"1, 2, 3.. 1, 2, 3.. You almost got it."

After hearing about Liechtenstein and Seychelles not being able to dance, France decided upon himself to teach them. After convincing Switzerland that he would protect his little sister, he took the two girls back to his home country.

The three nations practiced in the white gazebo that was decorated in pastel flowers of pinks and yellows. France was teaching Seychelles, her feet stumbling. But she was lighter on her feet than the german country.

"Monsieur France? Maybe it would be easier without these heels." Seychelles said falling into France's chest.

"You'll get used to it, pea d'amour." Francis smiled, "Let's take a break."

Liechtenstein jumped up from the bench, "I'll go get the lemonade!"

The female nation ran down the path to get to France's home less than a mile away. Francis turned off the radio and sat down next to Seychelles, who was taking off her heeled shoes. France picking a light pink flower and tucking it behind the younger nation's ear.

"Thank you for teaching us how to waltz, Papa." She giggled and hid her blushing face in her hands.

"It's my pleasure to help young radiant ladies like yourself."

They spent a moment to listen to the birds singing and the trees rustling in the soft summer's wind. Liechtenstein soon came strolling up the path with clear cups in her hands. Surprisingly, England soon followed holding the pitcher of lemonade.

"Angletterre?! What are you doing here?"

Francis stood up and helped lay out the cups on one of the benches. England sat down and poured himself a drink.

"I was stopping by to update you that the meeting has changed to next month. It's not like I chose to be here. You changed your email address and you wouldn't pick up the phone."

"I changed my email ad-?"

Francis was stopped and was shoved away by Arthur. After a while of drinking and break-taking, Francis turned on the music and led Liechtenstein back to the center of the gazebo.

"Now remember, left forward, right back."

They started dancing. France leading Liechtenstein around the wooden floor. Seychelles kept her eyes frozen on France's feet. England sat with his arms crossed.

"How are they supposed to know what to do if they haven't seen a waltz up close?" England reacted angrily.

Francis stopped stepping and turned to the Englishman, "Would you like to help me show them?"

England sat pondering with a grumpy frown on his face. The two female nations sat on their knees in front of him and gave him their best "puppy eyes".

"Fine," England chuckled, "I'll help."

The girls cheered and England marched up in front of Francis.

"May I have this dance?" Francis smirked.

"I'm leading."

"Are you sure mon ami?"

England slid his hand around France's waist, "If I'm dancing with you, then I'm leading. It's for the kids."

"Of course. Do you still remember how to dance?" France laughed.

Seychelles turned on the music and England led France into the basic box step. The girls watched eagerly as the two older nations danced in rhythm to the song. Their box step became larger and as the song moved on, the men lost themselves in the music. Twirling and stepping, and lifting their spirits into the air. England keeping his neutral face the entire time, while France kept the same flirty grin on.

Then the song ended, leaving them to bow out of the dance. The girls cheered and clapped lively, giving a standing ovation.

"That was beautiful!" Liechtenstein sang out.

Francis took his hand again in England's, "It was beautiful wasn't it. You still have that charm in you."

"Well, I am a gentleman after all."