Guess what? Is it an all-expense payed whole week trip to Disneyland!? Yeah you wish, nope it's only chapter 6! Yes, the next chapter yay! I'm weird. Enjoy!

Chapter 6: Training Day

Rachel POV

After my encounter with grandpa, we went home. Jenny stayed a little while at my house, and then later went home. I was getting ready to go upstairs when my dad said: " hey kiddo, I'll be picking you up tomorrow after school, we're going to start" " start what?" I asked very confused as to what he was talking about. "your Kaiju training"

I thought I was gonna die" Could you excuse me for a minute"


I came back in the room to see my dad smirking. Then I went upstairs and went to bed.

(Time skip after school)

Somewhere in the mountain ranges, Duncan and Rachel stood in no specific location in between them. For training, they had decided to wear plain white tee shirts and Jeans, figuring be probably mess them up soon, if you know what I mean.

"First you need to how to transform" he paused for a moment " you first need to breath in deep, let all that energy surge through you, feel the power, the strength,...the anger. Then when you can't hold that anger anymore; release it", then dad started changing.

He turned into the exactly what I did, except more muscular and quite larger. "Whoa! Cool! How'd you do that!? I didn't know you could do that!" I cried out of amazement.

"You did it didn't you?" Dad replied back, "oh yeah" I said kind of embarrassed about forgetting that. "Now I want you to try" He said, " alright" I said, a little hesitant. I breathed in deep like he said to do, feeling the energy surging, feeling the power through me, I was about to let it out, let all go annnnd...nothing. "Ugh, I got nothin' " I said already feeling defeated, "Come on I know you can do it. Unfortunately, it's mostly based on anger. Think of something that makes you angry"

"well I don't know if anything makes me angry...except for Veronica Adams. She's so full of herself...always getting in my face... pushing me around, and, and I really don't know how guys can fall for a thing like her, s-she laughs at the suffering of others, she's so shallow and cold hearted. It makes me wanna take her way-too-much make up face, shove it in the trash, AND THROW IT INTO THE NEAREST RIVER!" After that; dad just smirked. Apparently while I was getting all that out; I had transformed, I didn't even realize.

" feel better now?" Dad said sarcastically, still with a smirk on his face.

" heh heh" I laughed a little sheepishly, "well since you've got that covered, we can go on to the next step; testing your strength"

"How you gonna do that?" I asked. "Well, let's start with something basic, like...ah picking up this rock" ,to say the least, the "so called rock" was actually a huge boulder the size of a construction truck, I was be able lift that. "Seriously? How in the world am I supposed to lift that!?" I cried. "Like this" he said plainly, as he lifted up the boulder with one hand. At that moment my mouth dropped to the floor in amazement. How the heck did he do that!? "your turn" " whoa whoa I can't do that! That's insane!" I exclaimed "you have superhuman strength, trust me, you can do it" he insured, " ok I'll try".

I went over to the Boulder and put both my hands under, and tried lift it with all my might, it didn't really budge, until it started to move and I was lifting it higher and higher. I struggled while lifting it, but I eventually raised right above my head. "Wow, I did it! Did see me dad!? I can't believe I actually did that!" I cried out of excitement, " I can" he said with another smirk. "Now since you've got that down, I'm gonna test your strength a different way" he stated. "How?"

Suddenly dad grew wings and flew up to the top of a cliff nearby. Of course that was another surprise. " WOAH! WHAT THE-YOU CAN FLY!?" I practically shouted so he could hear me and out of shock. "YEAH...UH...I MIGHT OF FORGOT TO MENTION THAT!" I face palmed. That's my dad.

"SO UH... WHAT'S ANOTHER WAY YOUR GONNA TEST MY STRENGTH!?"I asked. " BY THROWING BOULDERS AT YOU!" he shouted back " OH OK, WAIT...WHAT!?"I cried, clearly a scratch that...a lot hesitant about this plan. "OH COME ON, ALL I'M GONNA DO THROW SMALL BOULDERS AT YOU AND YOU HAVE TO DODGE THEM BY PUNCHING THEM! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! CAN'T KNOCK IT OUT TILL YOU TRY!" I started getting serious butterflies in my stomach, and as much as I hated to admit it; he was right. "ALRIGHT, I'LL TRY MY BEST" " AND HERE'S A TIP, PUT ALL YOUR STRENGTH IN YOUR FISTS, READY !?" "READY AS I'LL EVER BE"

At first ;I was terrified. I kept dodging the boulders like a scared cat. Sometimes I forget to remind myself that my dad is crazy. Well I kept doing that for a moment, until I couldn't dodge this one boulder and as if on reflex, I punched it and it shattered to pieces. Then I punched another and another, it almost as if it's a video game. When I started to get the hang of it, I made a simple strategy: pretend every boulder was Victoria's face, genius right? Well let's just say I was getting a little stir crazy about and punching them harder and harder, while they crumbled to pieces at my feet.

After a little while, dad came back down, and I looked disappointed," aww, we're done already?" I whined, " I think you were having a little too much fun with that, don't you think? And anyway, don't you want to try fire breathing?" Yeah I do " Yes! Yes! That all I've ever wanted to try ever since I found out about these powers! Yeah let's do it!" I practically shouted with excitement.

"First thing to know is not to get it mixed up with regular breathing. When you breath out deeply, you do it softly and smoothly, but when you use fire breath; you breath out a lot more harsh and a little raspy. You put different amounts of strength in your breaths. I know it seems difficult, but if just try-" I suddenly breathed out flames, which I thought was pretty impressive. " like that?"

I asked plainly, dad gave this look that was of somewhat shock. " well you learned that quick. How you'd do that?" He asked, " I don't know, I guess it came to me" "interesting, well since you how to do it, we aren't done yet, we got lot more to practice" he said. "Well bring it on, dad".

At this moment I felt like could take on anything.

Somewhere far away, in a location unknown. A secret meeting is being held. "You know your mission?" Said a dark and cold voice. "Yes" another voice answered, female. "Then go, find Belloc's son, use your tracking skill, and bring him to me. Do not return without him, unless you have a very good reason, which in highly doubt you would. Do not fail me" he finished. The female being said her last reply with a smile :

"Yes...master Vetrosis"