After Dark

It was late at night aboard the Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hat crew had just left Dressrosa that afternoon after their fierce battle. Luffy had defeated Doflamingo and everyone in his crew was safely aboard. Trafalgar Law's crew's submarine sat behind them. The ship and the submarine were hiding in a reef laying low to give time for the events that occurred at Dressrosa to blow over. Everyone was in a deep sleep... Well, almost everyone.

Nami was lying on her bed in her room staring idly at the wooden ceiling above her. Lost in thought. She tilted her head a little towards her right and eyeballed the clock.

1:33 AM

She frowned and looked over to her right at Robin. Robin, who usually doesn't sleep much at all, was now in a deep sleep and snoring softly. Nami smiled slightly.

'You must've had some hard battles, huh Robin?' She thought to herself.

As she returned to her usual head position looking up at the ceiling. She started to feel sad. The entire crew had gone through so much on that island and she didn't do anything to contribute. Even the ones who stayed on the ship with her, Chopper and Brook, contributed in their own way. Chopper was able to save Law's life after a two hour operation on him and Brook sang Bink's Sake to raise the crew's spirits all the way to where they are now. But she did absolutely nothing.

Nami soon grew sick of lying in her room and grabbed her coat and went outside on to the deck to get some fresh air. There was a full moon that night which made the night light up like it was the day. She sucked in a large amount of the cool air in the that moved with the breeze and let it out slowly. Nami went down the stairs to the grassy lawn and over to the opposite side of the ship to the deck outside of the kitchen. It was the spot she usually was when she was navigating the crew through the ocean. She felt the most comfortable there, plus she had an entire view of the ship. Nami put her hands on the railing overlooking the Sunny and tried to put herself at ease. That was when she noticed a figure on the head of the Sunny. She adjusted her eyes and was able to make out a red cardigan and a yellow sash. Her eyes widened.

"Luffy?" She whispered to herself. "What in the world is he doing up at this hour?"

Nami was just about to call out to him when she stopped herself.

'Oh yeah, The entire crew is dead asleep at the moment...' she remembered 'If I were to shout out his name they would probably get upset at me for waking them up.'

Nami observed him for a little while. She noticed he had his head tilted down a little and was barely moving a muscle.

'Why would he be up at this hour?' Nami wondered 'If I know anything about him it's that he loves two things more than anything. Food and sleep. He's obviously sacrificing sleep and he didn't get up to steal food from the kitchen from the looks of it.'

Nami wrapped her coat tightly around her as she slowly made her way down the steps on to the grassy deck below. The grass crunched under her every step. She proceeded to the dual staircases leading to the forward deck and went up the left one.

At the top, Nami then walked past the Sunny's wheel and found herself standing at the base of the short steps that led to the head of the Sunny.

'I hope he's okay.' She thought as she started climbing up to the head of the lion.

At the top, she looked down at Luffy who hadn't noticed her yet. He was holding his prized straw hat between his thumb and index finger infront of himself. Just staring at it. The wind flowed through his hair and Luffy stood as still as a statue. Nami opened her mouth.

"Luffy?" She said softly

Luffy looked up slowly and turned toward her placing his hat on his head.

"Oh, hey Nami." He said blankly with a slight smile.

Nami widened her eyes. Even though his hat covered most of his face with it's shadow, under the moonlight she could see the remains of tears on the sides of Luffy's chin.

She pushed it to the side of her mind. "W-what are you doing up? Aren't you tired?" she asked looking at his right arm heavily wrapped in bandages from his fight with Doflamingo.

Luffy rubbed his eyes with his forearm and tilted his hat up so she could see his entire face, the evidence that he was crying was basically gone. "Not really. I just have some things on my mind"

Before Nami could say anything else, Luffy continued

"So why are you up?" He blurted out.

Nami was taken back for a second, then she shrugged her shoulders.

"Same reason as you I guess." She said sitting down to the right of him on the Sunny's head

Luffy could tell something was bothering her

"You want to talk about it?"

Nami looked at Luffy in a confused look. She knew something was troubling him big time, and yet, for some strange reason, he wanted to know what was wrong with her.

"I...I...I don't think it's something I can talk to you about" she stammered looking away.

Truth is, she really wanted to get what she was feeling off her chest. The thought of it was just driving her down. Feeling useless. On Punk Hazard, Luffy said he had faith in the strength they acquired over the two years they were away. She knew she had trained and became stronger. But she hasn't done anything to help her friends. Plus, Luffy was clearly bothered by something to the point where he cried about it so she didn't think it was the right time or place to talk to him about all of her struggles.

Aa Nami was having an internal battle with herself, Luffy started to speak in a soft tone. Something incredibly rare for him.

