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Prologue- Hermione's POV

It has been over four months since the war ended. Three months since I adopted Edward Remus 'Teddy' Lupin as my own. Two months since my parents were attacked and murdered.

There was a short note found that made it glaringly obvious as to who attacked my parents. Bellatrix Lestrange miraculously survived the war and was now out for blood, my blood. 'I'm coming for you Mudblood' was written on the walls in my parents' home in Australia. The horrible thing is that they didn't even remember that they had a daughter. They would have had no idea who had broken into their home and murdered them in cold blood. Now they were gone and I wouldn't be able to try and reverse the memory charm I placed on them to keep them safe and away from the battle that raged in the wizarding world that leaked into the muggle one.

Once the news spread to what was left of the Order of the Phoenix, it was unanimously decided that Teddy and I would both go into hiding until Bellatrix could be caught. Andromeda Tonks went catatonic and then her health quickly declined at the news of not only her husband's death, but the deaths of her daughter and son-in-laws as well. When the wills of Remus and Tonks were read, it was stated that Harry and I were named as godparents. Seeing as how Teddy became the one thing keeping me together, Harry decided that I should be the one to officially adopt him.

Once the adrenaline from running for over six months and from the war ended, I felt as if I was steadily down spiraling into depression. We had lost so many people, so many loved ones and I felt as if I wouldn't be able to cope. Not to mention the nightmares that remained from the night at Malfoy Manor.

Ron and Harry had tried to help but it did little good. After the sudden and slightly awkward kiss in the Chamber of Secrets, Ron and I decided we should just remain friends, so even though he tried to help he kept himself at a bit of a distance for a few months.

But when Teddy was brought to Grimmauld Place about two weeks after the downfall of Voldemort, it was like a light switched on. He was such an adorable little baby, and only being a little over a month old he seemed like he was older. And his bright blue tufts of hair on his head and the seemingly intelligent honey brown eyes that stared at you, I was in love immediately. He became the reason I began to heal, the reason to wake up every day and care for someone who wasn't myself. That is what influenced Harry's decision to let me adopt him. Teddy kept me grounded when the news of my parents' deaths reached us from Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt. That was when it was decided that we should be put into hiding.

At first I was reluctant, but one look at Teddy changed my mind. He needed to be protected as well and I couldn't do that if I was out to get revenge on Bellatrix. He had already lost Remus and Tonks, he wouldn't lose me to. Everyone else would stay behind and begin to look into locations Bellatrix could be hiding. So here it is, September 27, 1998 and Kingsley decided there was one place Teddy and I could lay low at until they found a suitable town to put us in. So three hours later with a group that consisted of Kingsley, Harry, Ron, Teddy, myself and two aurors were on our way to Volterra, Italy where we would be meeting the Volturi.