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I headed back into his little room and fished around for my comfortable clothes as I yawned heavily- the weight of today really taking its toll on me. I flung my body down into the softness of his covers as I closed my eyes for a few seconds, just resting peacefully…

"April?" I called, we were stood parallel with each other, her face worried as she watched me with the same look.

"Watch out Nala!" she shrieked as I turned and a strange looking stern faced man jabbed a injection near to my face.

I yelped a little as my hands grabbed his and tried to wrestle him away. His arms quicker and more practiced as a buzzing reminded me I also had legs.

I kneed him deep in the groin and turned on my heels, I grabbed at April too- but it was too late, someone had gotten her. Her body being folded over as she was turned away from me…

I gasped and then felt it- someone step to me silkily and gently push the needle into my neck…my legs felt limb…my eyes slumped until I turned and fell to the ground- numb and tired…

"Soon…" it was his voice again.


I sat up bolt with a gasp my hair flying out in front of my face.

The room was darker, everything silent. I breathed steadily as my eyes adjusted; settling me into the darkness of the quiet calm room.

I tried to raise my knees up underneath the blankets I had some how worked my self under- but it was too heavy. As I looked down, feeling restricted- I realised Leo's arm was wrapped around my legs lying on the side of his shell as he pulled me close.

I swallowed and leaned back down in the pillows, hoping I hadn't disturbed him. My breathing levelled out as my eyes found his little glowing digital clock- 4AM.

I had hadn't just rested my eyes- I had rested my whole self- for over 5 hours.

I breathed evenly hoping sleep would come to me again, but my body found itself turning to face Leo, my hooded eyes took in his sleeping face; my hands brushed ever so lightly at the front of his chest. He slept without his mask on- it was becoming something I loved about him- the softness of his angular face without the blue of his mask.

His mouth fell open ever so slightly in a puckered shape as I smiled to myself dreamily. My eyes danced over his body as I pushed myself a few centimetres closer to him.

He groaned in his sleep as he shook his shoulders like a bear. I muffled down a small giggle as I stretched my body towards him again.

Oh how loved him; god, I loved every inch of him- every little part of him, right down to the little speckles on his head and shoulders.

I continued to touch him lightly, my fingers trailing along his collar bone and down his arm that wrapped around me.

He moaned again, longer, louder…

I bit my lip- I expected him to wake up but his face kept the same, he breathed deeply and groaned again.

"Nala…" He breathed out to me in mumbled sleep. My whole body froze. He shuffled himself again this time closer to me, his body way closer- his head finding the crevice in my neck as he breathed me in deeply.

"mmmm…" he hummed to me as I giggled a little again. My lips found his head, kissing him a couple of times, loosely- he seemed to stir beside me as I kissed his cheeks, his neck…

Then I met his eyes; open, blue and wide. His arm around my waist stiffened as I giggled.

"And here I was thinking I was the only one getting sex visions…" I giggled out as his chest rose and fell slowly but deeply. His eyes watched me, focusing in on me and then out as he had me worked out in less that a minute

"What did you dream of?" he said lowly, as he lifted his head a little. I shook it off.

"Nothing nothing…lets go back to what you were dreaming about" I giggled flirtatiously with a smirk.

Leo sat further up, still partly lying down as he sighed.

"Nala" he said firmly as I rolled my eyes and pulled myself out of his grip gently. I sat up a little, knowing he wasn't going to let me drop it.

"…I was at that ball again with April…some guy tried to inject something into her neck- and mine just like the last time…then there was a voice…it said- it said…" I trailed off as I swallowed and sighed. A small stroke of terror fled through me fleetingly as I pushed the thoughts back down.


I looked back to his face, his eyes secure as they watched me with strength. His body seemed to wake up at my word, coming alive as his leader face crossed over him. His hands found my face securely.

"No one is ever going to touch you" he said strongly, his voice secure and strong as he watched me with a look that sent shivers down to my thighs.

"On my life; no one will ever hurt you- you're mine"

I breathed steadily my entire body igniting in fire and flames as his words locked in on me. His fingertips burned my cheeks as he held me. My eyes caught his.

I leaned in hurriedly, my lips pressing against his as my body twisted to reach for him. He let me kiss him desperately, strongly, deeply as I sighed into his mouth. My tongue tasting his almost immediately in the deepest passion possible.

I moved swiftly, my body moving over his legs so that I straddled his half laying figure and had more access to him.

I kissed him a little harder; letting my feelings pour out onto him, letting my entire body flair with desire as I pushed my body further into his.

Leo's hands were on my back, pushing me into his chest as I leant down deeply and kissed him openly and passionately.

