Armour (Iron Man and Hawkeye vs Captain Komamura)

"Take this!" Tony Stark yelled as he rocketed towards the large samurai. "Oof!" He grunted as he made contact. His boots fired up as it became a contest of strength. The greatest genius in America enclosed in a technologically advanced suit of armour versus what his scans had shown to be a large mutant.

A large mutant samurai.

Tony's boots whined in protest as the samurai's (large and orange furred?) hands closed around his wrists and started pushing him back?!

"Hadou 33!" Came a guttural voice from inside that bucket like helmet.

"Sir," said Jarvis. "Unknown energy signature emanating from the mutant's right palm. I suggest removing yourself from the line of fire." Too late.


A column of blue fire roared forth. Tony had just enough time to activate his repulsors on his hands. Blue repulsor and blue fire, each again in a contest of strength. Inside the suit, sweat was pouring down Tony Stark's face as he piled on the power. "Dammit!" He yelled as the fire surged and hit him square in the chest, sending him careening back into Avengers tower.

Captain Sajin Komamura of Squad 7 of the Gotei 13 of Soul Society had sent the human 'superhero' known as Iron Man flying backwards into the odly shaped tower with only one soukutsui blast. Pitiful really. A 3rd seat from any squad could have pushed that back. He had expected these 'superheroes' to be more challenging. He mentally chided himself. They were only human.

Amber eyes glowed under the helmets eye slits. He would just have to finish the fight quickly and move on.

He was not expecting an arrow to come flying towards him and strike him on his helmet. He spun round. A human in a black and purple tabard, not unlike that young Quincy's, was hovering about a hundred metres away on a flying bike of some sort. The human grinned. Komamura knew that he wasn't a Quincy; Quincies did not carry quivers.

He reached up and pulled the arrow from his helmet. He looked at it. The man might not be a Quincy, but a damn fine shot all the same. He looked at the man again, who was coming in closer.

"Tick tick, boom!" The man said, grinning even more broadly. Just then, the arrow made a beeping noise. Komamura glanced at it. The end was flashing red. Damn.

Then it exploded in his face.

Iron mman landed next to where Hawkeye had set down his bike.

"Thanks for stopping that guy from coming up to finish me off Clint," he said.

"That's the weird thing Stark," replied the former S.H.I.E.L.D agent. "It was like he was waiting for you to get up."

An animalistic growl came from the cloud of smoke as a hulking black silhouette appeared through the dense cloud.

"What!" Exclaimed the billionaire. "He just got shot in the face by my special stun smoke grenade arrow that I gave you! How is he standing?"

"Truly dishonourable, Iron Man," said the large mutant from through the ever thinning smoke. What looked to be the last of the helmet fell from the mutant's head with a wooden clatter. "Two against one is not how I fight. I fight one to one. My men have not once moved to intervene, but your comrade has. Your archer friend shall wait until we are finished."

Iron Man and Hawkeye glanced at each other. Then they looked at the still smoke shrouded mutant. "You know..." Hawkeye mused. "He has got a point. It really isn't fair, considering none of his friends are trying to help. I'll sit this one out."

He got on his bike and zoomed off.

"Fine." Iron Man said to the mutant. "It's just you and me, Mr...err..." His sentence petered off. "What's your name, codename, whatever?"

A sudden inferno of red energy came from nowhere, enveloping the mutant's body and blasting away the smoke. "I am Squad 7 Captain Sajin Komamura of the Gotei 13." Iron Man could not help but gawp at the giant, humanoid fox. Then said giant humanoid fox drew a large sword from a scabbard on it's belt. Iron Man zoomed upwards, stopping to hover quite a way above the strange creature.

"Hah!" He laughed. "A sword's not going to do anything! I hope you've got something else up those sleeves of yours!" And then the fox was enveloped once more by that strange red energy as it yelled something.

Thor glanced upwards to where Iron Man was battling the strange masked warrior. Something not unlike Asgardian energy was emanating from there.

"Get back!" Yelled a man in sunglasses and a strange black robe at the other men in black robes. "The Captain's gonna go all out! Retreat unless you want to get crushed!" The black robed soldiers promptly panicked in a spectacularly orderly fashion, by turning tail and running.

'But what were they running from?' Thought Thor. Then what sounded like a summoning spell came from Iron Man's opponent.

"Ban Kai! Kokkujou Tenken Myouu!"

"Okay," Tony Stark said to himself, as he gazed up at a demon samurai in full black body armour roughly the height of Avengers tower, wielding a katana the approximate length of two midtown high school buses. "That might actually do something."

He then realised he was biting his lip, something he'd last done when he was seven and teaching his robot dog to tap dace. He groaned inwardly.

'Me and me big mouth. And here I was thinking that the Destroyer was bad.'