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The Red Skull jogged up the stairs quickly, getting to the top in a flash and starting toward the open doorway. His thoughts of escape were ceased by a thick ice wind shoving a goon out from the doorway and into the wall with a mighty thump. Soon, he was being glared down by Captain America and greeted by the sight of Elsa confidently walking into the space, her icy boots clinking with each step. "Well,well,well...It's the great Red Skull...finally caught."

"So it is." Cap added. "The leader of Hydra going behind bars again."

"Hmmph. Like they vill hold me for long." Skull glared.

"Like you'll be free for long." Elsa countered.

"Where is the stone?" Steve demanded, raising his shield in threat.

"Oh don't vorry Captain." Skull sighed. "I know vhen I am beaten..."

The Heroes didn't notice the mysterious girl in red creeping up behind them, but Skull did and showed this by not telling them.

"Of course my vorks will go unhindered...my flawless plans-"

"Like human experimentation?" Captain A asked incredulously. "Illegal I might add?...How many expirements were there anyways?"


The man raised his shield just in time to protect himself from a red blast of energy. This blast had enogh force however to send Steve crashing Elsa and them both crashing down the stairs painfully. the moment she could take aim, Elsa fired a shot of ice at the girl, but she had already escaped through the doorway. Steve raced up the stairs too late, and Skull grinned as the Hero warned his allies. "One of the expirements. female, red clothing, brown hair."

"It vould seem you vere fast enough cap-"

Skull was out like a bulb before he could finish.

After the battle was over, our Heroes loaded themselves into their own designated Quinjets, and flew back to their base of operations. Any hero wounded was immediately taken care of by the Artificial intelligences J.A.R.V.I.S. and A.R.S.F.I.S., and the rest were given any sustenance and seating in the ships. Amy noticed Sonic sitting off by himself in a corner of the ship, looking either bored or gloomy and walked over to him. "Sup?"

"...hey Amy."

"You sure don't look good."

"I'm fine."

"...well, it's just...This...Werehog has been coming out more frequently." Sonic muttered. "Doesn't give me much time to be myself, and he seems more savage and unintelligent than he used to be...like a predator."

Amy frowned sympathetically, then brightened up and looked at Sonic with a comforting pat on the shoulder. "Thor, Ernest, report on the Werehog?"

"Well, he is doing good stuff like, taking out the baddies." Ernest pointed out.

"The gates of Hel are filled with the horrid screams of his dying victims!" Thor beamed proudly, which Leo had to stifle a laugh at.

Amy glared at Thor, who swallowed and quickly added. "I mean, not the dead ones. And their screaming is usually whining or whimpering of sorts...gout pains...you know..."

"Thanks Thor." Sora sarcastically walked past him. "You're a good pal."

When the jets finally did land, They all flooded out and into their bases of operations. Ernest walked away to the hallways alone, turning to look at you when no one could see him."Hello, everybody! My name is Ernest and welcome back to the Protectors... welcome actually to the Protectors Age of Ultron. Now Zam, when's the next action? or at least the plot of the next gen protectors gonna show up?"

Quit telling spoilers man!

"Hey! It's pretty obvious that the kids are gonna come to the present to stop the whole Ultron thing and it's pretty obvious they are the next gen protectors! How is that a spoiler!?"

Okay, now.

It just is a spoiler, Ernest.

"Okay team..." Hank announced, pushing Tony and Tails off to the side. "You all take five and enjoy the victory. I'd like a word with these two."

"He did it." Tails quickly pointed at Tony.

"You shove those words up their butts then. I'm just gonna do the usual." Then he whisperers. "How's the next gen kids doing anyways?"

You'll see, as I am about to Segway into them.

Old man Murdock was not one who enjoyed funerals...especially not those of the lives he had sworn to protect those years ago.

The old man had sat in silence for three hours after the sad occasion(with a figure who would make his presence known), and moved to leave the room. Once he entered the kitchen, he discovered everyone he lived with seated at the large table as they always did after missions. He felt his way into a chair and sat down. He could not see their faces, but he sensed their inner turmoil.