"If you can't talk about it with your captain, who else can you talk to?" Luffy said quietly.

Nami looked up with wide eyes as her eyes met her captain's. All her memories came surging forth. The time he saved her hometown, the time he carried her up Drum Island's mountain to save her and Sanji, the time he saved her from Enel, he was always there for her. Whenever she would fall he was always there to help her back up. She missed him so much when they were away for two years.

Tears started to form at the base of her eyes as she began to talk, "Luffy... I..." She struggled to find words "I'm sorry."

"For what? You didn't do anything."

"That's just the thing!" She exclaimed looking into the sea water infront of the ship. Trying to avoid eye contact with Luffy. "I never do anything! I spent two years training but it doesn't count for shit! The New World is full of people I can never hope to beat so I always have to rely on you guys to help me!"

Nami put her head down in between her knees she really started sobbing now. Luffy pulled his hat down to where his eyes were invisible under the shadow of his hat

"You have you're own fights to worry about but you also have worry about me...I...I've... I've become such a burden to all of you! I trained to protect you guys but I can eve-"

Nami was cut off by Luffy grabbing her shoulders. He then pulled Nami towards him and wrapped her in his arms. Her nose resting on his bandaged shoulder.

Nami eyes widened and started to blush. She let her arms dangle at her sides and let herself become enveloped by Luffy.

"Nami..." He started, "Don't ever think that about yourself. I never could've dreamed to have gotten this far without you next to me. You're currently guiding us through the toughest and most dangerous sea in the world right now. I couldn't think of any task harder than that. Without you this crew would be nothing... Remember that."

Nami was speechless for a second as Luffy tightened his hug ever so slightly. Then she tilted her head up a little as tears started to build up in her eyes.

Then she let it all out. She buried her head in the side of Luffy's neck and let all the tears in her fall out. Nami clutched the back of his red cardigan as hard as she could, returning the hug Luffy had given.


1:52 AM

The captain and navigator had now retired to the kitchen as the outdoors was starting to become too cold. The kitchen was dim and the only light came from Chopper's doctor's office. Luffy was sitting at the head of the table with his feet up. The seat furthest away from the door to the deck. Nami was sitting to the closest seat on his left with her coat draped over the back of her seat revealing her usual breast band and jeans attire. It was plenty warm inside of the Sunny. They were recalling the days when they were all still in the East Blue. Luffy was telling her what she missed at the Baratie after she left with the Merry. Nami blushed. She still felt embarrassed and guilty for doing that and apologized. Luffy simply laughed and said she was silly to apologize over something that happened so long ago, he said he was just upset that she couldn't be there to see him kick Don Kreig's ass. Luffy and Nami both chuckled.

They were both silent for a second after that. Then, Nami decided she should bring it up.

"Luffy?" She said


"Why were you crying?"

Luffy eyes widened a little and almost fell back off his chair. When he regained his composure and returned his feet to the floor, he looked up at her.

"What are you talking about? I wasn't crying."

"Don't lie." Nami said in a very serious tone looking right at him

Luffy looked into her deep brown eyes for a couple seconds, sighed, leaned back in his chair and put his straw hat over his entire face besides for his mouth.

"So you saw that huh...?" He said calmly.

Nami kept her composure, awaiting what Luffy would say next.

"You know..." Luffy started "I'm not as big of an idiot as you and the rest of the crew think I am."

Nami's eyes widened slightly. His entire demeanor changed at that moment.

Luffy continued.

"Back before we got separated, everything was fun and games for me. I craved adventure and didn't give a damn in the world. I was like a kid back then."

Luffy took a breath before he continued, his straw hat still tilted over his face.

"Then that's when I changed. I watched my entire crew disappear before my eyes at the hands of Kuma, I snuck into Impel Down and lost 10 years of my life so I wouldn't die from the poison Magellan hit me with, I went right into the battle at Marineford and saw death and blood as far as the eye could see, and... I watched and felt as my brother died right in my arms. Completely helpless to do anything."

Nami looked at her captain in disbelief. He wasn't acting at all like the dumb, naive Luffy she knew. He was mature and acting like an actual pirate captain now. She watched as Luffy then picked his hat up off his head then placed it on the table then turned to her. Before Luffy could say anything else, Nami started to speak.

"So... You crying about the day your brother died? If you are then I completely understand, I still get nightmares of the day Bellam-"

"That's not it at all" Luffy interrupted sternly catching Nami by surprise "It's childish to mope around about the past."

Nami almost felt hurt at the way Luffy just acted then. But she was too interested in what was bothering him to let it get to her.

