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"So do you think people are going to finally start asking questions?" Harry murmured to Voldemort as they walked down the main path of Hogsmeade, on their way to the Three Broomsticks. All around them, people were staring obviously, because Harry was a well-known, famous icon, whereas Voldemort, who was now going by Lord Gaunt, had been in the papers a lot recently as people seemed to have nothing but him to talk about. Because they had no lives of their own and practically lived for drama.

And now both he and Harry were seen together, in Hogsmeade of all places. Which would end up with some people connecting the dots and others questioning their association. However, with the excuse Sirius and Voldemort had come up with, Marvolo Gaunt was a ward of Orion Black, who was Sirius' father. Meaning he was under the purview of the Black House. Meaning he was like Sirius' adopted brother in a sense in the story. So it would only make sense that Sirius would promote him for the acceptance of his Wizengamot seats, since he was Lord of the man's supposed adopted family.

And since Harry was Sirius' godson and one of his relatives through his grandmother, having Harry and Marvolo Gaunt meeting and liking one another, what with their supposed six year age difference, only made perfect sense in the end. Honestly, Harry wouldn't have been able to come up with that, so it was great that the two men had gotten together to get over their biggest issues. Yes, there were still tension over the deaths of Harry's parents and trying to kill Harry many times, but Voldemort could only be blamed for his direct actions against them. Anything before then, like the changed prophecy, or after, like Dumbledore's interference in Harry's life, weren't to be blamed on him.

It was a fragile line that could break at any moment, and Voldemort's good behaviour had kept him in Sirius' good graces in a sense. Especially when it was revealed that he didn't know the fate of Regulus Black, because the young man went missing and was never seen again. And Voldemort had favoured him over many others, much like with Snape, because he was attentive and eager to learn, and always respectful. So both Sirius and Voldemort felt a sense of loss at the life of Regulus.

"Harry, we've arrived."

He blinked and looked around, finding Voldemort holding the door open for him. And inside, were several curious eyes who were watching them intensely. Yeah, there were going to be articles about this in the Daily Prophet coming morning. He could only imagine what kind of things people were going to write about them. And he knew all the sudden supposed scandals he was involved in would only serve to make his friends cackle at how ridiculous they were.

"Sorry. I was thinking and I took some more effort than normal."

"You nearly kissed the ground thrice. Thankfully, I was feeling gracious and decided to rescue you." There was a smirk on the man's face, showing that he was teasing.

"My hero!" simpered Harry with a roll of the eyes. He then stepped in, not wanting to keep the bloody door open for too long.

He needed a Butterbeer. And treacle tart.

Voldemort really felt that he'd been building up all of his patience in the past year or so. And he also knew that it was thanks to his soulmate that he was able to think clearly once again. He was immensely impressed with himself, seeing as he did not have the annoying woman in front of him, writhing on the ground under a Crucio. Honestly, he owed Harry something for this.

Had he still been mad, then he would have blown his cover and then the drama would never cease. Now he was just mildly irritated and his magic was not acting up in response to his emotions. It was... if the pun could be excused, magical. It was nice to be sound of mind and body once again. And to have complete control over his magic.


Praise be to Hecate, he was saved by Harry Potter. How apropos.

The teen was staring at him, or rather, staring at the woman who had attempted to make advances on him while he was looking at what meager stock the bookshop in Hogsmeade possessed. Her left hand was trying to rub Voldemort's arm while the other was placed against his chest. It was a situation that no one could mistake no matter how daft they were.

"Marv, did you find your books already? I want to go to Honeydukes," the Potter Heir continued, sneering at the woman who seemed to realise that she was not in good company. Part of him wanted Harry to attack, but he knew the teen wasn't the type to do something like that. The Gryffindor was too kind to do such.

Without a word to her, Voldemort slid past her as he held up the book in his hand. "This is one of many translations of an ancient text from Myanmar. I am going to compare it to the three others I own. I like pointing out the faults of others."

"You're an arse."

"True," he agreed easily. He was and he delighted in the fact. It annoyed people.

Harry smiled. "But an attractive arse."

"Honestly, if you hadn't made me get my everything together, I would be wreck," said Voldemort after a moment of perusing the aisles of the sweets shop. "I'm not even certain I would be alive at present had you not made that 'prediction'. I was in a very bad place and by now, you probably would have done as the fake prophecy stated, and killed me. Thank you for forcing me to help myself. There is no way I'd have done it on my own."

While the words themselves seemed to be said with a sort of relief that just could not be faked, they still made Harry go cold. Because Voldemort had just put everything into place for him to see clearly now.

Harry had made many 'predictions' and had literally been the reason that Voldemort decided that he wanted to do things better. That he didn't want to be insane any longer and that he wanted to try again and possibly build an actual family of his own. Harry was the one behind all of it in the end. Harry had literally forced Voldemort to go against his own wants and desires, and made him do what Harry had thought he should do.

Once again, Harry had fucked up. Because he'd gone even further than just that. He made it so they couldn't lie to one another. And while some wouldn't think that was a bad thing, it was the whole taking away someone's free will that bothered him so much.

Two wrongs don't make a right. It was something he'd learned early on. And it applied to many areas in his life. Such as with Dumbledore, who was willing to sacrifice whatever he wanted, all for the 'greater good'. Even if it meant that Harry might die in the crossfires of his plans. Even if it meant that innocents were dragged in when they shouldn't have been. Just because Dumbledore did it supposedly for the safety of the magical world, didn't mean his actions were right.

And Harry was right along with him. He was no better than Dumbledore, and that thought especially hurt him to the core of his very being.

Would Voldemort have even ended up being his soulmate if Harry hadn't made all those 'predictions'? Did Harry force that on the man as well?

How far did this charade of helping people when he was really helping himself, go?

15 July

Harry James Potter, Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter,
will never again use the ability to force the future into what he wants it
to become. Neither shall any being or non-being: alive, dead, or amortal,
magical or
non-magical, human or not, now or ever again, use the same
or any powers even remotely similar, to force total control over the
and all those residing within it. And never again will anyone desire
to have
control over the future.

So mote it be.

"WHAT HAS HE DONE?!" thundered Zeus, rising from his throne and looking ready to strike the boy down in an instant.

Athena, who was as equally awestruck as the rest of her fellows, couldn't help but laugh. It was amazing the lengths Harry James Potter would go to just to prevent such evil from ever coming from such an ability through him.

He'd not only made it so he could no longer use the ability, but he had gone over and above all of their heads, and made it so that not even the gods could grant anyone anywhere, with Ultimate Influence ever again, nor any power similar. It was ingenious, and she now understood just why Hecate had chosen him as a possible champion.

"He's put you in checkmate, Zeus," said Hera, looking baffled as well. "Athena won and the mortals shall continue to live."


And of course, Zeus didn't seem to know the meaning of the word, 'serenity'. Athena sent him a glare. "Calm yourself. You were proven wrong and by your word, you cannot act against them now. Since he has made it impossible to ever make a bad decision with the ability, your threat is null and void. Learn some acceptance and broaden your mind."

She had a feeling that this was not the end though. Because even she was curious as to why he would do such a thing. Surely the benefit would outweigh the cost?

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