In a land far, far away lies the kingdom of Fiore, a small, peaceful nation of seventeen million, and a place filled with magic. Found in every home, bought and sold in every marketplace, for most, magic is merely a tool, a mundane part of everyday life.

Even so, there are many powerful forces in this world, and today something unusual has happened. Somewhere deep in the Waas Forest, a newcomer has found his way here from another world. I don't know how he came to be here, or where he came from, but if we follow him we may find out...


It is the middle of the day with the sun high in the sky. Lying in the shade of a large tree is a large man in a deep sleep.

The man's name is Ysmir. He is the Last Dragonborn, a Nord warrior with a body of a mortal and soul of a dragon. He was one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, mortal in the world of Nirn.

Nirn is a world that hosts many different races of many shapes and sizes. It is also a world filled with magic. One big difference is that Nirn also has many god-like beings that meddle in the affairs of mortals. How Ysmir came to be here, he cannot remember. But, that is the past. While he sleeps in the forest under a tree, he dreams of a future that may, or may not, come to pass.


In his dream, Ysmir sees destruction. A city is burning and falling to rubble in front of his eyes. Black smoke billows from the wreckage, turning the sky black and making the air hard to breath. Littering the ground are the bodies of people Ysmir may know, but he does not remember them, either way he feels a sense of dread. Some are moving but most lie still, battered and broken, on the ground.

Not far away, sitting atop a pile of what was someone's home but is now a pile of shattered stone and broken wood, is a girl with long golden hair. Beside her is the body of her friend, a youth with spiky, pink hair. Ysmir thinks he knows him, too. But he cannot place him.

From where he is, Ysmir notices the boy's hand reach for the girl's. The girl bends closer to the boy and listens to what he has to say. Ysmir can't hear what they are saying, but the girl's shoulders are rounded and he can see from this distance that she is upset. The boys hand goes limp and the girl lets out a scream of anguish. She screams out her sorrow until her voice gives out.

In his dream Ysmir blinks. The next thing he knows, the girl is being held in the air, with his hand around her throat. He does not know why. Ysmir can tell that she is young, but well on her way to becoming a woman. Her clothes are torn and singed, barely holding together. She would look beautiful, Ysmir thinks without meaning to, if she wasn't crying. She clutches at his arm, either trying to lessen the pressure on her throat or to loosen his grip. Ysmir wants to let go, but his hand doesn't respond.

Ysmir notices something, something that he should know. On the back of the girls right hand is a tattoo. It is covered in dirt, but it can still be seen clearly enough. It is a pink symbol with several flowing lines going up and to the right and a long straight line going downwards and to the left. Like everything else, Ysmir thinks he knows what it is! It looks so familiar, but not at the same time.

The girl's voice interrupts Ysmir's thoughts.

"Ysmir…" As she speaks, each word seems to require effort, "Why did you do this? We thought you… were our friend. Why'd you betray us…?"

Ysmir can sense the feeling of sorrow in her voice, along with fear. As she was speaking Ysmir could see fear in her eyes. For some reason this breaks his heart.

When she falls silent a second voice speaks, seeming like its coming from all around him. It sends chills down Ysmir's spine.

"See what you have done, Dovahkiin?" Says the Voice with malice, "Look at all the destruction you caused. See how your friends have fallen. Look at what you have done to this one, the girl who called you her friend."

Ysmir tries to reply. He tries to tell the voice that he didn't do this. That he doesn't know who they are. That he doesn't know who she is! But the words fail to leave his mouth. Panicking, Ysmir tries to find the source of the voice. He knows who it is, why can't he remember!?

Suddenly pain explodes from his back. He drops the girl and she lands at his feet in a heap. Looking down Ysmir sees the tip of a curved blade protruding from his chest, right where his heart is. Stunned, he stares at the blade watching his life's blood begin to drip rhythmically from his chest. His attacker shoves the curved blade through another few inches and drops him to his knees. The increased pressure forces out a groan as the pain explodes from his chest.

Another voice speaks from behind him, this one filled to the brim with hate. Another one Ysmir thinks he should know.

"Die… traitor."

His world fades to black.


Ysmir's eyes flashed open. A loud Thu'um powered shout of pain escapes his mouth, scaring every nearby bird from the trees for a league. He shoots up to a sitting position, breathing heavily and his heart racing. His hands grip his chest, feeling where the blade in his dream pierced his heart. The pain still echoes through his body. He can still feel the pain.

Grimacing, he lowers his hands and falls back down with a heavy sigh. He lies still for a few moments, waiting for his nerves to calm down.

"What is happening to me?" He asks to no one in particular. "Last I checked I was on Vaermina's good side. Why does this nightmare return every time I fall asleep?"

After letting out another sigh, Ysmir rubs his eyes and starts to rise from his resting place. Standing, he takes in a large breath, raises his arms above his head and stretches back as far as he can. Stiff joints pop and crackle. Suddenly, from the canopy above him, a flash of color shoots down from the trees and rams into his chest, almost knocking him to the ground.

