Hello, Fanfiction archive! I'm 54godamora, a new user on here.

I've have decideced to put up my own RWBY story. The reason behind it is beacuse I'm a rather recent fan of the series and I got into it after had passed.

So, onto the premise of my story:this series focuses on the adventures of one hunter at Beacon named Darrel first, you may think he's a normal person;however, he has a unique ability besides his sembalance of mimicing an oppent's combat style:he has the ability to shapeshift into over 400 creatures!416 are extinct,1 is a ,you are proably thinking" gee,this is going to be wierd."And you're right: it sounds here is how he has the ability to shapeshift:

When he was only 10 years old, the White Fang had captured him and wanted him to be used as a , they manged to get ahold of multiple DNA strands of multiple prehistoric creatures and not only that but managed to create Dragon DNA by fusing the DNA of a T-rex,Raptor,and nearly 3 months, he was tortured and each day, he had the DNA of several different creatures injected into the 91st day of his imprisonment, he turned into a pterosaur form and ,he and his family fled the kingdom of Atlas- where the White Fang facility was and where he lived and moved to the Kingdom of Vytal White Fang are after him, in order to recapture him...with any means necessary.

After all that jazz, here is S01E01 of RWBY:Creature Shifter!Enjoy and review,please!

On the airship to Beacon,one hunter was relaxing on a 's of 17 years of age with an almost pale complexion. His eyes were emerald in color,his scalp had dark brown hair, and he had a decent amount of facial hair:complete with sideburns,a 'stache,and a rather large beard on his rest of his body was rather well clothing preference made him seem right at black shirt had a what apeared to be somekind of reptile skull that was painted green with 2 red claw marks in the jeans were blue, and his shoes were neon lime green."Oh Darrel, it is hard is hard to believe that 2 months ago, you were a student at you are off to Beacon,and hopefully away from the White Fang."Darrel said at first nonchalantly and then looked around at all the other students before he spotted two of his friends from Signal:Ruby Rose and Yang ,he knew something about Ruby that puzzled him:How was she able to get into Beacon 2 years ahead of time? So, getting up from his seat,Darrel decided to find out how she did it.

"Okay Ruby, how in the name of Dust where you able to apply to Beacon two years ahead of time?"Darrel had asked the young girls turned to face Darrel,with Ruby going a little wide-eyed at who see saw."Darrel, I didn't know you applied for Beacon."Ruby said with a little bit of surprise in her voice."You still haven't answered my question,Rubes."Darrel said casually."You know about the crook Roman Torchwick? "Ruby asked. Darrel simply nodded."He was attempting to rob this dust shop until I ruined the heist and Professor Ozpin had seen me in action and thought I was awesome enough to enter Beacon." Ruby explained."Very intresting,Ruby .Very intresting."Darrel said admiring how she was able to get in.

Just then, a hologram of a woman known as Glynda Goodwicth appeared and announced,"Hello and welcome to Beacon."Darrel had exclaimed,"This is going to be a long and exciting 4 years!"

So what did you guys think?I was going to include more, but I'm kinda of on time constraint time, Next Epsiode: Darrel meets the love of his life

This means I will have a pairing is (Blake/OC) You can already guess who the OC there will be a second it involves you will have to see.

Now you can see that there are 2 of these because the first one had a few grammer errors so the first one is scrapped.