenas. Man beating up man. Nyssa was sword fighting with eight others. Talia watched from a balcony above. Ra'd and Selina passed through the area, Talia eyeing them down. Or was she eyeing down the man Selina was about to pass who was getting his ass beaten. She approached them and watched. His stance was off. He wasn't focused. He needed to read his opponents more. She saw other skills from other places but he didn't have assassin skill, but even with those other skills he should know how to use them to his advantage. "Stop." Selina said breaking the two men up who were circling each other. Both looked at her and the man who was covered completely besides for his eyes kneeled down.

"What's the matter Kitte?" the man who kneeled down asked in Arabic.

"What's your name?"

"He's the Bat," Ra'd spoke from behind.

She smiled at that. The Bat. He was like Ra'd tall, muscular, but as cruel as it may be better looking. He's handsome features of a strong jaw, blue eyes, dark hair but those blue eyes where powerful and striking to her, but also familiar. "You're American?"

"Yes," he answered but surprised when he heard no accent like Talia's or Ducard's in this woman's voice, although she didn't really have the features of them.

Selina smiled a greedy, evil smile as she knew there was no other American in this damned place and knew that the look in his eyes told her that he wouldn't screw up her plans,"read your opponent and pay close attention to your surroundings, it can help you a lot," with that she walked away swaying her hips, "instead of watching him help him Talia, wouldn't want you to lose another lover," she teased and winked up at Talia.

"Do not talk to the daughter of the Demon's-!"

She didn't finish as Selina put up the middle finger at her and told her to "fuck off". With that Selina and Ra'd walked out to where the plane was.

"Coordinates are here Kitte," man in full armor gave her a paper, then handed her a file, "and your targets are these men."

She nodded.

'Kitte' advice had helped. He smiled and watched her as she left and then did what she told him. Ducard had told him the same continuously about his surroundings but reading his opponents helped.

He was in the ice bath now thinking about her striking green eyes, her swaying hips. No you didn't come here to meet woman. Focus. Gotham, that's your main priority. But it doesn't hurt to know more about her. He then thought about how odd she fit in here. She didn't have any of the features of anyone here. She couldn't a daughter of the Demon due to the first fact but also because Talia said for her not to talk to the daughter of the Ra's, she wouldn't have is Kitte was a daughter as well. But also she was respected with people kneeling before and having her own personal guard it seemed. In addition she had to be important because she was respected but also could talk to the Demon's daughter the way she did. She also seemed oddly familiar, but wasn't sure how. All he knew was she was a mystery waiting to be solved.

He stared up at the ceiling thinking it over some more and decided he would ask around about her.

A knock interrupted his thoughts, "come in."

"You did well today. But you have to do better if you want to keep your head," Talia entered through the door and sat on the side of the tub, Bruce was laying in.

Bruce made note of that. What kind of place did I walk into? "Who is Kitte?"

Talia laughed at the way he pronounced it. "Kai-i-tiya-tiya-e. It means cat in Arabian," that struck him a bit. Cat. "She came here when she was about ten. She is also called the Lynx some times. My father called her that due to her cat like movements and the way she showed how cat like she is with her independence, mischievous ways, and a cat like look in her eyes."

Cat. He could only think of Selina Kyle, who he hadn't seen in over ten years. He asked Jim Gordon but nothing. The last he saw her was when she broke his heart telling him to stay away. He was upset but still looked for her. Ivy even told him she couldn't find Selina herself. He claimed her dead wonder at night sometimes how she died and what kind of suckish ending did she have in her miserable short street life. "So you don't know her actually name?"

"No, my father never told us," she was angry at that but Bruce could tell it was because her father was keeping secrets from her. He touched her hand gently; she looked down at him with lidded eyes, and smiled seductively at him. She leaned down to kiss him.

Selina sat on roofs side like a cat watching people beneath her. She wore her goggles she had since Gotham, on her head. She looked to Ra'd as they spotted their first target. Robert Hills was their first target, crime lord, rapist, and murder of children.

She jumped off the roof to the next and the stopped seeing two snipers and two other men armed. She sighed really hoping she doesn't get another scar.

She threw two shurikens at the snipers, killing them, then jumped down, threw a gas pellet and attacked one of the armed men. The other shot randomly until Ra'd tackled from behind and slit his throat. Selina punched the man then kicked his groin, then hooked her arm around his head and twisted his head sharply killing him. Ra'd appeared out of the light smoke.

They entered the building and knocked out all of the man's body guards, Ra'd had killed a good portion. They entered the meeting room with at least ten men around a table.

"What the hell is going on here?!"

"Who the fuck are you people?"

Selina heard more of the people shouting. She sighed and threw shurikens at two men throats. Robert took a gun from underneath the table and raised it at Selina.

"Get out her you bitch otherwise I'll shoot you. And end your life."

"I've held a gun before and the way you're pointing it, you wouldn't even graze my body."

"You sure about that?"

"Shoot me if you can." She stared at him, her arms were still next to her body. Points like this she wished mob people would have better aims.

He shot the gun and the bullet missed her completely. "And this gentlemen is why you should listen to women more often," Selina jumped onto the table and ran at the crime lord fast, pulling out her sword and sliced the man's chest. Every other man at the table pulled out a gun shooting at Ra'd and aimed at Selina. She jumped off the table and sliced another man. Man after man bled on the floor as the two assassins walked out of the building.

