Sorry for not posting, had lost my Muse and hopefully my Muse will stay for a while longer. LOL! Anyway, this is a crossover with BG, SW, and Space: 1999. The Galactica and the Avenger come across Moonbase Alpha on their way to Earth. Will the Alphans take up the offer of returning to Earth, or stay on the Moon for the rest of their lives? Read and find out. Enjoy!

Moonbase Alpha – Command Center – Commander's Office

Commander John Koenig was at his desk reading over reports of the damage that Moonbase Alpha had sustained in the last meteor shower just a few days ago. Granted the shields did their job, but not before they were raised to stop the first few though. Damages weren't that bad, and would be repaired soon. He then looked at the picture on his desk, and smiled! It was the picture on the day he and Dr. Helena Russell, now Dr. Helena Koenig had finally got married! Granted it was just a few months ago, but to him, it seemed like yesterday. He then heard a chime come over his commlink.

"Commander, we're picking up two unidentified ships on scanners." Data analyst Sandra Benes informed him.

"I'll be right there." He said while getting up from his desk and grabbing his sidearm as well.

John left his office and headed over towards Sandra's desk was, and spoke to her.

"What's their current position from us right now?" He asked her.

"They're just coming into scanner range now sir." Sandra said to him.

"Alan, have all Eagles ready just in case we need to defend ourselves." John told Alan Carter on his commlink.

"Right away sir."

"Maya, are there any life forms that can be detected yet?" He asked Science Officer Maya.

"Can't tell anything yet commander, but will inform you when I pick them up." She told him.

"Tony, I need every available security guard on standby in case they're hostile." He told Head of Security Tony Verdeschi.

"My team will be ready sir."

Commander Koenig then waited to see if the two alien ships would be passing by, or greet and help or try to destroy them as others have in the past. He waited to see what would happen, and hopefully they are just passing by. He waited with bated breath to see what will happen next.