"Then just tell me what it is." Nami insisted "I've never seen you act like this and it's hurting me to see you this way. Please just tell me!" Nami was starting to cry.

That was when Luffy looked down at his feet. He was really intent on not telling her why he was crying. A captain is supposed to be stronger than that.

Luffy was pondering the idea of telling her. Zoro and Nami were the two people in the crew he trusted more than ever. But at the same time, it would be wrong of him to let his nakama see him so weak.

After a long silence in the dim light kitchen, Luffy finally decided and let out an audible sigh.

"It's because... I'm afraid"

Nami almost jumped out of her chair in shock. She was ready for just about any reply but not that. Luffy, the guy who has not fear of anything, not even death, was sitting here and telling her he's afraid.

"A-A-Afraid? O-Of what?" Nami exclaimed.

"Don't get me wrong, I don't fear for my life at all. I decided on becoming the Pirate King and I'm fully set on doing that. I couldn't possibly give any less of a fuck about what happens to me."

Luffy broke his eye contact with the floor and looked into his navigator's eyes.

"But... I am afraid of losing you and the rest of my nakama."

Those words pierced Nami, he was worried about his crew. Sanji, Franky, and Usopp all got badly hurt and Law came within an inch of dying. That would probably affect him.

"W-what do you mean lose us?" Nami said hoping for a more clear answer.

"What I mean" Luffy began not even a second after Nami finished her question, "Is that we are on two of the Emperor's shitlist's. You remember how powerful Doflamingo was right?"

Nami nodded, "Of course I do. Sanji couldn't do anything to him and Law almost died in his fight."

"Well... Doflamingo was absolutely terrified of the Emperor Kaido, that's why he did everything he could to save his factory. Doflamingo's power is nothing compared to that of a Yonko. And now that same guy is hunting us."

Nami's felt color drain from her face. She couldn't even comprehend what Luffy was telling her. 'Doflamingo is nothing more than a flea compared to the Yonko...?' She was asking herself. 'I-It just didn't seem possible. Doflamingo was able to take over an entire country in a day without breaking a sweat. How can someone be that much more powerful than him? ...Are the Yonko even human?'

Just then, Luffy picked his straw hat up off the table and placed it firmly on Nami's head. She looked up. With his hand still on her head he continued.

"I promise that I will fight to the last fiber of my being to protect all of you. For now, only let me and Zoro face the Yonko..."

Luffy's head dipped down.

"Nami... Please promise me that if we fall in battle... that you and the rest of the crew will run and not look back."

"LUFFY?!" Nami exclaimed jumping out of her chair. Luffy's arm stretched with her for a little while before he let go and retired it to his side. His head motionless the entire time. "How could you even say that? You're our captain and Zoro is the vice captain! We can't go on without you guys. Are you telling me that you would want all of our efforts to go to waste after getting this far?! Just abandon you in the dust when things go south?! Are you insane?!"

Luffy didn't say anything. He just sagged his head infront of her. Nami swung her arm back and launched it forward to slap him. Luffy simply caught it with his hand right before it got to his cheek. Because Luffy had observation haki, no attack like that could ever hit him. However, he didn't use the least bit of haki here. Luffy knew she was going to react that way.

"I know... It's selfish and I'm asking something that's nearly impossible for you all to carry out. It's just..."

All of a sudden, tears started to form in Luffy's eyes and drip onto the wooden boards in the kitchen. He pulled back his arms and clenched them tightly on the fuzzy ends of his jean shorts. Nami lowered her arm from his face slowly and looked as her captains tears fell from his face as she plopped down back in her chair.

"I can't bear the sight of seeing my nakama get hurt or even killed right before me while I'm powerless to do anything. It's just too much... It's worse than death." Luffy said with a shaky voice.

Nami held her hand over her mouth as she watched her captain she cherished cry right before her. She felt a surge of tears coming to the surface.

Nami looked down and closed her eyes. Then in an instant, she sprang up out of her chair and launched herself into Luffy wrapping her arms around him, causing Luffy to fall back in his chair and having both of them crash on to the floor with Nami on top of him. Luffy's hat fell off her head and landed to the side

"Augh... Nami what are you..."

Luffy then completely halted his words. Nami was pushing herself up over Luffy with her hands on each side of him. Her long orange hair was dangling down and touching his chest. Luffy was looking up at her speechless. Right above him was Nami looking down on him with squinting eyes trying to control the tears that were falling onto Luffy's cheeks. She had a crimson blush below her eyes and was gritting her teeth with her jaw trembling.

"What about me Luffy?! Do you ever think about how I would feel if I lost you?! I would kill myself if that happened!"