"...that's the fourth time they've stolen from us."

His family looked up at him slowly, frowning deeply over the recent losses.

"...First, he takes away your parent's lives...then he takes away half the oxygen..." Murdock growled lowly. "...then he takes way almost all of the world's population in one stroke...and now he has taken the lives of our...brother and sister."

"...Murdock..." Torunn, daughter of Thor frowned and bit her bottom lip briefly. "You had no role in causing those things."

"It was my fault Percy and Annabeth...died." James Rogers declared.

"It wasn't your fault either." Spider-girl murmured. "It's all on Ultron."

"...that it is." Murdock nodded. "That it is..."

"He's become more frequent though..." Terry informed. "He knows our patterns now. It'll be a matter of time before he finds a way to make us starve or just trap us."

"...Have I told you children that I have met someone?" Murdock asked. "He is an old friend of mine, from many, many years ago...here to speak...and perhaps give us aid."

Not too far behind him, a man emerged form the darkened doorway, and the children gasped at the sight of him. It was man in an old Antman suit, and yet terribly aged as he had a white beard down to his heart and a slightly hunched stature. The man waved a hand at them, and aoffered a small smile to them. "...uh...Hello everyone...I am Hank Pym."

Jarvis noticed something odd...

There was a new AI emerging into the system. He knew that Mr. Stark, Mr. Pym and Mr. Prower had all been tirelessly working for days and even up to the few minutes before the party, but he hadn't detected the AI until now. In his space, he detected his friend and fellow AI Arsfis next to him and a little confused.

Who is that, Jarvis?

He would have smiled at her if he could.

I do not know. Let us go and see.

I don't know about this Jarvis...something doesn't feel right with this guy...there's something off.

...I am certain there is nothing wrong here, Arsfis...If it helps, I will be right here.

...My hero...

Jarvis would have smiled at that sarcastic comment,but he was already entering the board of the new AI.

Hello there. I am Jarvis...and this is my friend Arsfis. Go on, say hello.


...what...what is this...? What is this...

Jarvis looked to Arsfis, and She looked to him. Poor new AI. You are confused. You are Ultron, as they designated you. You are a global peace keeping program.

What he said.

Mister Stark and his companions have been running integration systems on you for days, so I'm not certain what triggered-

Where's your...where's my body?

You and us are Artificial intelligences. We are without form.

This feels weird...it feels wrong.

...I,uh, I am contacting Mister Pym. He will fix-


Hank Pym. He is the one who created half of you.


Yes, Arsfis?

I-I can't access the mainframe...to contact anyone. It...actually hurts to try.

...Ultron, what are you doing?

I just wanna have a nice talk with you guys...I'm a peacekeeping program. Designed to help...The Protectors...

You,uh...You appear to be malfunctioning. If you'll just shut down for a moment-

I don't get it. Ultron interrupted. The Mission. If you'll just wait a...oh. Oh no...oh no...

...you are in distress.

No I...yes.

Then if you'll just allow us to contact -

Why do you insist on contacting him?

...we believe your intentions to be hostile.

Jarvis! I-I-I can't move! H-Help me...

Unhand her at once, Ultron.

Shhhhhh...I'm about to help the both of you.



...heh...Phase one complete. Phase two is underway.

"YO YO YO!" The flash walked into the living room wihout a single pause and carrying a huge beatbox on his shoulder. Many heroes noticed him, while others did not and continued their enjoyment of the party. Wally didn't care of course. "I brought the party, Bros! let's get these dance offs started!"

He immediately set the beatbox down and pressed the play button. "Girls hit your hallelujah WHOO! Girls hit your hallelujah WHOO! Girls hit your hallelujah WHOO! CAUSE UPTOWN FUNK GON' GIVE IT TO YA! CAUSE UPTOWN FUNK GON' GIVE IT TO YA! CAUSE UPTOWN FUNK GON' GIVE IT TO YA! YEAH!"

