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It was some time after the beginning of October that Professor Trelawney gave a long term assignment to her fifth year students. She wanted them to make a prediction every week and write them down in a journal that she had provided for each of them. This was supposed to help their dream interpretations. To help them better understand what they were doing.

Ron had snorted at the idea and resolved to not really try.

Harry was a bit skeptical, due to former experience with diaries.

Still, the book he'd been given, was as green as his own eyes. He felt that it was a deliberate thing. He wrote his customary introduction of himself on the inside of the cover and then sat back, wondering how he could make false predictions seemed real.

He set to 'work'.

9 October 1995.

I have seen myself. A close friend will convince me to do something I apparently do not wish to. Though the results will indeed be for the greater good.

Professor Trelawney had the class read out their predictions. Ron smirked and read about how he 'predicted' Harry's gruesome death. The other students who knew very well what he had done, snickered behind their hands.

Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown glared. They'd always been fanatics of Divination for whatever reason.

The professor turned to Harry with her bug like eyes wide in interest. He held up his journal and read his small 'prediction' aloud.

Ron, whom had been expecting something outlandish and hilarious, frowned. He obviously didn't understand why Harry would go such a 'normal' route for his first assignment.

Professor Trelawney nodded sagely, "Indeed, my dear, indeed. Your inner eye has been strengthened. Your endeavors will be successful, I assure you."

After class, Ron complained the entire way to the Common Room, where they met up with Hermione. She rolled her eyes and asked, "Is Harry dying again this week?"

It was a running gag that everyone in the school knew about. Harry snorted, but shook his head. "No. Ron's a bit put out that my 'prediction' was so normal compared to his. I said a friend would convince me to do something I didn't want to, all for the greater good. It wasn't detailed or anything. I was just making it up and couldn't think of anything else to add."

"I still say that you should have dropped it like I did."

"Well, perhaps you were right. But making the switch now wouldn't be too bright."

"True. On another note, our DADA lessons are ridiculous! Did you see the newest 'Educational Decree'? 'All students are prohibited from using their wands without a professor's permission.'" Hermione mimicked in a high voice.

"I'm not going to follow it," Ron announced.

"For once, I'll agree to break a rule. Especially if she's the one who made it," Hermione hissed. She then sighed, shoulders slumping as if overcome with a great weight. "We need to know how to defend ourselves and if Umbridge refuses to do what her job as a teacher entails, then we need to learn some other way."

She gave Harry a look filled with such deep emotion and meaning, he felt his stomach sink in apprehension and slight fear.

"Harry, you have more experience in Defense than any other student in the school."

He backed away a few paces and shook his head, "I don't want to teach people, Mione. I just want to go through my year in silence. No great trouble to deal with except Umbridge and all. If she found out what we were doing, she'd have our hides and I'd most likely be arrested for heading it all up!"

"But Harry!" she protested. "You have the best Defense scores in the school! I checked, I would know. You also have amazing magical ability and your knowledge is much better than what most Aurors have to learn. You're the perfect candidate for this. And it's our O.W.L. year! We'll fail if we don't learn the required curriculum in time!"

"Where would we practice, Mione? Who would I teach? How could we even do this without getting caught?"

"We'll just have to plan ahead."

"Mione, every time we plan, all hell breaks loose. How is planning going to help us at all?"

"We'll think of something," she insisted with folded arms.


The three Gryffindors froze and turned suddenly, their wands pointed at the source of the noise.

Harry's jaw dropped as he lowered his wand. "Dobby!"

"Harry Potter, sir! Dobby was sure that no one was in the Common Room so he could clean. Dobby is happy to be seeing Harry Potter of course!" the erratic Elf smiled, ears flapping wildly.

"It's great to see you too. How are you?"

Dobby's large eyes filled with tear and he threw himself at Harry, wrapping his arms around the teen's waist. "Harry Potter sir, is so kind!" he cried. "Dobby is doing well. Hogwarts' Elves aren't mean. They simply look past Dobby, which is okay with Dobby. And how is Harry Potter been doing?"

"I'm fine, for the most part, thanks. Just a bit confused."

"Can Dobby help?" the Elf asked, looking excited.

"I don't really know," Harry mumbled. "I'm not to certain about what to do myself. Mione wants me to teach some students how to defend themselves, because Umbridge isn't helping us. But we can't get caught and we'd need a large place to practice. If we can't find a place, we won't be able to teach anyone."