Luffy's eyes widened as more tears began to fall on his cheeks. His mouth slightly opened. Nami's voice became shakier and it was becoming hard to speak. Her crying was causing her to gasp for breath.

"You... are my reason... for living in this world... When I had no one you... you showed up and helped... me when... no one else cared... Luffy... I... I..."

Nami snapped.


Nami lost the strength in her arms and fell onto Luffy's chest right in the middle of his large X scar on his chest as she clinged to the sides of his red cardigan. She wanted to be like this forever. Simply listening to his heartbeat assuring herself he is still with her. She couldn't even bear the thought of him leaving her.

Nami clutched on him for what felt like a short while until she felt a hand on the back of her neck. She looked up as Luffy sat himself upright. Then he pulled her towards him and met her lips with his.

Nami eyes widened in shock and looked at Luffy who had his eyes closed and continued to kiss her. Once she realized what was going on, she closed her eyes as well. She gently wrapped her arms over Luffy's shoulders and slowly leaned him back on the floor as they both kissed with tears still streaking out of their eyes.

Nami felt warmth flow through her veins. Her mind was calmed and she was able to gain a hold of herself again. At that moment, all the worries and dangers that were facing them washed out of both Luffy and Nami's minds. They only thing that was on their mind was each other.

They continued their long kiss. They started gently wrestling with their tongues. Both of them fighting for dominance. Nami rolled over so she could be on the bottom without breaking their kiss for a second.

Their kissing started to become more intense. Nami strengthened her hold behind Luffy to prevent him from even thinking of pulling away. Saliva began to streak out of one side of their mouths as they sucked on each other's tongues and lips.

After that intense period, It slowed down a bit. They were just going with long, slow kisses. Both of them switching to the opposite side of the mouth at random.

Then after what seemed to be an eternity in heaven, Luffy finally broke off. He looked at Nami with his soft eyes. Something Nami loved him doing. He would always do that when he was seriously caring about her.

"Nami... Me too. I love you too."

Nami let out the happiest smile she could upon hearing this. This was her dream come true. She grabbed his chin with her index finger and thumb and brought him towards her for one more long kiss. Then broke off quickly.

At that moment, Nami heard footsteps coming up to their level. She and Luffy froze in panic then both of them quickly hid in a dark corner in the kitchen.

The person didn't walk into the kitchen. They walked around on the outer deck towards the library. Nami could see who it was in through the window.

"Robin...?" She questioned quietly "I thought she was wiped out from yesterday."

Then it dawned on her that she has never in her life woken up before her. Plus she had gone to bed at like 7:00 PM that night. Nami looked at the clock.

2:00 AM

'She was asleep for 7 hours.' Nami thought. 'I guess that's plenty for someone like Robin'

She and Luffy watched as Robin walked slowly past the windows of the kitchen, continued to the back of the ship, and went up the ladder leading to the library. Her favorite place on the ship.

As soon as they heard the hatch close, Luffy let out a loud sigh.

"Whew, that was close!"

Nami hit him in the back of the head. "Idiot quit being so loud!" She whispered loudly "We don't want anyone else getting up!"

At that moment, Nami's head lit up.

"Now..." She said happily with a smile. "Follow me"

"What? Where are we going? What's wrong with being in the kitchen?"

Nami frowned at him "because some people don't find the kitchen floor comfortable. Just follow me..." Nami tilted her head down and looked at Luffy with an almost deadly look with her finger pointed at him. "And be quiet"

"O-okay! Yeah, I'll be super quiet!" Luffy said slightly frightened at Nami's new look.

"Good!" Nami said in a cute, high-pitched voice.

Luffy stared at her dumbfounded. 'One second she was the devil and now she's an angel' Luffy thought to himself 'What the hell?'

Before Luffy could think about it anymore, Nami grabbed his hand and led him out of the kitchen. They traveled across the grassy field and up the stairs until they were outside of the girl's quarters.

"Come on." Nami said as she pulled him toward the door.

"What? I can't go in there. That's the room for the girls. I'm not a girl."

Nami let go of Luffy's hand to facepalm for a second. He still had traces of his old idiocracy in him.

"Please just stop talking and follow me. You're ruining the moment."


Before Luffy could say anything else, Nami flung open the door, grabbed Luffy's lapels, and shoved him into the room closing the door behind her with her foot.

Inside, she shoved him onto a sofa and was on him in an instant. Thanks to Robin, they had the entire room to themselves and Nami intended to take full advantage of that.

Luffy was taken back for a second about how aggressive Nami was, but soon got in rhythm with her.

Nami was really getting into it. She had both of her knees on the side of his hips and was rubbing her jeans against his with force every time between their quick aggressive kisses.

