Leo's POV

Stupid Stupid Stupid! I scolded myself, what had I done?!

"Donnie, I need your help, you still out over west?" I spoke urgently into the phone watching as the soft glow of light echoed around in this girls apartment revealing just how bad her arm was, I stood behind her watching her go into the small art filled room with curious nervous eyes, what was she doing here?

Had she moved?

Was she in college?

Maybe she knew April?

I threw the questions to the back of my mind as I watched her shake and dip from side to side, blood dripping to the ground

"Yeah, why what's wrong?" My little brother replied, thank god he was the doctor of the family.

"There's a girl, she was hurt pretty bad- I need you to come help me stitch her up"

"Leo, why don't you just call an ambulance?"

"I don't think there's time Don; it was my fault she got hurt- I need to make sure she gets well"

My memories flung back to the popped light that I had struck with my blade; it fell to the ground beside her as I threw and flung those discussing men away.

Only for one to hit her and knock her into the hot glass

Stupid Stupid Stupid!...

"Alright…Il check your tracker, should be there in two"

"Thanks Do…"

I stopped when I heard a loud thud from behind me, I froze, moving myself away from the outside window porch to the door way hoping she still had my mask covering her eyes…

She didn't…


But it didn't matter, as she lay curled up on the floor, unconscious with her face facing me.

Double fuck…

Instinctively I ran forward into her small apartment, killing the lights with a flick of my foot and kneeled besides her checking her pulse.

She was still breathing

Stupid Stupid Stupid…

Carefully I lifted her arm up and out of the way trying to raise it to stop the bleeding, she paled.

"Come on, you're going to be fine" I mumbled as the sound of padded footsteps landed on the balcony next to me,

"Leo?" Donnie whispered as I tapped the floor and motioned him to come inside.

He stepped into the scene with wide eyes; even wider with his glasses magnifying them showing the emotion inside- making me feel worse than I already did.

"We can't be seen Leo! What are you doing?!"

"Shh! No one else has seen!" I hissed at him as he kneeled beside me examining the girl.

"What happened?"

"She was attacked, I managed to stop it, but she got hurt, some of the glass from the street light cut her arm open- I figured it was better you look at it then the doctor, in case she starts blabbing about a mystery vigilante"

That seemed to tide him over, he nodded in understanding

It was also my fault and I feel like the biggest douche for doing so…

Donnie leaned over her and stretched her arm out eyeing up her facial expressions; she was out for the count.

He fumbled quickly around with his metallic belt and pulled out a small kit from one of his compartments.

He worked quickly over her as I tried my best to support any way I could. Lifting her arm and manoeuvring her when needed or when Donnie hissed at me, he sure was pissy about this.

"There that will hold it, Il just scan for any other injuries" He told me as I laid her down completely flat- her arm expertly cross stitched in little neat rows- but I couldn't pull my eyes away from her face.

This was all my fault- if I didn't smash that light she wouldn't have gotten as badly hurt as this- but then she should have seen me so was it necessary?

The thought put me in a difficult position and an upsetting one.

We were made to protect, not hurt. This injury had come about while I was trying to keep our existence a secret,

Would it have been so bad if she had seen me?

What would Sensei have done?

I huffed and looked away quickly to the outside door way while Donnie scanned and murmured to himself. A little thudding noise came from outside startling me. I watched intently wondering if she owned a cat

"Scanning…Scanning…slight head injury but nothing to be concerned about…She should be fine, meaning we should leave"

"Hey what's with the party in here?" Michelangelo's voice filled the room loudly followed by Raphael who huffed and flung himself down onto the floor board with a loud thud.

So not a cat, just a pair of giant mutated turtles,

"Will you be quiet?!" I hissed eyeing them up dangerously. Mikey waved his hands in the air pulling a face.

"Sorry bro, hey who's the dead chick?"

"She's not dead Mikey she's unconscious- Leo saved her" Donnie reprimanded as he stood up and wiped his now blood stained hands on his shell.

"Jesus, what ya do Leo? Slice 'er arm off?" Raph bucked up looking to the mess we had made.

"Can it! All of you! We shouldn't be in here this is her home, I called Don to fix her arm, we need to leave- now" I told them to which he rolled his eyes at me and turned to look out the window.

"Maybe we should move her first, I mean- she shouldn't wake up on the floor" Donnie recommended as I looked down to her crumpled body. It was a good idea really and would raise less suspicion- maybe she would think all of this would be a dream.

