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Okay, so, just to get this out of the way, its a bit of an AU world, where there are six main elements in the world that oppose the Sorcerer's evil green magics. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and two more that shall remain secret for now. Things go on like how they do in the show, with the exception that the Nomicon reveals that a new ally or two that Randy had to find.

There are new characters, characters in the show that are given a new purpose/direction, and a horde of new creatures/spirits that cause either chaos or help combat it. Well, here we go! :-)


Oh, and for those who haven't seen "How To Train Your Dragon 2", here's a quick reference pic I dug up to help with the appearance of one of the creatures/spirits, since its design is based on a certain dragon. Just connect the stuff together where there are spaces and you're all good. :-)

how to train your dragon .wikia wiki /File :Dragon 2_ cg_ cloud jumper_ 01_zp s2 93 65 65 7.p ng

Prologue: The Sorcerers Defeat

The Ninja had battled the Sorcerer for nearly a year, and, with the aid of an Earthen Samurai, a Warrior of Water, a Guardian of Light, a Magician of Darkness, and, surprisingly, a Cowboy of Air, they had created a giant pit, sealed with all of their magics. The Ninja's Element was of Fire, you see, and his Elemental animal/spirit partner, the Tengu, was the last seal on the Sorcerers future prison.

After the Tengu closed the top off, the others magical shields would kick in and render the sorcerer trapped; forever, they could only hope. Each of their families had been touched by the Sorcerer's dark magics, you see, making this hope all the more powerful for them.

The Ninja's entire family had been killed whilst trying to defeat the Sorcerer.

The Warrior had grown up alone and unloved after her family rejected her for being different, the Sorcerer afterwards turning her into a monster, using her as his ride for three long years before she was freed by the Ninja and Samurai.

The Samurai's whole village had gone up in flames, a fire caused by the Sorcerer, when he was just a young man; he had been unable to save a single life but his own.

The Guardian had been trapped in a hundred-year sleep because of the Sorcerer, awakened only by the Magician and Warriors' efforts fifty years later.

The Cowboy had been eternally cut off from his mothers people, who were winged and of the sky, because of a spell cast by the Sorcerer, while he wandered the earth below, outliving any other human being, his father, a regular human, passing away twenty years before.

And the Magician's whole family had been altered by the Sorcerer's magic, giving them the amazing, or dangerous, ability to, instead of being taken over by the fowl green magic, to be able to harness and control it; to change it into something else entirely than it was before; a new magic. From Chaos to the ability to control the Darkness and Shadows.
Most of the family had been targeted and killed within the year afterwards, for the first of the family to agree to such an evil deal had done unspeakable things with that power. Only one of the family survived, the Magician, who had sworn to use his powers for good and never evil.

They had all thrown in every last bit of their determination, skills and abilities into making sure the Sorcerer would never again hurt another soul, dead or living. And it had all come down to the final battle. They all fought bravely, using each of their abilities to the max, working perfectly in sync with one another, anticipating eachothers moves and thoughts before they happened.

Little by little, they directed the fight right above the pit; the Samurai had covered it with a thin layer of dirt to hide it, and the Cowboy with the Guardian made sure that no air or light would flow in or out of any cracks, ensuring that the Sorcerer would be unable to detect it.

Leaping, dodging, and attacking, they drove him directly over the pit, their Elemental spirit/animals lying in wait, ready to activate the plan. The Spirit of Shadows went first.

She could be compared to a Stormcutter, except a few key differences. Its scales were a murky dark blue, the crests, head fins and tail fins dark purple. This same purple swirled across its claws and wings, which it had four of, one pair under the first, and was only a little bigger than a Great Dane; at the moment.

The dark, slightly-less-murky purple swirled randomly, into incomprehensible shapes and lines, but never any one thing was the same twice in a row unless the dragon-creature willed it so. As it lifted its wings to fly, they caught the light, but she cast no shadow; for she was a shadow herself, in essence.

This was the Darrmask, controller of the shadows and night. She lunged, growing to her full height, which was about 47-48 feet high. She rammed into the Sorcerers shadow, knocking him in the direct center of the pit. For, a person is tied to their shadow, and the Darrmask can attack your shadow as if it were you.

Next, the Kelpient; she looked like a dark gray horse with slitted brown eyes, a large, dark navy-blue mermaid-like tail instead of a normal tail, and the same scales crawling up her legs and chest and neck, over her cheeks, fin-like ears and three long claws extending from normal hooves and sharp teeth, wet, slimy grey mane shining and glistening.

She snuck up and pounced on top of the Sorcerer, using a slimier, sludgier water than the normal kind she used to restrict his mobility and slow him down. She whinnied, screeched, or roared; some combination of the three.

Next was the Badgerbear. He was taller than a regular grizzly bear, standing at about 12 feet high when on his hind legs. A large black band went over brown fur, running from tail to over his ears. A smaller, thin white band ran from nose to tail, and similar black-and-white patterns ran down his legs, his muzzle with a little longer and filled with sharp teeth, and long, strong claws meant for digging and tearing.

He caused a small earthquake around the Sorcerer, sending him to his knees, the pit beginning to open up underneath him.