She grabbed the back of his neck keeping him plastered to her while Luffy had his hands on the sides of her ass to keep her supported.

Nami entire body was shivering with excitement. She stopped thinking about common sense the second she pushed him into her bedroom. This was a dream come true for her and, even though she didn't know it, for Luffy as well. Luffy started to move his hands slowly up her sides. The feeling made Nami moan in ecstasy. She couldn't believe that someone like Luffy was this good at foreplay.

Nami straightened herself up so her head was now directly above Luffy's. She was pounding him with her mouth with both of her hands behind his neck while Luffy, on the other hand, now had his right palm on the back of Nami's head slightly clutching at her orange hair while his left arm went across her back and grabbed her opposite side.

Nami was starting to get short on breath. She opened her eyes and noticed Luffy acted in a way that suggested the same for him.

She and Luffy finally broke off gasping. Both of them started to sweat and both their faces were red from blush.

Nami put her head on Luffy's shoulder. She had her arms behind his back and her legs were curled up on each side of Luffy. She kept her knees on the edge of the sofa to keep her up.

Luffy on the other hand was simply leaning back into the couch. He had his arms laying lazily at his side. He didn't need to support her at all since she was sprawled over him.

Nami and Luffy both laid there for a little over a minute. Neither of them said a word. There was no need to. The only noise in the room was the sound of their breathing. After Nami was finally able to get her breathing under control, she moved her head off Luffy's shoulder and positioned her mouth over to his ear as she opened her mouth.

"Luffy... Take me to the bed."

Out of the corner of Nami's eye she could see Luffy's cheeks turn a darker red, but it didn't seem to affect him at all.

"Okay" Luffy said softly

Right before Luffy got up though. He did something that surprised Nami. Luffy ran his hand across her back and underneath her hair where he found the back of Nami's breast band and untied it with ease. Nami didn't object. Her blush got significantly redder as she felt stands undo themselves while she pushed slightly off Luffy to allow it to drop. She looked up into his eyes with a seductive smile.

Luffy smiled softly back and placed his hands criss crossed across Nami's rear end and picked her up as he stood up off the couch with Nami's bare chest pressed firmly against him.

Nami had both of her legs wrapped around Luffy's lower back as she slipped her high heels off. Her arms were draped over Luffy's shoulders and her head laid rested upon Luffy's bandaged shoulder gently.

Nami looked like a sleeping baby as Luffy carried her across the room. The room had no lights on in it, but there was one window in the room who's moonlight shone directly to where Nami's bed was. As if the night was guiding the way for him.

Luffy finally arrived at the side of Nami's bed and let her down slowly. For a second, he thought Nami had actually fallen asleep. She still had her eyes closed when he put her down.

That was when she let a smile creep up on her mouth. She opened her eyes just barely and looked at Luffy. He was really flustered at the moment. Then again, she figured she was even worse than him.

'Where did this Luffy come from?' Nami thought 'He's mature and sexually aware. I know he wasn't like this before. I wonder what happened?'

Luffy was looking at Nami sprawled out on the bed. That was when he was reminded of a scenario that happened on Rusukaina about a year ago. Midway through Luffy's training.


"You seriously brought me all of this?!" Luffy said with stars in his eyes.

"Of course... Anything for you Luffy." Hancock said in a gentle voice with a slight blush.

Hancock had brought Luffy a gigantic platter of food. It seemed to have just about everything on it. Including a large amount of Luffy's favorite. Sea King meat. Hancock technically wasn't allowed on the island during Luffy's training. But that didn't stop her from bringing him food whenever she could. Especially today in the cover of night

"This is amazing" Luffy yelled with a mouth full of food. "You're the best Hancock!"

Hancock's heart jumped and she took a step back. She bent her spine back and laid her hand backwards across her head.

"Is this... Proposal?" Hancock thought to herself with a blush.

She regained her composure and noticed Luffy had gone back to eating. She took a few steps forward until she was about a foot behind him on his left. Hancock put her hands on her knees and bend down slightly.

"You know Luffy. I would love it if you came back to Amazon Lily... I could fulfill your every desire you know... Anything you want."

"Seriously Hancock?! That would be awesome!"

Hancock's heart almost stopped. She had to turn away and squatted down to hide her intense blush. Her hands and knees started to shake. However, Hancock failed to realize that Luffy thought she was talking about food. Which is why he jumped at the suggestion.

"...but I can't go." Luffy continued. "I promised myself I would stay on this island to train and get stronger for my nakama's sake. I have no time to waste."

"So... Manly. Only a man like Luffy could turn down such an enticing invitation" Hancock thought to herself blushing. Still oblivious to what Luffy thought she meant.