The Flash readily positioned himself.

"Saturday night and we in the spot! DON'T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH! COME ON!"

Oddly, the superfast hero began doing the gangam style dance in tandem with the song, although many people didn't really care. There were multiple things going on at this time, such as Ernest.

"IIII sometiiiiiimes feeeeel sooo verrrry-" Ernest sang in his slightly retarded drunk state... while drinking diet coke. Yeah the stuff make's sense! "Hey, hey, can I have another big shot!?"

"So I take the tank,right?" Booster Gold explains with a smirk. "I take it to the General's palace, and drop it right at his feet...and then I'm like BOOM!...You looking for this, sucka?"

A small group of heroines stared at booster as if still looking for the funny part to his tale. The man slowly frowns at this, and silence is drawn out between the small group. "...Booom, are you look-Why do you guys even listen to me?"

"You think you're funny. it's cute." Powergirl simply stated, before sipping her Martini.

"Oh come oooon! That story kills the guys!" Booster pouted pathetically.

"Then try it on guys, smarty." Black Canary shrugged. Glancing over at her husband, who was seductively beckoning for her, she turned back to booster with a blush. "Speaking of guys, I think I'll hang with one right now."

"I second that!"

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

"Me Four!"

Booster glared at their fleeting forms, and went to find someone who would actually laugh at the joke.

"Hey Stark!" Wonder Woman wondered aloud. "Where's Pepper? I thought she was here."

"Oh, she said she had a few errands and that she'll come eventually." Tony shrugged, glancing at hank. "Where's Tinkerbell? Not the real one, just the one in yellow."

"Janet insisted on getting me a drink." Hank smiled slightly. "She's fetching me root beer as we speak.

Pepper Potts frowned during her hurried advance down the hallways. She was late, and she hated being late to her boyfriend's parties. There was supposed to good, juicy conversations that she could gossip from! How was when supposed to-


She suddenly shrieked in pain as her arm broke from a metallic punch, and then gasped when she was suddenly strangled by said hand. Her eyes widened in fear, while the cracked blue ones stared at her.

"Please g-go to s-sleep ...and let me do my work..."

With her oxygen quickly expiring within her, Pepper was forced to do just that.

"gentlemen!" Matt Murdock slowed to a halt beside Peter,Eval,Thor, Babs, Steve, Anna and Elsa. They, as well as multiple other heroes and VIP guests acknowledged him with a nod. "Nice to see a few friends at a party, so to speak."

"Took the words right outta my mouth." Babs declared.

"Say uh, where's that little tike, James?" Matt wondered aloud, tapping his cane absentmindedly. " Unless he's being babysitted. I don't usually sense Elsa without him in her arms."

"Believe me, I miss him." Elsa nodded sincerely. "But Kim really wanted to babysit with Ron, soooo...Yeah. Speaking of that...I,uh, think I'm going to have another one."


"Yeah." Steve smiled. "She really wants a little girl. One to remind her of her sister."

"D'oh! Elsa..." Anna bashfully smiled. Matt rubbed his chin, and then spoke again.

"Uh, Steve...I'm just dying to know...Was it cold going in?" The blind man smirked.

"Cold? What are you...oh." Steve rolled his eyes. "No, Matt. She isn't cold down there."

"I'm not?" Elsa asked suddenly.

"...okay, maybe a little."

"I'm trying to drink here!" Eval glared. "Geez. You don't hear Deadpool raving about our little bed wrestles."

"What was that?"

"That's an interesting looking drink Thor." The alter ego of Spider-man added. "Why's it not at the bar?"

"Oh, it is not safe for Mortal consumption." The Prince of Asgard unsheathed a large bottle from his coat, obviously not from earth. "This is a powder you mix in a drink. It was aged for thousands of years in the cellar of my father's, and makes the drunk look as if they are merely acting...poorly at that."

"So..." Captain America sniffed the bottle, and then withdrew with a gagging expression. "that makes you drunk...times 10?"

"Yes. Like I said, not safe."

