Behind Closed Doors

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Chapter 7: New Beginnings

In the weeks since Letty had delivered their baby girl, Dom had noticed a new lease of life in the woman he'd loved for most of his life.

She'd embraced motherhood, the nursing, the late nights, early mornings and the awake half the nights.

He'd also noticed that the smile he loved so much had almost never left her face.

But he knew, there was things she still struggled with. Nothing she had said out loud but Dom Toretto knew his girl, there was still uncertainty in her eyes at times, like she couldn't quite believe this was her life.

He looked up as she entered the living room, a smile playing on his lips as she let out a breath and collapsed onto the sofa beside him

He looked at her and the held his hand out, palm up and she slid her hand into his and he interlocked their fingers.



"What's up?"

"What do you mean?"

"I can always tell…"

"Yea? Same"

"What are you talking about?" she asked but her eyes shifted and Dom knew he'd been right


"Never could hide anything from you, could I?"

"No" he smiled "Though I wouldn't want you to, either"

She stayed silent and stared at the wall

"Babe, I get it if you're not ready to let me in, but know this, I'm here, I will ALWAYS be here… Ride or die, remember?" Dom looked her in the eye and, god damnit, her eyes prickled with unshed tears. That was a definite new development. Letty Ortiz had never been a crier.

"I just…" she trailed off and took a deep breath

Dom simply held her hand and let her take her time. That part was new too. Dom had never been the most patient,

She smiled at the realisation of how much they'd changed while still being "Them"


"Nothing" she shook her head "I just can't believe after everything I done, all the bad, That this is my life. I'm waiting on it going wrong. Like…"


"Yea" she whispered, looking down

"Let, I think Karma owes us one"

"How do you figure?"

"I spent MONTHS thinking you were dead. DEAD, Let. I think the people up above have to cut us some slack now"


"No maybe about it, I've said it before, you've gotta cut yourself some slack for whatever you did while with Shaw, you were manipulated baby. That wasn't you."

"But I knew it was wrong Dom"

"Maybe so. Doesn't make you a bad person Let, you've more than balanced out your karma"

"I think you might be a little bit biased" she laughed

"Maybe so doesn't make it any less true" Dom shrugged

"I'm done crying over all this Dom"

"I know you are, but I think it's time to forgive yourself and give yourself a chance to move on. Not only outside, but behind closed doors too"

"It's scary how well you know me Dominic Toretto"

"I like to think I'm the only one who knows you that well" he smirked

"You are. Only one to see through the bullshit"

"Funny. I could say the same about you"

"As Mia says, we're a perfectly matched set"

"My sister has a point" Dom grinned

"You know, not in depth, but I've spoken to Brian about this… I blame myself for all of this and so does he."

"Big burden for either of you to be carrying. I'm sure Mi's told Bri the same thing"

Letty fell silent and Dom could see the wheels in her head turning. He let her collect herself and her thoughts and simply held her hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand.

Letty thought back over the conversation she'd had with Brian one day while she pregnant

"You know Let, if I could back and change it all I would. From the second I met you all."

"That's a lot to hold on to Brian"

"I messed up, I messed up a lot of lives."

"Brian, we made our own choices. I ain't denying you played a part, but you gotta let some of this shit go"

"I just want you to know, if there was anything I could have done, I would have"

"Brian, I told you. No one makes me do anything I don't want to do"

"Hey, where'd you go just then?" Dom asked gently

"You know the route of all of this?"


"Twice, TWICE, I've told Brian that no one makes me do anything I don't want to do… so why did I listen to Shaw at all?"

"Letty, they had you convinced that they were your friends. Your family. You knew nothing of your life before that crash. I don't think it was a case of doing what you wanted but more a case of you following the crowd in a bid to fit in somewhere,"

"Shoulda known you'd rationalise it"

"Maybe that's what you need to do"

"Maybe you're right"

"I'm always right" he relied cheekily

Later that night, Letty stared at the ceiling as Dom slept beside her. She ran through everything she could remember and let a lone tear fall down the side of her face before she took a deep breath.

She was going to forgive herself. She was no longer going to beat herself up, her home was going to be a place of peace. A place of family, of happy memories and laughter,

She was going to give the part of herself that had been eating away at her soul, to her daughter, to her husband.

Maybe Dom was right after all, karma owed them one. Maybe more than one. Maybe if she could forgive herself and move on, she could help her brother In law do the same thing.

She wanted nothing more than to move forward with her life and leave the past well enough alone.

She quietly slipped out of bed and padded down the hall way to her daughters nursery. She smiled at the sight that greeted her. Casey was sleeping with her hands above her head, looking like her father.

Tucking the blanket up and around her daughter, she decided that this right here. Moments like these, were the only things she wanted to concentrate on, behind closed doors.