"You know Luffy... I-" Hancock was interrupted by a voice.

"That's enough." Rayleigh said appearing from behind a tree.

"R-Rayleigh? How long were you..." Hancock stammered.

"You know you're not allowed on this island unless I give you permission Hancock. Luffy's training hard here. If you keep interfering you're going to spoil him. You have to stop making these secret visits to give Luffy food. This is the second time this month you've done so."

"I-I know... It's just that..." Hancock said struggling with her words.

"Please leave Hancock. Or else I'll have to tell Elder Nyon about this." Rayleigh said in a rather intimidating voice.

Hancock was about to protest again but stopped herself. She faced Rayleigh, bowed, and left in peace on her ship back to Amazon Lily. Rayleigh made sure to watch her ship until it was out of sight so it wouldn't make a detour back to the island. A trick she has tried more than once.

Once the Kuja ship vanished on the Horizon. Rayleigh then faced Luffy who had already engulfed the feast. He slapped Luffy in the back of the head.

"You know you could simply say no to her offers!" Rayleigh said angrily .

"Sorry, sorry." Luffy said rubbing the back of his head, "I just can't turn someone down when they bring me free food."

Rayleigh looked at Luffy with a blank expression and sighed.

"I guess so... I must commend you though for not going with her. Not many men can turn down that offer. Especially from someone like Hancock."

"I know right." Luffy said smiling. "I never thought I would have the power to turn down a free feast."

Rayleigh looked at Luffy completely puzzled.


"Didn't you hear her Rayleigh? She said she could satisfy my every desire." Luffy stared blankly at the sky with a watery mouth. "I can only imagine what kind of meat she would've made me."

Rayleigh eyes widened as he looked at the oblivious teenager. "Don't tell me... No that's impossible. Luffy's 18. No man could be that way at his age." He thought.

"Luffy..." Rayleigh started, "you know that she was asking you to stay the night with her... like... have sex... right?"

"What's sex?" Luffy asked innocently. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up like stars. "Is that an new kind of meat I've never tried?"

Rayleigh backed up until his calves hit a rock where he plopped down. He was at a loss for words. Luffy was almost at the end of his adolescence and he knew absolutely nothing about the sexual world. He couldn't believe it, but it did make sense. He probably would've been killed by the Kuja the second he arrived on Amazon Lily if it wasn't for his extreme asexuality.

Rayleigh put his left arm on his forehead and ran it down his face slowly. His fingers pulling his skin down.

"No... It's not meat Luffy."

"Then what kind of food is it?"

"It's not a food Luffy! It's nothing edible!"

"So... It's a mystery food?"

Rayleigh put both of his hands on his face and bent down. It took every ounce of energy he had to keep himself together.

"No... Look Luffy. What I'm about to tell you is something that you should've learned many years ago. Pay attention."

"Aww..." Luffy pouted "can't training wait until tomorrow?"

"As much as I would love to put it off. I can't. I'd rather just get this over with and go to bed... and trust me, this isn't the training you think it is."

"...ok. I'll listen" Luffy said fully facing Rayleigh with his legs crossed.

Rayleigh closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and prepared to give Luffy one of the most uncomfortable conversations of his life.


Now back to the present. Nami was now under the covers with her head poking out awaiting Luffy to join her. Luffy stood there hesitating for a moment. He was starting to feel unsure about himself.

That's when Luffy noticed motion at the lower side of the bed. Then, Nami's jeans fell out the side of the bed and onto the floor.

Luffy's body turned into Punk Hazard. From the neck down, Luffy was completely frozen. From the neck up, he was as hot as a stove. He just stared at Nami who was now almost completely naked under the sheets. Rayleigh told him all about this but the real thing was an entirely different matter. It was almost scary.

Nami was starting to get embarrassed and finally decided to break the ice.

"Come on captain. Don't keep me waiting any longer" she said red faced and smiling.

Luffy snapped out of his daze and was finally able to get partial control of himself after Nami talked. He put his arms back and leaned back allowing his cardigan to slide off of him.

Nami's eyes widened and her blush intensified. She never noticed it since his scar was blocking a lot of his visible body when he had his cardigan on but... Luffy was toned. He wasn't bulking with muscle but he seemed to have no fat on his body at all. His entire body seemed rock hard from his muscle.

Luffy walked slowly to her bedside and kicked his sandals out from underneath him. Nami was examining him the during his slow all over towards her. When she looked down though, she noticed the bulge in his pants becoming larger and, if she wasn't flustered before, she was now.

Nami lifted the covers a couple inches to let him get underneath while Luffy pulled down his shorts. He accepted Nami's invitation and hopped in.