Dobby's ears flapped again. "Harry Potter sir, is helping his friends learn! Dobby can help! Dobby knows of the perfect place in Hogwarts that even the Evil Toady doesn't know of! He learned of it from other Elves. Would Harry Potter and his Grangy and Wheezy like to see?"

Harry's jaw had dropped, but he managed to nod. Dobby grabbed his hand and began towing him toward the portrait hole. "Come! Come!"

He followed, gesturing for Hermione and Ron to follow them as well.

"Dobby, did you say that you were cleaning the Common Room?" he asked after a moment of walking.

"Yes sir! The Elves is not wanting to clean the Lion Common Room because of the little hats and socks still hidden around. They fear being freed by accident. Dobby is a free Elf and Dobby is being paid. Dobby not afraid to clean and find clothes. Dobby has thirteen hats and seventy-six socks!"

Ron and Harry sent Hermione a look and she flushed, looking away.

Dobby lead them down the seventh floor corridor and stopped outside a large expanse of clear wall.

"Elves call it the Come and Go Room. Wizards call it the Room of Requirement. Harry Potter must walk past the wall three times and think hard on what he wants to be inside and Hogwarts will make it appear!"

Harry felt foolish but did as his little friend suggested. To his amazement, his third turn produced a large, intricate door.

Once opened, it revealed a large, open room, filled with practice dummies and large pillows.

"It's amazing," Hermione breathed.

"It is," Harry agreed. "It's like Hogwarts wants us to fight back."

Hermione controlled the collection of who would attend the first meeting. So they could 'flush out the people who actually wanted to learn to defend themselves'. They met the large group in the Hog's Head in Hogsmeade.

Harry sat back, allowing Hermione to do the talking.

"Why should we have to learn anything?" one student asked suddenly. "It's not like we're in danger. Potter says that Voldemort has returned and yet there is no proof."

"Because, you tosspot," Ron sneered. "We aren't learning anything in Defense this year. Some of us have O.W.L.s coming up and half the exams are practical work, which Umbitch has forbidden us from learning. Then there are the N.E.W.T. students who have their own exams to worry about. Besides, we've had terrible teachers for the last few years and Mione did the research. We're all behind on the spells we should have been learning in Defense. Simple."

Neville was sitting in the front of the collected students. He stood suddenly and proclaimed, "Harry has faced more danger than any of us, each school year. He learned how to cast a corporeal Patronus Charm in third year because the Dementors wouldn't leave him alone. He saved Ginny and killed a Basilisk with the Sword of Gryffindor, in his second year. He defeated Professor Quirrell in first year and saved the Philosopher's Stone from being stolen. And last year he was entered into a deadly tournament by the convict Barty Crouch Jr. who was masquerading as Professor Moody, and managed to win, even though he was three years younger than the other three champions."

Neville looked to Harry and nodded, "Whether You-Know-Who has returned or not, is irrelevant right now. We need to know how to defend ourselves and I can't think of anyone better to teach us, than the person who defeated the Dark Lord already and has defied the odds every year since coming to Hogwarts. I'm in, Harry. I can use all the help I can get."

Luna Lovegood, someone whom Harry had been making a tentative friendship with, stepped forward immediately, "Me too."

Fred and George, Parvati and Padma, Lavender Brown, Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, Zacharias Smith, Terry Boot, Dean Thomas, Lee Jordan, and several others stood as well, until the entire room was nodding.

Harry had been more shocked than anything, when five Slytherins had been on the contract that Hermione had written up. No one who signed could speak of the group to anyone else. Simply put, if someone who wasn't in the group asked about it, the information would momentarily blank from the person's mind, making it so that it couldn't be given or stolen.

The group was named, the Confederation of Hogwarts. Dedicated to learning how to protect themselves from danger, despite the Houses they came from.

She then handed out something she'd been working on.

"I fiddled with the Protean Charm and created these coins. I have a few hundred. I'll teach you how to use them."

Terry Boot stared at his coin and quirked a brow, "Protean Charms are N.E.W.T. level. Impressive, Granger."

She flushed, "I took what Harry had told me about how V-Voldemort summoned his followers and found out that the Dark Mark was simply a Protean Charm that had been placed in Parseltongue. The only people who would be able to remove it, would be Harry or V-Voldemort."

Harry smiled in pride. Hermione was getting better at using Voldemort's name. Good for her.

"Okay, this is how you use the coin," she stared.

Harry never knew that a golden star had appeared beside his first entry in his journal. He never knew that the words that had been written in standard black ink, had glowed for a few seconds. He also never knew, that the ink was not longer black, but gold.

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