The Sorcerers eyes widened with realization. "NOOO!?" he shouted, struggling to raise his hands and attack. The Six Human Defenders and three of the Six Spirit Protectors watched from the edges of the pit as the Darrmask grabbed the Kelpient in her hind claws, moving swiftly to the sides of the pit while the Spirit of Air flew quickly over the pit, flapping strongly, the air currents keeping the Sorcerer in place.

The Spirit of air was a Pegasus, with a pale grey-white hide, a silvery mane and tail and large, starkly white, feathered wings. She whinnied loud and clear, telling the others that now was the time.

The Sorcerer fell down into the pit, landing on the chunk of rock that rose up, golden chains locking around his wrists. He yanked on them, shouting with panic, before turning his white eyes skyward, roaring in rage, directing his anger on the first one he saw, "NNNNIIINNNJJJAAAAAA!?" He gathered up great amounts of red and green magic in his hands before hurling it skyward.

The Badgerbear and Samurai quickly lifted a large boulder, throwing it down on top of the hole; but it was to late. The green and red magic had already seeped out, and was attacking its chosen targets; the Defending Six. It consumed and attacked them, trying to kill them, they assumed.

The Magician struggled under its hold, unable to convert the red magic into something gentler, or bend it to his will. He'd leapt in the way, thinking that, as was usual, he could change the evil magic into something he could control; he was wrong.

He gasped, falling to his knees, and where he once stood was now a dark, murky blue book with dark, murky purple rings, a glowing, navy blue top hat in its center. The Darrmask roared with pain, dissolving into dark blue-black wisps, which rushed to an onyx stone set in dark pewter metal; a necklace. The stone glowed briefly as the wisps entered it. A dark purple scarf that had shadowy, strange markings of dark blue lay coiled next to the first two.

The Ninja and Guardian, their part of the tasks not yet done, gaped as they rode their Elemental spirit creatures, who dodged and weaved to keep the magic from catching up to their masters.

One by one, the others were reduced to small tomes that held their colors, a small stone within which their partner disappeared into, and the piece of their armor/suits that activated the rest of the magic of it.

The Samurai became a dark, earthy brown book with jade green rings and a glowing, pale yellow samurai helmet helmet, the Badgerbear going into a rough piece of jade, and a dark brown, thin length of fabric, like a blindfold or headband, fluttered limply on top, solid, thick lines of pastel jade appearing here and there.

The Cowboy became a pale grey-white volume with silvery rings and a glowing red cowboy hat in the center, a see-through, roughly star shaped piece of quarts becoming the Pegasus's new resting place and a pale grey-white bandanna with silvery tendrils and curlicues all over it.

"We need to seal this thing off, now!" the Guardian shouted, even as the Warrior was reduced to a dark, pastel grey book with navy blue rings and a glowing, purple ninja mask in the center. The Kelpient went into a small, grey river stone that had cracks of white and spots of black, that was wrapped in a leather thong. A dark, pastel grey mask with navy blue markings fell beside it.

The Ninja nodded. "Yes, hurry, before we share the same fate." he shouted back. The boulder was already in place. Swinging wide of eachother, they swiveled back around. The Ninja dived, slamming the amber-golden stone of the Tengu into the top of the boulder, then bounded away to try and escape the red and green magic. The Guardian chanted, his spirit creature beginning to glow.

The Spirit of Light was a giant, marshmallow-white bat, close in shape to a flying fox bat, with pale yellow ears, claws, muzzle, and wings. He was about twice as big as a horse, and dived for the Tengu stone, slam into it, spirit dispersing into energy as it sealed the edges of the prison, followed closely behind by the Tengu, who slammed into the amber stone, flattening the boulder and creating a huge pattern of a carp in the ground.

The Guardian cried out in pain as the evil magic wrapped around him, rendering him into a white book with pale yellow rings, a silver ninja mask in the center. The moon was beginning to rise on the horizon. With a pained shriek, the Moon-bat temporarily reformed before turning into white-yellow wisps, rushing higher and higher into the sky, merging with the moon. A white ninja mask with pale yellow markings lay next to the book.

The Ninja chanted out a quick spell, that would protect him, for a time, from the evil magic. He gathered up all of the books, stones, and suit pieces before hurrying home. He had to figure out what happened, he'd never seen of heard of the Sorcerer doing something like this. He carefully set the books on the bed, beginning to write down all that had happened at his desk.

He could the foul, green and red magic start to cling to him, like a large, thick cobweb, constricting him. He fell to his knees with a gasp, having difficulty breathing. He felt like he was being crushed, squashed into a tiny little space. He struggled and fought against it, trying to get out of it; but it was no use. He lost himself to the darkness.
A black book with red rings and a bright, glowing green ninja mask in the center and his red and black ninja mask were all that was left of the brave fighter.

Who would protect the unnamed town now?

And that would be the very beginning. As said before, this is a bit of an AU. . . . or, a lot of an AU, I haven't figured it out yet. THere's a lot of canon and headcanon mixed in here, besides my own creativity.

And here's a little shoutout to a friend of mine, Endeaver4ever, who really helped to inspire me and I honestly believe that this story wouldn't have come out the way it is if not for her. Go check out her stories, their honking brilliant.

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