Bella was so tense and the flashback were still fresh with every touch. Bella didn't even notice she was lead into the Clubhouse by Jax. Dazed and slightly confused she tried to focus on her brother's voice. Bella only heard bits and pieces. "Are...alright? ...happened? Who...this?" Jax said shaking Bella slightly. Jax ran his hand down his face and sighed.

"She's in shock or something." Jax told Gemma and Clay. Clay turned to the guys and called Chibs over for him to check her out. Chibs walked over and knew from the look in Bella's eyes it was not shock. "Jackie-boy, it isn't shock that she be suffering. It looks ta be that she is stuck in some sorta flashback. Must a been triggered when we touched her." Chibs explained to everyone. Gemma clutches onto Clay and looks to Bella with such concern.

*Flashback* (Slightly graphic - maybe triggering)

We got back to Charlie's house after the party Edward drugged her to. He walked Bella upstairs into her room and let her change. While Edward had make a quick call. Bella got into bed and waited for him to get back. Once Edward returned, he was so fast Bella was barely able to recognize that it was Edward as he began to hover over her. She jumped a little because in her slightly drunken and stoned state it made Bella dizzy and confused. Bella was beginning to slowly slip in and out of consciousness, but she could still feel Edward's hands roam and grab at her body, Bella tried to push Edward off her or to yell get off her, but she had no strength left in her. Bella heard the sound of a zipper, she knew what was coming next, but she was frozen in fear. She began to feel tears streaming down her face and the last thing Bella felt was Edward ripping her clothes off in a haste, as he shoved his way inside her. Once he's done, Edward kisses Bella's cheek. "Your such a good little slut. You'll be mine soon!" He whisper yelled in her ear. It was to much for Bella to take that she succumbed to the darkness.

*Flashback Ends*

Suddenly Bella goes wide-eyed and screams before passing out. Being the closest to Bella, Happy is able to catch her before she falls to the floor. "Jax, I think you need to call Tara to check her over." Happy said with his raspy tone. Jax quickly got his phone and dialed in haste. Everyone hoped maybe Tara could give them something on was has happened to Bella.

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