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Nala POV

"There you are!" Mikey boomed as I entered the newly decorated kitchen- a large yellow banner with scribbled handwriting was up above the wooden wall units and speakers had been brought into the room.

Mikey bounced towards me with a pink party hat on the top of his head as he blew into a soft paper party horn. I cringed and smiled at the noise.

"Yeah! Now we can start this party"

"Mikey- there's only six of us- its more like a family gathering, than a party" Leo stated amused.

"Leo- I would have thought the more intimate, the better, especially now" Mikey joked wiggling his eyebrows at me. Leo blushed and I pretended not to see. I went over to April to help her with something she was making next to the stove; Donnie was there too, trying to get the speakers to work as he cursed under his breath.

"What you making?" I asked politely as she turned to smile at me,

"Oh nothing much- Mikey wanted cake" she rolled her eyes as I snickered with her.

I turned myself around to let everything sink in, as I watched the four turtle brothers in their independent activities. Mikey was busy concentrating on something but listening intently to Leo and Raphael, who was engaged- for once, in peaceful conversation. Donnie piped too in the odd space, making a comment about their next game plan.

I stood smiling gently, with soft glowing eyes as I watched them. They had welcomed me all into their family with ease as I smiled and allowed the feeling of acceptance to wash over me. It became so warm, so overwhelming as I sighed and closed my eyes still with a smile softly on my face.

I had a family, and friends

Something I was always told I would never have.

I had security and laughter all under one roof.

And to top all of that off- I had the most wonderful turtle, who I loved more than I could dare to say.

I would help them no matter what- because, without knowing it, they already had done the same for me.

I helped April with a few more last minute food preparations before everyone came to sit down at the table.

The amount of pizza seemed an insane amount- but boy could they eat. I sat close to April and of course, Leonardo took the other chair next to me, watching me every now and again out of the corner of his eye.

The night was filled with laughter and jokes of friendly banter as the boys shared with me stories from old missions, gradually after the first few, I began to ease off on the whole danger side of things.

It was true- the boys were skilled and to my distaste but happiness, they were bullet proof.

The laughter of this topic seemed to die down as I blushed with embarrassment after telling them I had scolded Leo over this.

"Your clearly not fully bullet proof, your arm got caught" I whined as everyone chuckled.

"Our shells protect us and our under plated armour in our skin" Donnie explained to me calmly as I crossed my arms and huffed. Everyone decided to laugh at that.

"Don't you have any cool super powers Nala?" Mikey asked as everyone looked to him with a crazed look in their eyes.

"Mikey…I'm psychic, what more do you want from me?" I joked chuckling with the others as he shook his head.

"No! I mean- do you have any extras that come with it? Lightning speed? Razor claws? Can do magic tricks?"

I blushed and shook my head.

"She's not a monster Mike" Leo chasted

"I know, I know, I'm just asking" he held his hands out wide and open as I smiled to him.

"Well, I was always good with aiming things- if that counts" I shrugged, Raph made a noise of agreement.

"Yeah- we gonna works on that in practice, think we'll start wid a small throwing star, see 'ow far ya can get it"

"Sounds good sensei" I joked as he chuckled and shook his head. My eyes immediately narrowed towards Leo cunningly, his mouth had turned into a small hard grimace as his eyes looked back to me in slits. I bit my lip and laughed a little to myself- taking note that no one else had seen.

Underneath the table I felt Leos hand stretch over as he placed it on my thigh, angling himself in a non-conspicuous way. His other elbow on the table, with a drink in his hand as his brothers chatted about small weapons I could use.

I found myself suddenly unaware of the entire conversation, as Leo grazed his fingers gently along my thigh carefully.

With a tall deep breath, I composed myself and looked back to my turtle in blue. He smirked, looked at me once and very subtly, raised an eye brow in a quick motion. His head turned back into the conversation as his hand stayed put- warning me not to mess with him anymore.

My face was redder than Raph's bandana, and I was sure everyone in the nearest five mile could smell my attraction towards Leonardo in those few moments, but if they did- they sure as hell didn't know what was going on.

"What do ya tink girlie?" Raph asked as I turned to face him.


Leo squeezed my thigh once.

"I was sayin' bout using a ninja star, den throwing knife- sound good?"

"S-sure" I nodded swallowing carefully as I shook my head clearing it of all the bad and hormone fuelled thoughts that were swimming around my head.

"Good- t'ink we'll start tomorra' get yer good an' ready" Raph tipped his glassed towards me and nodded once. I smiled at him and settled back into my chair leaning back against the head rest.

"Sounds great" I nodded in agreement, cursing Leo under a thousand suns in my head. He chuckled once slightly, and it was only I who knew- because I could feel the vibration of it rumbling through his hand.

