Well guys, this is it! The 40th 'chap' of RWBY: Creature Shifter!

And what better way to end it than with a Trailer for…..RWBY: Primeval!

I've wanted to do a Primeval story for so long, and with the creation of it will make it the first one of its kind.

And as a special treat, I'll give you all a few lines/scenes from it!

We see a glowing light that appears to be made from shards of glass.

"You're meaning to tell us that we'll be facing the creatures of Remnant's past?" "And quite possibly…its future."

We hear various roars and screeches of unknown animals.

Darrel, as his Tyrannosaurus Rex form, roars loudly at yet an unknown creature, for which we only see its albino foot.

Cinder looks at a large glass container filled with gas. Suddenly, the container rattles and two red eyes are seen.

"Find me the shape-shifter and bring him to me at once!"

"What should we do?" "Expect the unexpected."

"Blake, I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

So, how was that for a trailer? I know it was short, but it leaves you thirsting for more. Don't worry; the first chapter will be up in April!

In the meantime, do three things:

1. Create one-shots of my character or include him in your own stories, but make sure that you say who owns Darrel in the first place.

2. Tell me in the reviews what was your favorite chapters, lines, scenes, or moments from this story and why you like them.

3. To add more to it, draw them and then send me their links if possible.

Until April, this is 54godamora signing off!