They then resumed their make out session by exchanging long kisses. Luffy was on the top while Nami was on the bottom. Luffy had his right hand behind Nami's neck and was using his left to keep him from crashing on top of his navigator while Nami had her hands draped lazily across his back. Down below, both of their legs were tangled up romantically.

Nami broke of for a second.

"So Luffy... You want to go on an adventure?"

Nami was worried for a second Luffy wouldn't understand her true message. But to her suprise, Luffy nodded and brushed some of her hair out of her face.

"Sure, but it can only be the two of us on this one." He said with a grin

Nami grinned back and pulled the covers over both of their heads. The movement underneath the sheets started to become erratic. Soon after, a pair of white and red striped boxers and light blue panties fell out of the side of the bed.


2:29 AM

The captain and navigator were still going at it in the girl's quarters. But it wasn't going to last for much longer.

Luffy was thrusting violently but in rhythm while Nami was laying on her back clutching the sheets and gasping for breath. Lost in ecstasy.

Both of their bodies were becoming tense. They knew that they were about to reach their climax at any point now.

Nami clutched the sheets even harder. Her fingertips were a bright white now.

'This is it' Nami thought to herself. 'The moment I've been waiting for is only moments away... I can feel it.'

But just then. Luffy stopped immediately. Nami opened her eyes and looked at him with disappointment.

"Luffy..?" She said catching her breath "What are you-"

Luffy looked up at her with seriousness in his eyes.

"Are you sure you want to continue this Nami?" Luffy asked gasping for breath himself. "You know... what the consequence will be... if we continue any further from here... right?"

Nami's eyes widened at what Luffy was saying.

'Oh God...' she thought to herself. All of her sexual lust left her body in an instant. 'What was I thinking? If Luffy hadn't backed down I would've become pregnant and out of battle for months... And have to raise a child on a bloody pirate ship with hundreds of people trying to kill us everyday. How stupid am I?'

Nami pushed herself up to a sitting position and looked back at Luffy still wide eyed. She felt her eyes getting watery and started to cry.

Luffy became alarmed "Oh shit... I... I'm sorry Nami! I didn't mean to ruin the moment! We can-"

"No." Nami interrupted holding her head down trying to hold back her unwanted tears. "Because you said that, you just saved both of us."

"From what?"

"From having a kid" Nami replied rubbing her eyes. "I would love to become a mother... But not now. Not when Kaido and thousands of other pirates and marines want us for dead."

Nami awaited Luffy's response to her. To her surprise, Luffy pulled the covers out from under them allowing the two to get a feel for the fresh, cool air. He leaned back perpendicular to the bed and leaning against the wall the bed was propped up against. Luffy let out a genuine laugh.

"I agree. That sounds fine Nami. I already have the perfect number of crew members at the moment anyway."

Nami smiled at Luffy. He always made her feel better with his light heartedness. She leaned back next to him and curled up close.

It was then that Luffy and Nami's fatigue caught up with them. They felt tired to the bone and started drifting towards dream world. Right before they dozed off, Nami remembered something crucial.

"Um... Luffy?"

"Huh?" Luffy said half asleep.

" know we're still naked right"

Luffy opened his eyes and looked down his body and then at Nami.

"Oh yeah... Forgot about that"

Nami giggled as best she could in her tired state. They both rolled out of bed and redressed themselves from the waist down. Nami's breast band and Luffy's cardigan were on the other side of the room near the couch and that seemed like too far of a trek for both of them.

Once they got their clothes that were around the bed back on, they flopped back on to the mattress and got under the covers. The captain and navigator fell asleep that night with smiles on their faces and each other in their arms.

Just before Nami passed out, she opened her left eye to look at the clock one last time.

2:33 AM

'In one hour, I was able to go from depressed to happier than I've ever felt in my life. You're a special kind of a person to do that you know Luffy?' Nami thought with a smile before she blanked out.


Nami woke up the next morning to a sun shining in her eyes and a snoring Luffy. She twisted her neck around to look at him and smiled.

The navigator pushed herself up slowly off the bed and swung her legs around infront of her to where she had them dangling off the edge. She sat at the edge of the bed and stretched her arms out as far as she could with a yawn.

Nami started rubbing her eyes as she looked at the clock to see how late they slept.

8:12 AM

'Awesome.' Nami thought to herself 'we didn't sleep in too late and Sanji should be getting up at any moment now to cook us all some breakfast in the kit...chen...?

Nami completely forgot about it and started to panic. Luffy's hat and her brown jacket were still in there from late last night along with two chairs toppled over. Sanji would immediately pick up on what happened last night. When he finds out, the entire crew is going to discover it as well and telling the crew about her and Luffy's relationship is not something she wanted to do at the moment.