I gulped.

"Asshole" I murmured.

The night carried on the same, Mikey and Donnie somehow had finally gotten his boom box to work and the boys tapped away to the sound of the music, April and Raph had gotten quiet and secluded in the kitchen drying the dishes and putting them away, leaving me alone with Leonardo again.

"That wasn't funny" I commented under my breath. Leo smiled and looked down.

"I warned you about the sensei comment" he shrugged as I shook my head at him.

"You fight dirty Leo- I never knew someone with so much honour could do that" I said in a sultry manor, his face lit up with humour as he leant down close to my ear again.

"My honour is now with you now, you really want me to show you just how much honour I have?"

I blushed and blinked twice.

"I don't think your quite ready yet big guy" I chuckled as he laughed too, and while his brothers were distracted, planted a kiss on the side of my temple.


I leant back into him a little, smiling contently watching the candles flicker creating a soft glimmering light. Leonardo's fingers lazily trailed along my shoulders in the peace of the moment; it seemed so quiet now, even with Mikey and Donnie not so far away from us laughing together like children. I smiled a little wider.

"What are you thinking about?" Leo asked gently into my ear.

I sighed and looked up at him through my lashes, turning my head a quarter of an inch towards him.

"Nothing…for once…just how peaceful this is"

"Really?" he joked slightly eyeing up his brothers in the corner of the room. I giggled a little.

"Yes, everything is so balanced right now, more balanced than any other part of my life" I murmured to him dreamily. He laughed once under his voice creating a raspy humming noise as my heart flipped over.

"Thank you" I breathed out as he took a sip of his drink again.

"Anytime" he smirked to me softly, a look glazed over his eyes, a loving gaze that flickered in the light.

"If we were alone right now Id kiss you" I whispered to him as he stifled a laugh in a deep thrumming hum. His eyes held me in this trance; the soft glowing in them seemed to drag me in more, luring me into his personal grip.

" Awwh yeahh!-Lady N! Lady N!" Mikeys voice broke the moment again as I turned round to look at him; but he was already in front of me, pulling me to my feet.

"Whoa…Oh no Mikey! I don't dance!" I whined as he continued to pull on me, April and Raph had reappeared, just as April went to the boom box to turn it up.

"Aww come on Nala, Please!" I didn't stand a chance as Mikey turned and already started to jiggle and jump.

I rolled my eyes, my cheeks burning in embarrassment as Mikey twirled and spun me about like a rag doll, I caught a glimmer of Leo's eyes burning at me intensely with an expression that told everyone in the room just how in love he was.

I bit my lip and grinned. His expression was for me.

Later as the night grew dark, we returned to our rooms. Everyone bid us good night as we were finally fully alone.

"I'm glad you had fun" he commented pulling off his armour like he had done the night before. I smiled to him.

"Of Corse I did" I grinned back, looking for my bag of clothes Mikey had left me.

"Here" Leo called passing it to me as I smiled politely at him, I took the bag from his nervous hand as he smiled at me and looked me up and down, we had known each other for over four months now, and finally we were alone, after admitting our feelings to each other completely, we had kissed and I wondered if on some level he wanted more.

I bit my lip and stared up into his eyes.


"Yes…" he breathed out as he registered my arousing scent fill the room.

We stared hard at each other longingly, as I pressed against him- I could feel something below poking at me softly, with my curiosity getting the better of me, I looked down.

In his pants, there was tightness, or a bulge of some sort- he looked down too, then tried to turn away ashamed.

"Leo…Leo wait- it's okay" I tried to tell him as he went silently to hide behind his dressing stand.

He didn't say anything, just remained still and frozen, embarrassed and still.

"Leo…please" I said softly as he groaned and turned back round, his cheeks red and his eyes nervous.

"Come here" I said ushering him towards me as he hesitantly took a step forward.

"Nala…I…its…not that its…err" he tried to say rubbing the side of his head nervously.

"I know I feel it too" I told him my fingers travelling to my collar bone, my arousal growing.

"Its…it's too soon…I couldn't…not just yet- it needs to be right for you…I could…I could hurt you.." he said, his arms now on the tops of my arms rubbing them soothingly.

"I know" I said leaning up to nuzzle his beak with my nose, we stayed like that for a short while, till our lips brushed and we kissed sweetly.

However, the kisses grew, and my insides burned for him. I knew he could smell me- Shell, I think I could as his hands held me a little firmer, the way they moved tightly with every deepening of a kiss.

And I couldn't resist him, this strong alpha giant muscle turtle who was kissing me desperately and passionately with every influence. My arms travelled up towards his neck as he groaned and moaned. Our bodies began to move, rubbing at each other gently as we kissed our tongues fighting for air.