"Gah!" Ysmir yells as air is forced from his lungs. Looking down, he sees the only friend he has in this world. Clinging to his chest is a young, furry red kitten with white wings sprouting from her back, all complete with a tiny pink dress.

Raising his right eyebrow Ysmir looks down at the cat. "Khasi… what did I say about doing that?" He says with a smirk. Not being much of a talker, little Khasi smiles and flies to his shoulder and snuggles against his neck. Her white wings fade away a moment later.

"What am I going to do with you?" he says reaching up to pat her head gently. She sighed in contentment and begins to swing her legs and tail back and forth. "Well, you ready to keep moving Khasi?"

After hearing a quiet 'Uh huh' from the tiny body on his shoulder, Ysmir makes sure he has his pack and sword, and continues his trek through the forest. He is walking down a narrow, overgrown path that he has been following for the past week.

With the thoughts of his nightmare all but forgotten, Ysmir thinks back to his first few days here in this world. Since he woke up in this world two weeks ago, he has been plagued by these nightmares of destruction and death of people he doesn't know every time he sleeps. It worries him, because most times his dreams are more than just dreams. And that adds to him not knowing where he is and why.

It wasn't until he found the little kitten that he started focusing on finding out more about this world and why he's here. The kitten, who Ysmir named Khasi, is probably the only thing that kept him from losing control of his anger and shouting down the forest and destroying the path he was following.

For now, he is content to keep the kitten safe and to make his way to the light he saw in the distance a few nights ago. Believing it's a town or village, it's really his only lead. From what he can tell, he should be there by daybreak.


Walking down the path in the middle of the night, with a mage-light spell keeping them on the path, is our Dragonborn, with his little friend lying atop his head. The former is walking along, keeping an eye out for any potential danger while keeping the later entertained with stories his… more child friendly adventures in Nirn.

"-and that is the story of how I found out how a Giant can hit a Bandit to the top of High Hrothgar." Finishes Ysmir. Khasi giggles quietly on top of Ysmir's head, her tail swinging back and forth, tickling his neck.

Ysmir continues quietly, listening to the soft laughter of his feline companion. A few minutes pass before Khasi's voice breaks the silence.

"Ysmir, where are we going again?" Asks Khasi sweetly, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Remember those lights you saw a few nights ago? Way over there?" Ysmir finishes, pointing in the direction he is walking.

"Uh huh," She replies. "Why are we going there?"

"Well," He starts, "I'm hoping to find more people like you and me. And I would like to know where we are."

Two tiny paws reach down and pat his cheeks. "What do you think we'll find there?" She asks curiously.

A loud rumble emanated from Ysmir's stomach.

"A decent meal for starters," Is Ysmir's reply. "And then we'll see if we can find an inn to stay the night."

"What's an inn?"

A smile forms on Ysmir's face. During these rare conversations he often forgets that Khasi has not seen anything outside of the forest. Like her, Ysmir doesn't know what to expect when they get to where they are going, but at least he can guess. And with Khasi ever curious about the world, she asks a lot of questions when she feels like asking them.

With a chuckle Ysmir starts to reply. "It's a place where travelers go to rest and stay the night. Back home most of them sold food and drink." Ysmir says with a smile. "And many of them had Bards to sing or tell stories to entertain everyone."

"Can you sing or tell stories, Ysmir?"

"Tell you what," He says as he reaches up and grabs Khasi from his head. Holding her in front of him, he continues, "When we get to the town, I'll tell you any story you'd like. Sound good?"

With a giggle, Khasi nods and wiggles out of Ysmir's grip. Her wings appear on her back in a flash of light and she flies alongside him, seemingly content with traveling in silence once again.


After walking down the path for several hours, the sky started to brighten, and the sun appeared over the tree tops. Birds started chirping and somewhere in the distance a monster announced its presence to the world.

Through the gaps in the tree branches Ysmir could see several thin smoke trails in the sky. Beyond that is an wooden sentry tower, reaching high above the trees. It looked to be unmanned, which hopefully means that the people of the village are not expecting trouble. Perhaps they'll welcome him?

He took in a deep breath and released it. A weight finally starting to come off his shoulders. They are almost there. The prospect of finding out what the inhabitants of this world are like excited him.

"Khasi," Says Ysmir softly, still making his way down the trail. "Khasi... it's time to wake up. We're almost there."

A muffled groan escaped from Ysmir's chest. A moment later two red ears poked out from beneath His chin, followed by the rest of Khasi's head. After letting out a surprisingly loud yawn, the little kitten looks around excitedly.

"Are we there?" She asks quietly.

Ysmir reaches up and scratches her ears. "Almost," He says with a smile on his lips. "Just a little further. I thought you'd like to see it when we first get there."

In front of the duo is a thicket of trees, all but blocking their view of the town ahead. Beyond, they could hear the sounds of the small village waking up. He could hear the sounds of people moving around, the murmur of conversation, the occasional slam of doors opening and closing.

Finally breaking through the thicket, Ysmir and Khasi get their first glimpse of a civilization in this world.

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