Nami was just about to rush out the door to hide the evidence when she halted in her exact place and looked down at her bare chest.

"Oh yeah... That would've been bad" she said to herself.

She sprinted over to the couch to grab her breast band and tied it as fast as she could, but by the time she got back to the door and looked out its window, it was too late.

Nami saw Sanji stroll out of the men's dormitory and onto the grassy field with a cigarette in his mouth. He was examining all around him. Nami figured he was probably looking for Luffy.

When Sanji couldn't find him. He seemed to shrug it off and make his way upstairs towards the kitchen. Nami felt hopeless as she watched open the kitchen door and disappear inside. Nami backed up a couple feet and collapsed onto the floor with her head down. She was preparing herself to hear Sanji's angry screams at any moment. But something else happened.

At that moment. She heard her door open. She looked up and her eyes made contact with the archeologist.

"R-Robin!?" Nami said shocked and backing up across the floor.

"Robin smiled at her as she made her way into the room with Nami's coat and Luffy's hat in her hand.

"I believe these belong to you two." Robin said placing the items on a desk. "Don't worry, I fixed up the kitchen. That ero-cook won't suspect a thing."

Nami looked speechless at Robin who had just saved her skin.

"Wha... How did you... How did you know? Did you see Luffy and me when you went to the library last night?"

Robin laughed, "No, I knew earlier than that. You see, I heard you that night actually."

Nami gave Robin a confused look.

"Heard us? How? You were on the other side of the ship."

Robin didn't say anything. She simply stood up and crossed her arms. All of a sudden, an ear grew on Nami's wrist.

"That's how. Every night the crew or I go to bed, I will grow some of my ears around the ship to hear for any enemies trying to sneak on to the ship. Bad habit I picked up when I was in the Revolutionary Army. One of them happened to be in the kitchen. Once I heard a commotion coming from the area, I woke up and spawned one of my eyes in the kitchen and saw you two getting... busy. I thought you could use a more private place so I decided to sleep in the library for the rest of the night."

Nami didn't know what to say to her. Robin undid the ear on her wrist and smiled at Nami once again. She bent her knees to get down at Nami's level.

"Did... Did you see us after me and Luffy went in this room?" Nami asked sheepishly.

Robin's eyes widened.

"Oh heavens no! I'm not a pervert. I respect your need for privacy."

Nami let out a sigh of relief followed by a rather long silence in the room until Robin spoke up again.

"So how did it go for you guys? Did you do it?"

"Oh...umm...well... Yes and no. We did it but not the entire way. We decided we couldn't be having a child on the ship during this time."

"Is that so? Well then..." Robin said getting up.

Nami watched Robin as she walked to the other side of the room and stopped infront of her dresser. Robin opened the top drawer and fumbled around with the contents before she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a small, bleach white plastic bottle with a serrated cap on it. Robin faced Nami.

"Catch" she said tossing the bottle at Nami.

Nami caught it with both hands and spun it around to read the label. Her eyes widened significantly.

"Birth control!?" Nami exclaimed looking up at Robin. "Why do you have this and why are you giving it to me?"

"I think the answer to that second question is obvious. But as for the first one, let's just say when I was with the Revolutionaries, they sometimes needed me to... coax... some information out of important male figures when torture wasn't an option." She replied with a sly grin.

Nami's entire face turned red and her mouth dropped. Robin walked back across the room and out the door.

"See you at breakfast Miss Navigator" Robin said walking away.

Nami sat on the floor in a complete daze trying to absorb what just happened. "Oh right, Luffy" Nami remembered.

She got up and made her way over to the bed. She stopped by her nightstand and tossed the pills in the single drawer. She turned to Luffy and started shaking his shoulder.

"Come on... Get up Luffy! If Sanji finds you here he's going to plot a mutiny."

Luffy blinked and turned over to look at Nami.

"Oh hey Nami!" Luffy said sounding excited to see her.

"You've got to get out out of here and back onto the Sunny's head. Sanji already woke up and was looking for you." Nami reached towards the desk and grabbed Luffy's straw hat and slapped it on his head. "Now get going."

Luffy grinned and fixed his straw hat's position on his head "Alright. Whatever you say Nami" he said as he stretched his arm across the room to grab his red cardigan. Then in an instant, Luffy bolted out of the room and slingshotted towards the Sunny's head.

Once Luffy ran out, Nami closed the door slowly. She leaned against the door and slid down it until her butt hit the floor. She pushed off the door and was now lying down flat on the floor infront of the door. Nami opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

"What a life" she said to herself softly.

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