His tongue moved alongside mine in the same embracing passion, I sighed deeply and loudly, not even caring anymore. Not wanting anything other than him; and only him.

He pulled away for a minute, looking down and shaking his head with a laugh.

"What?" I asked with a tilt of my head. He looked to me lovingly and kissed my forehead once.

"Nothing- just seems like now you're not the only one who can see the future…" His eyes were playful and alive as I took him in, a blush spilling over my cheeks as I giggled at him.

"Oh so that's what you were dreaming about" I said brushing my nose alongside him, his hands ran up and down my back lovingly, caressing my body as I sighed while I watched him. He smiled to me, like I was the best thing he had ever seen…

He leaned in again, just once- and pressed his lips to mine gently, the softness of his kiss reminding me how precious I was to him, and how precious he was to me. My hands wrapped around his shoulders and I laid down my cheek on his plastron, breathing him in deeply.

We lay like that for a long time, just holding each other- touching each other gently as his fingers trailed over the hemline of my shirt.

I sighed into him and closed my eyes again. The top of his head made contact with my hair line as I felt his lips skim my hair a few more times.

"You're a lot touchier than before" I commented with a sigh as I breathed in his deep scent. I lifted my head to look at his face as he looked down to me.

"meditation" he commented to me proudly. I smiled to him gently.

"What does it do?" I asked like a child as he swallowed and looked to me expectantly.

"It…calms me I guess lets me put things into a clearer perspective."

I shuffled, still straddling him as I lay down on top of him; he didn't seem to mind as he continued talking to me.

"Before when we were…I get over loaded with how intense things are. I needed to desensitise from you before- seriously, but then when I meditate, I can see passed your scent…your movements…I see you fully, deeply- all the colours of you and your soul…" he leant in and breathed me in deeply again. I smiled to him as he pulled me in.

Again we lay still, letting the air settle between us as Leo yawned, widely but silently.

I leant up to kiss his face twice, just nipping as he looked to me with softer eyes.

"Sleep" I mumbled as he nodded and shuffled down on the bed, laying us flat down in the dark, my head on his warm chest.

"You comfy?" he asked again concerned. I could only nod as I felt myself slip away, deeper into a more comfortable sleep than any I had ever had.

"I love you" he called caressing each word tenderly until I was unconscious once again.

Leo's POV

I allowed myself another hour with her sleeping on me; I knew I would be later up than usual but this morning I didn't really care- she lay fully on top of me, her lovely thick hair smooth down her back, her breathing even.

When it hit 5.30am I knew I needed to move- Training was in 15 minutes. I lifted her in my arms as gently as I could, trying not to disturb her slumber as I laid her flat back down on the bed.

I dressed hurriedly and stretched as I went, pulling my weapons onto my back before kissing her forehead once more.

The dojo was quiet as I entered- I half expected the 'teasing duo' to be in again, but I was only met with the eyes of Master Splinter, who smiled to me warmly and bowed his head ever so slightly at me.

"My son" he said with a smile as I eyed him accusingly.

"Good morning Master" I called as he watched me with a spark in his eye.

He held his tea cup gently in his paw and smiled to me deeper.

"I trust you had the most pleasant sleep?"

I blushed, fuck- I shouldn't have blushed, it gave everything away.

My dad chuckled and sipped his tea amused.

"Leonardo- you do know that it is more than okay to be around your new love, and enjoy her company" he said calmingly. "you know how much I approve of your relationship with Miss Nala"

I nodded. It was true; he did.

"Did she sleep alright? It has been a chaotic week for her" he added as I nodded almost too quickly, cursing at my self as I moved.

"S-she slept fine" I mumbled nervously. Splinter smiled knowingly.

"Very well Leonardo- I just came to check that if you and Nala are being careful; that whatever you two were up to, you were being safe and communicating well - "

"We didn't- I-I mean, we didn't...We just fell asleep" the words wouldn't fall out like I needed them too- embarrassed and hot faced; I blushed massively.

Master laughed under his breath.

"Well…whenever you need me; I am here, if you wish to talk about anything…Raphael and I discussed the same fate when he and April began courting…He may be an option too- since he is well submersed in the current matter" he said with a nod of his head and disappeared down the corridor. My face bright red. "Good morning Leonardo" he called cheerily before disappearing out of sight.

Then the noise came; the annoyance of childish chuckles that fell from behind me as I spun involuntarily and met the faces of Donatello and Michelangelo.

I looked to them flatly.

"So- Master's giving out the sex talk already is he? Damn" Mikey laughed "He must know you're totally head over heels for her"

I groaned.

"Training- now"

We practiced all morning, Raphael eventually showed up as I scolded him for being late- he looked like he didn't give two cares. He grinned and hummed through most of his training.

