Hi! I'm back with my second installment! So, it took me a little longer to update than I was hoping, but as I did say I couldn't promise regular updates. I hope I'll get the next one up faster, though.

I've got a prompt from a friend (well, I don't know, if this actually counts as a prompt): "Into the light, that shines so bright." This instantly reminded me of episode 7x06, so this is kinda an episode tag to this one, though my one shot happens later. It's written from Emily's POV.

WARNING: This is a pretty dark chapter with character death! If you don't like things like that, then please don't read it!

I know, this is really short. Sorry about that! Hopefully the next one will be longer. I hope you like it anyway!


"JJ, I'm scared. What if…" My voice was nothing more than a broken whisper. I was barely able to speak anymore and started coughing again. I could feel the blood filling my mouth and spilling over my lips.

"Shhh, don't speak, Emily. It's gonna be alright. Help is on the way." She gently brushed a stray curl out of my face and I could see the fear that filled her eyes, just like it filled my voice just moments before.

"What if…it didn't…change?" I was coughing even more now, the pain shooting through my chest, expanding in waves.

"You're not gonna have to find that out now. You'll be fine. Just hold on a little longer." Tears were pooling in JJ's eyes now. I could see she barely believed her own words.

"Can't..." This single word seemed to increase the pain in my chest even more and I felt myself starting to faint. My view slowly began to black out and everything that wasn't filled with pain started to go numb.

"No, Emily! Come on, stay with me! Emily!"

I knew I couldn't respond to her anymore. Not in words. I couldn't even open my eyes. But I remembered her words. It were the same words Morgan had said to me. It felt like that was a lifetime ago. But I remembered and I responded the only way I knew to.

I squeezed her hand. Just a tiny little bit. Just to let her know, that I was still with her. I wasn't ready to let go. Last time I begged Morgan to let me go, but this time I would beg JJ not to if I only could. All I felt now was pain and overwhelming fear. I didn't want to face the cold and the darkness. Not again. What if it didn't change? I wanted so much to feel the light and warmth, but what if this just wasn't how it was supposed to end for me? What if cold and darkness was all that was waiting for me?

"Emily? Keep squeezing my hand! Come on! Stay with me, please!" JJ's words were only a distant whisper by now. Her tears dripping down on my face just a ghost of a touch. I felt my hands slipping out of hers. And then it was all gone. Her voice, her touch, her tears. Just gone.

And I was surrounded by darkness again. The pain was gone, replaced by the icy cold.

No! NO! I wanted to scream, but my lips didn't even part. I tried to shake the cold, run away from it. And when I turned around I could suddenly see it. A light, a tiny little light. Not more than the flame of a candle in the distance. But it became brighter. Bigger. I wanted to shield my eyes, expecting them to hurt from the brightness. But they didn't. The light was so bright and soft at the same time all I wanted was to be embraced by it. Be filled with its warmth and lightness. And float away.