Leo dipped down pulling me down with him, until he grabbed at my thighs and pulled me up against the wall, lifting me from the floor spreading my legs so I was crushed between his chest and the wall.

I moaned, loudly- loud enough to get him to stop and pull back as he watched me.

Slowly he leant forward rubbing his thigh against my core watching me as my eyes rolled back at the pleasure of his touch.

"Oh…Leo" when the words left my mouth, Leo returned to it, kissing me strongly and caressing me securely. He continued to rub a little moving his body against mine with friction. And I squirmed and called for him curling my fingers against his shoulders as he pulled back, lust covering his entire facial expression.

He breathed in deeply, dipping his head down into the crook of my neck before inhaling and pulling back to look at me.

I looked down to his pants again; my fingers traced the edge of his pants.

His eyes burned into mine darkly as his breaths grew ragged and his hands tightened.

"If you do that- I won't be able to stop myself" he shuddered out as I ignored his husked voice and pulled his pants closer to me, pressing him firmly against me.

Leo's lips graced mine again softly, our breaths moulding together as our noses touched. I lifted my face back into his to kiss him again, deeply and slowly, relishing in his lips gracing mine. In return Leo moaned softly but pulled back. His breath laboured and his body slightly humming under my touch.

"Are you alright?" I asked after a few moments. He laughed openly at me.

"More than perfect, Leone"

I blushed. Damn him and his Italian language.

My lips found his again with a deep moan, my tongue wrestled with his for dominance; I shuddered and called out for him.

Leo's chest growled in response his body thrumming and humming smoothly enjoying the emotions,

"Nala…" he moaned out his head now in the crook of my neck as he began softly placing kisses in the depth of my collar bone.

The feeling of a weightless lust ran over both of us as I angled my body closer into his, throwing my arms around his neck when suddenly…

I gasped out as a sharp pain cracked out of my neck, my eyes watered with the pain of the sting as my hands flew out statically.

Leo froze and pulled back- his eyes far away when suddenly he swallowed and blinked bringing himself back into the room.

I looked to his lips. There was a small trace of blood coming from the corner of his mouth..

Had he just…

Did he just bite me?

With a deep breath in, Leo froze again, his eyes going wider and wider until he shook his head.

"Hey…hey it's ok, it's alright" I told him shaking my head. Nearly laughing at the fact he was so worried I was freaked out, when in reality, it just shocked me.

"I need to de-sensitise from you" He stated and slowly released my legs so I could stand, almost. If Leo was to step back away from my self and the wall, I would surely crumble-it was only my hands holding on to his shoulders that seemed to keep me steady.

I watched as a conflicted Leo closed his eyes and shook his head to the side, grunting at himself.

I went to stroke his cheek, but softly, he caught my hand and held it in his own, down by his side.

"There's a lot I need to speak to you about this stuff Nala"

I could only nod once.

"Being…what I am…I'm a lot more…sensitive to certain….aspects of your body" He told me clearing his throat.

"Oh?" I could only reply, feeling pathetic right away after.

"Smells, touches…sounds…they release this…primal instinct I have…it can be dangerous" he murmured.

"I'm also a lot stronger…a lot…bigger….than most humans- than all humans actually"

I would have rolled off a joke about him being well endowed, and how I could work that out for myself, considering he was nearly seven feet tall- but he was so serious, his eyes remained closed. His face unsure.

Finally his eyes snapped open and one emotion ran throughout them- an emotion that unnerved me.


"I could kill you Nala, if it's the wrong time of year or the wrong situation, I could-"

"Wait" I said and he stopped short, still looking as terrified as before.

I took his hand and sat him on the bed. His eyes never left mine.

I kneeled down in front of him putting my elbows on his knees and squeezed his hands tightly.

"I know, your part turtle, I know- and I will learn whatever I need to learn to be with you…Tell me what I need to know…and when you're finished, I will still kiss you, I will still love you, I will always want you"

He swallowed and stayed quiet for a moment watching my smile as he let go of one of my hands and cupped my face- his thumb rubbing over my smile.

"Beautiful…" he murmured to himself and I blushed and looked down for a few moments.

What had I done to deserve him?

I looked back up, into his deep trusting eyes and let go of his hand. He tilted his head as he watched me, stopping himself asking the question on his lips as I reached up past his eyes and round the back of his head.

My fingers slowly untied the back of his bandana.

Leo froze and I kept smiling.

I pulled the bandana away from his face and studied him…

His eyes were much bigger without the fabric blocking them, his nose seemed to have more of a curl and the scar that curled around his left eye danced around the middle of his forehead.