Clearly Master needed to speak to him over me.

After two hours of prepping and sparring, I called it time and we all cooled down with a stretch.

My brothers laid out in front of me, as I laid out my legs and felt the back of my knees pull at the muscles there.

"So…how is Nala this morning?' Mikey asked in a sing song voice "Are we official yet?" Mikey cheered in a light voice as the others laughed with him. I rolled my eyes, but remembered their previous conversation.

I could talk about this now.

It was okay to do this.

"She's still sleeping; she woke up late last night- about 4…some vision about that ball again" I told Donnie with concerned eyes. Donnie mirrored my face and twitched his lip.

"We'll keep a close eye on it…Nala still happy to look into it?" he asked as he stretched his elongated arms.

"I think so…she gets a little freaked; there's a voice that keeps speaking to her-"

"oh shit yeah- she mentioned that the other mornin' too- man she looked real freaked" Mikey added equally concerned. I swallowed and shook my head from it. Her concerned face in my hands…until she leaned up and kissed me hard…

passionately…full of love and something else…

a little bit of terror…

I shook the mental image away; It was not the time or the place.

"No one's ever gonna touch her; we need to be clear on that" I said to them in a deep commanding voice. They all nodded.

"We already are aware Leo" Donnie said pointedly. "It goes for April too" he called to Raph who nodded silently, his eyes grave.

"We are getting off topic here" Mikey fussed as I looked back to him; he was leaning on his chest, his arms holding his head up as he looked wide eyed to me.

"What's the deal with you two, today? Is it still friend-zone or end-zone now?"

I pushed him once and rolled my eyes, but remained sat down, my eyes looking deeply to the floor as the memory of our conversation bounced back to me…

"I'm so in love with you right now" I told her honestly as she giggled in the back of her throat. She hair whipping round as she shook her head at me beautifully. She was so beautiful; always the most beautiful…

"You're not the only one who feels that way" She spoke softly, sending my heart rate crazy and my mind whirring.

"And you want to be with me" I smirked almost impossibly with sad eyes as she watched me with an irritated look again.

"Yes- I do, I want to be that in your life…can we…could we try? Please?" She pleaded as I watched her, unbelieving that this girl could ask that of me; that she couldn't even assume I was whatever she wanted, however she wanted already.

My eyes dipped down again to her soft lips, there staying still until I leaned down selfishly, capturing them in mine in the most breath-taking way. My breath left my body and my hand kept strong as I held her honestly and earnestly.

"I want that very much" I murmured against her mouth as I kissed her deeper again…

I swallowed.

Were we now dating? Is that what it was called? I didn't want to call it that- it felt more. Saying we were dating wasn't enough…it couldn't describe how I felt for her in just that one word.

I looked back to my brothers who all sat waiting expectantly.

"Sorta…we agreed to try things…if that's anything to go by" I said with a shrug and an impulsive smile.

"Fuckin' hell Leo- the girls your girlfriend- get used ta sayin' it- its good" Raph called roughly as Mikey glimmered to him mischievously.

"So that means April's yours then?"

Raph grumbled and shrugged like I had done, only he blushed deeply. His eyes looking away from us all.

"Coz if not she certainly has an issue with saying your name in her sleep…she kept calling your name last night over and over and over and-"

Then they were gone; Mikey being chased down the corridor as I sat with Donnie, we chuckled at them and shook our heads. He grinned to me.

"Well, I'm glad you guys are starting something" he told me before turning and stretching. "I finished up her shell cell last night- and added in a few more security measures- I can show you if you want?" he added brightly as I smiled and nodded to him in thanks.

"Thanks Don"

We walked together to his little lab- ignoring the yelling and banging from down the corridor as we walked…

Nala's POV

I woke up slowly, from the best dreamless sleep I had ever had. My nose was filled with the smell of Leo and only Leo- a smile instantly spread across my face as I sighed him in.

I looked at the time on his desk again; 8.30am

I sat up feeling more awake and perkier than usual.

I dressed quickly, excitedly, wondering whether or not the boys would be finished practice yet.

I pulled on my jeans and a top before brushing my hair through, feeling cleaner and happier than any other morning before.

I skipped down from Leo's room and headed into the communal kitchen.

Everyone was sitting around eating breakfast already.

I smiled to them cheerfully; taking in the mental image of my new family as I looked down to my arm-my mark there as part of what I was to them.

I grinned even wider feeling the smallest of tears prick my eyes;

I had never been so happy.

I hummed through as I made my way over to them, Mikey spotted me and grinned widely.

"Good morning Lady N!" he called happily as I smiled to him and Donnie passed me a cup of his famous coffee.

