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Chapter Twenty-Six

Hermione groaned and opened her eyes, seeing white all around her she guessed that she was in the hospital. She looked to her right and saw Teddy sleeping on the couch in the corner, and she smiled as she studied his little stomach going up and down with each breath, he was safe.

The door opened and Hermione looked to her left to see Charlie coming in with a cup of coffee. "Charlie?" Hermione winced at her scratchy voice, but it did the trick to gain Charlie's attention.

His head shot up and a smile blossomed across his face. She also noted that her accent was noticeable. She looked down at her finger and saw that she didn't have her ring on.

"Hermione! I'm so happy you're awake! You've been unconscious for a few days. The Cullens, Kingsley and Renee have been taking turns coming to see you."

"Renee? Why is she here?"

Charlie frowned, "Well since you are pretending to be Bella, we thought it would be less suspicious if Renee came down to see you."

Hermione nodded, "That's a good idea. So you were able to get a hold of Kingsley?"

Charlie nodded and sat in the chair by the bed, "Yes, he came down and a few hours later we got a call from the Cullens about your 'accident'."

"What is the story?"

"They came down to get you, and you had a pretty nasty run in with a window and some stairs. Broken leg, sprained wrist, multiple cuts and bruises, a pretty nasty slice on your leg and a few broken ribs. You should make sure to tie your shoelaces."

Hermione smiled, "Yeah I guess I should."

"Yes, and try not to face nomadic, human feeding vampires on your own." A voice said from the door.

"Hermione turned her head and looked at a visibly upset Kingsley Shacklebolt. "Hello Kingsley, I trust you had a wonderful time sitting in the waiting room."

"Do not start Hermione, did you know I had to threaten Harry so he would not apparate straight to your hospital room when he heard what had happened. Ron about joined him but Molly quieted him quickly. Now tell me exactly what happened."

So Hermione did, she started with the first couple of months at school, getting close to the Cullens, then the baseball game and meeting the nomads, which led them to the hospital room.

"Maybe we should move you to another location." Kingsley said aloud with his hand on his chin.

Charlie looked visibly saddened by the news, "No." Hermione said with a strong voice.

Kingsley looked startled, "No?"

"No one knew that the nomads were going to be there. James is taken care of and Laurent has gone to live with the other vegetarian coven. The only one we might have to worry about is Victoria, but then again she may not even attack, fearing death at the hands of the Cullens. And I love staying with Charlie, and Teddy loves it in Forks too. So we are not leaving."

Kingsley seemed to think on it for a moment. "Fine, but I may send someone down here to stay with you."

"You're going to send me a babysitter?" Hermione said, appalled at the idea.

"It would be someone you know. And don't think of them as a babysitter, but as an extra helping hand."

"How about we make a deal then?" Hermione said while sitting up.

Kingsley sighed, "What kind of deal?"

"Do not send anyone yet. But if Victoria comes back I will send you a Patronus and you can send someone immediately."

He nodded, "That seems perfect, and it will give us time to plan some things out."

"Great, now, has anyone seen my ring?"

"Oh!" Charlie reached into his pocket and pulled out a small ring. "Here, I have your wand and everything else you had on you in a bag in my cruiser, Kingsley said you wouldn't need anything from it while you were in here."

Hermione smiled at him and took the ring from his hand and slipped it onto her finger. "There now, no need to worry should someone come in."

Kingsley looked at the clock on the wall, "Well I need to get back to the Ministry, we have located a few places Bellatrix has been in the past three months but nothing concrete, and she isn't in the United States."

Hermione nodded, "Good, please let me know if she is spotted anywhere near here."

"We will. Good bye Hermione and I'll go ahead and tell Harry and Ron you said hello. Goodbye Charlie."

"Thank you Kingsley!" Hermione said as Kingsley and Charlie shook hands, and then Kingsley was gone.

A small noise drew Hermione and Charlie's attention to the couch, Teddy was sitting up with wide eyes staring at Hermione. "Mummy!" He yelled.

Charlie chuckled and picked him up then sat him beside Hermione. She instantly pulled Teddy into her arms and began peppering his face with kisses. "Oh how much mummy has missed you Teddy!"

"I'll give you two a little time to yourselves." Charlie said as he got up.

"Thank you," She said to him as he walked out. As soon as he was gone, Hermione broke down in tears and held Teddy close. "Mummy loves you so much!" She said to him as she began kissing him again.

They just laid there and held each other until the door opened. She looked to see Edward walking towards her.

"Hey," She whispered, seeing as Teddy passed out again.

"Hello." He bent over and placed a small kiss on her forehead.

"Is everyone okay? I know I heard Rosalie and Carlisle, but I didn't hear anyone else there. No one got hurt right?"

Edward gave a small smile, "Everyone is fine, and we disposed of James right after he bit you." He took her hand, "And I'm so sorry for that. We also found the camcorder he was using, Alice is going to do a bit more research now that she does have a lead on who she was."

"It wasn't your fault this happened so don't you dare go blaming yourself. I thought he had Renee and so of course I had a moment of hero complex and decided to go on my own. But none of this was your fault. And I hope that Alice can find out something, even if it's small, it must be hard not truly knowing who you were." Edward nodded and sat beside her so she smiled and said, "So you still want to be with this easily breakable human right? I'll learn to tie my shoe properly I promise."

He chucked and placed another kiss on her forehead and then laid a hand on Teddy's head. "Of course I still want to be with you. Now you should get some sleep, you've had a lot of excitement today and you need to heal. We will talk once you wake."

She smiled and yawned, "You're right, goodnight Edward." And she drifted off to sleep.