Enter: Rachel Rosenblatt

Hi guys first fanfiction! Yay! Though I probably think that no one reads FireBreather fanfics anymore, but I wanted to get this off my chest, because I have been dying to write this story ever since I got an account and the idea. So enjoy!

My name is Rachel Rosenblatt. I'm fifteen years old. I am the daughter of Duncan and Jenna Rosenblatt. My life is what you would call "normal", i guess. I have good grades, a few friends, unfortunately a fiery temper, and even a first crush. So to me everything was okay. Until that one day when everything was about to change. When I realized my life was about to get insanely crazy, when I found out about the deep dark secret about my dad and what powers hidden in side me.

Chapter 1: One Morning...

Rachel POV

It was a bright sunny morning somewhere in Arizona. My alarm clock went off and I was desperately trying to shut it off with my hand while still ,but it wasn't working. So I hit it off the table that was next to my bed to see that would work. Believe it or not the dang thing still kept ringing. So I got out of bed, went over to were the clock was on the floor and kicked it with my foot to see if that would shut it up, well apparently I didn't know my own strength because when the alarm clock made impact with the wall; it shattered to pieces. I hate alarm clocks. Thought unfortunately, that was my fourth one this week and my mom was getting tried of getting me new ones, so she's gonna be mad . "Well, time to get ready" I said to myself as I headed to the bathroom.

I showered, brushed my teeth, and combed my hair in the way I like it, which kinda looked like a flame-like shape. My hair was somewhat spiky. It's color is a mixture of vanilla-bleach and burnt yellow blonde hair. My eyes were blue-teal, which I thought was kinda cool. My skin was very tan,but with a little hint of light color. obviously I get it from my parents, seeing that my mom is very pale white and my dad is...orange. I asked him why and he only told me that it was from a serious sunburn.

Anyways, I got dressed in my favorite outfit, which consisted of a red leather jacket that stopped right at the top of my stomach, and orange T-shirt with a black frame in the middle, a white tee underneath it, A short Jean skirt, black leggings with ripped holes in them, and black converse shoes. I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs.

I came into the kitchen to find a tall woman with vanilla – bleach blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing a light pink T-shirt, and dark pink skirt with a white apron on top. It was my mom. She set a plate of French toast and bacon on the table with a side of orange juice.

I sat down and started eating "Morning Mom "I said with a mouthful of food,"Morning sweetie"she said back. I swallowed hard knowing that I was going to get it for what I was about to say next "hey uh ...mom..I-I broke my alarm clock again." Then gave me the glare and said no shouted "Rachel Rosenblatt!, how many times have I told you not brake your alarm clock, that's the fourth one this week!" "I know, sorry I know wanted to try alarm clocks this year, but it just isn't working, I hate mornings" I retorted back.

"What am I going to do with you?"
"Keep me?"
"Your funny"
"Hey honey, don't get on her about to much, I can understand the "hate for mornings" part" said a new voice who came into the room. It was a tall,lean, and muscular man. He had tanned orange like-skin, red-orange eyes, burnt yellow spiked hair, wearing navy blue T-shirt and sweatpants, it's was my dad. "Morning honey" dad said as he went over to my mom and kissed her full on the mouth.

I decided to be stupid and stick my tongue out as if to show disgust. The he turned to me: "morning sweetheart" "morning dad"
"Well well well, look who decided to get up this morning" mom said.
"Hey, work had to go into overtime yesterday. I had to coach practice for football, basketball, and lacrosse,all after school! Because someone accidentally switched the schedules which made all them pretty much on the same time. So I had clean up all the equipment afterwards."
"Well that sucks" I said.
"Tell me about it"

My dad's the gym teacher at my high school, which is Herbert Hoover High if you didn't know. My moms a party planner, best in town, so she gets a lot of calls.
"Speaking of school, doesn't school start at 7:25? Dad asked.
"Yeah so?"
"It's 7:19"
"Oooooh Crap! I'm gonna be late! Okay okay do I have everything!? Wait where's my papers for the KCC!? Oh there they are"
"Kaiju Crazy Club-byemombyedadloveyou!" I ran over as ran out the door.

So there's my first chapter! I hope you guys liked it. Next chapter will be up soon. Please review!