Coruscant – 10 Years Later – Brian and Athena's Apartment

Athena was enjoying a quiet moment while both Ami and Illya and their seven year old brother Zac were out at the park with their friends. She could not wait for Brian to return from Earth again after helping out against an alien invasion that had begun a couple of weeks ago. He and some of the Jedi along with the Galactica Alliance had sent a small fleet along with the Galactica and Pegasus to stop the invasion.

She had received word that the fleet would be back soon and that there were going to send a permanent detachment to protect Earth from such invasions again. There was talk about building a Jedi Temple there and start training on Earth as well. She wasn't sure if Brian and she should go to Earth to live there or not. She then heard the voices of her children coming home, and it was not pleasant!


"You're just upset that I said something to him because you didn't have the nerve to do it. And Zac will back me up on this. Won't you Zac." Illya said to both her twin sister and younger brother.

"If you say so Illya. I was just playing with my friends when you both started this in the park." Zac said before heading to his room to play with his toys.

"You two need to stop this fighting now. This can't keep going on like this. Now Illya, I want you to apologize to your sister now." Athena said to Illya with a firm voice.

"Sorry about what I said you, you stuck up princess." Illya said before she ran into her room and shut the door.

Athena just shook her head and wondered where she got her attitude from. Then she remembered that Brian would do some of the same things to Leia as well. No wonder the two of them were so close together.

"Ami, just be patient with your sister. In time she will out grown this behavior and will treat you will love and respect that you both need to show each other." Athena said with a smile on her face.

Ami smiled at her mother as well just as the announcer was buzzed. Athena opened the door to see both Anakin and Padme there with a solemn look on their faces. Athena let them in and they sat on the couch.

"Athena, there's something that we have to tell you." Anakin said to her.

Ami started to cry for she and her siblings had the Force as well, and she had an idea of what was going to be said to her. Illya and Zac came out as well with tears on their faces as well! Athena didn't like where this was going!

"Athena, we had received word a short time ago that the Galactica and everyone onboard including Brian is missing. They had gone through the Wormhole tunnel, only it didn't reappear here." Padme said with tears coming down her face as well.

Athena and the children started to cry more as Anakin related that for some reason the Galactica was some sort of problems with coming through here, and there was no word as to what had happened to her.

"Is there a chance that everyone on board the Galactica could be found?" Athena said through tears.

"I don't know. But we won't give up trying to find them, and you have my word on it that we will look for them no matter what." Anakin said to everyone there.

"Why don't you and the children come over to our place and spend some time there. It would great to have all of you there in case there's word on Brian and everyone involved now." Padme said with a smile on her face.

"That sounds find Padme. Kids, go get some clothes and your toothbrushes now so we can stay at your grandparents place." Athena said with a forced smile on her face.

The children went to their rooms and packed some clothing and met everyone in the living room. Athena made sure to take her commlink in case there was a chance that Brian would contact her to let her know he was on his way home. She looked at the apartment one last time knowing that they would be packing the place up and living in another place soon, for she knew that her husband, best friend, and lover would not be returning home in the near future. She shut the door and silently cried on the way to Padme and Anakin's apartment.

The Planet Kobol – Millions of Years In The Past

Everyone on board the Galactica could not believe what had happened to them! One moment, they were on their way back to G.A. space, and the next moment, they were orbiting the planet Kobol! They scanned the star system several times to see if this indeed the Kobol and the computers told everyone that it was!

The Galactica for some had problems with going through the other side of the Wormhole Tunnel and had ended up here in the past! No one had an explanation for this, but there was nothing they could do! There was no way to recreate the system that made the Wormholes because they were on the newer GA ships only!

Comm. Adama was told by the chief engineer that the engines are shot, and there was no way to repair them unless they were in drydock! Col. Tigh informed Adama that there were habitable places to live on the planet and maybe they should think about landing on there and leaving a skeleton crew to try to repair the ship. Adama was reluctant at first, but then concede that this may be the only choice they have for now. Brian was upset about not being with his family now, and Adama knew what he was going through.

Within a secton, they had established small communities to accommodate everyone. Adama was thinking that just maybe they could change history and if the ship was repaired, head to the colonies now and hopefully establish peace treaties with their neighbors and possibly prevent Ibis from creating the Cylons!

There was an explosion in the skies that night that meant that the Galactica was no more! They were marooned on Kobol now with no chance of ever being rescued! Brian had done his best to use the Force to contact anyone that was Force Sensitive, but nothing happened! He then thought maybe he should start a Jedi Academy here to see if anyone else was Force Sensitive and hopefully they could be rescued if they combined their abilities together!

As time went on, the communities grew and they felt they had to spread out further across the planet, thus they became the 13 Tribes of Kobol! Many people tried to join the Academy, but didn't have the Force to join. There was only a few that could, and they learned to use the Force to help others. But there was one who felt that he should use his powers for his own use, and his name was Iblis!

Along the line of time, people had forgotten about what Iblis had done, and one parent decided to name their child Iblis. He managed to get a ship and flew to a planet for some reason called Cylon, and decided that he would change them into a force of evil! He would program to either enslave or destroy any living being that did not fit into his plans! Once the robotic Cylons were created, they had destroyed the organic ones since they did not want these Cylons created! He left his voice imprint into the first Cylon that he created and called him the Imperious Leader, and that his voice would be put into his successor should be destroyed!

He then returned to Kobol, only to be tried and excommunicated from their society! He then cursed that the planet Kobol would be their death and not their savoir! The 13 Tribes then saw changes in the planet and decided that they had leave! 12 of the Tribes had made it to the colonies, but the 13th was lost! There was rumors that maybe they had headed to Earth as the old transcripts said of such a place, but there was no proof that the planet existed!

As the 12 Colonies prosper, the 13th had found Earth, and looked to the moon for it was told that one day they would travel there and the moon would act like a ship taking them to far away galaxies and meeting different types of species and then eventually returning home! They resigned themselves to their fate for it was cycle that would keep repeating itself over and over again until there was a way to stop it! They waited for that day, but it would never come!

The End!