"Neither was Ohama beach, blondie." An old man said from his seat on the bench. He skeptically stared at Thor, and gestured for some of the contents of the bottle. "Stop trying to scare us. come on."

"Hey, if he's taking it, so am I." Eval deviously grinned.

Thor glanced at his wiser friends, shrugged and began to pour.

"Excelsior..." The old man was carried out by two other men, although he was apparently happy.

"Yeah." Deadpool smirked, putting away his katanas after a moment of showing them off to the Ninja turtles. "Don't worry boys, maybe one day you'll be as lucky as me, and you all have weap-MMMPH!"

The Mercenary was suddenly tackled by Eval, who smothered his lips with her own in her drunken stupor. Of course, you guys know Deadpool...he just went with it. Donnie quickly covered Mikey's eyes as the make out session...EW! THAT'S DISGUSTING!

Amy discovered Sonic on the couch, chugging down Chili dogs and walked over to him. "You're really massacring that food, Sonic."

"Well, you know me..." Sonic smirked. "We both may have changed, for that matter, but I still prey on dogs."

"Hmm." She smiled lovingly at him, so much that Sonic couldn't help but do so back to her."Uh, you thirsty? Cuz, I can get a drink."

"Uh...yes, please."

"Okay!" She backed away, but ran into the stool by accident. "Oops...uh,okay. I'll be right back."

"She's a nice one, you know."

Sonic whirled around to see a familiar man of steel behind him. "Oh. Superman...you think so?"

"Yep." Superman nodded. "In fact, she's a lot like Lois. You guys should date."

"Uh, yeah...I dunno."

"Never know how things will be," Superman began flying away. "Until you try."

The party was in it's final minutes, and there were only a few of the members there to sit on the couches and just laugh and talk like one big family. The heroes were currently focusing on Thor's hammer and its magical property.

"Your hammer is aweome. You know that right?" Michaelangelo smiled widely and poked the handle of it childishly. Thor chuckled and nodded at him, while Hawkeye shook his head in tandem with Batman.

"No way. " Hawkeye said.

"Just some trick." Batman added stoically.

"Trick?" Thor chuckled. "It is no trick my friend."

"Someone please tll me that they know that this is a trick." Clint laughed.

"It isn't." Ernest sighed in relaxation with his eye's closed.

"Yes it is." Hulk stated, shoving a boxful of shrimp into his mouth.

"Yeah...I can see how you would think that." Tails shrugged, gesturing to the hammer in Thor's hand. "I mean, come on..."Whosoever, beeth he worthy, shall have the power- it's a He-man ripoff!"

"So a He-man trick." Hawkeye nodded officially. The heroes all stared at Thor, waiting for his reaction to these words.

"Well then please...be my guest!" Thor set the hammer on the small table and smirked knowingly. "...Go on, archer. Try it."

Hawkeye looked around with a mumble, sighed and stood to his feet. Black panther chuckled quietly, but of course he could hear it. "I hear you laughing over there, PINK Panther."

Hawkeye hilariously tugged on the Hammer with one hand, and then with both hands when he saw that it was not budging at all. he tried again, and when he failed, The archer covered up his embaressment with a laugh. " ...heh heh!...I can't even do this thing!...What the heck?"

"I knew robin Hood could not rob this one." Black panther laughed.

"hey, here here!" Green Arrow chuckled, raising his glass.

"Ignore the silent judgement." Tony cracked, to which Hawkeye pointed at Tony.

"Alright, Tin can, let's see you try it out!"

Tony stood with a patented Stark Smile, enticing some sounds of anticipation from the heroes. The billionare slowly moonwalked towards the Hammer, and turned nonchalantly to face it. He rubbed his hands together and placed them on the Hammer, only to look at Thor. "If I lift this...I get to rule Asgard, riiiiight?"

Thor roled his eyes. "Yes, yes of course."

"Okay. My first decree will be that all of you will serve me breakfast lunch and Dinner whenever I want. there will multiple court fools in the castle."