My fingers traced it once before resting on his cheek, a slow hum started to echo from him as he tried to conceal it.

I looked him deep in the eyes.

"Beautiful…" I murmured to him. Leo pulled me closer to him into an intimate hug. His hands clutched at the fabric on my back.

I pulled back to look at him again.

"Now…about the biting…"

Leo groaned and looked away ashamed. I giggled. His eyes swam to me like I was crazy.

"It's okay…I'm guessing you've marked me in some sort of way?" I asked as he pulled a pillow into his lap and groaned into it nodding his head.

Again I giggled.

"I expected it- April doesn't exactly cover the huge teeth tracks on her shoulder- I just thought it was a tattoo"

He looked up at me with a monotone expression.

"Leo- it's…actually really sweet"

"I think I should take you to Donnie and get your head checked" he said studying my face, I laughed again.

"I mean…it's instinctual for you...and it's not weird- lots of humans do it…"

Again he gave me a flat look.

"no one has done that to me!" I whined as he finally cracked a smile. He took a deep breath in and pulled me into his lap. My hands stayed in my own lap- giving him the space to breath that he required.

"Alright…alright- yes…it was a mark thing- It just came over me you were just being so damn sexy and I was just…I've never felt like that before…I guess I should meditate on that work on my self-control.."

"Ah!" I said pointing my fingers at him with a pointed look "No self-doubt!" I reminded him as he rolled his eyes at me.

"But there's something else…a certain time of year…a week before spring starts- we go into mating session"

"I become…not myself let's say- we get protective, aggressive…lustful…"

"Oh…oh!" I said realising where he was going with this.

"But it can get dangerous, Raphael avoids April during it for safety…we all just stay under ground in our own rooms, separate from the world and each other and…you know" He swallowed. I nodded quickly, blushing slightly.

"It's November now…spring's miles away" I told him and he nodded…

"I know...It just you asked…"

"So that's it? That's all I've got to think about?"

"Well…that and…the occasional marking….and…strength…and….size" He said and this time I burst out laughing deeply.

"Okay I'm taking you to Donnie" he said lifting me up and carrying me to the door.

I flung my head back with giggles as he stopped and turned to smile down at me.

"I just find it really funny- you keep throwing me these curve balls and I keep knocking them away…besides you don't know about my…habits" I said nervously.

"Habits?" he said suddenly forgetting all about his own insecurities. Leo set me back down on the bed and put his arm around me so I was cuddling into his plastron.

"Well…" I said now feeling the nervousness pass over me.

I had to do this- he had been so honest- it was only fair.

"Well?" Leo pressed in a hum of a voice.

"I…sort of…"

"Igetsexvisions" I said burying my head into my hands.

"You get what?" Leo asked a smile playing on his lips.

"Sex…visions- of people I know and the other morning…I think I had one of us…"

I grunted and hide my face in his chest while a guaffed laugh echoed out of him.

"I had one of April and Raphael the other day, before the explosion…they were getting…intimate" I grimaced as a laugh now poured out of Leo in echo's- I had never seen him so playful

"Oh my Leone…I do love you" he said pulling my face up towards him.

"Anything else?" He laughed.

"Haven't we shamed each other enough for one evening?"

"Alright, besides…you're looking tired" He said placing a kiss on my head and turning to stand.

"Aren't you going to stay with me?" I asked a little too pleadingly.

Leo leaned over and kissed me deeply, making me forget where I was and what I had just asked- his hands cupped my face deeply and he reluctantly pulled himself away from my face.

"I will come back- but I need some space for now…I need to focus on my self-control" he said his fingers gently touching the bite mark he had just created.


"No…I need to do this for me" He said reassuringly as he placed a kiss on the mark he had left then turned to leave.

"I love you" he called as I smiled at him.

"Love you more" he closed the door behind him as I lept from the bed and went into his little bathroom.

I stared hard into the cracked mirror.

The bite was huge! And turning a blue around the deep red sharp gagged lines that fell in an oval shape around my collar bone

My fingers traced it as I waited for something horrid to fill my emotions.

But there wasn't anything I felt other than love…and a pleased satisfied feeling that rushed through me.

I smiled into the mirror and traced my bite again giggling to myself. I sighed deeply smiling, as I admired his mark on me.

My eyes looked up to the corner of mirror where I could see his bedroom door. To my surprise, Leo stood there admiring me admiring the bite.

I turned round to face him

"I thought you were going to meditate"

"I am…just forgot my book" he said winking.

"You suit that" he called before he turned and left again.

I smiled deeply.

I did suit it. It made me look dangerous…protected…and overall…It made me look like I was Leo's.

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