"Good morning sunshine- What's got you all pucker?" I asked as he leant back in his chair and leaned causally.

"Oh you know, birds in the sky, suns up- gotta new sister; its been a great few days" he said with a head nod.

I giggled.

"I certainly know the feeling" I chuckled leaning in to touch Mikey's shoulder affectionately. I hummed again finding a new song stuck in my head and turned to the kitchen counter top as I stirred my coffee. I hummed some more feeling eyes watching me.

Turning back around I made eye contact with Leo; who had watched me enter the kitchen and now was smirking softly to me, his face relaxed.

I smiled into my coffee cup as I kept humming, the others eating as Mikey turned to the radio.

The song I had been currently humming started up through the speakers.

My eyes widened; everyone turned to look at me and then turn back to the radio.

"So that's new…" I commented with a blush. Mikey chuckled as Leo hit his hand out at him thinking I was offended, in return I giggled and shook my head.

"Wow you boys must be rubbing off on my mutation" I told them while taking a sip of my coffee. I sighed at the taste and leant against the sink.

Leo stood immediately and came beside me; his hands found my waist as he pushed me into the chair he was currently occupying. The table now full again as he leaned behind me against the counter top.

I blushed and looked down to the table.

He was such a gentleman.

Then April growled and huffed as she threw her phone down into the middle of the table and ran a hand through her hair.

"What's wrong?" I asked her as she turned to me.

"My insurance is only paying out half of my rental because apparently I'm not insured for 'high explosives'- fucking joke! What am I supposed to do?" her face looked sad as I watched her with sad eyes "I imagine yours will be the same Nala- they're voiding everyone's" she said with a shrug. I looked to the table remembering my apartment building being torn apart; then I realised that included my home as the air seemed to whiz out of me.

"Oh shit" I breathed out. "I'm homeless!" I gasped with wide eyes, my mouth fell open in horror at the realisation as I swallowed the lump in my throat.

Two hands found my shoulders.

"We're homeless" April said in a slump "Don't suppose you can envision us tonight's lottery numbers by any chance?" she asked looking to me with hopeful eyes. I blew out a humourless giggle.

"It doesn't work like that" I told her calmly as she huffed.

"You're not homeless- you can stay here as long as you need; you both know that" Leo added over my shoulder. I looked to the table again.

I would gladly stay here forever with him if he would let me. I swallowed and leant back into his grip. April looked to Leo and sighed.

"All my things…all our things"

"they're just things April- they can be replaced" I shrugged as she sighed again. Raph's hand met her back in comfort as she looked up to him.

"I know; I know- how are you not as sad as I am?" she asked me calmly with wide eyes. I shrugged.

"I guess…I never even thought about it; everything's been so fast paced and there's way too much going on in my head to even comprehend thinking about loosing stuff" I giggled taking a sip.

"Besides; being homeless isn't the worst" I told her as she looked up at me crazed.

"How would you know?" she asked pointedly as my face flushed. I could feel Leo's gaze on the back of my head as I took another sip.

Donnie's eyes met mine- then Raph's, then Mikey's.

"I…I guess I was sorta homeless when I lived in England…my mom had kicked me out and my dad had…tried to get me into this institution..." I swallowed shaking the memory. "long story short- I ran away…only a couple of weeks, lived in a shelter…then my dad moved me over seas" I said with a shrug.

"I didn't have much when I arrived in New York…just a couple of boxes of stuff I'd packed in a mad rush, most things I bought second-hand or found online…you get by- its not as hard as it seems" I said with a shrug, but all eyes watched me; a hardness in them as Donnie piped up.

"you were sent to an institution?" he asked quietly. I blushed. "my mom…thought I was possessed by a demon…she decided to send me to some church-science place to try and 'cleanse' me" I rolled my eyes as I choked on a laugh.

"Anyway; that's all old now- really old, and here we are half a year later" I chuckled as they grinned to me sadly. Mikey's eyes the saddest I had ever seen him- he made me glad I couldn't see Leo's face.

"They were so horrible to you Lady N…" he called off his eyes far and distant. My hand found his arm as I touched him gently giving it a squeeze.

"I'm good now; besides- if that didn't happen, I wouldn't be here now" I said with a smile.

"Kinda like the Butterfly effect" I winked to Donnie who nodded at me with a grin.

Then in an instant an alarm flashed above our heads- I looked up to see a grinning Raph.

"What?" I asked he chuckled.

"Dat means lesson time girly- c'mon" he said with a darkness in his tone.

I turned round to look at Leo- he watched me with an amused stare.

"Should I be worried?" I asked him as I stood- he smirked.