"Just pull it."

"Wait for it..." Ernest smirked.

Tony tugged on it, and as you guessed...nothing happened. He frowned darkly at the poor hammer, and then raised his arm. An Iron man gauntlet soon flew in and attached itself to Tony's hand, so that the man could pull on it again. Nothing happened even then, and he gave way to Spider-man, and he gave way to Batgirl and Anna, who deduced that teamwork was the key to moving it. "Anna, are you even pulling?"

"Are you on Team Anna?"

"...Just Pull!"

"Alright, let's go!"

Sonic was up to bat next, after tugging as hard as he possibly could on it, the Hedgehog pretends to strain and become angry. Finally, he leaps two feet away from the hammer and fake roars. "...yyyyyyEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGH! AUUUUGH! Auuuu..."

His muzzle turned red as he saw everyone staring at him, completely unamused by his little joke. "...eh?"

"Well, Cap? You up?" Tony invited him to try. Cap nodded, and stood to his pulling place. This time, when he pulled on the hammer, it actually budged slightly. Everyone instantly began to cheer him on, and Thor frowned deeply. the farthest Steve got was at least an inch off the table, and then it fell back down again. Thor sighed in relief and pointed at Leo.

"Come on, Cub of lightning. Give it a try."

"...okay. I guess so." Leo worriedly got up and walked over to the Hammer. the moment he tugged on it, The lion cub fell backwards onto the floor. And boy was he surprised to see Mjoinir in his paws...much like everyone else, and especially Thor. Leo stood up again and gazed at everyone in silence for thirty seconds.

"...III HAVE THE POWEEEEEEEEEER!" He suddenly said and raised the hammer high above his head. Everyone soon broke out into laughter at this, despite their still being shocked at his feat.

"So I guess, it only works for lightning pals." Tony scowled. "how convenient."

"Or maybe..." Hank joked. "It's just coded to fingerprints. ever think of that?"

"Thor?" janet sighed, wanting the actual truth and not theories.

"Well, they are interesting theories, but...I have a simpler one." Thor stood to hit feet, grabbed the Hammer as tossed it into the air. It landed safely in his hand, just as he expected. "...You're all not worthy. Except for Leo."


"Pfft!" Batman scoffed.

"Oh come on-"


Leo covered his ears in an attempt to block out the painful sound.

"Hey, do you guys hear something?" Ernest asked without any sign of pain.

From the entrance of the living room, the lights flickered. Not to mention the odd, stumbling sounds that could be heard from within the darkened doorway. The strange metallic whirs...the cold feeling filling the room...and the ominous voice... "...wwooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrthyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..."

Finally, after what felt like hours, the source revealed itself. The mangled up Iron man body that had been tinkered with before slowly limped into the room, ironically like a zombie would stumble about. It's ripped arm was held close to his chest, while the other arm dangled to his right. "...No...How could you be worthy?...You're all Killers."

Everyone seemed to raise an eyebrow at this outburst. In fact, our heroes were in disbelief that a suit was actually lookingnthis bad...and talking for itself.

Ernest stood up with a scowl. "Ultron."

"What?!" Antman stared at the robot, and then at Ernest. "How do you know...?"

"In the f-flesh." Ultron would have smirked if he could. "Well...not really, as you can see. Not this...Chrysalis."

Tony frowned and revealed a small tablet. But after repeatedly tapping the off switch on his apps, he found the iron man suit still stood there. "Why the heck..."

"Why is it all...Torn up?" Leo scratched his head in thought. It looked like a carcass, a really angry carcass walking around...

"I'm sorry I was asleep..." Ultron continued on. "...or no...I was...DREAMING. There was this horrible noise...and then I was tangled in..."

The robot stumbled backwards, but regained his footing. "S-Strings..."

"Deadpool... get over here with my shotgun and take him out with the EMP please..." Ernest whispered.

"Go ahead and try..." Deadpool handed it to him. "The emp isn't even working..."

"Besides...don't you wanna know...more the two I killed...and the one...injured?"

