A Scary Tower

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings, Tolkien does, and New Line Cinema owns the movies.

Warning: Scary Scene and Spoilers

I lay on the cold stone ground surrounded by darkness and foul air.

I have woken up two days ago and don't know where I am.

This is a dreadful place filled with orcs.

They have captured me, threatened me and beaten me,

but I will not tell them anything they want to know for,

I won't betray my friends or this quest that I am on.

I shivered in fear for I know that the orcs are capable of great harm,

For, the beatings I have received from them is nothing compared to what

they plan to do to me later on.

I hope that I can get out of here, but there is no

way for me to escape

because I am trapped in this horrible place.

I also shiver in cold for I am hardly clothed; everything I have is gone:

my clothes, mthril shirt, lembas,The Phial, and the horrible Ring.

What are they going to do the Ring the one I am determined to destroy

but long to keep?

No doubt they will give it to him and all will be lost,

for he will rule again, and make Middle Earth a desolate place.

I hope my friend comes here soon to take me out of this place,

but how will he be able to cut through this sea of monsters;

How can he rescue me;

when there is only one of him and about thirty of them?

Will he be able to come? Is he safe or did they killed him?

Did they capture him and put him a dreadful room like mine?

I hope he is safe. And I hope we can keep the shire safe too,

but there is little chance of that now.

Oh no, what are they doing now?

I hear yelling and fighting; their swords making loud sounds while they clash together.

Will an orc come up here and stab me with his sword?

I remember being stabbed once before, by that dreadful servant of the Dark Lord.

I am now more frightened than I have ever been before.

How long will it be for us to step foot in the shire again;

to walk in the tall grass, go to fall fairs, and eat strawberries, and mushrooms?

How I long for the taste of mushrooms again.

I can see myself biting into that almost rubbery fungus,

and savoring the almost tangy taste In my mouth.

I hear someone climb up the stairs will it be my Sam or will it

be another horrible orc?

Oh no, it is an orc holding a whip in his hands.

What is he going to do with it? I am afraid to ask.

The answer came swiftly when I hear a whistle and a crack

of that awful whip stinging my back. I close my eyes thinking, when will this be over?

I felt it a few more times before I hear the trap door open again

I hear pushing and shoving then a loud scream and a crash. Then I heard nothing at all.

for everything around me is completely silent.

A few seconds later I felt someone's arms around me,

holding me close to his warm chest.

I am feeling safer now then I had for a long time.

When I opened my eyes I felt relief

for they meet the kind eyes of my savior.