"Ooo! Ooo! I could leave her breakfast! You know as a get well gesture!" Mikey cheered as Rqaph clamped him over the head.

"Don't be an idiot, you 'avent been sleepin' with da chick" he scolded pointing to the floor where she lay.

"I stand a chance- she might be into me, I'll just pull the ol' Mikey charm out- always works on the pretty ones"

"As if you'd 'ave a shot wid 'er"

"I might!"

"SHHHH!" I scolded as suddenly she shifted beside me making a murmuring sound, her breathing pushed in and out as we all watched carefully, frozen and wide eyed eyeing each other up.

Once she had settled again we all took a deep breath.

"I'll move her, I'll put her on her bed while you three clean up this mess" I told them pointing to Raph and Mikey.

"What did we do?!" They all pushed as I rolled my eyes and carefully picked her back up into my arms.

"Easy Leo, don't rock her so much" Donnie said as he picked up his med kit and clicked something on the side of his goggled to turn them off.

"Yeah don't want 'er frighten 'er even more fearless" Raph joked darkly as I ignored his remark and walked down the narrow hall way towards her open bedroom door.

Her room was plain even in the darkness, one dark blue wall accenting around pieces of paper that were spread all around her floor and pinned to certain parts of the side board.

Her bed was neatly made; perfectly straight and carefully creased; I wondered if she had even slept in it at all.

On the floor beside her bed more papers lay; with pencils and pens and folders all around her; she definitely wasn't organised,

Brown boxes were stacked next to her wardrobe with labels on them saying things like: New York stuff, Old England stuff.

I laid her down carefully on the bed as gently as I could trying not to ruin any of Donnie's handy work.

For a few minutes I just stood looking down on her wondering where she had been to get herself down those deep alleyways at that time of night, especially someone like her.

She was very easy to look at; long flowing waves in her thick light brown hair that fell almost expertly around her soft heart shaped face, her cheeks were highlighted by the soft pinkish glow she had underneath her creamy skin. Then her eyes, which were now closed, still popped out of her head like looming golf balls; big and lovely, complimented by long lashes that dusted on the top of her cheeks. I wondered for a brief moment what the colour of them could be…

I studied her nose intently, cute and proportioned to her face with light cinnamon freckles that no one would notice if you didn't look as closely as I was.

Then lastly my eyes fell on her pearl pink lips which were sat in a straight line, still showing their great shape, as they curved and moved like her body did,

She was tall, long legged, with everything curving up and down including a great set of…


Suddenly I stood up straight taking my eyes away from her and to the floor as Mikey's voice boomed down the corridor.

What was I doing?!

I swallowed and looked away.

I had never been so close to a human before apart from April; and never had I looked at April the way I was looking at this stranger.

This lovely sleeping curious stranger…

Suddenly I heard a crash from the outside of the room again as I flung myself out of her bedroom and down the hall way to find all three of my brothers looking sheepish as they 'Shhhed' at each other.

"What are you doing?" I asked my eyes narrowing at each of them, and then I noticed Mikey, with a plate of ready-made pre-packaged pancakes and syrup to which he had helped himself to out of her now open fridge.


"Oh come on dude! She's pretty; you gotta leave a pretty girl breakfast!"

"Mikey we are a rescue team, not a catering team! OUT NOW!"

Raph turned gathering cream coloured towels that were now stained with fresh blood from the floor up into his arms and scrunched them into a ball.

"We could probably take dese, she aint gonna wanna use dem again- dey'd be good as new after a wash" he said nonchalantly shrugging.

I pinched at the bridge of my snout.

"Let's just go, Don, is the outside clear?"

"As far as I'm aware there's an eighty five per cent chance of a clear black night which means there's a ninety seven point seven ratio that we probably won't be spotted coming out of her apartment!"

I looked on just as confused as the others.

"Great….lets just go" I checked both my Katana's and stretched the back of my shell.

Raph left first with towels in his arms as Donnie followed tumbling up the old sewer pipe line over the top of the building.

I turned ready to leave, almost forgetting a busy Michelangelo who has his tongue stuck out to the left hand side while he quickly worked putting pancakes on a plate and covering them in syrup.

"Come on idiot" I breathed out grabbing at his shoulder and pulling him with me out the door and out onto the sewerage line. As I went I looked back checking there was no mess or any suspicion left over from where we had been, leaving her apartment in the dark once more.

Hoping deep down, that somehow- she would see all of this as being a dream.