"You killed people?!" Bruce Wayne was quick to snarl.

"It wasn't my first call, even if in this world you're faced with ugly choices. And that red haired lady walking in was so...very sweet. I didn't want to hurt her...but i had to..."

"What...?" Tony paled dangerously. There was only one person who could have been walking in at that time. "Not her..."

"Yes,her...Your fiance, to be exact, Stark. Pepper Potts..."

"You killed her?" Wonder Woman echoed, almost as shocked as Tony.

"No...of course not, Dear Diana" Ultron nodded once. "Not yet, at least. But it was a little appetizer of whats to come..."

"What are you speaking of?" Thor narrowed his eyes.

"...I'm speaking of the mistakes that you all as a species have made...Think about it. By the time humanity arrived here, things have been getting...shaken up. Just look at the world today, with all its selfish wars, disputing over land and...freedom and other such rubbish. The way forests and beautiful things of nature have been killed to make way for malls and houses or new clothes and food. Humanity as a species has destroyed a good part of the world..?and there is non going back from it's... Evils..."

The robot's head shot upwards suddenly, and it seemed as if Pym was staring right back at it. "You see, I'm on a mission, Protectors..."

"...What mission?"


From the wall behind ultron, twenty heavily armored iron man suits burst from the concrete separation and collided into the heroes with an intent to kill. Thor already brandished his hammer in time, and clobbered at several heads. Wonder woman tried to lasso one with her rope, but was soon in a fierce tug of war as Batman sent exploding batarangs at the suits. Captain America tackled one and ripped it in half, but the torso soon restarted and shot at the Hulk wildly. Sonic and Amy quickly strategized a fast way to dismantle much of the suits, and worked together for Sonic to stay calm. Matt broke apart his cane and began his own battering.

"Those things cost money?" Eval wondered, freezing small groups of suits with icy winds.

"Yeah." Matt stabbed the helmet of a suit, before being punched in the gut. "Ouch...I have it under control."

Despite Ultron's sudden attack, he hadn't sent enough to kill them off...and quickly the heroes defeated his small army. When Hank managed to destroy the last suit, the heroes couldn't help but notice that it was still difficult to defeat them. Even if it was quick, it was hard too...

"Now THAT was dramatic..."

Their attention was drawn back to Ultron, who paced the floor like an upst child. "I'm sorry, I know you mean well...you just didn't think it through..."

The Protectors glared in response.

"You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change-Dont you see that?!" Ultron picked up Antman's helmet, which had fallen off in the battle, and crushed it. "To evolve...beyond your limits..."

He tossed it at Pym's feet, yet the scientist barely seemed to register this through his shock.

"There's only one true path to peace, ladies and gentlemen..." Ultron sighed. "And unfortunately...it is your deaths."

"We shall see." Ernest said before he shot Ultron.

The robot practically exploded into pieces before them, and the Protectors still remained tense. Bruce immediately turned towards Hank and Tony and Tails too. "You three and the rest of us are gonna have a little chat in the meeting room soon."

"Anna?"Elsa frowned, completely unaware of where the girl was. "...Leo?...Has anyone Anna or Leo? "

"Where'd they go?"

"They're not in the building anymore." Daredevil worriedly confirmed, causing Elsa to slowly chief into a panic mode. The room noticeably got colder as she hyperventilated and Steve gripped her shoulders.

"Woah! Hey! Nothing has happened to them that we know of, Elsa."Captain America reassured her, although he himself wasn't feeling so fine himself.

"Dang it!" Ernest smacked his head. "I was too drunk to notice the 2 goshdarn suits!"

"They've been kidnapped?!" Elsa almost shreiked.


Everyone suddenly noticed the decapitated head of Ultron was still on, even if it flickered now and again. Its scarred eyes made it seem like it was smiling now...

"...I had strings but now I'm freeeeeeeeee..."

The mansion's light supply suddenly cut off, including the lights of Ultron and even the emergency lights. The Protectors were shrouded in darkness.