"You truly are like a cat who just loves to play with her, giving it the chance to kill you and escape, but in the end you have already caught it."

"Hmmm, have you never noticed that for ten years Ra'd?"

They arrived back at the castle three months later. They went from Rome to London to Chita to Berlin and so many more. No one had survived. Although Selina had at first never wanted to kill a soul once she had the taste for blood, the thirst never was quite satisfied with only one kill. Anyone who got in her way was dead. She gave up the belief of how people could change, after the first few times when all those people did was become her target in the near future.

Selina passed by the arena and saw Nyssa.

"Back so soon Lynx?" She stopped her battle and walked to Selina.

"I missed you too much." Selina said sarcastically stopped and looked at her. Nyssa always wore the hood and the cloth that covered her nose and mouth.

"The Demon told me as soon as you arrived he wanted you to meet him in his chambers."

"May I ask why?"

"Didn't say."

Selina sighed. She then thought for a second and reached in her bag, "said you never been to Japan." She winked and gave her a cat statue, "it's aManeki Neko. Good luck charm." Nyssa looked at it. Selina smiled and walked away. Nyssa was younger by five years or so, and Selina had a good friendship with her. Nyssa may be stubborn and a bit of a pain in the ass but better than her half sister. And Selina just wanted her to experience some of the good things in life. She had seen Nyssa's room and seen some things Selina has brought to her.

Ra'd and Selina left afterwards towards the Demon's Head chambers. Ra'd pushed the large doors open for Selina who just looked at him in return with glare that said I don't need you to act like a gentleman. Selina's heels clicked in the quite chamber. Talia was inside along with the 'Bat'. Both were standing but as soon as Selina's heels clicked both looked at her.

"I see he survived longer. What persuaded Ra's to keep him for your pleasure?" She smiled. Talia eyed her down with daggers.

"Kitte returns, with good news I presume." Ra's looked to Selina.

Ra'd kneeled and bowed his head. "Everyone is taken care of, no one survived. Crime lords are a thing of the past within the cities you told me." She looked to newbie who looked at this scene. Their eyes met and he read her. His eyes showed shocked, she read his mind, but she knew he was reading her as well and saw the tinge of guilt. She turned away from him.

Ra's hummed, "well done child." He looked at her. She looked back with dead eyes. "You are dismissed." She nodded. Ra'd stood and followed.

She was in her room sitting next to the large window, holding the silver box in her palms. She hummed a tune she remembered her mother would sing to her.

"You hum that tune, every night and stare at that box every night. I know the meaning of the box but what is that song."

"I not even sure what the name of it even is anymore, I just remembered the music of it," she replied to Ra'd as she looked at little children playing.

Ra'd sighed. He came up to her giving her food. "Do you know him?" She looked at him with a puzzling look. "The Bat?"

"No, but something in his look is familiar." She honestly told him.

"The look you two gave each other looked like something more."

"Jealous much Ra'd?"

"No, just looking out for you," he stood up and left.

"Dramatic big fella." She looked out the window again. She stood up, leaving her food at the windowsill carrying her silver box, putting it on the dresser. She walked toward the bath, but just before she could a knock came from the door. "Come in."

"Kitte." Those damn blue eyes walked in.

His Arabic could use some work, "Bat, what gives me the pleasure to see Talia's lover boy here?" She looked but then made her way to her bath. She dropped her robe letting him see her back side that was filled with scars. She looked back at him sideways waiting for an answer.

He didn't have a response. He didn't even know what he was doing here. He walked in, mesmerized by her appearance until she entered the room and he no longer saw her. He looked around her room, finding barley anything. Until he looked at her dresser. A silver box. His silver box. "Besides I'm keeping this anyway," she showed him a sliver box with a design of a circle with wings. He saw a cat necklace next to it. "Kai-i-tiya-tiya-e. It means cat in Arabian." He held the box longer. Selina, is this really you? Is really where you have been the past ten years? What happened? He placed it down. "I'm sorry to have bothered you, Kitte," he left and she looked out the door puzzled.

She looked up at the stone candle lit ceiling. She continued to hum her tune and closed her eyes. She remembered all of her escape attempts from this place or from her missions. Ra's had always found her or caught her and brought her back. She wanted to return to Gotham but that wasn't possible. She didn't have a chance to get to Gotham at all, the chance she had to see the homeland she once lived in was to take over Ra's position. And that's exactly what she was willing to do. He had once told her that she couldn't escape his wrath, that if she did succeed in running away he would find those she loved in Gotham and kill them until she returned and stayed where he took her in, because she didn't belong anywhere else. Since that day she no longer tried to escape, she trained, he killed. She fought with him reading him and learning his moves. She gained the respect of the assassins more than Talia had. She planned to kill the son of a bitch who ruined her life, take his place on his damn assassin throne. She planned to become the next Ra's a Ghul.

Not gonna lie had a totally different plan for this troy but when showering and lying in bed my mind has the tendency to have better thoughts of what to write. hope you guys are interested and yes I did get part of the idea from Arrow. This is something new for me because I usually am a fluffy writer but i'm trying to write more of an action drama kind of thing so ...Please Review! :)